20 Amazing DIY Canopy Bed Ideas (Redefine Your Bedroom)

Canopy beds have been associated with sumptuousness and intimacy for centuries. As time goes by, the fabric draperies are not merely installed for privacy but also to make a statement in the bedroom. Good news, creating a DIY canopy bed is not as difficult as you thought. But, how to DIY canopy bed?

There are some different types of canopy beds to adorn your private room. From the majestic Polonaise canopy bed all the way to corona, you can create one that fits best with your bedroom style.

Scroll through the following DIY canopy bed ideas to redefine your sleeping space.

Simple romantic

diy canopy for bed
source : ashlinakaposta

Get a new feel in your bedroom with this romantic canopy bed. The canopy delivers a simple, yet adorable look.

In addition, white element that dominates the space evokes a romantic and intimate atmosphere. This drapery is quite easy to tackle, even if you are a new DIY-er.

To bring this dreamy DIY canopy for bed, simply prepare some metal rods and paint them white. Install the rods on the ceiling and then install the drapery.

Semi-solid fabric works well to ensure your privacy and offers a romantic nuance. Get a chandelier to make your nights more enjoyable.

Dreamy drapery

Canopy Bed Curtains
source : studiodfl

This can be a perfect DIY canopy bed idea for a new couple. A bedroom for two feels more romantic and intimate with a dreamy drapery that hangs just below the ceiling.

Flowy fabrics add a visual attraction and romantic ambiance, thanks to off-white color choice that matches the surrounding elements.

A dreamy drapery like this is what you need to enjoy the romance the whole nights. The installation process only takes a few hours when you have all the materials.

Be sure to measure the metal rods so it can fully cover the bed.

Floor to Ceiling

canopy bed with curtain
source : apartmenttherapy

Canopy bed can also be a nice addition for girl’s bedroom. Chic canopy beds are a dream come true for your little princess.

Through canopy bed DIY projects, you can transform the old and boring room into a dreamy bedroom just like in their storybooks.

Take a closer look to the following canopy bed that meets the girl’s cheerful personality.

The sheer fabric drapery that falls from the ceiling gives a flowy look that will make your daughter enjoy her time in the bedroom. You can also add window treatments and walls with a similar color scheme.

String Lights

source : buzzfeed

Do you need to make a statement in the bedroom? This DIY canopy bed can be the one to take into account.

The combination of sheer fabrics and string lights create a whimsical look in the bedroom. The elements flow smoothly just above your bed, allowing you to enjoy the beauty when lying down.

The DIY bed canopy lights does not take much of your effort. This project is easy to handle, even if you are a beginner in the DIY project.

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Just prepare the sheer fabrics at the right length and width, string lights, and rods then you are ready to make this one at home.

Shabby chic canopy

bohemian diy canopy bed
source : heymishka

The whole time, you might believe that canopy bed is all about sumptuousness, high living, sheer fabric, and intimacy.

But this picture is going to make up your mind. This canopy bed delivers a strong shabby chic look that fits best with your shabby chic master bedroom ideas.

To adopt this DIY canopy bed, you don’t need any metal rod as strings will do. Simply stretch the strings around the bed and spread the drapery to cover the upper side.

Let it flow down to the floor so you don’t need to worry about privacy.

Full-size sheer drapery

diy canopy bed ideas
source : oliveandlove

Combining bed canopy and mosquito net is a clever idea to save your cash. The DIY canopy bed frame gives no chance for mosquitoes and insects to penetrate to your bed, giving you a peaceful night’s sleep.

Apart from its function, this full size sheer drapery also evokes a romantic sense to the space.

To do the project, measure the wire thread as well as the sheer fabric. Make sure it can cover the whole bed and the fabric can go down to the floor.

Thanks to the simple concept that makes it a perfect DIY project for beginners.

Chic Canopy Beds

Chic Canopy Beds Ideas
source : mrandmrssmith

It goes without saying that old people know how to bring in romantic and intimate atmosphere better than us. You can see how they design and decorate the bed with draperies, just like this one.

Vintage canopy bed lends a strong sense of romance, good for a new couple to spend the night.

The plain white canopy bed also creates a dramatic look. The fabric sheer choice and wooden rods bring you to a few centuries ago.

To complement the bedroom, you can install a DIY light up bed canopy.

Sturdy branches

tree branch bed canopy
source : belandsoph

Who says canopy bed is only for a new couple? Even your kids can have this treatment in their kids bedroom ideas.

Supposing that you want to give a little privacy to your children, this corona canopy bed can be a good bet. Unlike full size canopy, corona is much like a decoration.

Embrace the nature by using some sturdy branches to hold the fabric.

Not only does it look good to the room, but it also allows you to save more cash rather than purchasing store-bought rods or wire thread. This DIY canopy bed is a thrifty idea for a clever DIY.

Yellow Stripes

diy canopy bed
source : countryliving

When your playful kid is begging for a new bedroom decoration, it’s time to prepare yourself for a new DIY project.

No need to think about a complicated addition as a simple canopy can be a nice complement to revamp the bedroom. Take a look at this DIY canopy bed without drilling and embrace the inspiration.

Solid fabric in a vibrant color is a perfect material for this cheerful canopy bed. The yellow and white stripes represent a playful character of a kid.

Prepare a small hoop and hang it on the ceiling using a wire thread so that your kid can adjust the drapery.

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Sweet and Chic

DIY Bed Net Canopy
source : burlapandblue

This is another DIY canopy bed idea for your little princess. A corona canopy is a perfect choice to redecorate the girls bedroom ideas.

White sheer drapery that flows down to the corner of the bed creates a nice look, as if the bed is using a crown.

The sweet and chic drapery is more like a bed decoration and less like a real, functional canopy.

Apart from all, it can accentuate a girly and chic look to make your girl feel like a real princess. To create this canopy, you need to prepare a small hoop, wire thread, and sheer fabric.

Ultimate Creativity

DIY Hula Hoop Canopy
source : handmaidtales

A shrewd DIY-er should be able to turn something worthless into something more valuable.

And when it comes to a canopy bed, this idea gives all the inspiration that you need. This canopy bed is made of a large hoop that helps give a shape to the drapery.

This is not enough. A dramatic look can be obtained by adding string lights or other light fixture to the hoop.

When you decide to make this DIY canopy bed curtains, make sure the hook is strong enough to hold the hoop, light fixture and the drapery at the same time.

DIY with Embroidery Hoop

diy canopy bed for girl
source : ceceliahayes

A canopy that burst through the ceiling can be an adorable inspiration to copy.

This dreamy ceiling canopy goes all the way to the bed sides, giving you a proper protection toward mosquitoes and other disturbing critters at night.

If you need a focal point in the bedroom, this sheer canopy can be the one to choose.

It offers an easy installation process and yet the result is comparable to the store-bought ones. Thanks to the colorful pom-pom that creates a nice accent to the drapery.

Uniquely Romantic

Romantic DIY Bed Canopies
source : rosyredbuttons

Romantic and unique can get together. This idea shows you that a romantic canopy bed can be delivered in a unique way.

The following DIY canopy bed comes with a sheer fabric that emphasizes its romantic nuance. The plain fabric choice offers a clean and neat look to the space.

The unique part is the fact that it cannot go through the whole bed. The drapery is set to decorate the head of the bed so you cannot rely on this canopy for privacy.

But it works well to bring your bedroom to the next level.

Four posters and drapery

Diy Canopy With Lights Bed
source : craftedbythehunts

Back then to centuries ago, a bed with four posters became a trend among the nobles.

But now, you don’t need to be one to sleep on this interesting bed with four posters and adorable canopy. Though it may look simple, this canopy can be a perfect idea for new couples.

While the four posters itself can evoke intimacy, the DIY bed canopy tulle brings a complement to the bedroom.

Plain fabric is the best choice for this canopy bed idea. You can spread the fabrics and tie them to the posters to create a vintage accent.

Good for a little princess

DIY Canopy Crown from a Repurposed
source : blesserhouse

Your little princess deserves this DIY canopy bed idea. The corona style that crowns the head of the bed looks perfect to accentuate the girly side of your daughter.

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Sheer drapery that extends from the ceiling to the corner of the bed is a dream come true.

To bring this DIY canopy bed crown into reality, you can look around and find unused shelf to be transformed into the canopy head.

This is where all the drapery comes from. Get the ornate head and mount to the wall. Install the drapery and dress it like the picture shows you.

Shabby yet lovely

bohemian diy bed canopy
source : apartmenttherapy

Supposing that you have a shabby chic bedroom, the following DIY canopy bed plans are worth the thought.

Shabby fabrics that extend above the bed becomes the center point of this bedroom. The stained wooden ceiling accentuate the rustic and shabby chic style.

If you don’t have much time but really want a canopy bed, it can be a great idea to go.

It does not require too many properties, all you have to prepare is shabby fabrics and hooks. Then, your creativity will do the rest.

Color up the room

DIY rainbow canopy bed
source : heathershandmadelife

Little girls do love rainbows and bringing one to their bedroom makes you the best parents ever.

Rainbows come with seven different colors and you can use all of them to create a rainbow canopy just like this. The small bed looks more adorable with colorful, full size canopy.

Solid fabric is chosen as it can deliver colors better than the sheer one. To create a natural look, you can also use a solid drapery with sky and cloud patterns to extend above the bed.

The DIY canopy over bed makes a nice addition to the whole feature.

Pretty and Easy

DIY bed canopy for little girls
source : our everyday art

The good thing of a DIY canopy bed is you can easily customize the design. Unlike a store-bought canopy, you are free to personalize the feature to enhance your bedroom.

This corner canopy, for instance, delivers a great plan to decorate the space with one-of-a-kind canopy feature.

This DIY canopy bed for girl bed embraces the beauty of nature with decorative flowers. Use a hook to hang the flower bouquet and let the sheer fabric extends from this corner.

Hang it on

DIY Children's Canopy Bed
source : remodelista

For your little adventurer, you can transform the bedroom into a cozy tent with this canopy idea.

A sturdy branch is hung using metal chains and let the drapery fall down to the bed. This is how you can give an outdoor sense without worrying about your kid’s safety.

A solid fabric is the best choice for this canopy. Choose one with earth-tone to matches the other elements in the boys bedroom ideas to make it appears like a DIY outdoor canopy bed.

Beachy look

diy canopy bed design
source : thedesignfiles

Borrow the coziness of a beach house by installing this beachy canopy bed. This DIY canopy bed idea looks simple but it works great to make a statement in your bedroom.

The use of bamboo rods and white sheer fabric looks harmonious with the shiplap walls.

When you decide to copy this DIY romantic canopy bed, make sure the bamboo rods are tightly secured to the walls.

Whenever not in use, the drapery can be folded up to the rod for a shabby chic look.

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