20 Exciting Bedroom Carpet Ideas to Bring the Fun in the Bedroom

When it comes to bedroom decorations, there are various options that you can try. One of them is by selecting the right carpet for the bedroom. Carpet is relatively cheaper, warm, soft, and helps to dampen voice. And here, we will share 20 exciting bedroom carpet ideas to make the bedroom more fun.

Carpets come in various sizes and styles. Adding a carpet or two in your bedroom is an easy and quick way to add warmth and express yourself. Since our ideas vary between one and another, you will probably find some to your liking. Alright, with no further ado, let’s get to the ideas.

Minimalist White Carpet

carpet ideas for bedroom
source : graveandvanity

Let’s start the list with something simple: a white carpet with motifs. It is true that carpet adds style to a bedroom. That said, it needs not to be intricate or complex. Sometimes, having a minimalist carpet for the bedroom is the best choice. Yes, like this one here.

Notice how the carpet adds an interesting visual cue to the space. Not only that, since the visual cue is rather minimalist, it doesn’t overload the design of the bedroom. It is subtle and far from in-your-face kind of styling.

When it comes to designing a bedroom, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Of course, each and every one of them has something unique to offer. For example, the farmhouse style offers warmth and feeling at home. Curious about farmhouse bedrooms? Check out these 21 Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas Anyone Can Replicate.

Warm Gray

bedroom ideas with grey carpet
source : aninspirednest

Make the bedroom feels and looks warmer by adding a gray bedroom carpet. This carpet does not cover the entire floor, which results in a distinguished look where the bed becomes the focus. The simple line patterns break the routine of the gray floor as well, preventing the bedroom from looking plain and boring.

Another good thing about it is that it can be used for bedrooms of any décor. This one here is in a farmhouse bedroom, but it will still look good in other bedrooms too. If you want to add warmth both in looks and feels for the bedroom, adding a gray carpet is among the best bedroom carpet ideas to try.

Soft and Fluffy

bedroom with carpet ideas
source : zeynepshome

Softness is one of the benefits of adding a bedroom carpet. Not enough for you? Then you will love a fluffy bedroom like this. Look at how synchronized the bed and the flooring is, thanks to the fluffy carpet. Of course, it feels warm as well.

Such a carpet welcomes you each and every day with softness and warmth. What’s not to like about that? No more waking up with cold feet. The bonus is that the fluffy carpet brings a cozy vibe to the entire bedroom.

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Go Freestyle with Boho

modern bedroom carpet ideas
source : potterybarn

Some homeowners want to add warmth while adding their personal touch to the bedroom. And what is the best bedroom carpet option for that? The answer is a Boho carpet. A Boho carpet, like this one here, is not just warm but also carefree.

Notice how the plain white carpet contrasts with the colorful bedroom. On one hand, the contrast brings a balance, preventing the other colorful Boho items from being visual overloads. On the other, it makes an interesting sight to see. It is certainly one of the best bedroom carpet ideas if you like the Boho décor.

Neutral Bedroom Carpet

bedroom carpet design ideas
source : Things That Inspire

Alright, so your existing bedroom is small and looks rather boring and bland. What can you do about it? Do you need to remodel it to make it more interesting and visually appealing? Fortunately, you don’t Here’s what you can do to improve its looks: add a small carpet underneath.

A small carpet can change the entire outlook of a bedroom. This bedroom is small and plain in terms of looks. Yet, thanks to the beautifully-patterned small carpet underneath, it neither feels nor looks small. It is not as plain if it is without a carpet as well. A quick, relatively cheap and effective solution.

Farmhouse Chic

grey bedroom carpet ideas
source : sheknows

The next in our bedroom carpet ideas is a farmhouse bed carpet. Want to go all out with the farmhouse décor? In that case, your farmhouse bedroom will not be complete without a farmhouse bedroom carpet. Look how farmhouse this bedroom is thanks to the carpet underneath.

Here, the carpet is not only there to complement the farmhouse room. It also adds warmth and provides the perfect spot for the bed above to stand out. The line patterns make the space interesting in a subtle way as well.

Dark Brown Carpet Bedroom Ideas

dark brown carpet bedroom ideas
source : pinterest

It is all good with carpets that cover the floor partially. What about a full-size one that covers the entire floor? That’s good, too. If you want to create an immersive look, a full-size carpet like this is among the best bedroom carpet ideas to try.

Keep in that since the floor is now essentially a background, just like the wall, you need to choose the proper color for it. In this example, the carpet is brownish gray. This color allows for the dark wood bed to stand out and becomes the focal point.

The walls of a bedroom set the tone and vibe of the space. Still undecided and/or want to know what wall décor to use for the bedroom? In that case, you don’t want to miss these bedroom wall décor ideas here.

Beautiful Motifs and Patterns

bedroom carpet and paint ideas
source : jennykomenda

Good bedroom design is one that is balanced. If most parts of the bedroom are color only with no pattern at all, it is a good idea to introduce motifs and patterns with a bedroom carpet. Such a bedroom carpet will break the color routine and add an interesting focal point to the room.

The bedroom makes an excellent example of that. It looks more appealing and unique thanks to the carpet below. The carpet has a starking contrast with the rest of the room. As such, it stands out more than the other, becoming the center of attention. A beautiful one at that, too.

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Gray Bedroom Carpet

gray bedroom carpet ideas
source : dwell

What complements a modern bedroom and make it complete? The answer is, of course, an equally modern bedroom carpet. Look at this bedroom and see how integrated the modern style is. Without the gray carpet underneath, it wouldn’t be as good.

When it comes to the modern bedroom, the colors are usually white, black, or neutral like gray. This is why the carpet works nicely with the rest of the room. It adds the modern vibe and completes the style. It also adds texture and comfort as well.

Classic B & W

master bedroom carpet ideas
source : dearlillie

Installing a carpet can be difficult, especially if the carpet is large and the bedroom furniture is already set. It is normal to be afraid of installing the wrong carpet. So here’s one of the most failproof bedroom carpet ideas to try: choose a black and white carpet.

Black and white works wonder for just about any bedroom décor. It can complement the décor if the room has enough colors and patterns already. It can also serve as bedroom’s focal point if the rest of the room is plain. Very flexible and effective, look-wise and practical-wise.

Stylish Touch

burgundy carpet bedroom ideas
source : pullcastshop

Style is another benefit of adding a bedroom carpet. It can create a distinguished and unique look that you won’t get from the plain wooden flooring. This bedroom carpet here has an abstract look which without a doubt adds a stylish touch to the bedroom.

Notice the carpet contrast with the bed above it. It basically serves as the background for the white bed to stand out and get highlighted. If you think your bedroom is lacking style, adding an abstract carpet like this is a good idea.

White Bedroom Carpet Ideas

carpet ideas for master bedroom
source : orian rugs

Motifs and patterns are awesome to see. Motifs and patterns that you can feel? Now that’s amazing. This kind of carpet makes an amazing centerpiece for the bedroom. How could it not? Visually, it looks just beautiful. Practically, it is soft and comfortable and protects you from the cold floor.

If your bedroom is mostly white and neutral, adding a bedroom carpet with clear motives is among the best bedroom carpet ideas for you. It is a visually beautiful addition that you can just feel, literally.

Dark Gray for Contrast

grey carpet bedroom decor ideas
source : goodnewsarchitecture

Mixing and matching the wall and the floor is fun. It creates a distinction and separation between the two parts of the bedroom. It also gives an interesting look as well, especially when compared to a bedroom that has a similar colored wall and flooring.

This one is a nice example of how good-looking a dark gray carpet can be. It occupies the entire floor, thus serves as the contrast for the wall. And since it is gray, it complements the rustic/farmhouse décor of the bedroom, too.

Wall to Wall Carpet

bedroom wall to wall carpet ideas
source : laurenmcbrideblog

When it comes to bedroom carpet ideas, there is no such thing as the perfect size for everyone. Full-size bedroom carpets may fit some people. Likewise, ‘compact’ bedroom carpets may fit some others. It depends mostly on how you layout your bedroom and what you want from the carpet.

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If you want to make a statement, a ‘compact’ carpet with vibrant colors and motifs make the best choice. The plain flooring becomes the background where the carpet becomes the centerpiece of the room.

Add Warmth and Beauty

neutral bedroom carpet ideas
source : thepinkdream

A bedroom carpet can also meet your need for warmth and beauty in the bedroom. Just look at this bedroom carpet. The unique motifs and patterns add beauty to the mostly plain space. The carpet also adds warmth, something that is always welcome in the bedroom.

One of the best things about the bed carpet is that it can be an eye-catching focal point. This is especially true if the carpet has a different color and/or patterns with the other furniture in the room. Yes, just like this one.

Keep Things Simple

bedroom carpet color ideas
source : thediyplaybook

A solid gray bedroom carpet? Yes. For those who like minimalist décor for their bedroom, this simple gray carpet is the ideal choice. It provides softness, warmth, and style, all while being so simple.

True to the minimalist bedroom, the carpet has no intricate motifs or patterns. It is rather plain, if anything. Sometimes, being plain is not a bad thing. Properly placed, like this solid gray carpet, a simple thing can elicit beauty.

The Ideal Background

rug on carpet bedroom ideas
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Have beautiful pieces of furniture you want to show off? You need a background for that. But what if your flooring is not that good of a background? The solution is, of course, to add a bedroom carpet, preferably one that has light or neutral color.

A white bedroom carpet with simple motifs will do wonder as a background. Look how the bench and other items get highlighted, becoming the focus of attention in the bedroom. Yes, all it takes to create the ideal background is to add a carpet.

Persian Rug Bedroom

small bedroom carpet ideas
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Many of the previous bedroom carpet ideas are mostly neutral and serve as the background. That doesn’t mean you can’t create an attention-stealing focal point with a carpet, of course.

This one here is a carpet that steals attention. Notice how it contrasts with the rest of the bedroom, which are mostly white.

Play with Contrast

bedroom carpet colour ideas
source : Lauren Taylor

Playing with contrast is a surefire way to make any room more interesting. Obviously, the bedroom is not an exception to that.

The vibrant orange carpet here serves as a stark contrast to the bed and walls. As a result, it turns into the centerpiece of the bedroom, gathering the attention to itself.

Bedroom Ideas Brown Carpet

bedroom ideas brown carpet
source : thespruce

The last on our bedroom carpet ideas a bedroom carpet for a modern farmhouse bedroom. Firstly, it has an earth tone color, which is in line with the farmhouse décor.

Secondly, it covers the entire room thus creating an immersive look to it. Third, it keeps the traditional aspects of the farmhouse décor intact.

The farmhouse décor is known to bring warmth and a welcoming vibe to any space. And that is exactly what the bedroom carpet helps to do. Also, this carpet keeps the traditional characteristics of the farmhouse décor as well, thus balancing the modern touches.

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