Top 19 Gorgeous Kitchen Island Ideas You’d Want to Try

Need some inspiring kitchen island ideas? We listed lots of them here. Not so long ago, the kitchen island is a luxurious item in the kitchen.

Nowadays, many people consider it as a must-have item and for good reasons. After all, the island can be used for various purposes including even as a focal point.

Here, we have collected no less than 19 awe-inspiring ideas that you can use to turn your own kitchen island into something more.

From extra counter space, extra storage, place for the sink, place for cooking to the kitchen’s focal point. Let’s jump straight into the ideas now, shall we?

Black and White

kitchen island ideas with seating
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Creating a makeshift bar is one of the most common kitchen island ideas with seating. Due to its location in the kitchen, a kitchen island makes a great bar as the preparation, cooking, and serving is done in one place. And all it takes is to add seating.

Style is needed, of course. Make the island bar more interesting by using the same color scheme as the rest of the kitchen. For example, white countertop at the top and black storage at the bottom. Installing black lighting on a white ceiling helps, too.

The backsplash, just like the kitchen island, is an important part of a kitchen. The backsplash protects the wall from splash. That is the main purpose of having a backsplash. Can you make something more out of them? You can. Check these ideas. 12+ Brilliant Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Boost Your Cooking Mood

All White Granite

kitchen island ideas for small kitchen
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White is a neutral color. As such, it is versatile and can be used for just about any purpose and styling. If you want an island that can be used for various purposes, making it all-white is among the best kitchen island ideas for you.

Want to make a bar out of it? Just add several chairs on the side. Want to prepare your dish? Easy. Do it on the countertop.

A white countertop makes cleaning easier. Just want to relax and chill out? Make a cup coffee, sit on the stool and sip. Awesome, isn’t it?

The sink in the kitchen shouldn’t be there for merely functional purposes only. The sink, too, can be a great decorative part of the kitchen. Want to make a beautiful kitchen sink of your own? You don’t want to miss these ideas. 21 Inspiring Kitchen Sink Ideas to Bring Style to the Kitchen

Kitchen Wood Island

kitchen island ideas small
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Need extra storage? Add a kitchen island in the center of your kitchen. We always need extra storage, even if we seem to have enough.

This is especially true in the kitchen as things can get messy real quick. Extra storage can help to prevent that. It is definitely one of the best kitchen island ideas for small kitchen.

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A minimalist kitchen island like this not only provides extra storage and counter but it also complements the whole interior of the kitchen.

Since the style is rather neutral, it can be matched with any interior style and still look amazing. And yes, you can always add decorations on top of the island, too.

L-shaped Island

decorating kitchen island ideas
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Have more room to spare? Consider an L-shaped island. There are so many variations of kitchen island ideas L shaped. One of them is to use one part as a simple dining table and one part for preparing and cooking.

By dividing the parts into two, the mood for each part is separated and cleaning will be easier. The fact that the dining table is simple and small is not a downside. If anything, it makes dining more intimate and close. And that is all that matters.

Modern Sophistication

pendant lighting kitchen island ideas
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Just because you want an elegant mini bar in the kitchen, it doesn’t mean you need to go overboard with kitchen island ideas.

Sometimes, elegance can come from simplicity. This mini bar island is a good example of that. Want to be elegant but not overt about it? Go subtle.

Notice how the island has brighter colors than the other parts of the kitchen. This creates a stark contrast and makes the island stands out, showing off its elegance. The elegance comes not only from the color, of course, but also from the bronze metal surfaces.

Contemporary Kitchen Island Ideas

contemporary kitchen island ideas
source : goriyoon_architecture

If you really want to keep the kitchen tidy and organized, separating the preparation and cooking areas will be your best option.

Here in this kitchen, the island serves as the preparation counter on which all the ingredients are prepared while the stove for cooking is on its opposite.

Such an organization is particularly helpful if you have a small one-sided kitchen. With an island, you don’t need to make the cooking area cramped with ingredients and utensils. The bonus is that the island prevents the kitchen from looking empty, boring, and plain. That is reason enough to add an island.

Kitchen Island Countertop

lighting kitchen island ideas
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Having a large kitchen means that there are more kitchen island ideas that you can try. For example, adding a large island in the center just like what you see here. And a large island can accommodate many things.

The island serves multiple purposes here. First and foremost, as the prepping area. Second, as extra counter and storage.

Third, as a bar/dining table. And finally, as the centerpiece of the kitchen. A large island is an ‘all-in-one’ island that you can use for various purposes.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island Ideas

farmhouse kitchen island ideas
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Although the island can be used as the focal point of the kitchen, it doesn’t need to be so. In some cases, using it as a complementary addition is the better option. Too much focal point in a kitchen can make it distracting. It won’t look good, let alone inviting.

If you already have a focal point, say, a breakfast nook, choose an island with corresponding design and style. This way, the island won’t compete with the breakfast nook to be the focal point. Instead, it will complement and make the look complete.

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Space Divider

kitchen island ideas designs
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The next in our kitchen island ideas list is to use it as a space divider. Sometimes, a kitchen needs space divider so that it is clear which area is the cooking area, which is the prepping one, and which is the dining area. A small island can be used for that purpose.

Notice how this two-sided kitchen looks more pleasing to the eyes thanks to the small island in the middle. So if you have a two-sided kitchen with large space in-between, adding an island in the middle is surely among the smartest kitchen island ideas designs you can try.

Cozy Island Bench

modern kitchen island ideas
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Sometimes, we just want to sit down and enjoy the kitchen’s vibe. Nothing makes such a moment better than a cozy and soothing kitchen island with a soft bench. Indeed. Turning the island into a relaxing space in the kitchen is surely a great idea.

To make a relaxing space with the island, opt for an island with neutral colors like white and soft teal. These colors bring a soothing vibe and make the island the perfect relaxing space in the kitchen. The soft bench with corresponding patterns makes it even better.

Rustic Kitchen Island Ideas

rustic kitchen island ideas
source : the11best

Turn the island into the kitchen’s centerpiece and make the whole room feels and looks warmer. Even if your kitchen doesn’t have farmhouse touches, a single farmhouse-themed island will suffice. Just look how warm this kitchen feels due to the island.

This one is among many kitchen with island ideas that can transform the whole mood of the space. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to remodel the entire kitchen. Is it practical? Very. Aesthetical? Absolutely.

The farmhouse décor style is making a trend right now and rightfully so. It brings warmth, comfort, familiarity to any room it is applied too.

Yes, that includes the kitchen as well. Interested in the farmhouse kitchen? You can check our ideas of farmhouse kitchens design ideas.

Modern Floating Island

small kitchen island ideas with seating
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Perhaps kitchen island ideas with modern touches are what you after? Kitchen islands come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. If you want to complement your modern kitchen, a floating island is the best option for you.

Notice how amazing this floating island look. It fits very well with the modern theme of the kitchen. There is nothing superfluous, let alone overboard.

And yet, it looks quite amazing. It is not surprising if adding a floating island is considered as among the best common kitchen island ideas modern.

Modern Chic

remodeling kitchen island ideas
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For minimalists, kitchen island ideas that involve overly intricate design with little to no purpose are a big no. After all, minimalists are looking to keep their interior down to minimal while still retain functionality and style. That, of course, applies to the kitchen in general and the island in particular, too.

Look at the kitchen island here. The design and color are so simple. It looks so simple. It keeps things down to minimal. And yet, it is undeniably attractive. The hanging lampshade above makes the minimalist island looks even more unique.

Kitchen Island Booth

remodel kitchen island ideas
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This one is an excellent combination of two kitchen island ideas designs. Namely, modern and minimalist. You can see the modern touches in the floating island and the shapes of the lighting housing. The space feels so open and there is nothing purposeless in the kitchen, thanks to the minimalism in the design.

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Notice how most parts are white here. The island and the benches, on the other hand, have finished wooden surfaces. This feature allows them to be the centerpieces of the kitchen. And with the hanging lighting above, they are sitting in the spotlight in a quite literal meaning.

Dark Blue Cabinets

inexpensive kitchen island ideas
source : jessannkirby

The next island is different from the other. What do you think of this island? Very unique, isn’t it? Using a multi-leveled island is one of the most space-efficient kitchen island ideas.

A multi-leveled island, like the one you see here, may eat up slightly more space but it has so many benefits in terms of practicality and style. Practically, you have extra platform you can utilize for whatever purpose. In terms of style, well, it just looks good and unique.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

kitchen island ideas
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If we have to describe this island in a word, the word would be gorgeous. The shape, the size, and the color, everything about it is right. It is a perfect choice to be the centerpiece of just about any kitchen, large or small.

On its own, the bright, white island looks great already. It can be improved further by adding a few accent colors. For example, the plants on glass pots here add freshness and natural touch while the rattan chairs make the island more grounded and friendly.

The Center of the Attention

small space kitchen island ideas
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As many of our kitchen island ideas here have shown, the island can be turned into an amazing centerpiece. This one is another example of that. The simple kitchen is made more beautiful with the light brown and white island in the middle.

Notice how the color scheme of the kitchen and the island are juxtaposed. This creates a mild contrast, which brings the whole attention to it. Since the kitchen is mostly white, the island stands out even more.

White Kitchen Islands

large kitchen island ideas with seating
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The best kitchen island ideas DIY are the ones that can be implemented. It shouldn’t be a surprise if most of the best ideas are the simplest ones.

Keeping things simple always comes with benefits. It makes the organization, maintaining, and cleaning a whole lot easier.

The question is, does it look good? The answer is, without a doubt, yes. Simplicity can elicit beauty, too. This kitchen island is very simple in color and design. And yet, it succeeds in making the kitchen more appealing.

Long Island

galley kitchen island ideas
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The last one in our kitchen island ideas is a long kitchen island. What kind of island fits a lengthy kitchen best? A long island, of course. In terms of looks, a square or regular rectangular island will look unfit or worse, odd in a lengthy kitchen. It would seem out of place.

In terms of practicality, a long island has more surface and storage. With more surface and storage, preparing, cooking, and serving food will be easier.

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