17 Amazing Outdoor Fireplace Ideas to Make S’mores with Your Family

Fireplace is usually seen indoor. Yet, that does not mean it can’t be installed outdoor. On the contrary, a properly placed outdoor fireplace can be as good as an indoor fireplace. If you want to make an interesting outdoor fireplace, we have some outdoor fireplace ideas that you can try.

Don’t worry. Most of our ideas are simple and can be emulated easily. Alright, with no further ado, here are our ideas.

Pergola Outdoor Fireplace

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Let’s start our outdoor fireplace ideas with pergola. Pergola with outdoor fireplace? Now that’s awesome. Pergola is a nice place to spend your time relaxing, be it drinking your morning coffee or just chilling in the afternoon. With an outdoor fireplace, those times will be even better.

One thing to note when adding a fireplace to a pergola is distance. That is, the fireplace should be neither too close nor too far from the chairs or sofa. Too close it will be too hot, too far and you won’t feel warm.

Comfy Outdoor Patio with Fireplace

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Relaxing in your patio isn’t complete without a fireplace. So if you have a patio, consider adding a fireplace. Why? First, it brings comfort and warmth. Second, it makes the patio more attractive as it can serve as the focal point.

For patios, the fireplace should be open on more than one side. A double sided fireplace will be the minimum, especially if there are lots of people who will enjoy the fireplace. In case you need ideas to create an interesting double sided fireplace, you can use our ideas as inspiration.

Outdoor Fireplace with Torches

outdoor fireplace mantel ideas
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Next in our outdoor fireplace ideas is to add torches to the fireplace. Sometimes, it is nice to enjoy the night in the backyard.

The question is, how can you make it fun, enjoyable, and memorable? You need something unique for that. For example, you can add torches to your fireplace.

As for the fuel, you can use wood, natural gas or propane. If you want something simple and easy, natural gas and propane will be the ideal options. Just remember, the most important thing is that the fire brings warmth and comfort to everyone, whatever the fuel is.

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Outdoor Fireplace with Christmas Décor

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Christmas is coming. Your house is ready for the holiday. To make Christmas even more fun for everyone, why not enjoy the Christmas Eve in the backyard, sitting around a fireplace with the whole family? That would be fun!

Of course, to make things more enjoyable, you should decorate the backyard and the fireplace with Christmas decoration. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Some greenery, a wreath, and poinsettias here and there will be more than enough to prepare it for the holiday.

Fireplace for Thanksgiving

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This one is also among outdoor fireplace ideas for holidays. This time, however, it is for Thanksgiving. To make the special occasion more special, you can hold it outdoor. How? By preparing the backyard with tablescape and fireplace to warm and comfort the whole family.

In terms of design, earth tone colors and rustic pieces of furniture are the best options for Thanksgiving. Both have a calm and warm vibe, which is ideal for the occasion.

Rustic Brick Outdoor Fireplace

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You have a rustic patio with rustic furniture in the backyard. Now, do you have a rustic outdoor fireplace? If you haven’t, consider building one. A rustic patio is not complete without a fireplace. This is especially true if you plan to enjoy the night on your patio.

To get the rustic vibe for the fireplace, you can build the fireplace using bricks as the fireplace tile like in the example above. Speaking of tile, we also have fireplace tile ideas. If you are still unsure of what kind of tile to use in your fireplace, be sure to check them out. It will help you to gain insight.

Unique Outdoor Fireplace

img src : Coogan’s Design

If you like to

  1. enjoy outdoor living
  2. see trees, plants and flowing water
  3. being warmed by a fireplace

then you may want to build an outdoor fireplace like in the example above. A fireplace like that surely becomes the focal point, especially because the outdoor setting is full of greenery.

The glowing water and the soil make the patio look even more natural. This makes sitting on the patio far from boring and dull. In fact, you may want to spend hours and hours on a patio like that. You can do so with a fireplace, as you don’t have to worry about being feeling cold during the night.

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Fireplace in a Deck

img src : homesandstylekc

Let’s move on to the next example on the list. The previous outdoor fireplace ideas are mostly about patios. Now let’s talk about the deck.

To see a deck with a fireplace may be a bit unusual, but it can look as good as outdoor patios. Sometimes, it can even look better as decks are usually more organized.

If you want to build a fireplace on a deck, be sure that the fireplace is on the place where it can warm multiple people. Chances are you will not enjoy the fireplace alone.

Also, with a fireplace on your deck bright lighting is not needed. After all, the fireplace will brighten not just the mood but the deck as well.

Swimming Pool with Fireplace

img src : Douglas C Lynn

You have a swimming pool and a patio. You also want to enjoy the night on the patio. What can you do? Well, why not build a fireplace near the patio? A fireplace near a swimming pool may seem a bit strange but if placed and designed properly, it will certainly become an interesting addition to the space.

To make things better, you can use the color tone of the floor for the fireplace. This allows the fireplace to complement and complete the look of the patio.

Rustic Elegant Fireplace

img src : theglitterguide

There is a saying ‘old is gold.’ The rustic design seems to be among them. It is a classic and timeless design that is still popular even today.

If you have a rustic patio with rustic pieces of furniture, you can complete the rustic look with a rustic fireplace, just like in the example above.

Among other outdoor fireplace ideas, this one is among the best for homeowners who love the rustic design. All you need is tiles with neutral or earth tone colors, rustic materials, and a few accessories like unfinished wood surface or greenery.

‘Built-in’ Fireplace

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Do you want something really unique? Try building a ‘built-in’ outdoor fireplace. Although the fireplace is attached to a building, one of the sides is directed outward.

This allows you to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace comfortably. Just create a simple patio and voila, you got a nice place to enjoy the evening.

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Simple Fireplace Deck

img src : athomearkansas

Not everyone likes an elegant and elaborate outdoor fireplace. There are also people who love simplicity. If you are among these people, building a traditional outdoor fireplace is worth considering. You just need to use bricks as the tiles, add a wood mantle above, and a bit accessory. That’s all.

Concrete Outdoor Fireplace

img src : midwestliving

Fireplace, regardless of whether it is indoor or outdoor, does not need to look complex. Sometimes, a simple fire pit made of concrete is enough. This is especially true if you care more about function more than appearance.

An outdoor fireplace made from concrete will complement the patio, making it into a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the moment. If all you want is to relax and enjoy the moment, then a simple outdoor fireplace should be more than enough.

Brick Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

img src : tracydunndesign

Wreath and leaves can be used as accessories, too. Let’s say you have a rustic outdoor fireplace. You can decorate it with a wreath on its upper half and with leaves on its lower half.

It is a good way to make the fireplace more attractive, especially if Christmas is coming.

White Stucco Fireplace

img src : alyssarosenheck

If you want a simple outdoor fireplace, a fireplace in the picture above is among outdoor fireplace ideas that you should consider.

Unlike concrete, a fireplace made from stucco has a distinct, unique look. Combine this uniqueness with appropriate furniture and you get an amazing patio.

If you want to make the fireplace more interesting, you can also attach tiles on to it. For example, tiles with a herringbone pattern will make the fireplace more attractive.

Deck Fireplace with Airstone Tiles

img src : Eldorado Stone

Fireplaces that have natural stone tiles certainly are beautiful. Problem is, natural stone is a bit difficult to handle. If you still want the look and the durability of natural stone tiles, you can choose airstone instead.

Airstone tiles have the look as well as the durability of natural stone tiles but much easier to handle.

Farmhouse Outdoor Fireplace

img src : shineyourlightblog

Last but certainly not least in our outdoor fireplace ideas is a farmhouse fireplace. Farmhouse design is quite flexible. It can stand on its own as well as combined with other designs. So if you want a versatile outdoor fireplace, using the farmhouse design for it will be a good idea.

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