15 Amazing Crown Molding Ideas You’d Want to Have and How to Install It

Looking for crown molding ideas for inspiration? We got your back. Originally, the crown molding is used to hide cracks on the area where the wall meets the ceiling. Nowadays, homeowners install it even if there is no any crack to be covered. It has become a decorative element, so to speak.

We have collected 15 amazing ideas that you can use to help you design your own crown molding. Before we go to the ideas, we will tell you what crown molding is as well as how to install it. Let’s start with the definition of crown molding first.

What Is Crown Molding?

modern crown molding ideas

It is a decoration installed on the area where the wall meets the ceiling. While at the beginning crown molding is used to cover the cracks in that area, its function now has shifted. Indeed, now homeowners install crown molding in their house to make it prettier, rather than to cover cracks.

While in the past crown molding is used on the area between the ceiling and the wall, now it can also be used in other locations. For example, the entryways, cabinets, bookshelves, fireplace mantels, and even to hide wires. It has now become a pure decorative element.

In general, crown molding is made of plaster or wood. These two are not the only materials, of course. Other materials, like peel and stick, rubber, or styrofoam, can also be used to make crown molding. It is just that plaster and wood are the most popular materials.

How to Install Crown Molding

man installing crown molding
source : thefinishingcompany

Next, let’s talk about crown molding installation. As with many things regarding the house, you can either go DIY-way or have the crown molding installed by a handyman. Since you are reading this, you probably fall in the first category. Don’t worry, we will guide you through the process.

Before we get to the crown molding installation steps, here are the tools and materials you need to prepare:

      • Safety glasses
      • Crown molding
      • Ladder
      • Tape measure
      • Hammer
      • Nails
      • Caulk gun and paintable caulk
      • Coping saw
      • Miter saw

Now that you have prepared tools and materials, here are the steps to install crown molding.

Crown molding material

First and foremost, decide what kind of crown molding you want to choose. Is it going to be wood? Or perhaps peel and stick? Find the advantages and disadvantages of each material and base your final decision on that.

Cut the corners

After you get the crown molding, the first thing to do is to cut its corners. This is also the hardest thing to do in crown molding installation as it sits at an angle.

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The easiest method to cut the molding corners is by using a coping saw. You can use a mitered saw, but since its joint is not as tight as coping saw’s, it will be a lot harder. So just pick your coping saw and start cutting. Don’t worry if there a coped cut has a gap as you can always conceal it using caulk.

Time to measure

The next thing to do is measuring and marking the wall. Use the tape measure and measure the length of the wall for the first piece of crown molding. Don’t forget to mark the wall so you know where the bottom edge of the crown molding should be placed.

Cut to the first piece

Now that you know the length, it is time to cut the first piece of the molding. The goal here is to cut the piece of molding so both of its ends meet the side walls. For that, set the miter saw to 90-degree angle point and cut the molding in a straight line.

Cut to fit the corner

Next is to the next piece. This time, set the saw to 45-degree angle point and place the molding firmly. Make sure the edges pressed firmly against the vertical side fence and the saw table then cut.

Fitting the pieces together

The molding that you just cut is upside down. Think of the saw table as the ceiling. The one edge that is pressed firmly against the vertical side fence is the bottom part. Likewise, the opposite is the top part.

Cut the molding again

Position the molding properly. The next step is to cut the molding. This time, cut it to a 45-degree angle using the 10-inch saw blade.

Before you cut the molding, keep in mind that you must cut it in the right direction. For the outside corner, the top part of the molding should be longer than the bottom. For the inside corner, the bottom part should be longer than the top.

Cope the molding joint

When coping a joint, you need to scribe a molding’s end to another molding’s face. Take a pencil and darken the front edge.

Prepare the coping saw again and cut the molding. Use the line as a guide. Try to cut close to the line, as close as you can. Hold the side of the blade with your thumb to guide the first cut.

Don’t rush when you do this step. Cut it slowly. You don’t want to splinter those delicate edges. Also, try to cut the molding’s edge more.

You don’t have to do cut these parts all at once. Instead, cut small pieces out. This way, making a coped joint will be easier.

Check the fit

Use a scrap piece and check the fit. Is there any gap that must be trimmed? If there are gaps, use your coping saw to cut the high points off.


Now that the fit of the molding is right, take it to the wall. Having a helping hand will be nice here, especially when you need to hold the molding and push the end of the molding into the corner. When you push the molding into the corner, be sure that fit is tight. Then, attach the molding to the wall.

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If you find the joint filled with gaps, take the caulk gun and cover those gaps. For the best effect, use paintable caulk to cover the gaps.

Cut the outside corners

If the outside corners don’t meet exactly, there is no choice but to cut it until they meet exactly. If there are any small mistakes, caulk gun and paint is your friend.

Amazing Crown Molding Design Ideas

Amazing Crown Molding Ideas

Now it is time to get to our list of beautiful crown molding ideas. Below, we listed no less than 15 ideas. They vary very much, so you will find two or more ideas to your liking. Are you ready to get inspired? Here are the ideas.

Decorative Pillar Moulding

simple crown molding ideas
source : FineCraft Contractors

Let’s start the crown molding ideas with something simple. Look at the crown molding here. Baseboard crown molding can turn otherwise negligible, plain, and ordinary corners into focal points. Even such simple crown molding on the corners is able to drastically change the mood of the room.

Doorway Crown Molding

contemporary crown molding ideas
source : Dijeau Poage Construction

The best thing about crown molding wood is that it adds visual cue to nearly any place it is installed on. Yes, that includes a doorway too.

A regular doorway doesn’t look that interesting. A doorway with crown molding wood, on the other hand, looks amazing.

Crown Molding For Walls

crown molding ideas for walls
source : kibre

Of all crown molding ideas, this one is among the smartest. In and of itself, a hallway can’t be focal point. Nor does it look appealing. With proper decoration like crown molding ceiling, the situation changes.

Take a look how the molding ‘frames’ the hallway. By framing the hallway, the molding adds not just visual cues but also texture, which makes the hallway more attractive.

Magnificent Molding

inexpensive crown molding ideas
source : marquetteturner

What if there are cracks on the ceiling? Or perhaps you want to give them a sleek and clean look? Whether it is to cover the cracks or add a sleek and clean look, crown molding corners is your best option.

The corner as seen here looks distinctive, sleek and clean. All that comes from the amazing crown molding corners installed. It is a small addition with huge impact.

Trim Molding Columns

crown molding ideas living room
source : sawdustgirl

Framing the doorway is one of the best crown molding ideas if you want to add subtle beauty. Crown molding is both noticeable and unnoticeable, visually speaking.

Crown molding can serve as a complementary element to a décor as well as serve as the focal point of any room. That will depend on how decorated the room is. In a plain room like this, the molding is the star of the room

Cabinet Crown Molding Ideas

crown molding ideas for kitchen cabinets
source : carriethishome

Yes, what you see here are cabinets with crown molding. When it comes to crown molding ideas, there is little to no limitation.

Remember, it is a decorative element that fits nearly all space. That includes the cabinets. A small decorative touch like crown molding can turn ordinary cabinets into elegant cabinets.


easy crown molding ideas
source : thriftydecorchick

It is another example of crown molding designs for a doorway. Unlike the other designs, however, this involves a small door.

A small doorway like this benefits a lot from crown molding. How could it not? The molding allows the doorway to stand out, becoming a point of interest despite its small size.

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Wall Crown Molding Ideas

Wall Crown Molding Ideas
source : Houzz

The previous crown molding ideas involve white-colored molding. That is the default color of the molding but it is by no means the only color, let alone the best for molding.

Sometimes, it is better to paint the molding to fit the interior. This one here is a good example of crown molding designs that blends in well with the rest of the room. Here, the molding serves as a complementary part of the décor, rather than the focal point. It still looks amazing, of course.

Ceiling Crown Molding

crown molding ideas for ceilings
source : shelterness

The previous crown molding ideas don’t include patterns for the molding. Sure, even without patterns, molding already looks good enough as a décor element.

But what if you want to amplify its character, texture, and charm? In that case, crown molding ceiling with patterns like the one here is the ideal option for you.

Kitchen Crown Molding

kitchen cabinet crown molding ideas
source : Intermarble

How the kitchen looks is important. After all, this is the room where we prepare and cook our food. It should be made as functional and attractive as possible.

If you don’t how to, here’s a good idea install crown molding on walls of the kitchen. It is a small touch that will bring elegance to the kitchen.

Speaking of the kitchen, how does your kitchen look like? If your kitchen currently looks plain and bland, our kitchen decor ideas here will help you make it more interesting.

Molding and Trim

decorative crown molding ideas
source : jillian.harris

Remember, crown molding is only one among many décor elements you can add to your house. There are still a lot more décor elements. For example, wall trim.

A crown molding/wall trim combo makes any room looks better. Just look how gorgeous this room is thanks to the crown molding and wall trim.

Master Bedroom Crown Molding

master bedroom crown molding ideas
source : memiainteriors

If elegant décor elements are what you want, crown molding and wainscoting is surely among best crown molding ideas you can try.

Take a look this amazing bedroom. The crown molding and wainscoting here and there amplify the elegant vibe. The duo also adds texture, too, making the room more appealing.

Wainscoting is similar to crown molding in terms of adding value and beauty to a room. Want to know how it looks like in the bathroom? Check out these bathroom wainscoting.

In the Bedroom

farmhouse crown molding ideas
source : spackle_and_sparkle

Installing crown molding ceiling in your bedroom? Why not! The previous example, albeit paired with wainscoting, proves that crown molding is a nice décor element even for the bedroom. Used alone, it is more than capable of adding a touch of elegance into the bedroom.

Rustic Hallway

crown molding ideas for tray ceiling
source : Jeri Koegel Photography

What can improve the look rustic hallway? Crown molding ceiling, of course. The crown molding above captures and frames the rustic ceiling, pulling the beholders’ focus into it. If you want to make a statement, crown molding ceiling is your friend.

Basement Crown Molding

crown molding ideas
source : Picture Perfect House

The last one in our crown molding ideas list involves an arch. An arch is an unusual shape for a doorway. In and of itself, it already looks inviting and charming.

Added with crown molding, it becomes the focal point of the room. This is another beauty of crown molding: it is so versatile.

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