21 Super-Cute Toddler and Baby Hairstyles to Try

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, baby hairstyles should be something you need to come up with daily. It’s not an easy task for mothers.

You might need something new and fun to try on your baby and it should also be quick and easy to style.

That’s why Harptimes.com come up with this idea of bringing you a lot of super cute hairstyles for babies or toddlers that you’ll love.

These hairstyles are guaranteed to be perfect for bringing out the best in your young princes and princesses.

Baby Girl Hairstyles

1. Baby Cute Hairstyles with Two Knots

Baby Cute Hairstyles with Two Knots

Knots and twists are not only designed to be on adult’s hair. Your baby can also be fabulous too with this hairstyle. If your baby has a medium to short hair that’s able to get twisted, this is what your baby girl needs.

It’s not as complicated as it looks. It’s quite simple to put together. You can begin with parting the hard on one side. Then, you can make a high knot with the smaller section.

That diagonal French braid that goes to the parted side should reach the knot and get attached. It looks so fresh and cute.

2. Little Black Girl Hairstyles with High Ponytail

Little Black Baby Girl Hairstyles with High Ponytail

This is the kind of little black girl hairstyles that only works on hair with a special character. Your black baby girl would look super cute with this perfect high ponytail.

Her super-curly hair won’t be a messed up on the head. You can even style it with a nice-looking bow.

This kind of hair can keep your baby’s head warm. It’s also good to protect the head from direct sunlight during hot summer days.

You can achieve this hairstyle by sweeping the curls up and tie it as high as possible. That cute bow becomes the one that defines her cute face.

3. Baby Doll Hairstyles Bobcats

Baby Doll Hairstyles Bobcats

Do you want to make your baby girl look like a cute baby doll? You can pick this hairstyle. This bob hairstyle can make your cute baby even cuter. With the addition of a bow on one side of the hair, the hair looks even more stylish.

Surely, this baby doll hairstyle will turn your little one into a cute doll. With the right length and thickness of the hair, it can be as perfect as this one.

4. Triple Tie Baby Hairstyles for Girl with Bow

Triple Tie Baby Hairstyles for Girl with Bow

This kind of hairstyle for your cute baby is quite easy to put together. You can even make it in less than three minutes.

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Here are some simple steps to make it:
  • First, you can begin by taking a small amount of hair from the forehead center and tie it to the side with an elastic band.
  • Then, you can continue taking the hair right behind the first one and put the first hair together with the second one.
  • Repeat the step to the third one. Secure all of them together with one elastic band at the end.
  • After that, put a cute bow as an additional accessory to make it even better.

5. Fine Hair Braid with Headband

Baby Hairstyles Fine Hair Braid with Headband

Styling the hair can also mean giving it accessories. For a baby girl with fine hair, the mother might have a hard time styling it into a French braid. She can just aim the simple braid that will eventually work on the little girls.

It can be easily made by dividing the hair into three sections horizontally. Then, use elastic bands to secure the first two sections and braid the rest of the hair on the third section.

To finish the hairstyle, you can add the band and make a big bow out of it. It will help secure the braid to prevent it from being messy.

6. The Style for Baby Girl under One

The Style for Baby Girl under One Hairstyles

All kinds of braid hairstyle are not for a baby that’s not yet one year old. If you are a busy mom, you can style your baby girl hair as simple as possible.

Do not put too much effort into styling her hair because most under-one-year-old babies’ hair is soft and very short.

You can just style it that goofy headband. It’s tied into floppy bows. Make sure your baby girl’s comfortable with the fabric material of the bows. Keep the softness of the hair with some recommended baby bath products.

7. Baby Hairstyles Braids into Bun

Baby Hairstyles Braids into Bun

For toddler girls with long hair, they can go with this cute hairstyle. It’s the spiced-up version of normal bun style. To make this hairstyle, you have to make sure that your girl has enough hair to make a bun. It doesn’t need to be so long.

You can begin by adding a braid to the underside. You just make an upside-down version of the traditional French braid.

Then, put all the hair together on top of the head. Finally, it’s formed into a messy bun. It looks messy but that’s the beauty of it.

8. Baby Hairstyles for Curly Hair Soft

Baby Hairstyles for Curly Hair Soft

This little girl has a charm of a beauty pageant with that hairstyle. It’s a nice one for a baby with curly hair.

This kind of hair may be a problem for some mothers because it will get messy easily. The first you can do is to brush it out or smooth the hair down.

But, that won’t be effective to give a good look that’s long-lasting for your little toddler.

Instead, you can do as simple as pinning up the hair to the side with cute hair pin. That probably still looks messy but at least the face features are all exposed.

9. Triple Side Ponies for Medium Hair

Triple Side Ponies for Medium Hair

It’s pretty similar with the triple tie hairstyle. It’s designed for little girls with medium to long hair.

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The front hair won’t cover the cute face anymore with this triple side ponies. It’s a perfect hairstyle for a baby girl that’s growing out the bangs.

Even without the purpose of growing the bangs, it’s definitely a cute choice for your baby girl’s hair.

The color of the elastic band can be coordinated with the color scheme of the outfit. Before the knotting, most of the hair should be parted to the side.

10. Banded Pigtails Hairstyle for Active Baby Girl

Banded Pigtails Hairstyle for Active Baby Girl

It’s another cute hairstyle for your busy baby. Kids love to have fun. They can be very active during the day.

Going round and round, crawling, walking, and even running. It’s just what they do when they’re a little. This hairstyle should keep them comfortable while being so active.

It’s a great hairstyle idea if her hair is not quite long enough to get some braids. Banded pigtails are just perfect for them.

It looks complex but it’s actually not that hard. To make you easy to copy this style, you should watch the tutorial of these banded pigtails.

Hairstyles for Baby Boy

1. Medium Middle Bangs for Baby Boy

Medium Middle Bangs for Baby Boy Hairstyles

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing this haircut on the baby boy is its ordinary look.

It seems like there’s nothing special on this short hairstyle for baby. But, when you look closely, you will notice what’s so special about this middle bands hairstyle.

It’s, in fact, the most loved hairstyle for baby boy. It’s short and easy to style. You can just comb the hair to the side for everyday looks.

When attending special days, you let your kids’ hair turned into spikes. That would make him look so manly cute.

2. Classic Side Sweep with Cuteness

Baby Hairstyles Classic Side Sweep with Cuteness

When the hair is long enough, your baby boy will be ready to have this classic side sweep. It’s simple and so easy to form. There are a lot of options when it comes to trendy haircuts for your children. But, there’s nothing can beat the classic ones.


This classic medium-length side sweep is one of the styles that can never fail to work on boy’s head. It’s perfect for any occasion. It’s as simple as combing the hair to the side.

3. Baby Hairstyles for Short Hair in Funky Undercut

Baby Hairstyles for Short Hair in Funky Undercut

It’s another baby boy’s hairstyle that won’t go out of date. Even though this cut is quite unconventional, it would make your baby boy standout in the crowd. The thin short side hair is combined with the silky long side bang.


In the world of haircut, it’s called undercut. I guess for baby boy, it should be called “undercute”.

4. Military Haircut for Baby Boy

Military Haircut for Baby Boy Hairstyles

For baby boys that need really short hair, this military haircut will do. This kind of haircut is very popular among men.

It’s the style that makes the men being the real man. Some professional hairdressers make the cut very neat and precise.

As you can see, this toddler’s head is trimmed neatly and cleanly. It can be done by the hand of an artist, in this case, the hairdresser.

This hairstyle is one of the back to school hairstyles for your boy. After getting the haircut, your kids will be ready to go to school freely.

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5. Baby Hairstyles Boy Mohawk

Baby Hairstyles Boy Mohawk

It’s a hairstyle that seems a cliché on someone older. Even so, this baby boy makes the style so adorable and trendy.

There’s nothing cuter than a little baby boy with a short Mohawk in a shirt with a cute bowtie. It’s so easy to style with hair gel. Pick a gel product that’s safe for your kid’s hair.

Before the style, you can bring your baby boys to a hairdresser to get the haircut. The side doesn’t have to be bald, let the hairdresser make a nice fade that your kids will get comfortable with.

6. Baby Boys’ Hair with Confident Quiff

Baby Boys Hair with Confident Quiff

With that simply flipped bangs and the interesting trim on the side, you can make your kids a standout.

This hairstyle will make him a star that can impress anyone everywhere. That cute face is what makes the hairstyle so special.

You will need a hair gel to style up to that flipped bands and keep it steady. The flipped hair is just looking good with that thunder-shaped trim.

7. Blonde Fetching Hairstyle for Toddler Boy

Blonde Fetching Hairstyle for Toddler Boy

At some point, this hairstyle becomes the most favorite one for toddler boy. This blonder fetching hairstyle will give your son a huge chance to be a star. It looks elegant on adult and kids. But, kids will add cuteness to the style.

You can make the volume and shape using the vent brush. It will be easy to apply this hairstyle on kids with long hair.

If you can’t have this fetching style because of your short hair, you can use some handy hairspray to keep the volume up and steady.

8. Fringe Hairstyle for Baby Boy

Fringe Hairstyle for Baby Boy

Not only for the girl, but this fringe hairstyle would also look fabulous of a little baby boy. It gives the look of a classic baby boy.

This hairstyle complements the shiny and straight character of the baby’s hair. It’s suitable for any face shape, rectangular, square, and round.

You probably think that this fringe style will be easy to be messy, but it can instantly look neat again just by shaking the head.

Why choosing this hairstyle:
  1. It’s easy to get neatly again.
  2. It looks perfect on baby boy.
  3. With that length, you can create a lot of styles.
  4. Wearing this kind of style might look like a girl.

9. Little Spikes on Baby Boy’s Head

Little Spikes on Baby Boys Head Hairstyles

Spiky hair is a hairstyle that your baby boy loves to wear. The way it feels will comfort them.

When dealing with hairstyles, we will choose something which is not depending on how it looks but how comfortable it is.

In order to achieve the spikes, you will need some hair gel. Run the gel through the hair of your son.

Then, you can create the spikes using the thumb and forefinger. Doing this style on your son in the morning could be the most fun thing you could have daily.


Do you want to keep your baby stylish? You can choose one of those baby hairstyles to try on. Choose it wisely according to the characteristic of the hair.

Whether it’s for boys or girls, hairstyles are something you need to pay attention to in styling it.

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