21 Charming Wooden Fence Ideas for Your Garden & Privacy

Looking for wooden fence ideas? A wooden fence has many uses. From security, creating boundaries to separate the space, keeping critters out, privacy, to making a statement in the backyard. Today, it is not just installed for its functions, but also to make the backyard more appealing as well.

Here we have collected 20 wood fence ideas to give you an inspiration or two. It doesn’t matter whether you want to add a natural, modern, artistic, or ethnic touch to the garden, you will find some ideas to your liking. Without further ado, here are the ideas.

Fence Hanging Planters

backyard wooden fence ideas
source : provenwinners

Nothing completes a garden than an all-natural wooden fence like this. Just look at how the fence blends nicely with the environment. The natural wooden color, the moss-like green, and hanging pots, all contribute to making the fence looks very natural.

If you have a lush and vibrant green garden, the best wooden fence for garden would be an all-natural fence as seen here. It completes the natural look, creates proper boundaries, and just plain awesome. Want to make it more dramatic for the night? Hang a lamp or two on the fence.

Cordwood Fences

wood fence ideas for backyard
source : domisgarten

There are plenty of wooden fence ideas out there. Many of these ideas involve using a single material, like wood, brick, concrete, metal, and so on.

Does that mean wooden fence styles that use multiple materials look bad? Of course not. As seen here, a fence with mixed materials does look good too.

While most other wooden fence uses only wooden boards, this one uses wooden boards, bricks, and concrete. From first glance, you can just see how this wooden fence is quite unique and attention-grabbing. Want something extraordinary? Mix the materials up, then.

Modern Style

wood fence ideas for front yard
source : lifeofanarchitect

Functionality doesn’t have to sacrifice aesthetics. It is not an either-or situation, either. Why? Because with a bit of imagination, you can get both as our wooden fence designs here will show you. And this wooden fence here is an excellent example of a fully functional wooden fence that looks visually pleasing.

As you might have noticed, this wooden fence has a modern design. Instead of having vertical lines, it has horizontal lines that stretch from end to end. Aesthetically, these lines give off the modern vibe. Functionally, they create a visual barrier, stylishly providing privacy.

Living Fence

wooden fence ideas garden
source : pinterest

Many wooden fence styles look amazing but many of them also look cold. Yes, cold as it is made of inorganic matter with no living organism involved. How can you make it livelier, then? The answer is by making a living wooden fence.

Make the fence feels and looks livelier by adding shrubs (or any other tall plants) and let them cover the lower half of the fence.

This way, the wooden fence will no longer look cold. If anything, it will look fresh and lively as it is filled with life. This works especially well if the backyard is devoid of life.

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Wooden Fence Mural

wooden fence ideas design
source : HGTV

Want not-so-subtle wooden fence ideas to beautify the garden? That’s easy. Just create fence art. Fence art makes the backyard a lot more attractive.

But the best thing about it is that anyone can make it. No, you don’t have to be an artist to create amazing fence art. All you need is to be imaginative.

For example, you can create lots and lots of circles of multiple colors on your fence. A single circle may not be special. But lots of them surely make a statement. Look how interesting this wooden fence becomes thanks to the circles.

Wooden Fence Painting

wood fence paint ideas
source : Yard Fencing Genius

Perhaps you want some fancy wooden fence paint art? In that case, treat the fence as if it is a canvas and make a mural on it. A mural on the fence makes an otherwise plain and boring fence into something wonderful and hard to miss.

The only problem with a fence mural is that not every homeowner has the necessary painting skill. But that shouldn’t stop you from adding a mural if you want. Remember, even if you don’t have painting skills but want a mural, you can always have it made for you.

Wire and Wood

wooden fence ideas
source : northgeorgiafencecompany

So you want to try wooden fence ideas that allow you to see from within and without. The problem is, animals can enter and exit the backyard from the fence.

What can you do to get the visibility you want and keep your pet in and other animals out? The answer is to incorporate wires into the wooden fence.

Notice how open this fence is. You can see from within and without clearly with no obstruction sans the wires. The wires are thin but they prevent your pet from wandering out while preventing other animals to get in.

Japanese Wooden Fence Ideas

wooden fence gate ideas
source : L C

Of all wooden fence styles, the Japanese fence is surely among the most unique-looking. It looks simple yet elegant and due to their foreign nature, it makes an eccentric addition.

If most of the backyard looks ordinary, the extraordinary Japanese fence will surely stand out, becoming the backyard’s focal point.

The best thing about the Japanese fence is it looks amazing but without being pretentious about it. It is anything but pretentious. Want a subtle way to make the backyard more interesting? Add a Japanese fence.

Wooden Privacy Fence

modern wooden fence ideas
source : eichlerforsale

It goes without saying that everyone has their own taste. Of course, that applies to wooden fence ideas as well. Some like the idea of an open, lively fence. Some others like the idea of a solid, closed fence like this one here.

Such a solid wooden fence is a perfect choice if you want privacy and security. While it is mainly for practical purposes, the color tones and wooden fence designs make it more interesting and not boring. In fact, it makes an excellent background for the lush green and vibrant plants to stand out

Privacy is one of the reasons why homeowners install a fence. If you want privacy yet unsure of how the fence should be, these privacy fence ideas will give you some insight.

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Screen Fence

wood fence design ideas
source : jjbs_team

This one is different than most wooden fence ideas in the list. It is not just a mere wooden fence. It doubles as a screen for the patio as well.

This makes the wooden fence not just practical in dividing the space, but also aesthetical as it complements the contemporary-style patio.

The main purpose of a screen is to separate and define the space. With a screen, it is clear which is which. In this case, which space is part of the patio, and which isn’t., is clear. The contrast between the mostly white patio and the screen only make it better.

If you have a sizable backyard, adding a patio in it won’t hurt. If anything, it allows you to spend your time in the backyard and add values to the house. Check out these backyard patio ideas if you want to know more.

Contemporary Touch

wood fence decorating ideas

While traditional wooden fence styles offer a familiar and delicate look, contemporary ones, like this one here, offer a sleek, clean, and stylish look. Such styling is the perfect choice for homeowners who want their backyard simple yet stylish.

When it comes to contemporary wooden fence designs, nothing screams contemporary more than straight, defined lines, pale neutral colors, and rectangular shapes. A contemporary-styled fence looks good on its own but looks absolutely amazing with other contemporary decorations.

Wood and Succulents Fencing

wooden fence decorating ideas
source : Houzz

Vertical gardening is a solution for homeowners who want to be as space-efficient as possible. One of the best places to create vertical gardening is on the wooden fence. As seen here, a part of the fence is occupied with greeneries.

Turning the fence into vertical gardening is surely a clever way to make the fence looks fresher and lively. The only downside of a garden fence is that the types of plants that can be added are limited, with the best choices being vines and climbers.

Black Wooden Fence Ideas

black wooden fence ideas
source : timkok

When you browse for wooden fence ideas, you might notice that black is such an uncommon color. Of course, that doesn’t mean black wooden fences look bad. It is just that it is uncommonly used. This wooden fence here is proof of how good-looking black wooden fence can be.

The fence’s dark color allows for light-colored plants and trees to stand out. Indeed, the contrast that the fence brings makes the backyard far more interesting. The dark color also brings warmth, making it the perfect choice for farmhouse-style backyards.

Old Wooden Fence

old wooden fence ideas
source : Courtney Peterson

Something is interesting about an old- and aged-looking fence. A fence like this reminds you of the familiar and welcoming past. You can’t help but feeling nostalgic when you see one. Want to add such a vibe to your backyard? Use wooden boards or branches that look aged and worn out.

No, you don’t have to find old and fragile wooden boards or branches. Remember, the fence should be functional too. Your best option will be to use fresh wooden boards or branches and age them by abrasing, painting, or cutting them. You get the vibe you want without compromising functionality.

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Stylish Front Fence

wooden fence ideas for front yard
source : HGTV

Want to make the garden more stylish? There is nothing that can stop you from implementing stylish wooden fence designs.

So, just go ahead and experiment. If you want a stylish wooden fence that doesn’t obstruct the garden view, a low wooden fence as seen here is among the best wooden fence ideas to try.

This kind of fence defines space and creates boundaries and at the same time, keeps the open feel of the garden. Since the fence is short, it doesn’t obstruct the view.

‘Woven’ Fence

small wooden fence ideas
source : hoselink

Among other wooden fence designs, this ‘woven’ wooden fence surely is one of the most unique-looking ones. If you add such a wooden fence in your garden, it will surely be the garden’s highlight.

This wooden fence is not all about the woven looks, however. It also provides privacy and a clear boundary. Awesome, isn’t it? Indeed, this ‘woven’ wooden fence is truly a fabulous way to make the garden more interesting.

Wooden Cladding

wood fence ideas pictures
source : woodz

The next in our wooden fence ideas combines concrete and wooden bars. Unlike most wooden fence designs here, the wooden bars here are installed on a concrete wall.

The concrete, left on its own, looks plain, ordinary, and boring. With the addition of wooden claddings, however, things changed.

Due to the wooden bars, the fence now looks extraordinary and very unique. If anything, it adds an eye-catching visual cue that nobody can ignore. Best of all, it can be used as the space’s highlight as well as a complementary part.

Garden Edging

wood fence landscaping ideas
source : My Amazing Things

Not sure where to create the garden edging? Consider the area near the wooden fence. Creating garden edging in this area not only keeps things visually simple and pleasing, but it also allows you to showcase the plants as well.

The wooden fence here serves as the perfect backdrop for the vibrant green plants to shine. And since the edging and fence merge as one, they become the sole point of focus of the garden. This makes the garden more enjoyable visually as there is little to no distraction there.

Wattle Wooden Fence

wooden yard fence ideas
source : apartmenttherapy

Want to do your first wooden fence DIY project? Try this simple and inexpensive wattle fence. Although the fence might not be solid, it is tight enough and covers most of the visible area thus providing security and privacy.

The only downside of this wattle fence is the time and energy to create it. But with a helping hand or two, it shouldn’t take too long to finish the project.

Japanese Style

wood fence ideas
source : Eileen

Beauty can come from simplicity. That is what makes this wooden fence more special than the other wooden fence ideas on the list. Notice how the fence is divided into two halves: closed and tight lower half and open upper half.

The best thing about this wooden fence is that it is visually pleasant and attractive without looking like an eyesore. It blends well with the surrounding, and provides a mild contrast that makes it noticeable. Indeed, the wooden fence is simply beautiful.

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