20 Unique DIY Concrete Planter Designs (Upgrade Your Creativity)

Among many ways to level up your outdoor beauty, choosing the right planter is the one that demands your creativity. There are plenty of planters available on the market, but making a DIY concrete planter is the right way to represent your thought and personality.

If you are avid DIY person, making a concrete planter is a fun and exciting activity to spend your time.

You can have fun with unique molds and create personalized planters that cannot be found in any store. Take a sneak peek at the following concrete planter ideas and get inspired!

Funky Punky

diy concrete planters
source : mannequinmadness

It is never too early to reveal this outstandingly inspiring concrete planter idea in the first list. As seen in the picture, this planter comes in a funky look with punk head.

A realistic outdoor planter becomes a perfect backyard patio decoration, moreover if you want to have the most unique backyard in the neighborhood.

The punk head planter is a great place to grow succulent or other plants from cactus family.

This kind of plants typically has pointy tips that represent punk hair. If you want to show off your signature piece of art, this is the right DIY concrete planter idea to opt.

Simple Yet Creative

build concrete planter box
source : BHG

Creativity does not always have to be overwhelming. Sometimes, all you need is think out of the box to transform something usual into an extraordinary piece of art.

The following outdoor bar is a real example of simple creativity—the bar is merely made of concrete boxes.

This is an affordable yet amazing idea to upgrade your backyard. Planter boxes in different length are stacked into a bar table and the excess rooms are used to grow a variety of plants.

This DIY concrete block planter can be a great focal point to most backyards, especially during the summer.

Get Your China

diy concrete planter pots
source : theownerbuildernetwork

If you find that using solely concrete mix results in a less attractive planter, try to get some broken china.

Patching some pieces of china can give a visual interest to the planter’s surface. Simply make a china mosaic, let the concrete set and your adorable planter is ready to level up the garden.

To get this done, arrange the pieces of china in the mold base and pour the concrete mix.

When it sets, take out from the mold and you will see a beautiful concrete planter with china mosaic.

You can also make a DIY concrete planter bowl with china pieces ornament.

Big and Bold

diy concrete planter box
source : stylemotivation

The next DIY concrete planter is going to be a focal point in the garden. A big concrete planter is all you need to decorate the backyard without too much effort.

Not only are these big planters easy to make, but they are also great to catch attention.

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While store-bought planter at this size can break your savings, making your DIY concrete planters large can save your cash.

The big and big garden features at different shapes are wonderful to your outdoor settings.

Choose the right plants such as petunias, tulips, mums, and many others.

A Garden Complement

diy modern concrete planter
source : curbly

Today, concrete planter comes in a lot of designs and shapes. But some people prefer planter in basic shape as it looks more natural.

The following DIY concrete planter is one of the most basic design but it never loses its charm to decorate your outdoor.

Concrete plates arranged into a DIY concrete planter box result in a simple yet adorable planter.

You can place concrete bases to keep the soil in place, at the same time give a bit leverage effect to the planters.

Dare to be Unique?

diy concrete planter
source : cocorepublic

Whoever says that concrete planter is only for outdoor should take a look at this picture.

In fact, this feature works well for indoor and outdoor depending on the design and style.

In the picture, you can see wonderful concrete planters painted in white to evoke a clean and minimalist look.

The DIY modern concrete planter comes in various sizes, allowing you to choose the right greeneries for distinct purpose.

The tall planters look unique with rippled design on master bedroom ideas. They fit to most of rooms and they are going to be an interior improvement.

Diy Concrete Succulent Planter

diy concrete succulent planter
source : homelifescience

Your planter follows your mold. It means choosing the right mold is necessary as it influences the final result of your planter.

This tiny feature shows you how a unique mold can result in a fascinating, textured planter. The size of this DIY concrete planter is just right to adorn your indoor table or garden table.

When it comes to choosing the molds, make sure the containers are strong enough to hold the heavy concrete.

This allows the planters to be well-shaped following the molds. But if the containers are too flimsy, the concrete mix will warp and it may result in a planter with peculiar shape.

Tiny Logs

how to build concrete planter box
source : mothology

Concrete mix can be molded into anything—and it literally means any shape that you want. Just like these tiny concrete logs that look so cute on your tabletop.

To get this DIY concrete succulent planter, find a tubular container and cover the inner part with crumpled paper to create wood bark effect.

If your outdoor setting is already full of concrete planter, these tiny logs can be a great idea to add the interior with a unique visual interest.

The cute planters will be a perfect container for moss and other small greeneries. Interestingly, this can also be a unique DIY hanging planter idea.

Square and Stylish

diy concrete planters large
source : remodelaholic

It’s tall, square, and stylish. Yes, this DIY concrete planter receives a little decoration but it looks stylish in its simplicity.

The DIY square concrete planter can be a nice addition for outdoor setting. It works well to welcome your guests whenever placed in the doorway. Or else, it can also decorate your backyard garden.

To get this done, find square-shaped DIY concrete planter molds, pour the concrete mix and let it set.

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You can paint the planter to add a visual appeal. The color choice depends on your preferences but choosing earth-tones or warm colors are suitable to catch attention.

Safe for Indoor

diy lightweight concrete planter
source : homedesignfind

A smaller version out outdoor garden feature is ready to enhance your interior.

The round planter is made of molded concrete mix, a much cheaper alternative than the store-bought planter. More importantly, it has a unique look that cannot be found in any store.

This planter offers modern sense, giving you a nice addition to modern living rooms or hallways.

As it is made short, you can make it a DIY concrete cactus planter. You can enhance its appearance with colorful gravels to cover the soil.

Paint It!

diy concrete planter molds
source : thefrugalhomemaker

Light grey is the natural color of typical concrete planters. But if you think that seeing many planters with the same color is boring, it’s time for DIY concrete planter paint.

Color up your planters helps add visual attraction, both for outdoor or indoor setting.

As seen in the picture, tabletop planters combine the natural color of concrete and vibrant paint colors.

You don’t need to paint all the surface, instead, make a pattern to give an attractive look.

Have fun with color and decorate your backyard garden with painted DIY concrete planter.

Stylish Pattern

how build concrete planter
source : theownerbuildernetwork

This is another idea to enhance your backyard landscape or interior decoration.

A large planter with stylish pattern looks fabulous though it comes with a simple design.

Painted with zig-zag pattern, this planter is an adorable addition in most of places, both indoor and outdoor.

Coming in a large size, this planter can accommodate most kinds of decorative plants.

You can choose the indoor palms, flower plants, or even shrubs. The combination of lush greeneries and this planter creates an extraordinary beauty.

A Choice for Tabletop

diy concrete block planter
source : 33shadesofgreen

Do you have a garden table? Don’t leave it empty and make some tiny features to decorate the tabletop.

This DIY concrete planter idea is what you need to complement your garden table. The small concrete planters are a versatile feature to emphasize your outdoor decoration.

Creating tabletop concrete planters are pretty easy. All you need to do is prepare small containers to mold the concrete mix and plastics to make the hole.

Grab some containers with different shapes to make unique planters. Good news, it can also be transformed into a DIY concrete hanging planter!

Get A Line Accent

diy concrete planter bowl
source : jadeflower

You might have ever been in a position that you want neither plain planter nor one with too many decorations.

This is the right planter to offer you a clever alternative, thanks to line accent that belts the planter.

Not only is it easy to make, but this creative planter looks great in your garden.

The planter is made in a large size, making it a noticeable decoration in outdoor.

Besides, the DIY concrete fabric planter also allows you to put a big plant such as spruce or palm. Be sure you make enough hole so that the plant can grow well in the planter.

Combine with Resin

diy concrete hand planters & bowls
source : resincraftsblog

How to make a unique concrete planter? Try to combine with other material such as resin.

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The combination of concrete and resin results in a fabulous planter as seen in the picture.

The concrete serves as a sturdy base and resin helps adorn the planter on its top.

The small DIY concrete planter looks adorable on your table. This DIY planter boxer comes with beautiful color combination—concrete’s natural light grey and resin’s transparent blue.

Feel free to enhance its appearance by painting the concrete base with your desired color.

Edgy Texture

diy concrete geometric planter
source : lanaredstudio

Having fun with molds is among excitement offered by DIY concrete project.

Since the concrete mix follows the molds, you can choose any container to create unique planters just like this one.

Inspired by the texture of a diamond, the edgy planter is going to adorn your backyard garden.

To get a perfect texture, make sure to use a firm and strong plastic container so it can maintain the shape when the mix is poured and eventually set.

Choosing a flimsy plastic will give you a weird shape—which for some people it looks extraordinarily unique.

Good for Doorways

diy lightweight cement concrete planter
source : thissortaoldlife

Let’s get back to the basic. Either you don’t have much time or you cannot find a peculiar mold, DIY concrete planter is always the best solution to your outdoor setting.

This rectangle garden planter looks humble but functional as it can evoke welcoming atmosphere.

How to build concrete planter box is quite easy. Having that said, the large concrete planter works great for any decorative plants.

You can opt lush greeneries, flower plants, or even the bigger one to decorate the outdoor.

Get the Right Size

diy square concrete planter
source : theownerbuildernetwork

If you cannot decide the right size of concrete planters, why don’t you make them in various sizes?

To make planters in any size is a bright idea, allowing you to get the right size for the right place.

The following tubular concrete planters that come in different sizes enable you to decorate outdoor setting and room interior.

The large one is going to be a recognizable planter in the backyard, especially if you choose the right plant.

Meanwhile, planter with smaller size will make your interior look more fabulous without giving a cramped feeling to the interior. Combine the DIY concrete planters with towels for a distinct look.

Rectangular Beauty

diy concrete rectangular planter
source : katrinablair

When your doorway is empty, it’s time to get the right feature to make it look more alive.

What if you build concrete planter box? Coming in a rectangular shape, this pretty piece of outdoor feature works well to grow any kind of greeneries.

What makes this basic planter special? It’s none other than the shelf on its back.

The freestanding shelf allows you to grow climbing plants, at the same time it delivers a decorative accent to the space.

Exotic and Aesthetic

Diy concrate planter ideas
source : homesthetics

Upgrade your concrete planter into a fascinating signature of outdoor feature.

Much like a piece of art and less like a garden planter, the combination of DIY concrete planter stand and crafted wood top results in an aesthetic piece to redefine your backyard and interior.

This DIY concrete planter is a wonderful container to grow any kind of decorative plants. Delivering a minimalist style, it works well to your minimalist interior, porch, or even backyard garden.

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