20 Easy DIY Wall Flowers Inspirations (You Wish to Know Earlier)

Wall flowers are fancy and many homeowners decide to spruce up their interiors with this wall decor. While the store-bought flowers can be costly, crafting DIY wall flowers enables you to customize and personalize the decoration depending on the occasion or room style.

A wide array of DIY wall of flowers ideas are available out there, ranging from simple paper flowers all the way up to real flower decors.

Here we have selected and sorted out the list into the best 20 ideas that are applicable and easy to tackle even if you are a beginner. Scroll down and be ready for loads of inspirations.

Color up your space

wall decoration ideas paper flowers
source : thecraftpatchblog

Let’s begin with this colorful DIY wall decor to jazz up your space. Paper flowers in various sizes add a visual attraction and it can become centerpieces effortlessly.

These oversized flowers and leaves are ideal to enhance most of the rooms, including your bedroom or nursery.

If you are an avid paper craft maker, these DIY paper flowers for wall can be a real challenge.

These paper flowers are going to take much of your time but the result is just worth the effort. Choose papers with different colors to create a fascinating combination.

A Dashing Patch

Silk Flower Diy Wall Art
source : rosyscription

When oversized paper flowers are too much for the nursery, this flower patch can be taken into account.

This wall décor looks pretty simple but it can be a focal point right after you hang it on the wall. The color combination creates a nice gradation from flashy red all the way down to pink and white.

The beautiful flowers are crafted from crepe paper—this paper is chosen as it has a vibrant color. The flowers are then attached onto a white fabric and your DIY wall flowers are ready to spruce up the nursery.

Good news, this wall décor can serve as a centerpiece but it doesn’t look too much.

Make the Letters

Flower Wall Letters
source : craftsbyamanda

The incoming DIY wall paper flowers idea is ideal for any room of your house.

The wall ornament consists of small, colorful flowers arranged into letters and they end up giving you a powerful word. Supposing that you want to send a message, this wall décor can be a good idea.

To make sure the flowers are well-shaped, you might need to draw lines on the wall.

Begin to attach the flowers from its borderline until you see a flower letter then you can start to fill in the blank space. Choose the right spot in order that your guests can notice this wall décor easily.

DIY Wall Flowers and Strings

DIY Flower Wall Hanging
source : theurbandarling

The combination of flowers and strings can create a beautiful wall ornament. This idea of DIY wall flowers is suitable for you who don’t have much time to do the project.

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Simply gather the supplies—faux flowers and strings—and you are ready to go.

This embellishment looks attractive, thanks to the colorful flowers that hang nicely to the strings.

To get the best result, make sure to use flowers in similar sizes. Paying attention to the color harmony is also necessary to make a statement in the room.

DIY Wall Flower Waterfalls

hanging DIY flower wall
source : proflowers

If you want to bring in a strong natural look to the interior, the following DIY paper wall flowers can be a nice bet.

Hanging flowers offer a fascinating waterfall-like decoration that falls down from a branch. Faux leaves that cover the branch add visual interest to this wall ornament.

You can opt for real or faux flowers to create this adorable wall embellishment. Real flowers offer natural beauty, not to mention it creates a uniquely rustic look when it withers.

It sounds nice for a party décor or other temporary use. But if you need one that lasts longer, faux flowers are the best.

Opt for Oversized

Diy Hang Paper Flowers
source : abbikirstencollections

Whenever you need to catch attention, start with something big. Oversized paper flowers can be a pretty centerpiece to enhance your interior for everyday look or as a party décor. Pastel colors are the best choice to create a harmony.

The floral backdrop works great for any room and any occasion. Whether you want to host a wedding shower or baby shower, these DIY wall flowers offer a thrifty solution.

Just make sure you have a lot of time to make the paper crafts.

Hanging Flowers

Diy Flower Wall Ideas
source : thelearnerobserver

Simple, nice, and easy. The three words best describe this DIY wall flowers decoration.

Supposing that you are a newbie in DIY projects, this humble wall décor makes a great option to drill your skills. More importantly, it won’t give you a headache.

The hanging flower wall décor is made of strings and faux flowers in various sizes and colors. You also need to find a branch to hang the strings.

Simply tie the flowers as seen in the picture and hang onto the branch. Your simple wall décor is ready to make up your space.

Floral Backdrop with Neon Sign

Flower Wall Floral Backdrop with Neon Sign
source : fiftyflowers

Nowadays, photo backdrops are among the essentials in every party. Whenever you plan to host one, this floral backdrop is going to be everyone’s favorite.

Overhead flower garland can become a perfect centerpiece, not to mention it makes your party look more festive.

You may opt for real or faux flowers for the garland. If you want to benefit from its beauty and scent, real flowers will do.

But if you need DIY wall flowers that can be used for the next occasion, faux flower works well. Besides, faux flowers can save a lot of money.

Pure White

Cheap DIY Flower Wall
source : runtoradiance

Supposing that you need a wall ornament but don’t want to add more colors to the room, this DIY flower wall decor offers an alternative.

White paper flowers create a dimensional and textural look on the white wall. Meanwhile, leaf accents just perfect the whole wall décor.

This wall ornament is super easy to make, though it may take a lot of time. Paper plates can be the best supply to result in high quality paper flowers. Combine the oversized flowers with the smaller one to get a natural look.

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Purple and Pink

diy paper flower wall decor
source : littlebitsofhome

Whenever you want to revamp the bedroom, it never goes wrong to rely on paper crafts.

Create these oversized paper flowers as a backdrop in your bedroom and feel the difference. The purple and pink flowers catch all the attention it deserves.

Nobody knows that these DIY wall flowers are made of simple material. Once you prepare the supplies—pastel-colored paper and hot glue gun—you are ready to do the project.

Choose the right colors to create a beautiful gradation for the best DIY paper flowers wall decor.

Stick and Leave

Craft a Flower Wall
source : mrkate

Some people don’t have much time for a DIY project. If you are too busy for paper flowers but really need a wall embellishment, this DIY paper flowers wall art is worth the thought.

This project is completely easy and it does not take much of your time and effort. All you have to do is stick and leave.

Whenever the faux flowers are ready, get a scotch tape and stick the flowers onto the wall. The key to create a beautiful and harmonious wall décor is in the arrangement.

When all the flowers are attached, you are done. Now you have an adorable wall ornament and you can get back to your busy life.

Meaningful Flowers

Paper Wall Flowers
source : myvintageporch

If you have a message to send, use the wall. While mounting a wall graphic alone can be boring, you need some ornament to make it up.

You can count on these DIY flowers for wall to complement the wall graphic. Having these oversized flowers around the graphic can make it a catchy centerpiece.

At a glance, no one notice that the pretty wall ornaments are made of a humble material. Paper can be crafted into valuable paper flowers to enhance your bedroom interior.

Color choice can be adjusted with the style of your bedroom. For instance, pastel-colored paper works great for a minimalist bedroom.

Scattered But Organized

Diy 3D Paper Wall Flowers
source : thehomesihavemade

Scattered is the new organized. At a glance, these paper flowers look scattered but when you take a closer look, it creates a beautiful pattern.

The two-tone DIY wall flowers offer a dimensional look, thanks to the multiple layers it has.

How to DIY flower wall with this technique? Sizes also give a distinct visual attraction.

Make the paper flowers in various sizes and arrange based on its sizes to get a dramatic look. You can start from the smallest and goes all the way to the largest.

Climbing Flowers

DIY Flower Wall Headboard
source : sweetteal

Previously, you have been inspired by flower waterfalls that hang gracefully on their strings.

Now you can reverse the waterfall and these craft climbing flowers to adorn the wall. Instead of using strings, you should prepare a wire thread to make the faux flowers look climbing on your wall.

The climbing flowers are pretty simple to make. Pin the flower crowns using the wire thread and make sure you give them space to create a stem effect.

Color choice takes a major contribution to result in a harmonious, good-looking wall flower ornament.

Easy and Minimalist

DIY Paper Flower Back Drop
source : flaxandtwine

Are you looking for a DIY wall flowers idea to complement your minimalist interior?

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This paper flower backdrop is going to revamp your room. More importantly, this DIY project is definitely easy to tackle, even for beginners.

Unlike the other paper flowers that demand your crafting skills, these DIY wall hanging flowers only need you to print, cut, and paste.

Print the graphics and cut them according to the pattern. Paste to a string and your DIY flower is ready to hang.

Romantic Roses

DIY Flower Wall Pictures
source : greenweddingshoes

How to make an adorable backdrop for a large area without spending a lot of money? Arrangement is the key.

While making a garland does not cover the entire wall surface, you can arrange the flowers one by one and stick them on the wall. It looks nice if you also use DIY wall flower vase for an accent.

Despite it may take much of your time, this wall ornament can add a unique visual attraction eventually. You can create a climbing effect by attaching a flower above another one.

Be sure to find flowers with a similar color scheme to create a specific style such as pink romantic or cool blue.

Lovely Rustic DIY Wall Flowers

diy flower wall for backgroud
source : orphanswithmakeup

In a condition that you are preparing for an event at the house, you shouldn’t miss the photo backdrop.

If you decide to use a rustic style, this DIY wall flowers idea should inspire you. Withered flowers hanging on a string accentuate the sense of rustic you are trying to evoke.

DIY hanging flower wall decor can be a perfect ornament to complement your party decorations.

You can start hanging the flowers a few day before the D-day and let them wither naturally on the string. When the day comes, your guests will be amazed by its natural rustic look.

Boho Flower Wall Hanging

Boho Flower Wall Hanging
source : craftaholicsanonymous

Supposing that you are a DIY beginner and want to warm up your skills, this wall hanging is just a perfect start.

Thanks to the small size and easy design that let you learn how to craft paper the right way. Though it may look simple, the paper flowers can be an adorable centerpiece to any room.

This DIY paper flowers wall hanging delivers a Boho style, thanks to the branch that accentuate the sense.

Shabby-painted paper flowers also take a major contribution in evoking Boho flair to this wall ornament.

Bold backdrop in black

Diy Fabric wall hanging
source : apartmenttherapy

When all about paper craft ideas give you a headache, you may need to consider a more practical wall flower ornament.

Go to the store, purchase a fabric with floral pattern, and make a beautiful backdrop to elevate your interior.

As seen in the picture, the wall ornament is made of floral-patterned fabric with bold black background. Creating this backdrop allows you to save much time and energy.

More importantly, it looks good in any room. Learn more about DIY paper flower wall décor step by step instruction for the best result.

DIY Wall Flowers and Leaves

DIY Giant Paper Flowers
source : liagriffith

Make your DIY wall flowers more realistic by adding some leaves. These oversized paper peonies look harmonious, thanks to the additional paper leaves that refresh the whole elements.

This backdrop is just great for any room or any occasion. Get DIY wall flower template to make your task easier.

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