20 Amazing Curb Appeal Ideas to Make a Good First Impression

First impression matters. A lot. And this applies to not just people but also houses as well. This is why curb appeal is very important. Be it to improve the overall look of your house or you are planning to sell your house in the near future, you need curb appeal ideas to help you design yours.

Well, there is nothing to worry about. You come to the right place and we are there to help you. We listed no fewer than 20 ideas to inspire you. Ready to make a good first impression? Here are the ideas.

Bright Yellow Front Door

best curb appeal ideas
source : bungalowsandcottages

Looks so bold, isn’t it? When it comes to curb appeal, don’t be afraid of going bold. Especially if you never go bold before.

A bright yellow front door goes a long way in improving the curb appeal. It will be the first thing that your incoming guests notice when they visit your house.

Such a bold front door doesn’t work with every color, though. It works best if the house colors are white and/or neutral. After all, white and neutral colors provide the ideal backdrop for the bright yellow front door to shine.

The front door is definitely an important part of the house. It is also a part of that makes the curb appeal as well. Need more specific ideas for your front door? Check out these front door ideas.

White Farmhouse Porch

curb appeal ideas front porch
source : BHG

Have beautiful flowers on your lawn? Why not let them ‘speak’ for you? Flowers with bright and vibrant colors are always delightful to see.

As seen here, they look so fresh and eye-catching. So if your house is mostly white or neutral, one of the best curb appeal ideas is to let the flowers be the focal points.

Your guests will be amazed by the flowers. If you have lush, green grass, that would be even better. To top the curb appeal, make the steps contrasting with the surrounding so it stands out.

Stepping Stones

house curb appeal ideas
source : BHG

Do you have steps in your front yard? If a house is far from the street, it must have steps that lead to the front door. Don’t let yours become an ordinary passageway, though. Instead, turn it into an interesting focal point for the curb appeal.

One of the easiest ways to make it more noticeable is to use bright stones for the steps. Then, surround them with neutral or darker colors. That will turn the steps into fun and exciting stepping stones leading to the house. Of course, this adds beauty to the curb appeal as well.

Bright Contrast

curb appeal ideas for small front yards
source : cottagesandbungalows

Want a foolproof solution to improve the curb appeal? Try creating bright contrast like this one here. We all know how contrast easily catches attention. Don’t go for the common black and white, though. Black and white contrast is common. Blue and yellow contrast, on the other hand, is not that common.

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So there are two advantages of using bright contrast here. The first advantage is how contrasting the blue and yellow while the second is the fact that such contrast is not that common, making it a lot more noticeable. It is undoubtedly one of the easiest and most effective curb appeal ideas in this list.

Warm Gray

modern curb appeal ideas
source : gardenista

Not every homeowner is fond of a bright, bold or colorful curb appeal. Some prefer to have a more neutral one. Is that what you want too? If it is, consider coloring the house in light gray. Light gray makes the curb appeal looks warmer and inviting.

After all, what’s a better way to greet your guests than such a warm and inviting entrance? Another benefit of gray curb appeal is that it allows other parts of the front yard to stand out. In this case, the focus is on the greenery.

Alluring Red

front porch curb appeal ideas
source : southernliving

Bright yellow is not the only color choice if you want to go bold in your entrance. Red is amazing. Paired with white and accentuated with two or three accent colors like bright yellow, green, and blue, and it will look so alluring, as seen here.

The beauty of this decor is further enhanced by the staircases. They give the front yard dimension and textured looks. In a way, the entrance truly greets you. It has such an alluring look that invites you to come in, walk up to the stairs and knock on the beautiful door.

Navy Blue

curb appeal ideas for small homes
source : bungalowsandcottages

Many of our curb appeal ideas play with multiple colors. If too many colors are too much for you, don’t worry. You can get still improve your curb appeal by incorporating only a few colors to the front of your house. For example, with navy blue and white as the main color.

Notice the curb appeal here. Quite gorgeous, isn’t it? The navy blue and white creates such an eye-pleasing look. The green from the grass accentuate it further and gives off such a vibrant and lively vibe.

Old but Gold

exterior curb appeal ideas
source : archi_ologie

When it comes to the curb appeal, there is no need to be afraid of using something that looks unique. If such a styling expresses your personality, then go on.

This one here is an excellent example of that. Just look at the uniqueness of the house. What an uncommon way to be greeted with.

What makes this curb appeal so interesting are the details of the house. Notice how it only has several colors. This choice of using the same several colors all around the house directs the focus into the details of the house, allowing them to be noticeable and prevent visual confusion.

Majestic Black

front door curb appeal ideas
source : Lasley Brahaney

This one is among the simplest curb appeal ideas you can try. It uses one main color: jet black. The best thing about curb appeal is that you can improve it in myriads of ways. Many of these ways don’t involve lots of bright and vibrant colors. Indeed, even a single jet black front door can make it more dramatic.

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Just look at how majestic the entrance is. And all that thanks to the jet black front door with a golden tint. If your house is entirely white, installing a black front door might change the look of the entrance and improve the curb appeal significantly.

Beautiful Accent

landscaping for curb appeal ideas
source : homebunch

Improving the curb appeal doesn’t necessarily mean a remodeling needs to be done. No. On the contrary, small touches can make a huge difference. You don’t have to change anything about your house. Tweak the surrounding, yes. A remodel? Nope. That would be too far of a step and expensive.

So how do you improve the curb appeal, then? That’s easy. Introduce bright and vibrant accent colors into the curb. Colors like bright yellow, green, pink, and shades of blue will make a white house a lot more interesting and pleasant to the eyes, like this one here.

Farmhouse Beauty

pictures of curb appeal ideas
source : palmgrovefarmhouse

The farmhouse style has been a trend for a few years now. It is not surprising. After all, the style isn’t just good-looking but also brings a warm and homey feel to it. It makes any space feel more welcoming and inviting. Yes, any space. The curb is not an exception to that.

Just look at this farmhouse curb. It looks so beautiful, isn’t it? You can’t help but appreciate the beauty and feel the warm and inviting vibe it gives. And it does so without involving any superfluous decoration at all. It is another example of simple curb appeal ideas that bring beauty.

Side Driveway

inexpensive curb appeal ideas
source : palmgrovefarmhouse

The farmhouse style comes in many variations. This entirely white décor is one of them. Despite only having a single main color, you can just know it is the farmhouse style thanks to the architecture of the house. The white of the house works with the lively green grass, creating an amazing curb appeal.

If you have a large front yard and want to make the house stands out, create a side driveway for entry and exit. A side driveway will keep the focus on the house while allowing easy access to the house.

Gorgeous Stairway

split level curb appeal ideas
source : nestingwithgrace

What do you get by decorating a white stairway with pots with lively greenery and decorations with a golden tint? The answer is a very dramatic entrance. Yes, like the one here. Look at how gorgeous the stairway is.

At the top, you will be warmly greeted by two layers of rug with a stylish front door waiting for you. Out of all curb appeal ideas on the list, this gorgeous stairway takes the place as the most dramatic one of them all.

Gray House With Yellow Front Door

curb appeal ideas for ranch style homes
source : HGTV

When it comes to creating a noticeable curb appeal, using a bold and vibrant color palette is not the only option you have.

There is another alternative: a monochromatic color palette. This house here is painted in white and light gray, both are monochromatic. There is also an accent bold color on the front door.

The soft contrast between the bold yellow, gray and white creates such an appealing look. The kind of look that you wouldn’t get bored staring at and easy to the eyes.

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Plain and Simple

curb appeal ideas on a budget
source : HGTV

Want to try simple curb appeal ideas? Then go for it. Everyone has their own taste. And this applies to the curb appeal as well. Not everyone likes to have a dramatic or inviting curb. Some people just like to keep it plain and simple. Yes, not unlike the curb you see here.

Don’t be mistaken, though. A plain and simple curb doesn’t mean it is boring. Just look at this beautiful curb. A well-designed plain and simple curb will look a lot better than a poorly-designed dramatic curb.

Multicolored Curb

curb appeal ideas
source : landschute

A multicolored curb is attractive. The thing is, you need to be cautious about how you color and how many colors should be used.

This curb here is an excellent example of how beautiful a multicolor curb can be. And it has something crucial: balance and harmony.

Notice there are various colors on the house and front yard. Yet, none of them stand out too much and become overwhelming. If anything, they balanced each other out, creating a harmonious look.

Classic Farmhouse

mailbox curb appeal ideas
source : T-Olive Properties

The classic farmhouse style has a timeless beauty. Doesn’t matter where it is used, it looks just as warming and inviting. That includes the curb, too. This classic farmhouse-inspired curb exhibits such timeless beauty.

Notice the finished wooden surfaces, shiplap walls, and lots and lots of white surfaces. All these are the main design elements of a classic farmhouse. The farmhouse vibe of the curb is complete thanks to the white walls and rustic mailbox at the front.

The house number allows your house to be easily recognizable. Your house number, however, shouldn’t just be there to make the address clear. Look at these house number ideas and make your house number more interesting.


spring curb appeal ideas
source : the_welcoming_home

This one is the most fantasy-like of all curb appeal ideas on the list. Just take a good look. What do you think? Doesn’t it remind of a mansion or castle in a fairytale? Such a dreamy curb is undoubtedly very interesting for many reasons.

The beauty of this curb is that all of the decorations are either vegetation like flowers and crawling vine or fruits like pumpkins. All of which create a dreamy scenery none can ever forget.

Driveway Curb Appeal Ideas

curb appeal ideas for brick homes
source : designing_a_life_she_loves

Likes to have the curb green? Then try decorating your steps and front yard with grass, lots and lots of grass. Don’t just let them sit around, though. Create interesting shapes and patterns with the grass. That will surely make the curb a lot more appealing.

For example, a few half-circle grass and steps with diamond patterns made out of the grass. This is a smart and clever way to improve the curb appeal, and thus, make a good impression without having to remodel the house at all.

A Flowery Path

driveway curb appeal ideas
source : loveandspecs

The last one in our curb appeal ideas: a flowery path. Impress your incoming guests and greet them with a dramatic entrance.

Surround the path leading into the house with lines of flowers and make each and every entry dramatic. Such a curb décor will surely put a smile on your guests’ faces.

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