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16 Best Staircase Wall Decor Ideas to Make Your Hallway Look Amazing

The stair wall is often overlooked by homeowners. Yet, properly decorated, the stair wall can have a significant effect on the house’s interior. Are you planning to decorate the stair wall? If you do, we can help. Below, we listed 16 staircase wall decor ideas that you want to try.

Since our ideas vary differently, you probably find some that fit your taste. Alright, now let’s get to these ideas.

3D Staircase Wall Decor

Source : pinterest

Let’s start our list with something calming. Are you into Zen and/or want something calming for your house? If the answer is yes, consider a Zen-inspired staircase wall decor like the above. The ambient color, proper lighting, unique shapes, and the Buddha figurine in the middle create a calming atmosphere.

The best thing about this wall decor is that it can work with just about any interior style and will have more or less the same calming effect. If a calming staircase is what you want, this is certainly among the best ideas to try.

Staircase Wall Design

Source : Slifer Designs

The next staircase wall decor idea is wooden decorations. Wooden surface and earth-tone colors are known to have a warm and familiar vibe, making them the perfect choice if you want to give a warm welcome to your guests. You can use wooden surface and earth-tone colors for the staircase wall decor too.

This is an ideal choice if the stairway is going to be among the first things seen by your guests when entering the house.

They will feel the warmth and welcoming vibe, thanks to the wall decorations. To make the best out of the decorations, install a stair railing that can be seen-through.

By the way, do you want to change your stair railing yet still unsure of what kind of railing you want? If the answer is yes, check out our stair railing ideas for inspiration.

Mirror on Staircase Wall

Source : abitant

Have a rather narrow house with a staircase? Here’s a good idea: install mirrors on the stair wall. Why mirrors and not other wall decorations, you ask? The answer is simple: mirrors give the impression that the space is larger than it is. This applies to any kind of space in the house, including even the staircase.

Want to make your stair wall more interesting? Install mirrors that have a similar shape but with different sizes. For example, install round mirrors with various sizes. This makes the staircase feels and looks larger and at the same time, creating focal points.

Pallet Stairway Wall Decor

Source : Living Country Style

Take a look at the stair above. Looks gorgeous, isn’t it? Not every staircase wall decor needs to be distinguished from the stair itself. Sometimes, creating a ‘blending’ decor is a great idea too. The stair that you just saw is a testament to this.

Notice how the stairs and the wall are made of the same material: pallet.  Thanks to this, the wall appears as if it blends with the stairs. If an integrated look is what you are after, a pallet wall and stairs will fit you.

Romantic Staircase Wall decor

Source : Pinterest

Are you recently married? Or perhaps want to add a romantic touch in your house? We have a good idea for you: decorate the stair wall with your wedding photos and other romantic decorations (the word “LOVE,” a heart, Cupid’s arrow, for example).

Since the stair wall is oftentimes empty and unused, decorating it with romantic decorations is certainly a clever way to make the best of the space. With such a romantic staircase wall decor like this, you and your spouse will feel loved each and every morning!

Pretty Stairs Wall

Source : maisondecinq

Moving on, a farmhouse-style staircase wall decor. The farmhouse decor certainly has its unique and appealing charm. If you like the farmhouse decor, why not decorate the stair wall with farmhouse decorations? That certainly will make the space feel warmer and comforting.

To get the farmhouse vibe, choose black- and white-colored decorations. The black and white decorations will complement most staircases but they will work especially well if the staircase is also black and white.

A Photo Gallery

Source : rmhouseofnoise

Taking photos is our way to capture a moment that feels special to us. Be it a graduation ceremony, the place we visit, or just a moment with our significant others. Due to their sentimental values, we like to see our photos again and again.

So, if you

  • Have lots of memorable photos
  • Have an empty stair wall
  • Want to share your exciting memories, and
  • Want a good conversation starter

Consider turning the stair wall into a photo gallery. You can fill the wall with lots of photos like the above example. Or, hang only a few photos here and there.

Use Craft Paper in Wall

Source : forevercottage

Add a simple yet impressive artistic touch with this staircase wall decor. Unlike previous ideas, this one uses simple rectangular decors with varying sizes. On one hand, it makes the staircase a lot more attractive. On the other, it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

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Want to make it even more attractive? That’s easy. Install lighting on the stair wall and highlight the rectangular decors. This will make the decors stand out, especially if the wall has a light color like white.

Scrabble Wall Stairs

Source : Pinterest

Want something unusual and unique? If the answer is yes, then you will like this idea. Rather than adding artistic decors or photography, add crossword-esque decors and your favorite words on the stair wall.

These kinds of decorations make the staircase looks unusual and unique. Not to mention you can make it personal by adding your favorite words, phrase or even quotes if there is enough space for them. With such a wall decor, your staircase will never be boring.

Vintage Staircase Wall decor

Source : roomdecorideas

A bit touch of the past is always nice. Yes, we are talking about the vintage decor. The vintage decor is the testament of “old but gold.”

The vintage decor is a foolproof choice if you want to make the space feel nostalgic and warm. If you don’t believe it, just take a good look of the above staircase wall decor.

The best thing about the vintage decor is that it can work with various other decor styles. Yes, even modern and minimalist decor styles. If you want a wall decor that looks impressive year-round, the vintage staircase wall decor is your best option.

Mix and Match

Source : thelittlewhitefarmhouse

Want to go with various styles for the decor? There is no strict rule in decorating the stair wall. What matters is that it adds value and makes the staircase looks more interesting.

That is all that matters. So, if and matching is what you want, go ahead. Go ahead and choose decorations from various styles and install them!

Eclectic Stairway Wall decor

Source : dorisleslieblau

The next one is similar to the mix and match decor. The difference is that the eclectic decor uses the best parts of various decor styles.

Since this staircase wall decor combines only the best parts, the staircase will look stunning. It is an excellent way to make the best of the available space.

Speaking of available space, do you leave the space under the stairs unused? If you do, check out our under stair ideas here to make the best of it.

Classic Herringbone

Source : homsqr

Simplicity doesn’t imply unattractiveness, let alone boring. Properly styled, even simple things like herringbone wall decor above look gorgeous. Notice how the parallel lines give the texture and depth to the staircase, making it far from boring.

On Family Photos

Source : cupofjo

Creating memorabilia is a good idea too. By turning photos as the wall decor, you can make the staircase more appealing and at the same time, showcasing the photos of memorable moments. Two birds with one stone.

Notice how the frames have a lighter color. This is a deliberate choice. Due to its color, the frames allow the photos to stand out more, turning them into points of interest. Darker frames won’t be able to do that.

Board & Batten Grid on The Stairwell Wall

Source : Home Bunch

This one is a bit different from the previous herringbone stairway wall decor. This one includes lighting and a glass window above.

So, it is not entirely herringbone. While the herringbone decor adds depth and texture, the glass window allows sunlight to enter and gives an air of freshness to the stairs.

There are also lighting fixtures that follow the stairs. These lighting fixtures provide not just visibility when the night comes but also add beauty to the staircase.

Rustic Wood Wall

Source : manymoonsdesign

Lastly in our staircase wall decor ideas list, a rustic pallet. A rustic decor almost always succeeds in creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere in a room. This, of course, applies to staircase wall decor too. A rustic wall decor bring warmth and friendliness to the guests.

Want to add more rustic nuance? You will need proper lighting for that. Dim lighting like in the picture above makes a great addition to a rustic pallet decor. It adds warmth, highlights and completes the decor.

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