17 Amazing Corner Desk Ideas to Build for Small Office Spaces

Which space is often lest underutilized by most homeowners? That’s correct. The answer is the corner. There are myriads of ways to transform the corner, among them is creating a corner desk. Need some corner desk ideas? We collected some ideas here to help you create a nice corner desk.

From a compact corner desk, DIY desk, modern to minimalist. Are you ready to transform your corner into an extraordinary desk? Alright, here are the ideas.

Compact Corner Desk Ideas

source : polagram

First and foremost, a compact corner desk office. This compact desk may not seem elaborate but it is enough for many of us. It is a proof that less is more.

There nothing that stands out too much in this desk. A compact desk in the corner like this helps you to focus as there is less distraction. Every decor blends well with one another, creating a whole sleek and sophisticated look.

Elegant Home Office

corner desk office ideas
source : homebunch

Are you the boss of you? If you are, why not create an elegant corner desk for home office? Well, even if you aren’t, having an elegant working desk is never a bad idea. Nothing is wrong with decorating your desk to your liking.

Notice how appealing the black-brown wooden tabletop and the white drawers are. Not to mention the comfy chair and the royal purple carpet. If you want elegance, this one is among you’re the best corner desk ideas for you.

Black White Corner Desk

home office corner desk ideas
source : royaldesignstudio

While some people do like elegance in their home office, there are others who like a relaxing vibe in theirs. That is not surprising. After all, working in a relaxing desk is always nice. You get your job done and you don’t stress about it.

To create such a vibe, combine pale blue and white with black as the accent color. This combination makes the desk looks a lot more interesting while at the same time, keeping it from looking obnoxious.

Corner Desk L Shape

corner desk l shape
source : designsponge

There is no need to make the corner desk too serious. Sometimes, being playful is the best option. Notice how colorful this desk is compared to the other examples. It has many colored decorations, a warm rug, and even plants. All of which brings a playful vibe to the room.

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Corner Desk Organization

corner desk organization ideas
source : pinterest

Compared to the other ideas, a black and white corner desk may seem to be basic. Well, it is basic but when done properly, it becomes very attractive.

Notice how the thick black lines contrast with white and gray. If you want a foolproof way to make your desk more attractive, just play with contrast.

Corner Desk for Kids

corner desk for kids
source : barnrumsbloggen

Kids need a desk, too. A desk for kids should have cute decorations, toys, coloring pencils, books and drawing books so they can play and have fun at the desk. Also, to accommodate their needs, the desk should be lowered so they can reach them.

Corner Desk Setup Ideas

corner desk setup ideas
source : casadasamigas

A few rustic elements can turn what is an otherwise serious and cold corner desk into a familiar and warm one. If you want a desk that brings you the feeling of ease, making it a bit rustic is among the best corner desk ideas for you.

The unfinished floor, a rustic basket, a traditional chair and flowers in the desk bring the familiarity and warmth. The table itself is not rustic but it allows the other decorations to stand out and complement them.

Corner Desk DIY

corner desk plans woodworking
source : homedit

Notice how the desk is created with wooden pallet. It is a rather unusual looking desk. However, compared to the other ideas, this one is certainly among the most clever and creative of them all.

No matter what kind of designs there are, there is nothing as good as corner desk DIY. How could it be? The answer is simple.

You can personalize a corner desk DIY down to its smallest parts. If a personalized desk is what you are after, look no further than a DIY desk.

Chic Corner Desk Ideas

corner desk ideas for small spaces
source : society19

No one can deny how attractive a chic corner desk is. This cute desk is a combination of being stylish and utility. The colors of the items contribute to its chicness while the items themselves are there for certain purposes. Nothing is there without purpose, including the framed typography on the wall.

There are three main colors on the desk: pink, white and black.

  • The most dominant color is pink, which is the source of the chicness.
  • There is white, which provides a great background.
  • And there is black, which accentuates the chic style further.
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With such a color combination, it is one of the best corner desk ideas if you want to be stylish.

Corner Desk Computer

corner desk computer
Source : styleathome

What if you want something modern? Try introducing modern decor elements in the corner desk, then. Modern decor tends to not eat up space.

Just look at how narrow the table and shelves are. While they are narrow and not bulky, they can still hold items on them. This frees up more space, preventing the desk from looking cramped.

The desk is mostly in white with brown surfaces to accentuate it. The contrast of white and brown is just enough, neither standing too much nor less apparent.

Corner Desk for Bedroom

small bedroom storage ideas on a budget
source : shanty-2-chic

There is nothing wrong with having a corner desk for bedroom. But, due to the constricted space, you need to be creative about it. Creating storage on either side of the desk is not ideal as it will make the bedroom looks cramped and overcrowded.

Here’s the solution: make extra storage above the desk. With this storage, the desk can be free from clutter, allowing you to study or work with less distraction.

Regardless of the size of our bedroom, we always need more storage. Our clever bedroom storage ideas can help you add more storage in unexpected ways.

L-shaped Corner Desk Design

corner computer desk ideas
source : lugarchic

While most of our corner desk ideas here involve the table hugging the corner, that doesn’t have to be the rule. Indeed, a desk that faces away from the corner is great, too.

This modern and sleek corner desk L shape is a good example of a corner desk with L shape. That’s for the position. What about the looks? As for the looks, the desk combines light green and white, bringing a fresh and modern vibe to the space.

Corner Desk for Home Office

corner desk home office
source : pbteen

The less distraction there is, the easier it is to focus. This applies to any working station. Yes, even to the corner desk. If you want a desk where you can focus easily, consider making it mostly white, just like the above corner computer desk.

The room is all white with colors coming from books, a small decor, and a laptop. Thanks to the white background, sharply defined lines all around and the chair’s shape, the desk somehow feels and looks futuristic. Stylish? Yes. Great for work? Absolutely.

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Having a home office is one thing. Having an amazing home office is another. Check out our home office ideas to get inspired.

Contemporary Style

corner desk small
source : vintageblackboard

The contemporary style brings you to the now. And for work, that means working at the task at hand. You can’t work effectively if your desk is full of distraction. And here is where the contemporary style comes in handy.

Notice how none of the colors of the desk are too bold. If anything, they are all mild. So are the shapes of the decorations. The less obvious nature of the contemporary style is another good example of work-friendly corner desk ideas.

If you have lots of books to store, you will need a bookshelf. Our bookshelf decor ideas can help you create a unique bookshelf. So, check them out.

Minimalist Corner Desk Ideas

corner desk home office ideas
source : sofiasakare

Among all other corner desk examples, this one is certainly one of the best in terms of simplicity and utility. How could it not? Each and every item in this desk is there for a reason. There is no useless item. There is no space wasted. It is truly minimalist in a sense.

Simplicity doesn’t imply blandness or boring, though. Thanks to the brown surfaces and plants here and there, the desk looks appealing while still being simple.

Rustic Corner Deck

corner desk diy
source : pinterest

Not every one of us requires an elaborate and complex corner desk. Some of us just need a small and simple corner desk small space where we can work at undisturbed. If that is what you are after, a wall-mount table and a chair are all that you need.

To avoid looking boring and ordinary, adding a bit of decoration like a pot, lighting and a framed typography. These will brighten up the desk while not being distracting enough to bother you.

‘Ladder’ Corner Desk

corner desk ideas
source : apartmentapothecary

Lastly, a ‘ladder’ corner desk. Compared to the previous corner desk ideas, this one looks really uncommon. It is a mix between a functional corner desk and a decoration.

Just look at the desk. It looks like a ‘ladder’ with the lowest step becoming the desk while the mid and highest steps becoming storage.

Notice there is also a climbing vine on the side. This not just adds a natural vibe to the room but also upward motion, accentuating the ‘ladder’ even further.

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