19 Useful DIY Lap Desk Ideas – Comfortable And Easy To Make

For some reason, you might need to have a breakfast or work in bed. At this time, lap desk is an ideal furniture piece that offers all the comfort. How about crafting a personalized DIY lap desk? If you are interested in woodworking, then you should go for it.

There are plenty of designs when it comes to lap desks. Having that said, building a lap desk does not take much of your effort.

Even if you are a beginner, this project will not make you overwhelmed. Catch some lap desk ideas below and pick one that meets your preferences.

Good for Beginners

diy lap desk with storage
source : housefulofhandmade

Are you ready to craft a DIY laptop desk of your own? Let’s start with the easy peasy lap desk idea.

As a beginner, it is necessary to build your confidence and this piece will help you out.

The rectangle lap desk comes in a basic design, legless, but stylish. It also comes with storage to keep your stationery.

If you often use a computer on your lap, the pillow gives all the comfort that you need as it keeps the heat away.

Meanwhile, the wooden desktop boasts a stable surface to support your work. Interestingly, you can choose attractive cover for the pillow.

Diy Lap Desk Pillow

diy lap desk pillow
source : diypassion

A hard worker deserves this beautiful lap desk. Featuring a pillow and desktop, this simple piece is completely easy to craft.

The thick and comfortable pillow offers a cozy support, providing you with comfort during the prolonged use. Thanks to the board that keeps your laptop stable.

To make this easy lap desk, you can start with choosing the right pillow and cut the board in the right size.

Cover the pillow with a stylish sheet to add a visual appeal. And that’s it! Your one-of-a-kind pillow lap desk is done. Now you can work cozily without leaving the bed.

Old but Stylish

diy wooden lap desk
source : jenwoodhouse

Supposing that you have intermediate to advanced woodworking skills, the previous DIY lap desk ideas are a piece of cake.

If you want to challenge yourself, this lap desk is the one to pick. This basic lap desk comes in a medium size, just fit enough to put a computer along with a book and even a cup of drink.

Not only is the table good for work, but it is also practical for breakfast in bed.

The wooden lap desk evokes a flair of rustic, giving a perfect complement to your rustic, country, or industrial bedroom. The warm color just warms your heart, providing you with more energy to work.

Tiny Live Edge

diy laptop desk
source : themerrythought

This DIY wooden lap desk looks great in your bedroom. The furniture piece features a live edge combined with V-shaped metal legs to support the desktop.

This lap desk is pretty easy to craft, though you may need a bit more effort to adjust the base.

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The small live edge lap desk offers a sense of minimalist style. Thanks to its light but warm color to indulge your eyesight.

The natural wood grain adds more patterns to the desktop. About the size, you might need a wider live edge to hold a computer. Feel free to adjust the size according to your purpose.

Folding Lap Desk

diy folding lap desk
source : jenwoodhouse

Having a small bedroom means you need to be selective in choosing a furniture piece to bring in.

When it comes to DIY lap desk, you can pick this foldable desk for the upcoming woodworking project. The foldable desk is a great space-saver that allows you to fold the piece when not in use.

This is an ideal complement to your tiny bedroom. Aside from its foldable feature, this lap desk comes with rich stain that emphasize its rustic style.

The whole-wood furniture piece works well to hold your notebook, magazine, or simple breakfast.

Repurposed Door

easy diy lap desk
source : myrepurposedlife

DIY project is not always about new materials but new ideas. This picture shows how you can reuse the existing piece of furniture and bring it back to life.

This creative lap desk is made of repurposed cupboard door which is revamped into a versatile and highly functional lap desk.

Good news for beginners! How to make a DIY lap desk from cupboard door is pretty easy. Hinges installation and repainting is all you have to do for the project.

Delivering a sense of farmhouse, this lap desk looks nice in your bedroom. Not to mention it offers ample space to hold your computer and other stuff.

Repurposed Piano Bench

diy lap desk with pillow
source : prodigalpieces

The next DIY lap desk idea is suitable for those using tablet during while working. At a glance, this lap desk looks like common wooden desk.

But if you take a closer look, you will find a versatile feature on the desktop. Yes, this lap desk is equipped with a support to hold your tablet or book.

The foldable lap desk adopts a strong rustic style which makes it a nice addition in your rustic bedroom.

It has a black line accent that borders the desktop, giving a perfect match with the black holder. The desktop surface also has a unique pattern of black and white triangles for additional visual interest.

DIY Lap Desk With Cushion

diy lap desk ideas
source : thecarpentersdaughter

If you are among the avant-gardes, this edgy lap desk is surely for you. Combining the coziness of thick pillow and flexible desktop with stylish pattern, the lap desk redefines your personality.

Working with a lap desk has never been this easy before!

This is among easy DIY ideas to make, not to mention it is portable. Simply slip the pillow and flexible desktop into your bag along with the laptop and you are ready to work from almost anywhere.

The DIY lap desk pillow prevents your lap from heat, at the same time the desktop helps keep your computer stable.

Multipurpose Pillow Desk

diy lap desk
source : inspirationmadesimple

Are you looking for a simple piece with various functionalities? Luckily, you find this DIY lap desk idea for your woodworking project.

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It looks like there is nothing special from this lap desk but you need to take a closer look to figure it out. The desk features a wooden bar that allows you to hold your iPad.

Although it comes with a wooden bar, the desk still provides ample space to hold your laptop computer.

This desk features a pillow base that keeps the heat away. No more burned lap as this desk is going to provide you with all the comfort that you need.

Back to the Basic

diy computer lap desk
source : bystephanielynn

Back to the basic is always a great idea. If you want to borrow the simplicity of basic desk, this mini workstation is a perfect choice.

Not only is it easy to craft, but it also offers a lot of functionalities. It can be a nice place for your laptop and your breakfast can also be served on this small desk.

The basic DIY lap desk plans come with black-stained wood to give a rustic impression.

Made of lightweight material, this lap desk is easy to transport though it does not feature foldable legs. You can easily bring the desk outdoor to enjoy the warm summer while doing your job.

Soft and Humble

how to make a diy lap desk
source : vintageromancestyle

So, you have decided to build a humble lap desk but cannot find the right design and idea.

At this point, all you need to do is copy this lap desk and start your project. This DIY lap desk comes with a humble design and a subtle color that will boost your mood.

The foldable wooden lap desk features side stretchers to ensure its sturdiness.

You can load the desktop with laptop computers, books, tablets, or even breakfast menus without worrying about the legs to collapse.

This DIY computer lap desk also has a handle that enables you to hang it up when not in use.

Lap’s Best Friend

diy lap desk plans
source : oldtimepottery

Putting a computer on your lap without a protective layer can cause several issues such as burned skin and damaged computer.

A versatile lap desk is all you need to protect your lap and computer as it keeps the heat away. Take a look at this picture and be ready to fall in love.

This small lap desk idea combines the comfort of pillow and wood piece to ensure the device’s stability.

Using this desk, your lap is safe from heat and the computer gets a good air circulation. Good news, you can customize the desk size, pillow cover, as well as wood choice.

Smooth and Shiny

diy lap desk wood
source : Etsy

A lap desk with a smooth and shiny surface can give extra comfort and visual appeal.

If you are looking for a DIY lap desk with some sheen, this idea is worth a thought. This lap desk offers an attractive look, thanks to an angled design and rich stain that creates a smooth and shiny effect.

Interestingly, you can build this lap desk in a few hours. The furniture piece is versatile as you can also use it as a breakfast tray aside from a computer holder.

Tablet Holder

diy lap desk laptop
source : popsugar

In a condition that you work with a tablet, you need a smaller lap desk. This tiny desk is specifically made to hold your tablet, thanks to all the features it has.

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The furniture piece is built with a compartment to stand the tablet, allowing you to work comfortably with a small keyboard in front of it.

Unlike DIY cardboard lap desk, the mini workstation is made of plywood and a pillow.

The soft pillow ensures your coziness while placing the desk on your lap. Boasting an edgy look, this modern lap desk is what you need to work with style.

Live Edge Innovation

diy cardboard lap desk
source : addicted2diy

Live edge is a perfect material to build an easy DIY lap desk. This is what you need to accentuate a rustic style in your bedroom.

The rich-stained live edge offers a smooth and glossy surface for an engaging working experience in bed.

This easy DIY lap desk comes along with V-shaped metal legs. As it is made of metal, the desk is sturdy enough to hold your computers, books, and many others.

The desk has a spacious room for your laps so you can work or have a breakfast conveniently.

A hidden compartment

diy lap desk with picture frame
source : instructables

Sometimes you need to keep things out of sight. If you love to play some secret, this lap desk should be a perfect idea to craft.

The desk comes with a spacious and functional compartment that allows you to conceal some stuff including books or even laptop computer.

This unique DIY lap desk with storage comes with a lift top that enables you to open and close the top effortlessly.

The foldable desk makes everything easier when it comes to storing the desk when not in use.

Super Modern

diy adjustable lap desk
source : pbteen

Bring in a modern touch to your bedroom by adopting this DIY lap desk.

The idea of lap pillow and desktop is transformed into a well-built lap desk with modern design.

The combination of an abstract pillow cover and all-white desktop creates a flawless look to indulge your eyes.

Surprisingly, this desk also offers a hidden storage to hold your stuff. Simply slide the lid to open and close the compartment.

All in all, this is a versatile, functional, and cool lap desk you can make at home.

Desktop Enhancement

diy foldable lap desk
source : alyssaandcarla

Level up your creativity and build this unique lap desk in the upcoming project. Coming with extra storage, the DIY lap desk ideas give you more than a computer holder.

The mixture of a high pillow and a chalkboard creates a unique appearance to redefine your style.

The enhanced lap desk also comes with a fancy-patterned pillow cover. The size is just right to your lap and it fits a laptop computer. If you don’t want to spend much time on the project, this idea is worth a consideration.

Get A Gloss

diy folding lap desk plans
source : alwaysexpectmoore

A desk with smooth surface gives all the convenience that you need when putting your hands on it.

Supposing that you are looking for a lap desk with glossy and smooth surface, this DIY lap desk wood could be the one.

The DIY lap desk combines a lap pillow and a glossy desktop that keeps your computer stable on your lap.

Before painting the wood with glossy finish, you can add some patterns for a visual interest.

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