21 Awesome Home Gym Ideas to Make Your Work Out Session More Fun

Looking for some home gym ideas? Let’s be honest. Working out is not easy. We have to get motivated, prepare ourselves, going to the gym, work out, go back home, and rest. That is why many people want to have a home gym.

While a home gym set should be fully functional and practical, it doesn’t mean the aesthetic side should be neglected. No need to panic. We got you covered. Here we have collected 20 ingenious ideas that will help make your work out session more fun.

Home Gym Ideas for Small Space

home gym ideas for small space
source : athomewithkaraallen

The most important thing about a home gym set is that it allows you to exercise at home comfortably. So as long as you can exercise comfortably in it, consider it as a good home gym. Of course, the looks of the gym also contribute to the comfort it can provide.

While the looks certainly matter, that doesn’t mean you should go for an extravagant look just because you could. As you can see here, the minor details like a black backdrop, wooden flooring and seating can make home gym workout more comfortable. Want a simple home gym? Keep things down to minimal.

Introduce Contrast

home gym ideas basement
source : withlovedani

Lots of home gym ideas are simple yet have a significant impact on the mood of the room. This one, for instance, plays with black and white. Black and white is probably the most basic and simplest contrast but it is undeniably impactful.

The home gym workout in this room would be boring if there isn’t any contrast. Working out is already hard enough. Don’t make it harder.

Having to work out in such a boring home gym would only demotivate you. And you don’t want that. If your home gym set looks plain and boring, try introducing contrast.

Modern Stylish

ideas for home gym decorating
source : decoratinglife.ca

Have more room to spare? Having more room means you have more options in terms of decorating. That applies to the gym as well. Add modern and stylish touches and make your home gym workout session more fun.

The combination of black, white, and several accent colors here brings the style while the large wall mirror and windows give the modern touches.

The result? A modern and stylish home gym in which you want to spend more time. It is so good-looking you might not be patient enough for the next workout session.

Garage Gym

home gym ideas small space
source : repfitnessequipment

No need to go overboard with the home gym set. Whatever home gym ideas you try to implement, the focus is to add items that facilitate you to work your muscles out.

This is especially true if you have a rather small room for the home gym. And remember, even a small home gym can be made fun.

Look at this home gym set for example. There are only several workout equipment and machines. And yet, it is more than enough for daily workout sessions. That’s functional. Aesthetically, the light brown wood and black metals mix really well, giving off a relaxing vibe.

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Large Home Gym

home gym set up ideas
source : coachbryce

The larger a home gym is, the more styling options are available. A large home gym doesn’t translate to a full and cramped home gym, though. It is better for a home gym to have more space in-between workout equipment regardless of the gym’s size.

In terms of styling, using black, white, and neutral colors will be great. As seen here, the walls and ceiling are white while the floor is black.

This makes the gym looks more appealing to the eyes while leaving little to no distraction. Some neutral colors here and there will prevent the gym from looking too conventional.

Bright and Colorful

home gym mirror ideas
source : westernliving

Each and every of your home gym workout session should be fun and cheerful. And what better home gym ideas for that than make it bright and colorful? Just look at this pretty home gym design.

The blue rag and yellow mat on the floor give clear visual cues and the mirror reflects light, making the room brighter and allows you to check your form when working out. The ceiling decorations above make it colorful. With such a pretty gym, the workout session will surely be fun.


home gym design ideas
source : decoist

There are so many variations of in home gym ideas. There is one thing in common those ideas share. That is, you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. It is not an either-or. In fact, you can have both. This home gym is proof of that.

Notice how this gym is not only functional but also stylish as well. Instead of frameless mirrors, opt for mirrors with stylish frames. Also, incorporate multiple colors in the room. For example, white for the ceiling, blue for walls, and wooden home gym flooring. Practical? Yes. Savvy? Also yes.

Rustic Home Gym Ideas

home gym ideas for basement
source : theeverygirl

Want to spend your workout session in a warm home gym? Nothing can top the rustic décor style in terms of warmth. So if you want to have a warm home gym design, adding rustic touches in it is one of the home gym ideas you should try.

One thing to keep in mind is not too overused it. As seen here, the rustic vibe comes from wooden surfaces, which occupy only parts of the home gym. Add rustic touches sparingly and you will get the warmth you want.

‘Open’ Home Gym

home gym decor ideas
source : Locati Architects

A home gym room is often associated with a room with workout equipment surrounded by walls on all sides. But that is more of generality rather than the rule for a home gym. That’s right. An ‘open’ home gym that is connected to the outdoor like this is technically a home gym, too.

There is no better feeling than exercising and inhaling the fresh morning air. With this home gym design, you will be able to do that. When you are done working out, rest and enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery.

Home Gym Garage

in home gym ideas
source : basicdadbro

The next idea in our home gym ideas is to use simple black and white. If bold colors easily distract you or you just want a simple yet good-looking home gym design, using black and white should be on the top of your list.

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Notice how simple this black and white gym is. The entire room is white and the black comes from the workout equipment.

The white surfaces become some sort of a backdrop, which puts the focus on the equipment and in a way, turns them into the focal points of the gym.


home gym organization ideas
source : Dave Brewer

Not everyone needs or wants every workout equipment. Some of us only need a yoga mat, treadmill, barbells, or dumbbells and that would be it. If you want similar things, consider creating a compact home gym just like this one.

Such a gym has all the equipment you needed but no more than that. As such, it won’t eat up too much space. As for the home gym lighting, it shouldn’t be too bright.

A bit dim lightbulb is okay as the room isn’t that big. You can also make the gym brighter by installing a mirror across the wall.

Basement Home Gym

home gym design ideas basement
source : AJC

Compared to other parts of the house, the basement is among the least utilized. Many homeowners prefer to turn their basement into storage and nothing more than that.

Yet, the basement has limitless potentials. It can be turned into something that adds value to the house. For example, a home gym.

The basement is usually large. That means there will be a lot of home gym ideas that you can try. Look at this basement home gym design.

It is spacious, looks great, and even has a vanity in it. The fact that it uses neutral and monochromatic colors makes it feels modern, especially with the machines there.

The basement is functionally a blank canvas. Why? Because it can be turned into anything. A home gym is but an option among many. Want to know about what can you do with the basement? You don’t want to miss these basement ideas then.

Gym Decorating Ideas

home gym ideas small room
source : abowlfulloflemons

Although we did say that a home gym design should have as few distractions as possible, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t go for bold colors.

You can. In fact, if bold colors make you feel motivated, you should go for it and just add them. It would probably among the best home gym ideas for you.

Notice how an otherwise boring home gym design becomes much more interesting and fun thanks to bold colors here. The ceiling and walls are white and the floor is cream. These both make the perfect stage for these bold colored home gym accessories to shine.

Corner Home Gym

home gym ideas for small spaces
source : instructables

What if there is no room at all for you to create a home gym? Look again. This time, try to look into your garage. Look at the corners. Are they empty? If they are, consider making a home gym in garage like this one.

Separate the gym with the rest of the garage with decorations. The home gym decor here involves a carpet, unfinished wooden surfaces as well as iron bars. All these work in unison in defining the home gym and separating it from the rest of the garage.

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The main purpose of storage in the garage is, of course, to be a place to store vehicles and stuff in. Check out these garage storage ideas so you can make the most out of it.

Eclectic Home Gym

home gym flooring ideas
source : Designing Edge

In some cases, it is best to use neutral for the home gym decor. A neutral decor won’t make the home gym stands out but it surely does add beauty in a subtle way.

While this home gym design may not as unique or extraordinary as others, its neutral tone certainly has its charm. It allows you to concentrate on your working out session, as there is little to no distraction present, and enjoy the calming vibe.

Enjoy the View

home gym room ideas
source : home co id

Want to work out and enjoy the view but can’t make an outdoor home gym? No problem. Add a long window to your home gym. This way, you can do your bicep curl, jog, or bike and enjoy the beautiful outdoor view outside.

Another good thing about a long window in a gym is that it makes great home gym lighting as well. As more natural light enters, the gym gets brighter. You can work out, enjoy the view, and save energy. Neat.

Glass Wall Gym

home gym wall ideas
source : Wholesale Bevel & Edge Ltd

Always remember this: your home gym decor can be as stylish as you want. You can incorporate just about any interior decor style into your gym. Yes, that includes contemporary decor too.

At the entrance, there is a glass wall, which both separates and connects what is inside the gym and the outside. The neutral colors set the contemporary mood.

Also, notice how the workout machines mingle well with the contemporary design. It is as if the design and machines complement each other.

Pocket Home Gym

home gym storage ideas
source : trendir

A full-blown home gym is rarely needed. Most people only need home gym basics, not the entire equipment a public gym has.

Depending on what kind of exercises you want to do, you can keep things down to minimal. There is no point in having lots of workout equipment that you rarely use.

With minimal equipment, your home gym won’t take up much space. As such, you can just make a pocket home gym, just like the one here, in which you can work out comfortably.

Tuscan Style

outdoor home gym ideas
source : decoholic

Like the Tuscan style and working out? Why not incorporate the amazing décor style into your home gym design? This Tuscan-inspired home gym makes a great place to do work out sessions. You won’t get bored and you can just feel the relaxing vibe, thanks to the natural stones and wooden flooring.

Simple and Clean

home gym ideas for small room
source : HGTV

The last in our home gym ideas list is a simple and clean home gym design. The home gym here doesn’t involve any intricate or complex design elements.

The gym is made interesting by the neutral colors on the walls and ceiling. The accent wall with black and white patterns makes the room a lot more appealing while the plants on the corners bring freshness into the room. Such a nice design.

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