17 Creative Home Library Ideas to Make Your Reading Time More Enjoyable

Having bookshelves in a room with books in them doesn’t make it a home library. To create a home library, you need to make it feel like a library. Looking for home library ideas? Just read on. We have some here.

In our list, we include many kinds of home libraries. So, you will have lots of variations to choose from. Without further ado, let’s see what these ideas are.

‘Open’ Library

home library design ideas
img src : Tittmann Architects

Do you like the idea of reading in the open? If you do, why not create an ‘open’ library? By open, we mean that the library is directly connected to the outdoors. Inside an ‘open’ library, you can feel the breeze and the sunlight directly. Really nice, isn’t it?

To make a library like this, separate the upper and lower half of the library. The upper half is for the windows, while the lower half is for the home library bookcases. Don’t forget to add soft cushions to make the library even comfier.

Romantic Library

in home library ideas
img src : happyhiphappenings

Next in our home library ideas list is a library with a romantic mood. A library like this not only allows you to enjoy your reading time comfortably but also looks great too. After all, who won’t like a romantic library like this?

The candles, the dim lighting, the neutral colors, all work together to bring the romantic vibe to the library. There are also sofas, pillows, and cushions that will comfort anyone who enter the library.

Library in Office

home office library design ideas
img src : Laqfoil Ltd

Do you have a favorite book that you like to read over and over again? Why not add something from that book as part of your home library design? Say, for example, a map of the Middle Earth if you are a LOTR fan.

A ceiling decoration will make a home library much more interesting. Since it comes from your favorite book, it shod add a personal touch, too. Your guests will surely be amazed by it.

Blue and Brown Color Scheme

best home library ideas
img src : thespruce

The previous home library ideas involve delicate and elaborate designs. What if you like something simple? No need to worry.

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Delicate and elaborate designs are not the only things that can make a home library interesting. The above library looks quite simple, yet it certainly has its own charm

This library uses shades of blue and grey. Both of these colors work as the background color. These colors allow color books to stand out and make a statement. There is also a touch of wooden surface there, complementing the look further.

Minimalist Home Library Furniture

home library furniture ideas
img src : CozyPlaces

Minimalism is popular nowadays. And for a good reason. It looks clean, tidy, and easy to manage. All without needing overtly complex designs, too. If you want a home library that can be managed easily, a minimalist home library design is your best option.

The library above is a good example of a minimalist home library. All of the books are easily reachable, the ladder is slim, there are sharp lines and rectangular shapes are everywhere. It is minimalist to the core.

An the Attic

home library ideas pictures
img src : designsponge

Not having enough space is not a good excuse not to create your dream home library. Do you have an attic that is mostly empty and unused? If that is the case, here’s a good idea: turn your attic into a home library.

Unlike the previous home library ideas, an attic library may require a bit different home library furniture due to its shape. For example, layered bookshelves with uneven sizes, extra lighting, simple chairs, sofas, and tables.

Library with Outdoor View

home library ideas for small spaces
img src : a-joyfuljourney

Do you like to

  • read books,
  • enjoy outdoor views, and
  • chilling out?

If the answer is yes, a library with an outdoor view will be perfect for you. Not only will you be able to read comfortably, you will also able to enjoy the refreshing views outside.

All is done without really opening the window. Of course, you will need a large glass window and window seat for this kind of library.

In case you want to create this kind of library, be aware of the lighting. Make sure that you get enough lighting to read books.

Yes, neither too much nor too few. Adding lighting above the library is also a good idea as it allows you to read during the night comfortably.

Comfy Home Library Design

home library bookshelf ideas
img src : pinterest

This one is for those who love a very comfy home library. Unlike the other home library ideas, this home library design involves a sofa that can be turned into a comfortable makeshift bed. This, of course, ensures comfort during your reading time.

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As for the home library design itself, it has a bit of rustic touch to it. That is why the library feels welcoming and warm. Add comfort to it and you get a home library that you want to spend hours and hours in.

One-sided Rustic Library

at home library ideas
img src : onekindesign

Want to go fl rustic instead? Try this one-sided library. This library is mostly decorated with darker colors with several lighter colors coming from the curtains, carpet, and books. The furniture with darker colors, especially the bookshelves, gives a rustic vibe while the rest accentuate the library’s looks.

Rustic Attic Library

mini home library ideas
img src : lennart

There are many ways you can create a rustic home library. This one is fly rustic. Notice how most of the library has a dark wood finish.

Due to that, the library gives off a classy, warm and welcoming vibe. Since the library is a bit dark, proper lighting is a must in this kind of library, especially since it is in the attic.

Colorf Library

modern home library ideas
img src : hudsoninteriordesigns

A colorf home library is nice too. Unlike most of the home library ideas on the list, this library is decorated by the books on the shelves.

That is, the colors of the books make the library more interesting. The lighting above highlights the books, even more, turning them into focal points.

Wall-mount Library

diy home library ideas
img src : dornob

Want something extraordinary? Consider these wall-mount home library bookcases. One of many ways to make the best out of walls is to create a wall-mount home library like the above. With this kind of library, you can go for a hammock instead of sofas or chairs and read above the ground.

Home Library with Shelves

cool home library ideas
img src : pinterest

As most of our previous ideas have shown, you can be space-efficient when you create a home library. This one is another idea to do that.

This time, however, you turn the areas around and above the doors into home library bookcases. It is even better if the bookshelves are built into the walls.

These built-in shelves enable you to create an interesting home library but without having to eat up space. In other words, you can use the remaining space for the pieces of furniture and make it as comfortable and cozy as possible. Functional? Of course. Aesthetical? Absolutely.

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Hallway Library

home library ideas pinterest
img src : thestudiomdesigns

Moving on, a hallway library. While the previous libraries are created in a separate room, this library is created in a hallway.

The bookshelves are on one side of the wall, which you can access easily as you walk by the hallway. But that’s not the only thing about the library. Behind the hallway library, there is a reading nook.

This allows you to pick up a book or two, then move to the comfy nook and enjoy your reading time there. Since the nook is separated with the bookshelves, you can read with minimal distraction.

Blue Home Library Bookshelf

contemporary home library ideas
img src : traditionalhome

Next in our home library ideas list is a simple library. Do you like blue? Blue is a nice color for a library. It brings a calm and relaxing vibe, something that we all want in a home library. A home library with a blue bookshelf like the above looks really interesting, isn’t it?

The blue bookshelf here acts as the background. The rest of the library, including the lighting, the books, and even the ladder, become the main points of interest in the room. All work together to create a calm and relaxing library.

Mini Home Library Ideas

small home office library ideas
img src : stevensclaroff

Not everyone likes a complex and elaborate library. Some people just like to have a simple library in which they can read comfortably without distraction. Are you among these people? If you are, consider creating a simple library like the above.

Notice how the library is quite small. The bookshelf is not as large as the previous examples, either. Yet, this small and simple library has its own charm. The contrast between the floor and the bookshelf make the library more interesting.

Vintage-themed Library

home library ideas
img src : archdaily

The last in our home library ideas list is a vintage-themed library. The vintage décor is the epitome of “old but gold” saying. It works for every part of a house. Of course, this includes the home library as well. A vintage-themed library is an ideal choice if you like vintage décor.

Notice the plain look of the library. Nothing is too elaborate inside the library. And yet, due to the very same simplicity, it brings an aged and classy vibe. This library looks inviting, too, making you want to enjoy your reading time inside.

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