17 Creative Window Seat Ideas to Make a Comfy Seating for Any Home

Is there any unused space near your window? If so, why not turn the space into a window seat? The window seat is the place where you can do what you want, from sitting comfortably, reading, conversing to napping. To help you create a comfy one, we listed 17 window seat ideas that you should check out.

While you can be as creative as you can in designing your window seat, there is one thing you need to keep mind: comfort. That’s what really matters regardless of the purpose you want it to fulfill. Now, let’s get to the ideas.

Framed Nook

ideas for window seat
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The chic design is always interesting, including when it is used on a window seat. If you have plenty of room near the window, you can turn it into a cozy resting place.

Add some bed cushions, seat cushions, and a few pillows and you get your own cozy window seat.

Chic window seat blends nicely with just about any interior design. If you have neutral-toned modern interior design, it will work even better.

With such an interior, the window seat looks different from the rest, making it even more inviting.

Since curtain window is a part of a window seat set, how you choose to design it really matters. In case you need some inspiration, check out our curtain window ideas.

Dreamy Window Seat Ideas

window seat ideas bedroom
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Want extra comfy zone in your bedroom? Create a dreamy window seat, then. It is always nice to have a place where you can sit or lie down while enjoying the scenery outside.

To make it dreamy, choose cushions and pillows with colors that complement the color scheme of the bedroom and you are set.

The most important thing about window seat ideas is to make the window seat look and feel as comfortable as possible. It is, after all, meant to be an extra comfort zone.

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Window Seat with Storage

window seat storage ideas
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Having a small space is not an excuse not to create a comfy window seat. With that kind of limitation, you just need to be more creative with it.

A window seat like in the picture above is a good example of being creative.

The window seat looks very inviting with its pink color. The green pillows there prevent the pink from becoming overwhelming.

Notice the storage underneath. This makes the window seat not just inviting but also functional. All that in such a small, compact space.

Modern Window Seat

window seat ideas
img src : Jennifer Hillan

With a large window, you have lots of options in terms of window seat designs. You don’t have to go for a dreamy look to make your window seat look more inviting. On the contrary, even a window seat with a modern and minimalist design can be comfy, too.

window seat ideas for bay windows
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For a modern and minimalist look, use thin seat cushions, a few pillows and a wooden frame with storage as the base of the window seat. For the colors, opt for neutral and earth-tone colors.

In-between Staircase

window bench seat ideas
window seat decorating ideas
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When we say that you can be as creative as you want, we really mean it. If you have windows in-between your staircase, you can turn it into a comfy window seat, too.

Decorating a window in-between staircase is one of the best window seat ideas if you want to maximize the space you have.

Since the available space is more likely to be small, you can’t be as elaborate when you design a window seat elsewhere.

Don’t worry. It can still be inviting and comfy. Just add a few pillows, a thin seat cushion, and to make it more interesting, a unique piece of furniture you want to showcase.

Navy Blue and White

window seat ideas living room
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White and blue is a great color combination. It looks beautiful, elegant, and comfortable. In the example above, notice how the pillows have different patterns yet all have white and blue in them.

While the pillows are dominated by blue, the cushion underneath is all white. This creates a balance.

When you combine white and blue in a window seat, you create not just a comfy zone but also a focal point. If the window seat is in a living room with the same white and blue combination, it will complete the overall theme of the room.

“Just for Me” Window Seat

window seat curtains ideas
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Occasionally, we need a “Me Time” in which you can do your own thing, like reading, alone. To make your time more enjoyable, consider creating a comfy window seat for your “Me Time” session.

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You don’t need a lot for that. Just a small space with soft cushion and pillows and you are set.

Just like most of our window seat ideas here, this “Just for Me” window seat can work in just about any room. If you love reading, consider adding a window seat in your reading room.

Narrow Window Seat

small window seat ideas
img src : stylemepretty

Look at the picture above. It is a window seat made in a quite narrow space. Yet, it looks not just comfortable, it looks inviting, too.

When you create a window seat in a narrow space, make sure that you make it as comfortable as possible while not overdoing it.

Don’t put too many items or it will look crowded. Using one bold color and neutral color for the rest is a good idea.

Natural Window Seat

window seat pillow ideas
img src : pinterest

Do you

  • like to enjoy the scenery outside your house?
  • like a natural design? and
  • have a large, almost frameless window?

If the answers are yes, then consider creating a natural window seat like the above. Among the other window seat ideas, this one allows you to enjoy the scenery outside the most.

Notice how the homeowner makes the window seat even more compatible with the scenery outside by using a cushion and pillows that have plant motif on them.

Rustic Reading Nook

corner window seat ideas
img src : brooks & falotico

A window seat can be turned into a reading nook as well. Of course, it still needs to be comfortable. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy your reading session.

The window seat has a soft cushion, several pillows, storage under the cushion and a built-in bookshelf. A built-in bookshelf is a good choice if you have narrow space. The unfinished wood frames around the window seat make it more interesting and bring a rustic vibe to it.

window box seat ideas
img src : Bloglovin’

A proper window treatment makes the window seat look more interesting. If you are still undecided about what kind of window treatment you should have, be sure to check out our window treatment ideas to get an insight.

DIY Window Seat with Bookshelves

window seat ideas diy
window seat treatment ideas
img src : sandandsisal

You can create a simple window seat with no more than a wooden frame, seat cushion, and two pillows. You can also use what you already have.

If you have bookshelves like the above, you can just place them around your window and place cushion and pillows and voila! A comfy window seat.

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Window Seat Ideas Living Room

ideas for window seat area
img src : houseandgarden

Don’t like how a neutral-colored window seat looks like? Then a bright and bold window seat is your best option.

Play with color by using bright and bold colored pillows in your window seat. Colors like bright blue and purple can really brighten the mood.

Window Seat and Blue Octopus Pillows

window seat ideas for bedrooms
img src : decopad

If you want something simple yet elegant, using white for your window seat is one of the best window seat ideas for you. A mostly white window seat looks simple and elegant. The above window seat is a good example of this.

Avoid going for all-white, as it may look dull and boring. Instead, add a few colors into your window seat, so that it has points of interest.

Colored pillows, books, a globe, flowers, anything that has visible colors. If bright and bold colors are not to your liking, use more neutral colors.

Beach-themed Window Seat

bay window seat cushion ideas
img src : bookbub

Colors like light blue and green remind us of the beach. They give a warm and cozy vibe, which are perfect for a window seat.

If you want a warm and cozy vibe in your window seat, just add pillows with light blue and green color. Adding other items, including books, with the same color is also a good idea.

Compact Reading Nook

low window seat ideas
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sunroom window seat ideas
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Create a compact reading nook by adding a cabinet in your window seat, a seat cushion and two or three pillows.

For a more minimalist look, use white color for the most part. Add several darker colors and wooden surface to be the focal points and you are set. Don’t forget to add lighting above the window.

Colorful Window Seat

window seat bed ideas
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window seat ideas designs
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Brighten the mood of a window seat by using multiple colors in it. With multiple colors, the window seat will look far from boring and dull.

One thing to keep in mind is to be moderate with the color. Too much is overwhelming. It will not look good for a window seat.

Window Seat with Daybed

large window seat ideas
img src : designmag

The last on our window seat ideas list is a window seat with daybed. With daybed, the window seat looks very inviting.

If the daybed has a neutral tone, add colorful pillows, a blanket, and other unique items. This should make the window seat more comfortable and inviting.

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