20 Easy DIY Console Table Plans (Money-Saving Ideas)

A console table is among furniture pieces that can enhance most of rooms in your house. It can sit nicely in the entryway and it can also be a nice addition in your living room. While purchasing a console table can break your savings, building a DIY console table is the best solution for your thrifty life.

There are many plans when it comes to console table woodworking projects. You can opt for basic tables all the way up to the complicated ones with drawers and shelves.

A wide array of styles are also available to meet your space requirements. Take a look at the following DIY console table ideas!

A choice for the entryway

Farmhouse DIY Console Table
source : michealadianedesigns

Entryway is among the best places for console table. Not only does it offer extra shelving, but it can also accentuate a specific style that you bring into the space.

Supposing that you are looking for a console table with farmhouse style, this DIY farmhouse table is surely for you.

The sawhorse-inspired console table delivers a strong sense of farmhouse, thanks to the white coat that creates a clean look.

White color scheme allows the table to blend harmoniously with other elements around it. This furniture piece can be a nice spot to display decoration and knick-knacks.

Rustic and Symmetrical

Lotus Console Table
source : anikasdiylife

A console table is a great attention stealer. With the right DIY console table plans, it can be a focal point in any room of your house including the entryway.

This picture shows you how a simple console table with symmetrical design works well to catch attention.

The rustic DIY console table is well-crafted and white washed to create a weathered effect. Coming in a small size, the table does not consume much space on the floor.

If you have a short and narrow entryway, this table should be an adorable complement. Add accessories and decoration to enhance its appearance.

Uniquely Balanced

DIY plywood console table
saource : jenwoodhouse

A thrift has nothing to do with creativity. You can build a piece of art even from a simple and cheap materials such as plywood.

Take a look at this picture and you will be amazed of how the worthless plywood can be transformed into a unique, one-of-a-kind console table.

This project may require an advanced woodworking skill but the result is just worth the effort.

The console table comes with a distinct storage idea, at the same time it becomes an additional visual attraction. Your entryway is getting more adorable with this furniture piece

Unusual but Batchy

diy sawhorse console table
source : woodshopdiaries

Inspiration can come from anywhere just like the following DIY console table idea that is inspired by sawhorse.

This table provides you with a unique piece to complement any room of your house. More importantly, its simple and unique design can be a perfect option for beginners.

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This easy DIY console table plans are built from wood material that is coated and finished to create a nice, glossy look.

The V-shaped base ensure its sturdiness and durability. Even if you have active kids who run around the house, the console table is safe for them.

Shabby Chic

DIY Pallet Console Table
source : kleinworthco

The right choice of DIY console table plan can make a statement in your entryway. Consider this shabby chic table that looks nice in your retro-classic entryway.

Coming with baby blue base, this console table combines rustic and shabby chic style to the interior.

Reclaimed wood is what you need to make this lovely table. The wood material is primed then coated with baby blue paint, creating a subtle yet contrast look with the beige walls and glossy tabletop.

This DIY farmhouse console table can be used to display decoration and flower vase to welcome your guests.

Space-saving Solution

DIY Hairpin Leg Console Table
source : bybrittanygoldwyn

The combination of wood and metal results in a marvelous rustic-industrial furniture piece. You can also steal this idea to decorate the entryway with unique wood-metal console table. Worry not!

This DIY project does not take much of your time, effort, and cash.

The DIY industrial console table consists of stained wood plank and metal base. The V-shape metal legs provides sufficient support so that it is quite safe to display your decoration and accessories on it. B

t you may need to consider other idea if you have crawling toddlers or active children.

Classic Modern

small console table ideas
source : nourishandnestle

Pedestal console table is another idea to improve your entryway or living room.

The iconic pedestal design combined with high quality material helps redefine the space. If you are looking for a sturdy furniture piece, this can be a good choice.

This DIY console table is made of unfinished raw wood that accentuates a farmhouse style.

As seen in the picture, this table matches the hardwood flooring and neutral color of the walls. You can enhance the interior decoration by mounting some wall graphics or framed mirror.

Adorable with Barn Door

DIY Farmhouse Media Console Table
source : theturquoisehome

Building a console table with barn door can be a challenge. Supposing that you have advanced woodworking skills, you will enjoy all the hard work and effort to build this console table.

The furniture piece has a complicated design for it comes with sliding barn door table and metal rails.

And yet, the beauty and strong rustic accent is worth your effort. The console table has versatile shelves that help organize your belongings.

Overall, this is a multipurpose piece of furniture that works well to display decoration and hold your stuff at the same time.

White Washed Base

X Based Console Table
source : bowerpowerblog

White wash is a common technique to evoke a weathered and rustic style.

You can try to apply this technique for the upcoming project just like this console table. The entryway desk has a white washed base that emphasizes its rustic touch.

Another inspiring idea from this console table is the X stretchers.

This kind of stretcher gives more support to the table frame, giving you a sturdier and more durable console table. The DIY rustic X console table plans seem simple so beginners can easily tackle it.

Get Some Drawers and Shelf

DIY Rustic Console Table
source : thenavagepatch

Narrow space is the most convincing reason why you need this DIY console table. Small space doesn’t let you add too many furniture pieces to the room.

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For this reason, you need to choose one that has it all—drawers, shelves, and display area.

This is a versatile DIY console table with drawers, shelves, and tabletop with their own function.

Display your accessories on the top and conceal your personal items in the drawers. Meanwhile, lower shelf can be a perfect place to keep your stuff organized.

Rustic and Weathered

DIY Rustic Small Console Table
source : lizmarieblog

A strong sense of rustic can be seen from this console table. Even if you cannot find reclaimed wood around the house, you can do the project with the new ones.

Be creative with the wood stain to create a natural weathered effect.

The DIY console table with shelf is made to be durable, thanks to hardwood material it uses. It can be a good place for book collections or decorative table lamps with rustic nuance.

Placing a large mirror is another good idea to make the living room visually larger.

Top and Below

easy diy console table
source : apartmenttherapy

The idea of DIY console table is not merely about the tabletop but how much you can make it functional as a whole.

This table allows you to function the table at its most, both the tabletop and the lower space. Thanks to the high clearance that enables you to put a large storage under the table.

When it comes to the design, this table looks simple but attractive. Painted base looks contrast with the stained wooden tabletop.

The durability is undoubted so that you can use it to place accessories, table lamps, or book collections.

Lovely Pedestal

DIY Skinny Console
source : shanty 2 chic

The most common problem among urban houses is a narrow space.

When you need to add some visual attractions to the living room but it is impossible for a buffet table, pedestal console table will do.

The DIY narrow console table looks great even in a tiny room.

This lovely furniture is built from hardwood material which explains its sturdy and robust look. The wood is then primed and painted with a subtle grey color.

Chipped paint effect is intentionally made to evoke a weathered effect. This can be a nice place for a flower vase, table lamp, or decorative mirror.

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New Ideas for Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Simple but Stylish

console table behind couch
source : cityfarmhouse

Your humble personality needs a furniture piece that screams simplicity and modesty. When it comes to DIY console table, one with simple design and subtle color scheme works well to complement your interior.

This picture should inspire you to build an additional table with farmhouse style.

The DIY modern console table fits to any room and any size. The combination of stained wood tabletop and white painted base creates a strong farmhouse sense.

This table looks nice in the entryway as well as the living room.

Catchy with X Base

DIY double X console table.
source : remodelaholic

An easy and affordable console table idea is here! Delivering DIY console table legs with X style, this entryway table looks adorable.

Thanks to lower shelves that provides you with more storage. Now you can organize more items such as wicker baskets or other decorative stuff to make a statement.

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The double X console table can be a perfect choice to enhance your farmhouse living space.

You can use it to display accessories, flower vases, decorative mirrors, or even holiday souvenirs. Thanks to the robust design that makes it sturdy hold a variety of items.

Sleek and Nice

DIY Console Table Plans Sleek and nice
source : janery Pinterest

Previously, you have found so many ideas for farmhouse and rustic DIY console table.

If you need a distinct style in your living space, this mid century console table is surely for you. The medium size console table looks sleek with a compartment to organize your stuff.

To accentuate its mid century style, the wood material is lightly stained and coated.

You can simply enjoy the natural wood grain and combine this DIY small console table with other furniture pieces.

Adorable Yet Powerful

DIY Console Table Plans Adorable yet powerful

If you consider that woodworking project is a serious task to handle, this console table is the right idea to opt for.

The rustic X console table can make a statement in your entryway. It can also build a character into your house.

To create a rustic and weathered effect, you can white wash the surface using interior latex paint. This finishing choice keeps the wood grain visible but it effectively evoke a rustic flair to the furniture.

The console table can be a nice place for wicker basket storage, wooden flower vases, or even upcycled decoration.

Reclaimed and Retouched

MidCentury Modern Console Table
source : janery

You don’t need to buy new boards or wood to build a console table. Reclaimed boards can be a perfect material to create a rustic table—this is what thrifty people do.

This X console table is quite easy to make as you only have to arrange the boards and secure with nails.

While reclaimed wood has a natural rustic look, you can choose to paint or not paint the surface.

If you want to add more colors, white washing the board is all you have to do. This can also be a great idea for DIY outdoor console table.

Make A Statement

rustic console table
source : hertoolbelt

Bring a statement to your entryway by creating this unique console table.

At a glance, this furniture piece looks cool and robust, thanks to the thick tabletop and tilt base that give it a distinct look. Light stained surface evokes the natural wood grain. That’s so fascinating!

If you want to emphasize a rustic or country style in your living space, this console table is a good bet.

Supposing that you need a DIY TV console table, it can also work well for you. Not only can it give a statement but it also provides extra storage to your space.

Dining Room Console Table

Dining Room Console Table
source : instructables

There is much to expect from this console table. Apart from its simple design and appearance, this entryway table comes with more functions than you think.

It can display decoration and accessories, at the same time it offers lower shelves to store your stuff.

This DIY console table delivers a strong rustic sense to the room. Stained wood creates a unique classic nuance that matches other elements around it.

To enhance its value, you can also combine with marble top to create a DIY marble console table.

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