21 Super Easy DIY Hanging Planters Ideas (Only Few People Know)

Spring is about to come and it’s never too early to anticipate its coming. Among many things that you can do, preparing planters makes you ready for gardening. But purchasing store-bought planters can cost you a lot, so you might need to consider making DIY hanging planters at home.

Crafting planters brings lots of fun. Not only does it give you one-of-a-kind features, but it also helps decorate your living space without breaking the savings.

Either you run out of space or want to add a visual attraction, take a look at these inspiring hanging planter ideas. Happy trying!

All in one shelves

DIY Hanging Planter Outdoor
source : shanty 2 chic

Are you one of those avid succulent enthusiasts? Then you should have this outdoor hanging planter.

Much like open shelves, the DIY wall hanging planters can hold more succulent planters at once. You don’t need to worry about losing the succulent as the planter can keep them secure.

The DIY project for this hanging planter is pretty simple. Collect some old shelves from your kitchen and tie them with a rope. You can make three or more shelves to hold more plants. Just make sure the hook and ties are strong enough to hold the DIY planter boxes.

Tiered planters

Diy Hanging Basket Garden
source : abeautifulmess

In a condition that you don’t have much space to hang the plants, crafting a tiered planter can be a solution. This planter idea helps gather your planters in one spot, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful plants without looking around.

Even a beginner can accomplish this tiered planters project. Get some wicker baskets in various sizes and tie them up using a strong DIY hanging planter rope.

Arrange the baskets from the biggest all the way up to the smallest one. When you are done, this planter can be a beautiful centerpiece in your porch or patio.

One of a kind

DIY Hanging Basket EASY
source : creatingcottage

DIY hanging planters with a unique design is one of ways to level up your outdoor setting. The following idea of outdoor hanging planter can add a visual attraction to your porch or backyard, thanks to its clean and white appearance that makes it an attention stealer.

The hanging planter comes in a unique and curvy design, allowing you to adore the planter at the first sight. This concrete planter can be easily made, as long as you have the molds.

Make sure the rope is strong enough to hold the planters, especially if you want to make a DIY hanging railing planter.

Hanging cone

Ice Cream Cone DIY Hanging Planters
source : helloglow

What comes into your mind when you see this hanging planter? Yes, the hanging ice cream cone looks adorable in your outdoor or indoor space.

This creative concrete planter is what you need to retouch the porch without too much effort.

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Due to its small size, the DIY hanging planters indoor are suitable for succulent or other small plants. In order that the cone planters can hang nicely, make three holes on it. Be careful when drilling the concrete as it can break the whole planter.

Use the wall

DIY Hanging Planter Boxes
source : twelveonmain

Small budgets can be the best reason for creativity. When you cannot purchase one, you can make one. This idea of DIY hanging planters should inspire you to build a creative, space-saving planter. Interestingly, the planters can also serve as a beautiful wall ornament.

These DIY hanging planter wood hang nicely on the wall. Made of reclaimed wood, it delivers a flair of rustic charm to your outdoor space.

You can adjust the planters with the greeneries you are going to plant. The bigger the plants, the larger planter it needs.

Have fun with the paint

DIY marbled hanging planter
source : ohjoy

You might have purchased some store-bought planters at low price. But they typically come in unattractive look, so you need to retouch the planters for a better appearance.

If you don’t have much time, repainting the planters can be a clever yet effective project to do.

Your creativity is really needed here. DIY hanging planters are dip-painted with unique color combination.

If the planters are made of ceramic, then you can copy this technique to result in fascinating outdoor hanging planters. You can also use mason jar and make it a DIY hanging mason jar planter.

Work well for indoor

Easy Hanging Planter DIY
source : abeautifulmess

Who says that hanging planters are only for outdoor? In fact, installing hanging planters can spruce up your interior without too much effort.

As seen in the picture, the copper planters hang gracefully on the ceiling. Ropes with a similar nuance makes this planter look even more adorable.

The copper containers can be purchased at low price. You can modify the container by making some holes and tying ropes.

With a little more effort, you can transform the worthless bowl into a valuable indoor planter. It can be a nice place for philodendron or other climbing plants.

Unique wooden shelves

diy planter shelf
source : grillo-designs

Are you excellent at woodworking? Then this idea of DIY hanging planters is surely for you.

Unlike the previous planters that hangs nicely with rope, this hanging planter plan looks unique with a wall mounted wood holder. The wood holder comes with a hole where you can put the planter.

If you have no problem with drilling, this DIY hanging planter holder is worth the thought. It does not disturb your mobility, at the same time it serves as a great wall decoration. A thing to note, adjust the hole with the planter size you are going to hang.

Lovely cage

DIY Brass Ring Hanging Planter
source : abeautifulmess

Some people take their DIY projects seriously. If you belong to this group, take a look at this picture and catch the inspiration.

Inspired by hanging lanterns, this peculiar planter can be a perfect addition to your interior. More importantly, the planter is quite easy to make.

The DIY hanging planter kit for this project includes copper hoops and wood pieces. Secure a wood piece to the hoops using clippers and tie up the top side of both hoops. Place the planter bowl on the wood base and your DIY planter is ready to decorate the interior.

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Gather up

cheap hanging planter DIY
source : tellloveandparty

The next thrifty hanging planter idea is going to make your day. This idea of DIY hanging planters is very simple to make and more importantly, it does not cost you a lot.

You can purchase the container in a thrift store and modify into a pretty and lovely hanging planter.

As you can see in the picture, the planters are gathered up in a single hook. You can copy this idea or get more hooks for each planter.

The greenery choices can be adjusted with your planter size. The bigger your container, the bigger plant it can hold. You can also make it as DIY fence hanging planter.

Get closer to the nature

Easy DIY Hanging Planter Using a Wood
source : thesummeryumbrella

If you live in an outskirt area, you can easily find wood slice around the house. And when you find one, copy this planter idea right away.

This is an adorable planter to bring in a sense of nature to the interior. Simply hang the wood slice and turn it into a sturdy base for the planter.

Thankfully, this planter works well to most rooms of your house. It can be a nice bathroom decoration and it can also be a perfect addition for the entryways. If you can find a bigger wood slice, it can hold a bigger planter for a stronger natural accent.

Sturdy and balanced

DIY Plywood Hanging Planter
source : deucecitieshenhouse

When it comes to DIY hanging planters, balance is an important aspect to take into account. This planter idea shows you that paying attention to the balance can create a fantastic DIY planter to make your guests say Wow!

That becomes the issue is, how to craft this DIY planter?

The secret lies in the planter base. Simply attach a wood base to the frame—strong glue is highly needed here.

After the base is ready, hang the frame and put your planter. To keep it steady, make sure the planter is out of reach.

Dreamy planters

hanging fish bowl plants
source : abeautifulmess

Hanging planter is more than just a container to hold your greeneries. It can also serve as a centerpiece for outdoor or indoor.

If you concern about the aesthetic aspect of the container, hollow glass ball planters can meet your needs.

The DIY hanging window planter delivers a dreamy look. The transparent glass that reveals everything inside the planter gives a unique accent to your interior. As the hollow glass balls come in a small size, it is ideal for your succulent collections.

Concrete and corks

DIY hanging plant hanger with cork
source : monsterscircus

Making concrete planters sounds great for your upcoming project. There’s a wide range of styles and designs to spruce up your outdoor settings, one of which is this hanging planter idea. The small concrete planter can be a perfect place to your succulent.

To hold the planter, you need to prepare a twine secured with corks. The combination of concrete planter, corks, and twine make it a perfect addition for rustic living space.

Wood slice creations

DIY Hanging Air Plant Holders
source : BHG

Wood slices can be a versatile material for any DIY projects including hanging planter.

As seen in the picture, copper planters are secured on the wood slices so the greeneries will create an effect of bursting from the slices.

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This idea of DIY hanging planters is easy to tackle. Simply find the wood slices, get the copper planters, and you will be ready for the project. All the attention will be addressed to this unique and peculiar hanging planter.

Pretty birdie

DIY nesting bird hanging planter
source : thislittlestreet

You can count on this birdie hanging planter to add a decorative touch to your indoor. The nesting bird hanging planter can be a nice place to grow succulent or ferns.

Purchase the bird feature from a thrift store then create egg decorations and hanging ropes. Your birdie planter is ready to fly.

Simple planter box

DIY hexagon hanging planter
source : jungalow

You might have ever seen this kind of hanging planter in public place or a friend’s house. Yes, this DIY hanging planter wall is not uncommon but it can always be opted to grow greeneries. It can also elevate the style of your porch or patio.

Creating this DIY hanging flower planter box is none of difficult tasks. Collect some wood pieces and assemble into a box as seen in the picture. Get a planter hanger and it is ready to grow your plants.

Twine for rustic

DIY Hanging Succulent Garden
source : onekingslane

Are you looking for DIY hanging planters ideas with rustic charm? Terracotta planters with twines can be the one to meet your preferences. Terracotta comes with a natural rustic look and twine hangers just make it better.

You can start the DIY hanging planters for balcony by purchasing some strings to make the twine hangers. When it’s done, secure the planter onto the twine. It can make your rustic porch or balcony more adorable.

Macramé time!

diy macrame plant hanger
source : heylilahey

Everybody loves the charm of macramé and if you are an avid macramé maker, this DIY planter idea is the one to opt. This indoor hanging planter looks simple but elegant, an ideal choice for your farmhouse or minimalist interior.

Making a macramé hanger may take a little more time and effort. You can learn how to make this kind of macramé from the internet and follow the instructions. About the planter, you can opt for affordable store-bought planter or replace with painted concrete planter.

Sweet and chic

DIY Hanging Planters Sweet and Chic

A burlap rope and concrete planter creates a perfect match. This inspiration for DIY hanging planters outdoor can be a good bet to adorn your interior with a little touch of nature. The small planter makes an ideal place to grow cactus or succulent.

But you can always go with the bigger one. For a bigger concrete planter, try to find a stronger burlap rope so it can hold the heavier load. To save more cash, making your own concrete planter seems to be a good idea.

Industrial metal cage

Easy Diy Macrame Plant Hanger
source : theeffortlesschic

The last but not least, this cage hanging planter is what you need to embellish the interior with a strong sense of industrial or rustic style.

This planter may look uncommon but it can redefine your style and taste in decorating the living space.

As seen in the picture, the upcycled spherical cage becomes a perfect home for the tropical orchids. Add moss to base the cage so that the orchids can grow happily in these DIY hanging planters.

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