21 Brilliant Fire Pit Ideas to Make Your Backyard Look Hot

There are myriads of ways to enjoy the summer. Enjoying your time with family and friends around a bonfire is certainly at the top of the list. Are you planning to make a fire pit of your own? We can help you with that. Here we have collected 20 fire pit ideas to inspire you.

Fire pits come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. The best fire pit is one that fits your personality and needs. That is why there is no one-size-fits-all for it. Our ideas below will help you make your dream fire pit. Ready? Let’s start.

Backyard Bonfire

outdoor fire pit ideas
source : goodhousekeeping

What is the best way to enjoy the summer breeze? Sitting outside, of course. An ‘open’ fire pit outdoor like this will accommodate that. No fence, no wall. Just a fire pit on the stone pavement surrounded with wooden chairs.

The stone pavement here separates the fire pit area and the rest. The fire pit is made of stacked stones, which the perfect choice as it seems so natural outdoor. The bright red chairs bring attention to the fire pit, essentially turning it into the center of attention in the backyard.

A fireplace outside of the house is great. It allows you to warm yourself, spend quality time with family and friends, and of course, enjoy the beautiful view outdoor. Check out outdoor fireplace ideas here and make your dream fireplace.

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

fire pit ideas for backyards
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Have an empty area in your backyard? Here’s one of the best fire pit ideas to try: turn it into a comfy and cozy relaxing spot. Add chairs with soft cushions and black metal frames and arrange them around the fire pit.

The black chairs and white cushions create amazing focal points in the area, bringing the attention to the fire pit thanks to their striking contrast. The fire pit itself looks as if it is directly connected to the stone pavement flooring, creating an impression of unison.

Walkway Fire Pit

patio with fire pit ideas
source : Ketron Custom Builders

Believe it or not, a fire pit can be made even warmer. How do you do that? Simple. Incorporate rustic touches on the fire pit designs.

This fire pit here gives an excellent example of that. Just notice how the fire pit is full of earth-tone colors and natural materials.

The pavement looks so natural, especially with several large rocks that surround it. In the middle, the fire pit is made of gray stones. And around the pit, chairs with a dark finish. All these are rustic touches, which gives off a warm vibe to the fire pit.

A fire pit goes along well with a patio made of stone. Speaking of which, do you want to build an amazing stone patio? If you do, you don’t want to miss these ideas.

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DIY Fire Pit Ideas

backyard fire pit ideas landscaping
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When you are on a budget, the number of fire pit ideas you can try will be limited. That shouldn’t be an excuse to not make a good-looking fire pit, though. If anything, it should drive you to be more ingenious and creative. This one can be made even if you are on a budget.

Here the fire pit is a bit lower than usual, with wooden chairs surrounding it. There is no pavement, only flattened pebbles and bricks as the border.

Its simplicity makes it attractive. If you are on a budget, making a simple and minimalist fire pit is one of the best fire pit ideas for you.

U-shaped Deck

fire pit ideas outdoor living
source : Bayon Gardens

When it comes to fire pit designs, there is no absolute rule you must follow as long as it is safe. If you want a fire pit that your guests will appreciate, you may want to adjust the landscape and make it unconventional.

As seen here, the fire pit is not surrounded by chairs like a typical fire pit outdoor. Instead, it is placed on a lowered platform with the area around can be used as a makeshift bench for seating. What makes it even more unique is its lack of accessories. Here in this backyard, the fire pit is the only focal point.

Square Fire Pit Seating

landscape fire pit ideas
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Do you like contemporary style? Why not try applying it on to your fire pit designs? That will certainly look interesting.

Just look at this fire pit. It is a nice example of contemporary fire pit designs. Since the fire pit area looks quite unusual, it becomes the focal point without even trying.

If you want a fire pit that looks current and in the now, the contemporary style is surely one of the best fire pit ideas for you. Your guests will be impressed by it.

Fire Pit with Lights

fire pit with lights
source : instructables

Nothing can make a fire pit for garden more magical than bright and beautiful string lights. If your fire pit area is already set, all you have to do is to erect several poles and hang string lights on them. It will look so magical during the night.

There is always a way to improve the fire pit areas. In this case, you can make it even more magical by including bright colored seating with each seat having a different color from the other. Create a passageway to make it dramatic.

Gravel Fire Pit

simple backyard fire pit ideas
source : stylemepretty

There is a saying that old is gold and it is true in some circumstances. This one is an example. Notice how old school the chairs are. They are entirely white, made of wood and enable you to sit comfortably. On top of it all, it will remind you of the olden days.

The same goes for the fire pit designs and the pavement as well. They look as if they come from many years ago, giving off a nostalgic vibe. Old? Yes. Gold? Also yes. If you are fond of nostalgia, this is among the most-fitting fire pit ideas for you.

Circular Fire pit Patio

brick fire pit ideas
source : hallstromhome

There is no feeling that can top how sitting in the open, enjoying the night with string lights hanging around above you feels. Want to experience that feeling? Create a fire pit area as close to nature as possible then. Yes, like the one here.

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This fire pit area looks so amazing not only due to its designs but also due to the surrounding nature. Notice how the fire pit designs don’t intrude and contradict the outdoor.

If anything, they mingle and blend, creating an immersive feeling. That’s how you should enjoy the summer: out in nature.

Cedar Deck & Fire Pit

outdoor patio fire pit ideas
source : Artistic Concrete Surfaces

The previous fire pit ideas include a fire pit area on the ground. But what if you want to make it on a deck? That is possible, too. In fact, properly designed it can make the fire pit deck even more gorgeous.

Notice this fire pit area. Rather than being surrounded by chairs, it is placed in the middle of the deck. It is essentially the center of the deck.

The chairs are on the far behind, which allows you and your guests to enjoy the outdoor view while still getting the warmth from the fire pit.

Stone Fire Pit Ideas

stone fire pit ideas
source : rusticmountainhome

Alright. So you are out in the open. Why not make your fire pit area as naturalistic as possible? Such fire pit ideas will certainly make your summertime even more enjoyable. You can feel natural and be one with it.

Look at how natural this fire pit is. The octagonal fire pit is made of stones and has a slight green tint on it as if it has moss on the surface.

The floor is pebble pavement, and the chairs have a vintage look. The grass and trees around the fire pit area complete the naturalistic look.

Luxury Fire Pit

modern fire pit ideas
source : style_ulysium

You don’t have to be in a garden to enjoy nature. Watching gorgeous natural landscapes from afar is another way to enjoy nature, too. And this fire pit has shown that being luxurious is not contradictory to enjoying nature as you can get both.

This fire pit area has a very contemporary look. Rather than a regular fire pit, it has a square and looks so open visually.

The contemporary touches can be seen in the seating as well. Notice how the L-shaped seating mirrors each other here. You can just know it is a luxury fire pit area from a glimpse.

In an unrelated note, how does your deck lighting look like? Still unsure how the lighting should be? Check out our deck lighting ideas here and get inspired.

Being Outdoor

outdoor fire pit ideas diy
source : caseylynnlawrence

What do you think? Looks so dreamy, isn’t it? This one is another example of outdoor fire pit ideas. Unlike the previous examples, however, this one doesn’t involve a garden. Rather than a garden, you get a nice, breath-taking field surrounding the fire pit area.

The beauty of this fire pit designs is in its simplicity. The benches, the paving, and other decorations are so simple. As a result, the fire pit in the center really becomes the center of attention. This will make the bonfire time very memorable.

Rocks and Pebbles

fire pit ideas cheap
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If we can take any lesson from the minimalist style that would be less is more. Yes, less is more. A fire pit can be turned into an intimate spot where you spend quality time with your family and friends. To make such a thing happen, there should be as few distractions as possible. That’s what less is more means here.

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The fewer pieces of furniture included in the area, the better. Notice how the black chairs and circular fire pit stands out on the white pebbles. And those are the only meaningful pieces of furniture. Again, this enables everyone to focus on conversing with each other.

Inground Fire Pit

inground fire pit ideas
source : 1001gardens

Sure, including lots of colors make fire pit designs look amazing. That doesn’t mean using a single color will result in bad fire pit designs, though. Just look how eye-catching this unicolor fire pit color is.

Not unlike the previous fire pit ideas, this also puts the entire focus on the fire pit. While there a few accent colors, the gray still dominates. Notice there are also unique shapes around the fire pit as well. These add beauty without creating any distraction.

Soft Cushions

brick patio fire pit ideas
source : lakearrowheadlodge

Soft cushions make everything better, including enjoying the bonfire time. If your fire pit area currently looks plain and boring, try adding colorful cushions on the chairs.

That will not only make it even comfier and cozier but also change the mood of the fire pit. Just look at how inviting this fire pit area is.

Table Pit

homemade fire pit ideas
source : thegrayhome

Stones, bricks and concrete fire pits are common. What something uncommon? Consider a glass fire pit table like this. Such a fire pit allows you to get close to the fire and enjoy its heat. Not to mention it also adds a touch of modernity, too.

Cozy Outdoor Fire Pit

fire pit ideas
source : villakildal

Did you know that a fire pit area can be turned into an outdoor living room? As this fire pit area has shown here, it certainly can.

Whether you have lots of guests often coming or planning a party, a makeshift living room like this makes the event even more enjoyable.

Fire Pit Swings

backyard fire pit ideas
source : ana white

As kids, we all love to play swing. It turns out we can transform swings into something beautiful. Namely, benches for the fire pit area. Unlike the usual benches, you can feel the motion of the swing. Yes, not unlike sitting on a rocking chair, which is very enjoyable.

The swing benches are not the only appeal of the fire pit designs here, obviously. Notice the black wooden beams of the pergola-like structure that hold the benches in place. The contrast adds amazing visual cues, making the fire pit even more unmissable.

Warming and Soothing

diy backyard fire pit ideas
source : thehappyhousie

This idea is very different from the previous fire pit ideas. A warming and soothing fire pit is a bit contradictory, yes, but it is possible.

On one hand, you can feel the radiant heat from the fire. On the other, the bright bold blue of the chairs gives off a soothing vibe.

This unusual combination creates a unique feeling, which will only create a memorable bonfire memory for your guests. Other interesting decorations are the fabrics, which add texture and warmth to the fire pit area.

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