21+ Charming Bathroom Wainscoting Ideas for Your Next Project

Wainscoting is a unique feature that can be applied to nearly any part of the house including the bathroom. Originally used to improve a room’s insulation, now many homeowners add wainscoting for decorative purposes. And here, we listed 20 ideas to help you make amazing bathroom wainscoting.

There are myriads of ways to incorporate wainscoting in the bathroom. From a decor divider, a complementary decoration to texture adder, the versatility of wainscoting is truly amazing. Alright, without further ado, here are the ideas.

Gray Wainscoting Bathroom

bathroom with wainscoting
source : anthonywilder

The best thing about wainscoting for bathroom is that you can use it to emphasize the bathroom’s decor. For example, the clean lines of the wainscoting mingle well with the diagonal lines of the walls. It serves as clear, defined lines for the bathroom.

The wainscoting is white too, which further highlights and brings the focus to the other decorations in the bathroom. Such is how amazing wainscoting for bathroom is. Its white surface also helps to reflect light better, making the narrow bathroom bright, looks and feels larger.

For Texture

wainscoting a bathroom
source : homebunch

Texture can come from many sources. Fabric is but one source. There are still a lot of sources, including wainscoting. Do you want to add texture to your bathroom and keep the white color intact? In that case, bathroom wainscoting with jutting out surface is the best bathroom wainscoting ideas for you.

Notice how this all-white bathroom looks like. Thanks to the surface of the wainscoting, the bathroom doesn’t look plain or bland. If anything, the texture adds visual cues to it. It becomes more pleasant to the eyes.

Decor Separator

bathroom with wainscoting ideas
source : addicted2decorating

A bathroom decor, regardless of how amazing it looks, needs a clear border that separates the parts. The simplest partition will be two halves of the wall. By separating the wall into two halves, the decor won’t look too confusing or distracting to the eyes.

And nothing can top wainscoting for bathroom in terms of decor separator. Look at this beautiful bathroom. The fact that the wainscot makes a clear distinction between the lower and upper halves of the walls impart a clean, focused, detailed, and stylish vibe to the bathroom.

Simple DIY Beadboard

wainscoting for bathroom
source : angelamariemade

Into DIY projects and have your way around tools? Well, why not make your own bathroom wainscoting? Making your own DIY wainscoting has lots of benefits. Among the biggest benefits is that you can design the way you want. This gives you freedom in terms of styling.

Another benefit is that it is relatively cheaper than pre-made wainscoting. Sure, it costs more time and energy in return, but the benefits really outweigh the downsides. Just look at this simple DIY wainscoting for bathroom. It looks so pretty and exciting, isn’t it?

Bathroom Beadboard Wainscoting

bathroom beadboard wainscoting
source : Houzz

Painting the walls in a single color can make a statement. Painting the walls in half and installing wainscoting for bathroom, on the other hand, make a more impactful statement decor-wise. Not to mention a single color can make the bathroom feels cramped, which is never a good thing.

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These yellow walls and beadboard wainscoting impart style to the bathroom. The wainscoting keeps the lower part of the bathroom interesting but without being too overt about it. Depending on what material you use for the wainscoting, it can also protect the walls from water and humidity.

An Elegant Touch

bathroom wainscoting pictures
source : BHG

One of the easiest ways to add elegance in any room, including the bathroom, is by incorporating wainscoting. This bathroom wainscoting here just proves that. Look how simple the wainscot is. And yet, it manages to add a touch of elegance to the monochromatic bathroom.

The wainscoting for bathroom here also becomes some sort of a backdrop for the pale teal walls. The contrast between the white and the pale teal brings a calming and relaxing effect. An elegant bathroom with a calming and relaxing effect. Who wouldn’t want that?

Subtle Beauty

small bathroom with wainscoting
source : Sloan Architects

Does beauty require complex and intricate design elements? Not necessarily. Beauty can come from simplicity, too. If you want to add beauty but don’t want to make it obvious, you can opt for subtle beauty. This bathroom with wainscoting is an excellent example of such beauty.

Notice how the bathroom is divided into three parts: brown flooring, white wainscoting, and pale green walls. The three colors balance and contrast each other perfectly, creating a harmony that adds the bathroom’s beauty further. The bathroom also has windows, which allow the natural light to enter and brighten the mood.

Charming Character

wainscoting for bathroom walls
source : @exeterpaint

Let’s say your bathroom decor is already set. There is no way to add charm and character to it unless a total renovation is done.

What can you do? Is there any option left for you? Of course. Here’s a good idea: you can try wainscoting a bathroom.

Bathroom wainscoting is available in various shapes, sizes, and styles, as the previous examples have shown you. For more charming and character, choose wainscoting with patterns and surface like this one. It adds not just charm but also character to the bathroom.

Modern Shiplap

bathroom wainscoting ideas
source : keystoinspiration

What do you think about this small bathroom with wainscoting? Perception is the key. Even if a bathroom is actually small, decorations can make it perceived to be larger.

A good decoration for a small bathroom is the one that takes attention away from its size, something which the modern shiplap does so nicely.

And as expected, this modern shiplap wainscoting for bathroom also adds texture as well. Whether you want to make the bathroom perceived larger or want to add texture, a modern shiplap wainscot is a great option.

Set the Mood

wainscoting bathroom walls
source : Zillow

Notice how the wainscot sets the mood here. It blends very well with the textures of the mirrors’ frames, the cabinet’s, and even with the crown molding above. With the bathroom being mostly white, the textured white surfaces set the mood.

The result? A bathroom that looks modern and elegant. The most important lesson to take here is that you don’t need to include bold-colored, complex, or extravagant decorations to make a bathroom looks modern and elegant. Sometimes what it takes is something simpler, like bathroom wainscot.

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Unique Wainscoting

bathroom with wainscoting and tile
source : Design Cube Inc

The previous bathroom wainscoting examples have shown you how amazing wainscoting as complementary decoration is. Now the question is, can it be a focal point in and of itself? The answer is yes. Yes, it can be a focal point. But it has to be unique and more noticeable for that.

This unique wainscoting for bathroom here just proves it. The wainscoting is unique because it includes a backsplash strip. Notice how it takes attention away from the other parts of the bathroom. It succeeds in making the bathroom looks more appealing.

Farmhouse Style

bathroom wainscoting tile
source : HGTV

The next bathroom wainscoting comes in the farmhouse style. Look at the shiplap wainscoting here. The shiplap texture adds a farmhouse vibe to the bathroom but that is not the only thing about this wainscoting. It also introduces contrast and balance as well.

The wall is divided into two exact halves. The above is a plain navy blue wall with two shelves for toilet stuff. The below is the shiplap wainscoting for bathroom with no decoration at all. These subtle touches, and not just colors, are what make the contrast and balance between the two more interesting.

Bathrooms come in various decor styles. And when it comes to decor styles, there is no absolute rule or limitation. You are free to use whatever decor style you want. Including farmhouse. Want to look at how amazing a farmhouse bathroom can be? You can find out here.

Warm Powder Room

wainscoting on bathroom walls
source : magnolia

A powder room or a half bathroom can also benefit from wainscoting. The color, texture, and tiles of the wainscoting here bring warmth.

The wainscoting isn’t the only decoration that does so, of course. The mirror frame, as well as the rustic vanity, also adds warmth further.

The result? A powder room that looks and feels warm. If you want to make your powder room warm yet don’t want to add too much elaborate or detailed rustic decorations, wainscot for bathroom is among your best options.

The powder room is mostly seen in terms of functionality only. Many people overlook the room’s potential and how valuable it can be. Don’t be like that. Use our amazing powder room ideas and make the most out of it.h

Coastal Decor

bathroom wainscoting images
source : homebunch

This is another example of bathroom wainscoting that contrasts with the walls. And again, the juxtaposition of the wall decor is what defines the bathroom. Notice how the shiplap white wainscoting on the lower part of the wall contrasts with the navy blue above.

Navy blue and white is a foolproof combination. It can be used in nearly any decor style, in any room. A farmhouse-themed bathroom is certainly not an exception. If anything, the combination between the two makes a great coastal bathroom with a bit of warmth.

Wainscoting Bathroom Vanity

bathroom wainscoting photos
source : Carisa Mahnken

The beauty of the vintage decor style is that it is ‘old but gold.’ In other words, even if the decor elements are aged, they still look great. This wainscoting for bathroom shows such a decor element. In terms of style, it certainly looks aged and out of date.

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Despite its aged appearance, the tall wainscot adds an amazing visual cue. Well, actually it defines the bathroom as it occupies two-third of the wall. It overwhelms the space with a classic and elegant vibe. Old? Yes. Gold? Also yes.

Incorporate Textures

bathroom wainscoting height
source : houseofturquoise

Texture, texture, and texture. It is so important it can make or break the appearance of the bathroom. Of course, textured wainscoting for bathroom is not restricted only to white wainscoting. Wainscoting with other colors, like blue here, can look amazing, too.

This blue wainscoting here adds texture that turns what is an otherwise bland and boring bathroom into something really extraordinary and inviting. Its blue color also adds depth, further improving the appearance of the bathroom.


bathroom wainscoting
source : deringhall

Yes, bathroom wainscoting can make a bathroom luxurious too. Take a look at this gorgeous wainscoting. Unlike most bathroom wainscoting ideas in the list, this wainscoting an entire wall. It becomes an accent wall, a luxurious accent wall, in essence.

The bathroom might look good even without the wainscoting. But the presence of the wainscoting is what makes it looks luxurious.

The texture, the lines, the surface, the patterns, all subtle and not-so-subtle touches of the wainscoting makes the bathroom extraordinary.

Wainscoting and Tile Bathroom

bathroom wainscoting over tile
source : debkadas

Not everyone likes detailed decor elements, including wainscoting. Some people just prefer to have simpler things. If you are among these people, then a clean and simple wainscot is certainly for you.

Look at this cozy bathroom. It doesn’t have anything that stands out too much in it. No visual cues that look like a sore thumb, either.

The bathroom has a calming and relaxing vibe to it. Here, the wainscot complements the calming blue and adds subtle style to the room.

Sleek and Stylish

bathroom beadboard wainscoting ideas
source : homebunch

Just look how sleek and stylish this room is. Want to go for a sleek and stylish look? Wainscoting is your friend. A sleek and stylish look often incorporates lots of sharp, defined lines and rectangles. All of which the wainscoting for bathroom here has.

The beauty of this wainscoting is that there is no need to add additional color to get the sleek and stylish look you want. Plain white wainscoting is enough, no, it is the best option for such a look.

Cover Both Sides

bathroom tile wainscoting ideas
source : the_real_houses_of_ig

The last example idea for bathroom wainscoting is to cover both sides. You can treat wainscoting for bathroom just like you treat bathroom tile. In fact, you can have them work in tandem to create a unique bathroom.

The bathroom here is an excellent example of using wainscoting. It covers the left and right sides of the bathroom while the bottom and one other side are decorated with tiles. This gives the bathroom a unique, amazing and inviting look.

Bathroom tile is an important decor element, too. It is so important it can make or break the mood of the bathroom. Unsure of what kind of tile to use for the bathroom? Check out these bathroom tile ideas and get inspired.

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