20 Creative DIY Lego Table Ideas (With Savvy Organizers)

Do you have Lego-loving kids at home? It goes without saying that Lego is an excellent toy selection that helps develop kids’ creativity. But at the same time, it gives you a headache as Lego pieces can scatter everywhere around the house. Thankfully, DIY Lego table comes to offer an easy and effective solution.

Lego tables keep everything organized. This feature also becomes a win-win solution both for the kids who want to play Lego and parents who want to keep the house neat and tidy.

There are a wide array of Lego tables that you can make at home. Get ready for loads of inspirations below!

Mini, Curvy table

DIY Lego Tray Table
source : busycreatingmemories

Let’s get started with a personal Lego table. Repurposing your tray table or lap desk into a DIY Lego table is a clever idea.

The small furniture piece offers a cozy and personal space for the kids to play with their Legos. The portable tray allows them to bring it almost anywhere around the house.

If you don’t have much time for a DIY project, repurposing tray table can be an easy solution.

Simply use glue to attach the small-sized baseplate on to the tray and your kids have a personal Lego table of their own.

DIY Lego Table with Storage

DIY Lego Table with Storage
source : thehandymansdaughter

Supposing that you have an ample playroom, this DIY Lego table idea can be a good bet.

The DIY project focuses on providing sufficient storage for Lego pieces to keep the playroom neat and organized. As seen in the picture, a variety of storage is available in the room.

The DIY Lego table with storage come in a quite simple design, thanks to white color scheme that evokes a clean look.

To add a visual attraction, you can rely on medium-sized Lego baseplates in different colors. Then, add storage container under the table and on the wall if you have a lot of Lego pieces.

Good with wood

DIY Train Tables
source : shanty 2 chic

The next DIY ideas for Lego table project are all you need to make your kids scream.

This wooden Lego table is specially crafted to give them engaging experience when playing Lego. Coming with hidden compartment for storage bins, this table is a dream come true.

This DIY Lego train table delivers a rustic sense, thanks to the reclaimed wood material that it uses. But it is not a big deal for kids.

They will be more interested to its large size and generous storage, allowing them to make unlimited Lego creation based on their imagination.

Renew, repurpose

DIY LEGO Table From an End Table
source : renewedclaimedpath

Try to look around and you might find unused coffee table or corner table that can be repurposed into a fascinating DIY Lego table.

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This inspiring idea makes your DIY project much easier as you don’t need to build a new one—simply renew and repurpose.

This small corner table can be a personal space for your kids to build their imagination. Repaint the table and it will look good as new.

The table has a compartment and a basket, allowing your kids to clean up the table effortlessly and keep everything organized.

Tiny but functional

Ikea Side Table to Lego Table
source : adventuresofmrno

This DIY Lego table IKEA hack can be a perfect choice for your kids. The small square table comes with a tiny stool to ensure kid’s coziness.

You can use store-bought table and attach the Lego baseplate with glue or putty. Or else, building your own table can be a great choice if you have the skills and time.

To keep the room clean and tidy, you need additional storage for the Lego pieces. Build a DIY wall rack to hold the storage bins so that your kids can put the pieces into it.

This is what you need to improve their playtime, at the same time make them learn how to clean up the room.

Hidden storage

ikea lego hack table
source : thedecoratedcookie

For those having small space issue, this DIY Lego table is dedicated for you. A personal table doesn’t consume much space on kid’s room or playroom, but it is cozy enough to help the kid enjoy his playtime.

Two-tone Lego baseplate becomes a nice addition to the plain table.

What makes it a great space-saver is the hidden storage. The compartment can be a secure place to keep the Lego pieces and conceal them from eyesight.

You can opt for a storage bin or box that fits in the compartment. No more scattered Lego!

Clean and neat

Lego Meets Lack
source : centsationalstyle

If your kid often invites his friends for Lego time, it means you need a large table that can accommodate their activity.

This lack table can be a good bet, thanks to its simple design and medium size that allows more kids to play together.

The side table delivers a clean and neat look, offering a nice addition to kid’s playroom. You can opt for a navy baseplate that creates a nice color combination.

Then, add some storage containers to make sure each Lego piece comes to the right place. Follow the DIY Lego table instructions for an easier project.

Lean yet trendy

DIY Kids Lego Table
source : dreambookdesign

Lack table becomes a popular choice when it comes to DIY Lego table. But if you don’t want to follow the main stream, this table idea brings a different yet refreshing look to the space.

This table comes with lean yet sturdy base to ensure kids’ coziness and security when using it.

The table is slightly higher than typical lack tables. For this reason, you might need to add a higher stool for their convenience.

The store-bought table looks trendy so you don’t need to add anything but Lego baseplate and a storage container.

Shrewd storage

Classroom Lego Table
source : prekandksharing

Your kids care about function but you care about aesthetic. Both aspects can be combined and the following DIY Lego table plans can be a perfect choice to meet your preferences.

The lack table matches a rustic or country playroom, thanks to its adorable espresso color.

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What makes it better? It is surely the shrewd idea of storage container attached under the table.

The container can be pulled in and out whenever needed, allowing you to keep the room tidy without additional cabinet or wall rack.

Neat and Savvy

diy lego table for children
source : tc mine

How to give your Lego-loving kids a proper place to play without giving you additional chores? This DIY Lego table can be a good answer.

Large lack table offers more space to play, a suitable choice if your kids invite their friends. More importantly, this DIY project is easy to tackle even for beginners.

Apart from its clean and neat look, under mount storage deserves the most attention. This Lego table comes with savvy under mount storage to give all the convenience that you need.

Once yur kids finish their playtime, simply drop the pieces to the table storage and that’s all.

Decorative and Inspiring

DIY Lego table IKEA hack
source : erinspain

A good side of making your own Lego table is you can customize the feature as you like it. Though you may use store-bought table, there are some improvements that you can make.

This is what happens in the following DIY Lego table ideas with decorative improvement and inspiring addition.

The medium-sized lack table comes in a plain, white color scheme. You can add some visual interest by giving some contrast stripes on its base.

To enhance its function, add a hook on each leg or apron so that you can hang up the storage.

Simple and Portable

Lego Table With Storage
source : lilluna

Playroom is never enough for young kids. They want to play anywhere they like, even if it is the living room.

But you shouldn’t worry as this simple and versatile DIY Lego table can keep everything organized. This Lego table idea is portable, thanks to its small size and lightweight material.

Your kids can easily lift up the table and bring it almost anywhere around the house.

The DIY portable Lego table is also equipped with storage container mounted under the table to support its practicality.

Add a medium-sized Lego baseplate in the middle of the table and it will be ready for service.

Vintage Table

diy Lego table ideas
source : thesalvagedboutique

If you have excellent skills in woodworking project, transforming old coffee table into an adorable Lego table can be a nice idea for the upcoming project.

You can stack another piece from other furniture to create an accent to this Lego coffee table.

After giving an addition on the tabletop, you can have the table primed and painted.

Don’t forget the baseplate so that you kids can use the table easily. After finishing this DIY Lego coffee table, you will get an extraordinary Lego table with unique storage idea.

Storage tower

A Lego Birthday Creation
source : ourweefamily

Your kids will love this DIY Lego play table. Not only can the table give a proper place to build Lego creation, but it also looks amazingly unique and one-of-a-kind.

The Lego table comes with plastic cabinet towers as its base, allowing your kids to find and keep their Lego pieces easily.

This DIY Lego table is also large enough for two or more kids. Add a pair of high stools so that your kids can access the table easily.

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Building this table is pretty easy as you only need two plastic cabinets and store-bought table top.

Repurposed Coffee table

Build a DIY Lego table
source : craftingcheerfully

Do you have an unused coffee table? It’s time to repurpose the furniture piece into an awesome DIY Lego table and storage.

Simply repaint the table and it will look good as new. To add a visual attraction, opt for contrast colors such as yellow, green, and blue.

But a Lego table is never complete without baseplates. Attach baseplates on the surface—you can use glue or putty to secure the plate.

And that’s it! An old coffee table has been successfully transformed into an attractive Lego table.

IKEA Lego Table Hack

IKEA Lego Table Hack
source : thehandymansdaughter

Avid Lego lovers must have this unique table. Inspired by Lego pieces, this large table looks unique with Lego shape.

The following Lego table might require much time and effort but the result is worth it. To get this done, you need to pay attention to detail for a perfect result.

This wooden table comes with Lego’s iconic buttons. Vibrant color choices also become another aspect to consider.

To optimize the space, cover the tabletop with Lego baseplates. You can build a hidden compartment under the tabletop to keep the unused Lego pieces out of sight.

Inspiring and Stylish

diy lego table top
source : sewmuchado

If you need a simple DIY Lego Duplo table idea that comes in handy, this black lack table can be a good bet.

Made from store-bought side table, your kids can have a special place to build their imagination. Painted in black, this lack table looks nice in any room style.

A good thing from lack table is its portability. Your kids can easily move the table anywhere, be it the bedroom, living room, or even backyard garden.

The lightweight yet durable material makes it last longer.

Multi-storage, multiple happiness

Lego Table Goes
source : letgoofmylego

Who says that Lego is only for kids? Even adults can have fun with this toy. When it comes to DIY Lego table, lack table is no longer suitable for you.

Instead, you can build this wooden DIY table. Its large size enables you to build a Lego kingdom at house.

Having thousands of Lego pieces require you to provide multi storage.

Thankfully, this Lego table comes with ample space to stack your storage container. You can sort out the pieces according to colors or shapes.

Colorful and Organized

Lego Table with Color Storage
source : sunnydayfamily

This easy DIY Lego table with storage is what you need to improve kids’ experience when playing Lego.

A short table with full baseplates gives you more space to build any Lego creation, even to the corner. But all the attention is addressed to the colorful storage that adds visual interest to the room.

Paint it up!

How to Make a Lego Table
source : domesticimperfection

When it comes to repurposing coffee table, this picture should inspire you. The DIY Lego table project is as simple as repaint the table and add baseplates that fit the size.

Choose a coffee table with lower shelf for additional storage. Now you have a DIY small Lego table before you know it.

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