21 Creative DIY Hat Rack Ideas You Can Easily Build

Having a wide array of hat collections is one thing. Organizing them is another. Regardless of how amazing your hat collections are, if they are unorganized, they won’t look good. To help you better organize, we have collected 20 DIY hat rack ideas you can try.

The ideas that we listed here are diverse. From creative and unique hat racks, rustic, stylish to vintage racks, we have all here. They are easy to make as well, so you can just try it immediately. Alright, let’s get to the ideas now.

Bunch of Sticks

diy hat rack
source : apairandasparediy

Our first idea will be very simple: a bunch of sticks. Just get four or five wooden sticks and tie them up in a way that they can stand.

Then, make sure that it is balanced and can hold the weight of your hats. And there you go! You get yourself a simple and unique hat rack.

The upside about this hat rack is that it can be used in various interiors. The downside is, however, it can hold only a few hats.

DIY Hat Rack from Wine Bottle

easy diy hat rack

Hat Rack from Wine Bottle
source : yankodesign

The next DIY hat rack is rather unusual. This wooden hat rack is made of wooden blocks with holes and empty glass bottles. The bottles here serve as the hangers, while the wooden blocks provide a platform for the bottles.

Hat racks come in various size and shape. This one is on the playful side. So if you want to be less serious and more playful, this kind of hat rack is a great choice for you.

A Terrific Coat Rack

diy wood hat rack
source : designspiration

What about a bit of natural touch? A slight hint of nature is always a good addition, regardless of the interior style of the room. It makes the space feel fresher, alive, and well, natural. A hat rack made of branches is the perfect choice for that.

All you need is to prepare a wooden rectangular platform and dead branches. Size the branches so they can fit inside the platform tightly. Finally, just hang the prepared hat rack. It is as simple as that.

DIY Wooden Hat Rack

diy wooden hat rack
source : dearlillieblog

What is the best hat rack choice for a house with a rustic interior? The answer is, of course, a rustic hat rack for wall. A rustic hat rack will make the entryway warm, more welcoming and familiar. Not to mention it completes the whole rustic look as well.

A DIY hat rack like this is not difficult to make. You need a rectangular wooden board, hanging hooks, and finish. If you already have a wooden board, make it look rustic by finishing, coating, or abrading it to get the rustic appearance.

Baseball Cap Holder

diy baseball hat rack
source : amzn

Perhaps you have no room to hang on your hat rack? If that is the case, you need to look around and see if there is any space that hasn’t been utilized. Here’s a starter: look just behind the door. The door’s behind is often left empty. So, why not turn it into a hat rack?

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A space-efficient hat rack DIY like this is a smart way to make the best of what you have. It almost doesn’t eat up space, so it is an absolute win.

Entryway Hat Rack

diy coat and hat rack
source : refinery29

There is something interesting about minimalism. The style is all about putting anything down to minimal while still being fully functional and aesthetic. As a result, the style looks very simple and leaves much open space in the room. And yes, it looks very attractive, too.

Notice how minimalist these hat racks are. They don’t occupy too much space. At the same time, they make keeping your hats tidy and organized very easy. If you love to be simple, this is one of the best hat rack ideas for you.

Hat Rack in Wall

diy hat rack wall
source : homeanddecor

Do you like your hats so much you want to showcase them all? Well, why not just hang them in a ‘gallery’ and let your guests admire your amazing collection?

What you need is to provide a hat rack storage that looks like a blackboard. This will make your collection appears as if they are framed and put on a display.

Compared to the other DIY hat rack examples, this one may need more time to create depending on how big you want the hat rack display to be. You can also use a color other than black. The most important thing is to make your hats stand out. It is, after all, a ‘gallery.’

Yosemite Coat Rack

diy hat rack stand
source : uncommongoods

Using a tree as a hat rack is certainly a creative idea. It is an inexpensive way to get an extraordinary hat rack. Better yet, you can style it in many ways and not just go all natural about it. For example, you can create a handsome hat rack DIY like this one.

This hat and coat rack is created from the truck of a mangosteen tree. The trunk is abraded and stained. The branches are trimmed so they can be the hooks. With such an extraordinary look, this hat rack makes a great focal point for various interiors.

Rustic Hat Rack

Rustic Hat Rack
source : pinterest

Vintage decoration is the best proof of the old but gold adage. How could it not? While having an old-look vibe, such decoration can make the interior better and more welcoming. If you want a small touch of vintage style, vintage hat racks can do the job nicely.

Notice how each of these hat racks has its own color scheme. The left hat rack has a yellow color scheme, the middle blue, and the right red. This adds uniqueness into the room. Put them on the entrance and you will feel how welcoming they are.

Horseshoes Cowboy Hat Rack

diy wood cowboy hat rack
source : etsy

What if you have cowboy hats? If you have cowboy hats, your hat rack cowboy should have the corresponding theme. For example, this DIY hat rack with horseshoes as the hangers.

A hat rack cowboy will make it easier for you to keep your cowboy hats, which are usually take a lot of space on the table, clean and organized.

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You can just grab them easily whenever you need them, too. To allow more hats to be stored, move the hooks diagonally so each hat looks as if they stand upright.

Texas-Style Hat Rack

simple diy hat rack
source : pigskinsandpigtails

Horn is commonly used in Texan decoration style. So if you want a bit of Texan touch in your interior, adding horn decorations is certainly a good idea.

The best thing about such decorations is that you don’t have to go full aesthetical. Indeed, you can also use the horn decorations as hat racks, too.

Notice how these antlers hold hats nicely. Not only they add value and make the interior more appealing, but they also serve a function, too. Being both aesthetical and functional, who wouldn’t want such a hat rack unique?

All Lined Up

diy rustic hat rack
source : redonline

The upper half of a wall is, more often than not, not used. It is often left empty with no purpose whatsoever. That is unfortunate as the space can be turned into many things, including storage for your hats. What you need to do is just to install several lines of a DIY hat rack.

With two or three lines of a hat rack for wall, you can make the best out of the space. It is functional as it helps you keep your hats clean, tidy, and organized, and it looks great, as you can arrange your hats in a way that makes the wall more attractive.

Diy Hat Holder

diy hanging hat rack
source : stilettobeats

While most of hat rack ideas include using hard materials, that doesn’t have to be the rule. You can turn various materials, hard or not, into storage for your hats. Yes, that includes rope as well. What you need are nothing more than ropes, nails, and claws.

Using hanging ropes as the hat racks make the space feel more fluid and full of motions. And since the rack is made of rope, you can place it on a difficult space like the corner. Pretty nice, isn’t it?

DIY Rustic Hat Rack

diy pallet hat rack
source : pinterest

Create a hat rack with hooks like this if you want something multi functional. At the top, there are two shelves on which you can store your hats. At the bottom, there are hooks that can be used to hang hats, coats, bags, or just about anything you want really.

If you live with your family, a DIY hat rack like this is without a doubt great choice. It has enough storage for everyone. And for kids who can’t reach the above shelves, they can hang their hats or other items on the bottom hook.

The beauty of floating shelving is that it can serve both as a fully functional decoration and a stylish one. Check out our floating shelf ideas here to get inspired.

Wall Hat Rack

diy wall mounted hat rack
source : palletwoodenprojects

There are many reasons why people prefer DIY items than pre-made ones. One of the most common reasons is the fact that you can make the stuff the way you want it. It gives you the freedom to customize, which is what many people want.

Look just how unique this hat rack wooden pallet is. The rack itself is shaped unevenly. So are the hooks. This unusual appearance makes the rack more noticeable, especially with a white background. Best of all, it shows the owner’s personal touch.

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Welcoming and Inviting

diy hat rack ideas
source : h2obungalow

Each and every one of us like to get a warm greeting. And what is warmer than a rustic hat rack wooden? While many other hat racks can be both aesthetical and functional, they lack the warmth that the rustic hat racks can provide.

Want to make it more welcoming and inviting? Add a wall decoration just above DIY hat rack. You can, for example, hang a frame with your favorite saying, quotes, or words. This will add not just a warm and inviting vibe but also make it feel more personal as well.

First impression matters. The entryway is among the first thing that your guests would see if they visit your house. This is why the entryway wall décor is crucial. Don’t worry, our décor ideas here should help you create a beautiful entrance.

Hat Rack Wooden

diy vertical hat rack
source : pinterest

Some people don’t like how the protruding hooks look. Fortunately, there is an alternative: a jagged hat rack wooden. A jagged rack like this allows you to hang your hats without needing the protruding hooks that many other hat racks have.

The downside of a jagged hat rack is that it may not be able to hold many hats. If you force it to, it will look cramped. A cramped hat rack is never a good idea. Just add another jagged hat rack if you need to.

Pegboard Baseball Cap

baseball cap diy hat rack
source : jennaburger

The next in our DIY hat rack ideas list is a hat rack for boys. The best hat rack for boys is the one that looks playful with a hint of sporty vibe to it. That is why a netted hat rack is among the best options for boys.

The netted hat rack serves as a makeshift display. Since it doesn’t look obvious, the rack allows the hats to shine and become the stars of the room. Even more so if the hats are arranged properly.

Wall-Mounted Hat Rack

diy cowboy hat rack
source : houseandhome

There is no need to go for a straight-lined hat rack. Want something really unusual? Go zigzag instead. A zigzag hat rack will grab the attention of your guests. Yes, it looks that good. If you manage to hide the wooden hat rack, it will appear as if the hats are attached to the wall. Awesome, isn’t it?

If you want to make the best out of the available space, stack the wooden boards vertically in zigzag patterns. This way, you use the space otherwise left unoccupied while simultaneously getting extra storage for your hats.

Rope and Hooks

diy hat hanger
source : apairandasparediy

The last DIY hat rack is made of ropes and hooks. Rather than using a hard platform as the hat rack, install ropes with hooks instead.

This allows you to be flexible with the arrangement of the hats but without looking too obvious about it. Best of all, it is very easy to make.

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