16 Wonderful Deck Skirting Ideas to Try at Home

A deck is not complete without a skirting. Other than being functional, a deck skirting can be aesthetical as well. If you are looking for deck skirting ideas, we got some awesome ideas here that you can try.

Don’t worry. Making a deck more interesting is not always involving difficult things to do. On the contrary, some of our ideas are quite simple, as you will see shortly. Let’s start.

Wood Deck Skirting Ideas

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Do you have a deck with cable railing? If you do, consider using wood deck skirting like one above. Deck with cable railing, especially ones with wood parts, will combine nicely with wood deck skirting. Can you make it even better? Well, of course. Try painting the railing and skirting in one color.

If you choose a light brown color, you can also add a few greeneries to the railing and skirting. The contrast between the colors will add more interest to the deck.

Finished Deck Skirting under the Stairs

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Next in our deck skirting ideas is deck skirting made of finished wood. A deck with stair must have a wide deck skirting. For a deck with dark colors, finished wood will be the ideal option for the skirting.

The skirting can be arranged in a horizontal or vertical way. For a high deck with stairs, arranging the skirting horizontally looks more attractive than arranging it vertically. The vertical arrangement suits a ‘low’ deck better.

Vertical Wood Deck Skirting

img src : pinterest

This is the opposite of the previous example. While the deck also includes stairs, the deck skirting is arranged vertically. Does it look good? Yes, it does. Just take a look at the picture. Since the deck is low, a vertically-arranged skirting suits it better.

Also, note the color used in the example above. The color of the skirting is the same as the railing. So if you have a low deck with stair, consider painting it with the same color as the railing.

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Deck Skirting with Pots

img src : simplydwell

Who says the deck skirting must be bland and not decorated? You can decorate it. For instance, you can attach a pot or two greeneries on it. This works nicely if you have a small garden below the deck. It doesn’t have to be difficult. One or two pots are enough to decorate the deck skirting and make it more interesting.

If you want to try this idea, be sure that the skirting is capable of supporting any pot you hang on to it. Also, be sure that you hang the pot(s) in a reachable place so you can water them easily.

Split Level Deck

img src : royaldecks

Having an ‘island’ deck is nice. Having pieces of patio furniture on the ‘island’ is even better. Who doesn’t want a deck like the above? In terms of deck skirting, the skirting is arranged vertically and is painted a bit darker than the rest of the deck.

Notice the somewhat incomplete railing as well. All of the deck parts really blend and complement each other well. In case you need ideas for your deck railing, here we also have some deck railing ideas. Be sure to check them out.

Shed Under a Deck

img src : custommade

Unlike our previous deck skirting ideas, this idea is rather unique. How could it not? Instead of using appropriate materials to decorate the skirting or using them to hang pots, you create a simple shed out of it. This is a good idea if you need extra room for whatever purposes.

One thing to keep in mind is that be sure that the deck is well-supported. That is, since the area underneath is basically turned into a room, be sure that the deck above has strong foundations to support it.

White Deck Skirting for Gazebo Deck

img src : decks

What do you think about the deck above? Very interesting, isn’t it? Well, if you want to replicate, you will need the following

  1. a large deck
  2. a gazebo
  3. stairs
  4. railing and skirting with appropriate colors

Notice that the stairs leading to the deck are rather narrow and low. Not only that, but the skirting is also designed appropriately, allowing it to complement the overall look of the deck. Unlike the previous deck skirting ideas, this one is a bit difficult. Is it worth it? Very.

Layered Wood Deck Skirting Ideas

img src : keithwilliglandscape

The thing about the deck skirting is that it should be both functional and aesthetical. Functionally, skirting is used to cover the ugly structures underneath the deck and keep out critters from accessing the deck.

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Aesthetically, it has to be able to at least complete or better yet, complement the look of the deck. The skirting above is a good example of a functional and aesthetical deck. The skirting is not airtight, so it allows the air to move in and out of it.

Proper lighting will be a nice addition to a deck. In case you need inspiration, you can check out our deck lighting ideas.

Tight Fit Short Skirting

img src : Jacque Franzen

In general, deck skirting should provide good ventilation and at the same time, keeping things out (leaves, critters, dirt, and so on) from entering the space underneath the deck. It doesn’t have to be always like that, though. There are exceptions.

The deck skirting above is an example of a tight fit skirting. Having a tight fit skirting is a good idea if you have a low deck and don’t need ventilation for the space underneath the deck. You can also make the skirting waterproof, in case you need one.

Stained Deck

img src : thriftydecorchick

We said earlier that deck skirting should be both functional and aesthetical. This example is on the more aesthetical side in our deck skirting ideas list. If you have a small outdoor garden around your deck, you can use your deck skirting to complement the garden.

A good idea is to use contrasting colors for the railing and deck, preferably lighter color for the railing and darker one for the skirting. For instance, you can color the railing white and the skirting brown. Since the garden will have bright colors, the combination of these colors will create a stunning focal point.

Unfinished Deck Skirting

img src : David Matero

Deck skirting does not have to be finished. Sometimes, an unfinished deck skirting can be as stunning as finished one. The lighter color of the skirting is contrasted to the darker colors of the deck above, creating an amazing look.

This kind of deck skirting is also a good idea if you have a high-level deck and need proper ventilation for the area underneath. The space between the wooden boards is not tightly knit, leaving some room for air to move in and out.

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White Lattice Skirting

img src : gardenstructure

Next in our deck skirting ideas list is white lattice skirting. A lattice is a perfect option if

the area underneath the deck requires proper ventilation

the area underneath the deck needs to be covered to prevent leaves, critters, and dirt from entering it

Of course, it doesn’t have to be all functional. There is also the aesthetical reason as well. For instance, you can also choose a lattice with unique patterns for the deck skirting to make it more interesting.

Simple Deck Skirting for High Deck

img src : Private Residence

This is another example of simple skirting in our deck skirting ideas list. Note that the skirting looks very simple with no decoration at all. It is mostly functional and yet, still looks nice.

While the example we use above is a high deck, a simple deck skirting can be used for a low deck as well. So, don’t worry if you have a low deck. You can still use a simple deck skirting for it.

‘Hollow’ Deck Skirting

img src : deckmaster

If you are all about style, you may want to try a ‘hollow’ deck skirting like one in the picture above. The skirting is less visible, unlike the previous examples in our list. Due to this, the focus is put on the deck above, which is great if you have a very interesting deck.

What you need to keep in mind is that this deck design may be less effective if you want to prevent leaves, critters, or dirt from entering the area underneath the deck.

Back Deck Skirting

img src : Greg Emel

What if you have a deck railing made of unfinished wood? What kind of skirting should you use in that case? Well, why not use unfinished wood boards to be the skirting? That will certainly look great. If you don’t believe it, just take a look at the picture above again.

Since both of the railing and skirting are made of unfinished wood, they blend as if they are one part, instead of two.

Deck Skirting for High Deck

img src : pinterest

The last in our deck skirting ideas is deck skirting for a high deck. A high deck requires proper support so it can stand. Deck skirting can help with that. If you have a high deck, you can use the skirting as additional support for the deck. Whether or not the skirting is tightly knit depends on your need.

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