16 Creative Deck Railing Ideas to Transform Your Deck

Are you planning to build a deck railing soon? If you haven’t built any yet, chances are you are looking for some ideas. Well, no need to worry. Here we have deck railing ideas you can use to transform your deck.

Below, we listed 16 ideas. However you use them is, of course, up to you. At the very least, they will help you get started. Here are the ideas.

Creative Deck Railing Ideas to Transform Your Deck


Dark Gray Deck with White Railing

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The first idea in our deck railing ideas lists to play with contrast. Yes, one easy way to make your deck more interesting is to play with contrast. For example, you can paint the deck in dark gray and the railing in white. Since the two colors are contrasting, they become the focal point of the front/backyard.

If you love plants or flowers, you can create makeshift pots in the deck and plant your favorite plants or flowers in it. They will surely make the deck even livelier. In case you want to build deck skirting as well, we also have deck skirting ideas you’d want to check out.

Deck with Metal Rebar Railing

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Want to transform your deck but don’t want to make it appear ‘closed’? Well, try adding metal rebar deck railing. With metal rebar railing, the deck will appear separated from the other parts of the house while at the same time not giving a ‘closed’ vibe.

Metal rebar railing is also a good option if you have children or pets running around the deck, especially if your deck is far above the ground. You can keep them safe inside the deck with such railing.

Deck Railing with Faux Stone

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Stone is a good material to be used as deck railing. However, for one reason or another, you may not be able to use it for your deck railing. In that case, you can use faux stone as the cap and post cover of the railings.

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Faux stone deck railings work especially well if you have lots of greeneries around your deck as the ‘stone’ deck railings will blend nicely to the surrounding area. Faux stone deck railings are also among good deck railing ideas if you want a more natural-looking deck railing.

Deck Railing Turned as Bar

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Another one of our deck railing ideas is to turn your deck railing into a simple bar. To create a simple bar, you will need

  • a large deck
  • a long deck railing with wide top
  • chairs

Adding another set of table and chairs is a good idea but the above is enough to turn your deck into a bar. Note that you will need to install a wide top for the deck railing as it will be a makeshift bar table.

There are many ways you can transform your deck. You can do the same for your porch as well. In case you need inspiration for your porch, be sure to take a look at our porch railing ideas.

Aluminum Deck Railing

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Various metals can be used as deck railing. However, metals like iron or stainless steel can be heavy. For a lighter alternative, consider using aluminum as deck railing. Aluminum is just as, if not more, durable and strong as metals. All that without being heavy, too.

Another advantage of using aluminum railing is that you can design it just like you can design metals railing. For example, in the picture above the aluminum railing is colored black and looks just like metals railing.

Outdoor Deck Railing Ideas

img src : bystephanielynn

This is among one of our deck railing ideas for those who love to be outdoors. To build outdoor deck railing, you can use finished wood deck railing with vertical metal rebar like in the picture above. Adding several pots with greeneries near the railing is a good idea, as they make the railing in tune with the outdoor theme.

Outdoor railing works regardless of the height of your deck. That said, outdoor railing works best if the deck is far above the ground as it allows you to enjoy the surrounding, outdoor view.

Black Aluminum Cable Railing


img src : stainlesscablerailing

If your house has a wood and metal theme, having finished wood railing with stainless cable will be a good idea. Such cable deck railing will not just complete but also complement the overall theme of the house.

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On one hand, the finished wood surface gives a natural look. On the other, the stainless cable allows the deck to be ‘open,’ thus nicely blend with the surrounding area.

Unfinished Wood Railing with Stainless Cable

img src : moderncabin

What if you like the idea of wood and metal theme yet don’t like the look of finished wood? Well, in that case, consider using unfinished wood instead of finished one. It will look just as good (or better, if you like the look of unfinished wood) as its finished counterpart.

Compared to finished wood, unfinished wood does look more natural. So, go ahead and try it if you want a more natural deck railing.

Deck with Stair and Black Metal Railing

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Having a two-story deck is always nice. How could it not? You have more space to enjoy the outside view and spend your time in leisure. One of the best deck railing ideas for a two-story deck is to install stair.

If the deck is mostly covered in wood surfaces, you can use black metal deck railing as its border. The combination of wood surfaces and black metal railing creates a unique, interesting look to the deck.

‘Closed’ Wood Deck Railing

img src : Paul Michael Davis

Not everyone likes the ‘open’ deck. Some people prefer ‘closed’ one. If you are one of these people, consider building a deck railing like one in the picture. The railing is fully made from wood and arranged in a way that it ‘closes’ the deck.

‘Closed’ wood deck railing is also a good option if you want a deck that can blend with greeneries and trees outside the deck. Unlike their wood and metal counterparts, fully wood deck railing looks more natural.

Horizontal Wood Deck Railing

img src : Mobley Bloomfield

As we have said earlier, there are many ways you can design a deck railing. Of course, this includes wood deck railing as well. If you want a deck railing but don’t want to make it appear ‘closed’ you can consider using less thick wood for the horizontal parts.

Just like the previous example, this is one of our deck railing ideas that is ideal for homeowners who want a natural-looking railing for their deck.

Horizontal railings on the porch

img src : newlywoodwards

Deck railing doesn’t have to be complex or difficult. Sometimes, less is more. That’s right. Simple deck railing can be a great addition to your deck, too. Just take a look at the wood deck railing on the picture. Very simple, isn’t it? Though it is simple, it completes the look of the house.

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Simple deck railing works best if you choose an appropriate design for it. That is, if it has the same theme as the house. Of course, your railing doesn’t have to be as bland as the example above. For instance, if your house has a farmhouse theme, you can design the railing in that theme, too.

Deck Railing with ‘Wheels’

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Although most deck railings are made with ‘form-follows-function’ philosophy, it doesn’t have to be the case all the time. Some homeowners do choose unique patterns for their deck railing. One example is the deck railing with ‘wheels’ above.

If you are looking to transform your deck into a focal point, you’d want to consider using unique patterns for the railing. How the patterns look like is of course entirely up to you. The key is to add something unusual to the railing.

Deck Railing with Makeshift Table


img src : rhynefarm

We mentioned that you can use the top part of the railing as a makeshift table earlier. The previous example shows that deck railing can be turned into a simple bar table. For that, the top should be wider than usual.

Now, what if you want to eat and drink with your family members or friends on the deck? Easy, just use even wider top. How wide? That depends on your need. On the example above, the top is able to accommodate several plates and glasses.

‘Open’ Wood Railing Deck

img src : Mobley Bloomfield

Many homeowners like the look of a wood railing. Many homeowners also prefer ‘open’ deck to ‘closed’ ones, especially when they have a beautiful outdoor view. If you like both, you can use the above example as inspiration to create your own ‘open’ wood railing.

‘Open’ wood railing can be used for a ground deck or an above ground one. Although the example is an above ground deck, such deck railing looks good for a ground deck as well.

Wood Deck Railing with Wire Mesh

img src : pinterest

Last but not least in our deck railing ideas list is wood deck railing with wire mesh. Unlike wood railing with cable from the previous examples, this one is even safer. Why? Because there is less space for things to go through the railing. If you have children or pets, this deck railing is a safer alternative.

Another good thing about wood deck railing with wire mesh is that it allows you a relatively unobstructed view of the outer area of your home.

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