17 Beautiful Window Box Ideas that Will Make Your Window More Stylish

The window box, just like other parts of a window, is important in terms of function and appearance. Therefore, you need to design it properly to get the most out of it. If you don’t know how, here we have 17 window box ideas you can use to get insight.

There are many things you can do to your window box. What you should do, depends on what you want from it. Do you want it to complement the surrounding area? Or turn it into a focal point? We will cover all that. Now, let’s see what these ideas are.

Shaded Beauties

window box design ideas
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Let’s start with bright and bold. If you want to make your window box as the focal point, one of the best ideas to do so is to choose plants with bright and bold colors. For example, pink and purple flowers.

Bright and bold window box works well if the surrounding area has a neutral color like white. With a neutral background, the bright and bold window box clearly stands out, thus becoming the focal point of the area.

Gorgeous Floral

window box planters ideas
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Window Box Planting Ideas

window box planting ideas
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The next on our list of window box ideas is to use various plants in your window box. There is no limitation on how many colors you can use in a window box. That’s right. If you want to turn the window box into a point of interest, using several colors is a good idea too.

In the picture above, you can see that there are several plants with different colors. Although the colors are different, they share something in common: they are all bold colors.

Plants and Pots

window box ideas for fall
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When you plant plants on your window box directly, you will need to clean them regularly. The thing is, the plants are inside the window box. This may make it difficult to clean it thoroughly. If you don’t want to deal with that, a great alternative is to use pots instead.

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When you plan plants on pots, thorough cleaning is a lot easier. Why? Because the window box and the plants are separated. In addition to that, if the pots have interesting shapes and colors, it will make the window box even more appealing. Who wouldn’t want that?

Mini Garden

window box ideas summer
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WindowBox Ideas for Summer

window box ideas for summer
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The previous window box ideas turn the window box into a focal point in and of itself. What if you want it to be a complementary part instead? In that case, you can imitate the example above.

When you have a garden outside, consider planting similar plants on your window box. By doing so, the plants on the window box will complement the garden you have. It is a great way to create a small yet immersive garden.

“Hanging” Window Boxes

window box ideas for winter
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There is something interesting about the picture above. Due to the chains and the color of the window, the window boxes underneath seem to be hanging. They are not. Still, it is a nice and creative illusion.

If you want to create “hanging” window boxes like the example above, you need to paint the window boxes with the same color as the window frames. Any color will do, but darker colors are the better option. Then, add something that makes the windows look as if they are hanged.

You can’t have interesting windows if you don’t have proper window treatment. If you haven’t decided about window treatment, check out our window treatment ideas here for inspiration.

Low Window Box Ideas

window box ideas for full sun
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Window Box Ideas Full Sun

window box ideas full sun
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Do you

  • have windows that are just several feet away from the ground?
  • have a garden outside?
  • want to get a natural vibe from your window box?

If the answers are yes, then consider creating a low window box. A low window box allows the plants to grow down toward the ground. When they grow long enough, perhaps even touch the ground. This brings a natural vibe, especially if there is a garden outside.

Invisible Box Design

window box ideas for shade
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What if you want to hide the box and just show the plants? Well, why not? That looks great too! Having an invisible box makes it as if the plants just grow out of the window. It is a great idea, especially if you want a natural look.

To make the window box stay hidden, you need plants that can grow long without burdening the box too much. For example, ferns and flowers.

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Window Planter Box with Fall

window box liner ideas
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The next example is a window planter box with a fall theme. A window planter box allows you to plant different plants, not just fresh ones but also dried ones as well.

If you want to welcome fall season or just like how a fall theme décor looks like, consider combining fresh and dried plants in your planter box.

Box Bay Window

window box garden ideas
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There are many houses that have a plain exterior. These kinds of houses are simply boring. That is unfortunate, considering there are many things a homeowner can do to make their exterior more interesting. This, of course, includes something simple like decorating the window box.

In the example above, the house is dominated by the white and blue navy. To make the exterior more interesting, the homeowner decorates their window box with colorful plants. Thanks to these colorful plants, the house now looks far more interesting. It is a lot livelier, too.

Window Box Christmas Ideas

window box christmas ideas
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Window Box Ideas for Christmas

window box ideas for christmas
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Our previous window box ideas mostly don’t have a certain theme to it. That doesn’t mean you can’t go for a theme that you like. In fact, we suggest you do just that. Find a theme that you really like and use it for your window box.

To give you an example, if you like Christmas décor, try to decorate your box with pine cones, some greeneries, ribbons, and of course, jingle bells.

You don’t have to wait for the season for this. Even if it is out of season, Christmas décor is always a pleasure to look at.

Elegant Window Box

indoor window box ideas
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Window Box Decorating Ideas

window box decorating ideas
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Take a look at the image above. Looks very elegant, isn’t it? There is nothing that can make a window box looks elegant more than white flowers, vibrant green leaves, and a white box. This works especially well if you have neutral and earth tone colors surrounding the box.

What you need to keep in mind to get this look is that flowers bloom at different times and the duration of the bloom of some flowers is short.

As such, you may not be able to get the look year-round. That being said, when the flowers bloom, you will love how they look. Is it worth the wait? Yes.

DIY Window Box

box window treatment ideas
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Let’s say that your window does not have a window box at the moment. Yet, you want to decorate your window with plants. What can you do? The answer is to create a DIY window box. With a DIY window box, you can get the look you wanted. Not to mention you can get more creative, too.

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In the picture above, the window box is made of unfinished wood. It certainly looks simple. However, its simplicity only adds uniqueness and appeal of the window box décor as a whole.

Speaking of windows, how does your window kitchen look like? If you are planning to decorate it yet still unsure of the design, be sure to check our window kitchen ideas.

Delicate Wood Planter Box

window box ideas with flowers
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Window Boxes Ideas Tips

window boxes ideas tips
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The window box can be a decoration in and of itself. Do you like how finished wood surface look like? If you do, consider having a delicate wood planter box like the above.

The best thing about this kind of planter box is that you can create it on your own. That’s right. This is another example of DIY window box ideas. Since the box is more delicate than the previous DIY box example, it will take more time. The reward is awesome, though.

Charleston Window Boxes

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Sometimes, less is more. In this case, the window box does not look that extraordinary. It is simple. However, since it blends with the window, it highlights the plants thus turning the plants into a unique point of interest.

White Window Box Planter

window box ideas for spring
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Cheap Window Box Ideas

cheap window box ideas
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You can go with white for your window box planter, too. White looks simple but thanks to its neutral look, it allows the plants inside the box to really stand out. White planter box works particularly well with plants with bold colors. If you are looking for simple window box ideas, this one is certainly one of the best.

Window Box to Welcome Summer

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Previously, we got the fall, spring and Christmas themes. This one has a summer theme. To welcome the season, you can decorate your window box with greeneries like hydrangeas, ferns, flowers or just about any other garden plants with vibrant green leaves.

Repurposed Wood Window Box

exterior window box ideas
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Using repurposed wood is a good way to save the environment and your money. If you have unused wood, making a box with the unused wood is certainly one of the best window box ideas. Unused wood has a unique appeal to it, so don’t worry about it looking bad. If done properly, it will look antique.

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