21 Awesome Mudroom Ideas to Enhance Your Home

The entryway, more popularly known as the mudroom, is the bridge between the indoor and the outdoor. Originally, it was used to store items when people went home. Today, it transformed into full-blown storage. And here, we collected 20 mudroom ideas that will entice you to keep things organized.

There are myriads of ways you can decor the mudroom. Our ideas here can be used for just about any decor styles, be it rustic, farmhouse, modern, contemporary, or minimalist. You probably will find two or more ideas to your liking. Okay, with no further ado, here are the ideas.

Classic Elegant Styles

rustic mudroom ideas
source : j.wayne interior styling

The main purpose of a mudroom is indeed for storing items. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying elegant mudroom design ideas like this one here. Look does matter, especially if you want to impress your guests with the entrance.

For the mudroom, the elegance should be subtle rather than obvious. This can be achieved in many ways. For example, painting the mudroom white, adding a warm rug on the floor, and hanging beautiful lighting fixtures on the ceiling. The best main color for such an elegant vibe is white, which gets paired with neutral accent colors.

Rustic Wood Touches

organized mudroom ideas
source : zillow

How much storage do you need? The answer depends on your needs and circumstances. To keep things organized and clutter-free, the best mudroom ideas will be to build more storage than what you really need. Or in other words, make extra storage.

The key to an organized and clutter-free is extra storage. With extra storage, you won’t have to worry about disorganization or clutter.

This mudroom here is a nice representation of a mudroom with extra storage. It has hooks to hang items, several shelves, and storage underneath.

Mudroom Organization Ideas

modern mudroom ideas
source : Z+ Interiors

What do you think about minimalist ideas for mudroom? Does it look too plain and boring for you? Although minimalist style does keep things down to the minimum, proper designing can make it looks stylish, too. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, organization and neutral yet beautiful colors.

The top, right, and bottom parts are box-shaped storage while the middle one is open, filled with hooks and can be used as makeshift seating.

As for the color, the mudroom is mostly white with light and pale brown coming from wooden boxes and board. Simple? Very. Stylish? Without a doubt.


entryway mudroom ideas
source : southernhospitalityblog

While incorporating multiple colors brightens the mood of a mudroom, using a single main color is surely not among bad ideas for mudroom. If anything, it can look just as good too. This mudroom proves that.

Notice how the storage here is fully gray. Gray is a neutral color. And this is where the benefit comes: the storage becomes an excellent background that displays the items stored in it. This is especially true if the items have bright colors, which only highlight them further.

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Entryway Mudroom Ideas

small mudroom ideas
source : Anchor Builders

Most of our mudroom storage ideas here can be applied to just about any mudroom. We don’t think size matters that much. How you utilize the space you have mattered more. That said, this one is meant for people who have a small mudroom.

Having a small mudroom shouldn’t be an excuse to allow it to be bland and boring. On the contrary, it should be a motivation to make the mudroom looks even better.

Consider this example. Notice how the mudroom is divided into three parts: one above for shelving, one in the middle for a coat rack, and one below for a bench and shoe storage. This separation makes the mudroom looks larger than it is. Not to mention it makes it easier to manage your stuff too.

The coat rack is also important. Its function shouldn’t be the only focus, though. It can be a beautiful addition to any entrance, provided you pick the right one. Find out more about it here.

It’s Warm

garage mudroom ideas
source : musestudio

Want mudroom ideas with farmhouse touches? This one is for you. You can just feel this mudroom’s warmth. And this happens thanks to the color scheme and wooden surfaces, which are the most common components of farmhouse style.

Notice the mudroom here also have natural stone flooring. This further adds warmth. Your guests will be delighted when they see a warm mudroom like this.

How does your entryway bench look like? Does it look extraordinary or ordinary? If it looks ordinary, you can use these entryway bench ideas to make it looks extraordinary.

Small Laundry and Mud Room

laundry room mudroom ideas
source : Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

The mudroom is temporary storage for items that may be dirty. For example, dirty clothes, shoes, coats, and so on. Since it is temporary, you have to move those items to the laundry sooner or later.

Whether you want to make cleaning and storing simpler or want to save space, combining the mudroom and laundry room into one is definitely among the best mudroom laundry ideas. With a mudroom and laundry room combo, cleaning and storing items never made easier.

The laundry room, similar to the mudroom, also keeps the house organized and clutter-free. Do you want to make your laundry room more attractive? These laundry room ideas can help you.

Mudroom Benches

DIY Entryway Mudroom Reveal
source : littleredbrickhouse

The next idea in our mudroom ideas list is simple. Beauty is often associated with something complex and intricate. Well, something that is simple can look beautiful too.

The simple mudroom here is an example of beautiful mudroom design ideas. It sure looks beautiful, but not in an overt manner.

If you like a subtle beauty for your mudroom, consider using white and neutral colors for the color scheme. The white and neutral colors here serve as the backdrop, the accent colors complement it, and the bold green and red make it more attractive. It is as subtle as you get.

Mudroom Hallway

small space mudroom ideas
source : pinkribboncottage

Yes, another example of farmhouse ideas for mudroom. Farmhouse elicits warmth and friendliness. If you want to make your guests feel at home, adding farmhouse touches is surely one of the best mudroom design ideas you can try.

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The farmhouse mudroom here is made cozier by the fabric and pillows. The rattan basket adds the rustic feeling, and the framed quote makes it feel more personal. It is a lovely mudroom where everyone will enjoy spending time and conversing in.

Mudroom Small Space

front entrance mudroom ideas
source : younghouselove

The next one differs a bit from many mudroom ideas on the list. While many ideas incorporate white and neutral colors, this one uses bright and bold colors.

Unlike the previous example, this mudroom gives off a fun and happy vibe, the kind of vibe that puts a smile on the face.

What makes this idea interesting is that you can get the bright and bold colors from the decorations, from the items stored in the mudroom or both. Notice how the white storage serves as the perfect background for the items here.

White Mudroom with Chalkboard Paint

mudroom ideas pinterest
source : z plus interiors

Of all mudroom ideas here, this one is meant specifically for families. Do you have enough room for everyone? Then make room for everyone. Divide the mudroom into parts, with each part meant specifically for a certain family member.

For example, this part is for dad, that part is for mom, and the parts on the side are for children. Not only this make organization a lot easier, but this also teaches the children discipline and order too. If you have a family, this is certainly one of the best ideas for mudroom storage.

Neutral Beauty

large mudroom ideas
source : briahammelinteriors

We do speak a lot about neutral mudroom design ideas. We do so for a good reason. Namely, a neutral mudroom design allows you to be creative and personal. Look at this mudroom, for instance.

In and of itself, the neutral mudroom looks inviting and just amazing. But you can still make it more amazing. How? By including your favorite decorations in it. And of course, that will be different from one person to another. That’s the beauty of neutral mudroom design ideas.

Farmhouse Touches

farmhouse mudroom ideas
source : twelveonmain

Nothing beats farmhouse mudroom ideas in terms of giving off a warm and inviting vibe. That is a fact. That is also what makes a farmhouse-inspired mudroom a good choice if you want to give a warm greeting to your guests.

One of the best things about the farmhouse mudroom design ideas is its flexibility. Indeed, as seen here, the farmhouse touches mingle well with the minimalist mudroom/laundry room. Adding farmhouse touches make a simple, practical, and stylish mudroom/laundry room warmer and more inviting.

Layers of Shelving

mudroom ideas small spaces
source : houseofturquoise

When it comes to mudroom shelving ideas, there are just so many variations you can incorporate in your mudroom. For example, layered shelving.

Layered shelving makes it clear where the shoes should be placed, where the coats, where the bags, where the hats and so on.

The best prevention for clutter is extra storage. And these shelving ideas provide lots of storage. Not just storage, in fact. It is more like designated storage for each type of item.

Office Mudroom Ideas

office mudroom ideas
source : lifeoncedarlane

If you don’t have enough space to create a separate mudroom, you can combine it with another room. And before you ask, no, it doesn’t have to be a laundry room. You can combine it with a home office, for example.

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A mudroom/home office may seem strange at first but they do make a great combination. Especially, if they both decorated in the same style, as seen here.


mudroom ideas laundry rooms
source : bonniesfarmhouse

Not everyone likes their mudroom to be bright or colorful. Some people would rather have a monochromatic color scheme for their mudroom.

The question is, do monochromatic mudroom ideas result in a good-looking mudroom? Apparently, the answer is yes. Yes, it does.

This monochromatic mudroom gives off a relaxing and calming vibe, making it the perfect place to be after your tiring journey.

Its monochromatic color scheme also gives a way for the beautiful outdoor scene outside to shine. Now, who wouldn’t like to see such beautiful scenery?

Fully Decorated

unique mudroom ideas
source : thelongawaitedhome

This one is the total opposite of minimalist ideas for mudroom storage. While the minimalist keeps downsizing things to minimal thus using fewer decorations, this one fills the mudroom with decorations to the brim.

Such a fully decorated mudroom is among the ideal mudroom makeover ideas if you want to welcome the upcoming holiday and/or season. This one here, for example, is designed to welcome Christmas.

Unsurprisingly, the mudroom is not just fully decorated with Christmas-themed decorations but also has lots of storage for the family and incoming guests. What a warm and accommodating mudroom it is!

‘Compact’ Mudroom

narrow hallway mudroom ideas
source : thesimplystyledhome

A small mudroom organization differs a bit from a large mudroom organization. If your mudroom is small, you won’t have as much storage for your items.

As such, you need to use the storage only for the essential items. Notice there are only two baskets as storage in this ‘compact’ mudroom.

One of the best mudroom ideas for small mudroom is to keep the mudroom bright. Adding a large mirror will surely help, not just to make the mudroom brighter but also create the impression that the mudroom is larger than it is.

Shining Brightly

small laundry mudroom ideas
source : ninahendrickhome

Allowing as much natural light as possible to lighten up the mudroom is never a bad idea. If anything, it is among the best ideas for mudroom. A bright mudroom looks clean and tidy. And who wouldn’t want to have such a mudroom?

If you want to make your mudroom shine, your best option is to incorporate lots of white surfaces. As for the accent colors, light brown and brown make excellent accent colors.

Navy Blue and White

mudroom ideas
source : katewalker_design

The last idea in our mudroom ideas list is to play with contrast. It is not black and white, though. Rather, play with navy blue and white.

Navy blue and white is a foolproof contrast that can make just any space more attractive and appealing. Of course, the mudroom is not an exception.

And this contrast can be achieved very easily. For example, if your mudroom is painted white, you can add navy blue cushions and it will look a lot more interesting. Yes, like the mudroom you have seen here. For the flooring, wooden flooring will be ideal.

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