17 Clever Room Divider Ideas To Help You Define Your Space

Looking for room divider ideas? A room divider can make or break the look of a room. It works similarly like a wall. However, a room divider is a lot more flexible, can be a decoration and can be changed without having to redecorate the whole room.

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Below, we listed 17 ideas that will help you to transform your house using a room divider. Read? Let’s get to them now.

Walnut Wood Shades

room divider ideas for living room
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Let’s begin with an artistic room divider. As you have noticed, this room divider doesn’t just divide the room. It also complements the look of the room. Since the room is mostly white, the room divider becomes a focal point due to its brown color.

You can use artistic room divider like the above for both small and large space. It is an ideal choice if you want a room divider that is both decorative and practical.

A Chic Space Divider

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The next idea in our room divider ideas is to use windows. Yes, windows but not ordinary windows. These hanging windows create a separation in the space. They demarcate which space is which while also being a see-through border.

The beauty of hanging windows is they give a sense of what is inside and outside of them, not unlike normal windows.

Let’s say you use these windows to separate the living room and the kitchen. If you are in the living room, you will feel as if the kitchen is outside and vice versa.

Vertical Lines

room divider ideas diy
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There are also room divider ideas DIY. While there are plenty of room dividers available on the market, remember that DIY alternatives are always available.

Compared to premade dividers, with DIY dividers you can be as creative as you want. Indeed, you can create dividers based on your liking.

The above is a good example of room divider ideas DIY. It is a room divider made of ropes that are stretched vertically.

While it divides the space, it doesn’t separate the space completely. As it is basically a see-through border, it gives an air of openness which makes the space appear larger.

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Frames and Boxes

room divider ideas for bedroom
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Boxes and frames can be a great room divider as well. The best thing about such a room divider is that you can fit many things inside the frames, from a planter with green grass, a wooden cube, and even a chalkboard box. As long as the item has a rectangular shape, you can fit them inside the frames.

On one hand, the thick, black lines of the frames create a clear line between the bedroom and the outside space. On the other, the items that are inside the frames accentuate the interior décor.

By the way, do you need some inspiration for small bedroom design? If the answer is a yes, then you’d want to check our design ideas here.

Divider Sliding Wall

half wall room divider ideas
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In terms of room dividers, there is nothing like folding doors. There are two reasons why. First, folding doors can occupy and separate the space completely, making the space in-between really separated. Second, if you want to connect the space, all you need is to fold the doors. Very convenient, isn’t it?

Folding doors are very practical options. They only require a small space and, depending on the doors, can provide you with privacy when you need it. For example, the above folding doors are frosted, ensuring privacy.

Due to their versatility, folding doors are the ideal choice if you have a small living room. Speaking of which, if you need inspiration, you can check out our ideas for small living room.

Room Divider Ideas for Studio

room divider ideas studio
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You don’t need a large room divider to separate the space. In some cases, a smaller room divider can work as well, if not better, too.

This is especially true in a studio apartment. The above room divider is a good example of how a smaller room divider can separate the space without overcrowding it.

The last thing you want to do to a small space is to overcrowd it. So if you have a small space, choose smaller room divider that cannot just separate the space but also keep it open.

Unique Sliding Doors

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This one is another example of room divider ideas that can be both decorative and practical. Unlike folding doors that can be hidden, sliding doors are still there when you close them. This is why the ideal sliding door is one that has good color and/or patterns.

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For example, the beautiful doors above have unique patterns on them. These patterns not only make the space looks more interesting, but they also provide a cover when closed, thus giving you privacy when you need it.

Natural Touch

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room divider decorating ideas
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A bit of natural touch is never a bad idea. Of course, this also applies to room dividers as well. A naturalistic room divider adds freshness to the space. Several dried branches, for example, make a good room divider that adds freshness.

The previous ideas use premade room dividers, while this one uses branches which cost must less than a premade room divider. As such, if you are on a budget, this room divider is certainly among the best room divider ideas cheap for you.

‘Open’ Room Divider Ideas

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Next in our list of room divider ideas is an ‘open’ room divider. Not all room dividers are closed. Some of them are ‘open,’ just like the above example.

This C-shaped room divider allows you to separate the space into two parts yet still allow these parts to connect with each other.

Even better, the room divider can be turned into both extra storage and a display for other decors (like pots of plants, for example). If you have a small space, an ‘open’ room divider will help to make the space looks more spacious.

Wooden Partition

rustic room divider ideas
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Some homeowners prefer room dividers that can turn invisible when closed. There are plenty of room dividers like that. If you are looking for something practical, try a wooden room divider that can be opened like a door.

This kind of room divider works really well when used for the bedroom. Why? Well, because when you don’t need it, you can just close and voila! Now the divider looks like a wall that covers up the bedroom.

Room Divider Walls Ideas

room divider walls ideas
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Yes, create a mini forest in your house and use it as a room divider. For that, you will need

  • wooden frames
  • small pots with plants
  • dried small trees
  • protective glass cover

Install these on the ceiling and there you go. You get yourself a mini forest as your room divider. Not only this room divider divides the space into two, but it also becomes an attention-grabbing focal point that nobody can miss. It is one of the best room divider ideas if you have a large room that you want to divide.

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Vines and Climbers

hanging room divider ideas
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Adding greeneries like vines and climbers into a room certainly make it feels more natural and refreshing. Since greeneries are almost always a good addition to a room, why not turn them into a room divider?

Compared to other room divider ideas that have a natural touch, this one is the most refreshing. Why? Because the plants are alive. They are living decorations. Best of all, you can put them in just about any room, including even the bedroom.

Rustic Folding Doors

room divider ideas for lofts
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Want a room divider that is safe-efficient and can add warmth to the space? If the answer is yes, consider using rustic folding doors as your room divider. Dark-colored finished wooden folding doors like the above make the space warmer and more familiar.

Wooden Plank Screen

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When it is about a room divider, there are lots of options to choose from. If you want to introduce something unique and unusual while also enjoying the benefit of separating rooms, a modern style room divider like this is without a doubt one of the best room divider ideas for you.

Slatted Wood Divider

room divider ideas ikea
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Should you choose aesthetic or functionality? Well, if you can get both, why not both? This slatted wooden divider isn’t just a divider.

It also has storage. As such, not only you get an interesting room divider, you also get extra storage as well. Neat, isn’t it?

Room Divider Bookcase Ideas

room divider bookcase ideas
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Perhaps you just need to cover your bed? If that is the case, then go for a simple wooden cabinet. That will be more than enough to get the bed covered and separated from the rest of the area. Not to mention you get yourself shelves to store your books, favorite piece of arts or even plants, too.

See-through Wooden Screen

unique room divider ideas
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The last one in our room divider ideas is a see-through wooden screen. There is a need to use a room divider that has an elaborate or complex design.

Sometimes, a simple divider like the see-through wooden screen can do wonder, too. This is especially true if you like the minimalist décor.

Room Divider Ideas Curtain

room divider ideas with curtains
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