19 Inspiring Outdoor Fall Decor That’ll Beautify Your Front Door

Fall is coming. And you need the proper outdoor fall decor to welcome the season. Don’t worry. No need to do it alone. We are here to help. We have collected no less than 18 ideas that will inspire you to decorate your house.

There are myriads of options when it comes to outdoor decor for fall. That means you will have lots and lots of ideas to try, from warm and welcoming, colorful, Thanksgiving-inspired, Halloween-themed, to a glamor decor. Ready to set up your decor? Alright, now let’s get to the ideas.

Cute Halloween

outdoor fall decor ideas
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Halloween is not complete without a scary entrance. Make the trick and treat night fun not just for you but for those who come to your house. Add two large black wooden boards with “Trick or Treat” to set the mood and of course, a pair of ghosts to guard the entrance.

As for the flooring decorations, draw a spider web and make the entrance spooky. Don’t forget the pumpkins on the sides, too.

These will set the Halloween mood for the entrance and make it fun for everyone. Attach a wreath of dried plants on the front door and your outdoor decor for fall is complete.

Fall Porch Ideas

outdoor fall decor diy
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What is the most common thing you see during the fall season? That’s right. Withered leaves, withered flowers, withered hays, you get the idea. Plants are weathering during the season as they prepare for the cold winter. Why not incorporate this into the outdoor fall decor? That would be awesome!

Look at this decor. It looks ‘withered’ just like the plants in the season. There are stacked withered hays on the floor, a withered plant, and a withered wreath on the door.

The rustic door only perfects the mood. It is a quite simple decor but you can’t deny the charming, aged vibe that it brings.

As you have seen here, the front door is very crucial in defining the mood of the outdoor. Need more front door ideas? Check them out here.

Warm and Welcoming

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During the fall, you can already feel the cold wind is coming. The season is starting to get cold, but your house doesn’t have to get cold too. Why not make your entrance warm and welcoming? Your guests will certainly be grateful for it.

Of course, you need to add decorations that fit the season. Otherwise, it will look strange and out of place. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take much to create.

All it takes to create a warm and welcoming outdoor decor for fall are flowers, plants, and pumpkins with yellow or orange shades. Plants around the door, a wreath on the door and pumpkins on the sides. There you have it.

Staircase with Pumpkin

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Having a flat porch makes it easier to set up your outdoor fall decor. Having one with a staircase, on the other hand, can be a bit challenging. That’s not to say it is very difficult. Only a bit challenging as you have to deal with the uneven surfaces. This one here is a good example of how to decorate a staircase.

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Notice how the decorations are placed. The decorations cover both the left and right sides and all the steps. The plain white staircase creates such an impressive backdrop, allowing each and every one of the decorations to shine. The result? A gorgeous staircase that will impress visiting guests.

Dramatic Entrance

outdoor fall decor hobby lobby
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Is the season all about Halloween? Of course not. Halloween-themed outdoor fall decor ideas are not the only option to welcome the season.

There are still a lot more decor ideas to choose from. For example, you can combine various decorations and create a dramatic entrance as seen here.

Add pumpkins, a bunch of flowers and small lighting on the step, put a withered wreath on the front door and there you have it.

Such a dramatic entrance fits the season so well, particularly when Thanksgiving is coming. Your friends and family members would love to be greeted by such a dramatic entrance.

Keep It Simple

outdoor fall party decor
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Some homeowners love to make their outdoor fall decor look elaborate, eye-catching, and dramatic. Some others prefer to keep the decor simpler but still keeping up with the season. This decor is perfect for you if you like to keep it simple. Simplicity, after all, can elicit beautiful too.

Compared to the other outdoor fall decor ideas, this decor is rather minimal. There are no orange pumpkins, withered flowers or plants. Instead, there are painted pumpkins that set the mood of the porch. The wreath completes the decor. The small cat statue on the side is a nice touch.

Beautiful Accents

modern outdoor fall decor
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Is your front porch mostly white? Here’s an easy outdoor fall decor you can try: play with accents. That’s right. There is no need to add lots and lots of decorations to bring the fall mood. You just need several decorations with bold and vibrant colors.

Out of all the outdoor fall decor we listed here, this takes the place as one of the easiest to replicate. Just let your white porch to be the backdrop and add plants, pumpkins, or flowers with vibrant orange color. And there you go. An inviting porch with beautiful accents. It is easy to the eyes and attractive.

Go Bold

easy outdoor fall decor
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No one says you can’t go bold on your outdoor decor for fall. You can, and there is a good reason for that: bold decors look so beautiful too.

This fall decor proves that. Notice how bold and vibrant the decor is. There plenty of colors, not just one, all work together to create a very alluring look.

The beauty of the decor lies in how balanced and harmonious is it. No color is dominant. Each color cancels out each other, preventing them from overwhelming the space. Want to have a fun fall this year? Go bold on your decor.

Enchanting Teal

outdoor fall decor
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Perhaps you want an unexpected outdoor fall decor? Most of your neighbors are likely to decorate their entrance with yellow and orange shades. Don’t be afraid to be different. Be different and stand out from the common decor. Rather than incorporating yellow and orange shades, go for teal instead.

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What do you think about the teal outdoor decor for fall here? It looks unique and inviting, doesn’t it? What makes the decor interesting is how it successfully sets the mood for the season without incorporating any common color palette like yellow and orange.

At the Front

outdoor fall decor pics
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The outdoor decor for fall is not limited to the porch only. Want to decorate the gate? Well, why not! That looks amazing too.

Give the gate, the fence, and the path fall decor touches. For example, a wreath of reddish flowers, and a bunch of pumpkins. You can even decorate your house number, too.

If the gate is white, decorating the front yard will be a lot easier. White is, after all, an impressive backdrop for most decor styles. And that includes fall-related decor as well. Notice how eye-catching these decorations thanks to the white backdrop. They stand out so much no one can just ignore them.

The house number makes finding an address easier. That is the main function of the number house. Make yours more fun and attractive with these number house ideas.

Orange and Green

fall outdoor party decoration ideas
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Want to add freshness instead for your outdoor fall decor? Here’s a good idea: add living vines and warp orange pumpkins with them. As can be seen here, the combination between the vines and the pumpkins give a lively and fresh appearance to the porch.

Don’t worry about looking off-season. It wouldn’t look off-season. Unique and different, perhaps. Off-season? Nope. What do the pumpkins remind you of? The pumpkins are used as decorations mostly in the fall. And a decor like this is suitable for the season even if there is no withering plant included.

The best thing about this outdoor decor for fall is that there aren’t many decorations required to get the intended look. Vines and pumpkins, perhaps several pots of lowers, will suffice.

Minimalist Set Up

outdoor fall decor images
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Love minimalist? Why not incorporate it on your outdoor decor for fall? Minimalist style usually emphasizes on functions rather than appearance. That means fewer decorations and more practicalities. There is no need to be that strict for the season. Relax a bit and incorporate decorations for the porch.

The most minimalist thing about the decor here is how sleek, tidy, and easy to the eyes look it has. Notice how simple the decorations are and how no clutter is formed. Notice also the color of the withered plants. They are light brown, a color that is a main staple of the minimalist decor style.

Don’t Forget the Pumpkins

outdoor fall yard decor
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As we said earlier, don’t forget the pumpkins. You can call the season fall without having pumpkins decorations on the porch. So, make sure your porch has several of them sitting on the front.

If you think about the fall season, the first thing that comes into your mind is probably orange things, pumpkin or not. It is just that iconic of a decoration. As seen here, the many pumpkins set the Halloween/fall mood here.

As important as they are, remember that pumpkins rot. Keep that in mind. There are many ways to keep them from rotting. For example, by applying petroleum jelly. If it is too bothersome for you, just use artificial pumpkins for your outdoor fall decor instead.

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Introduce Contrast

outdoor fall wedding decor
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What is the easiest to make a porch more noticeable and attractive? The answer is introducing contrast. The most common contrast is black and white. It is common for a good reason. The combination is foolproof and applicable to most decor styles. Yes, including even the outdoor decor for fall.

A black and white porch is of course not enough. By itself, it looks good. But if there isn’t any accent, the theme of the decor is not set and wouldn’t be as attractive if it has accents. This decor here is a prime example of a black and white porch with fall-inspired decorations. Looks so pretty, doesn’t it?

If you work with black and white, don’t be afraid to add a few accent colors, especially ones that look bright and noticeable. Such additions will balance and beautify the space.

Clean and Bright

outdoor fall patio decor
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Going for a clean and bright outdoor fall decor is not that bad of an idea too. If anything, it makes a good set up for the outdoor decor for fall. Since it is clean and bright, the next thing you need to do is to add pumpkins, a bunch of flowers, and a pair of candlelight. That will be enough to set the mood.

Another great thing about a clean and bright decor is how pleasant to the eyes it is. It certainly looks attractive and inviting, but it appears so without looking superfluous. Rather, it does so subtly. Compared to the rest on the list, this decor is among the most versatile outdoor fall decor ideas.

All the Small Things

outdoor fall decor for porch
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Many of the previous out outdoor decor for fall incorporates large and sizable decorations. What you should know is that it is not a must. You can still get the intended fall vibe using smaller decorations, as the decor here demonstrates.

Notice how the decor doesn’t have large pumpkins. Even the wreath on the front door is small too. Yet, thanks to these small things, you can just feel the vibe of the season. Looking spacious and airy is another bonus of using small decorations.

Elaborate Entrance

best outdoor fall decor
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Lastly, an outdoor fall decor with an elaborate entrance. You can already see how appealing this entrance is. It is not the only interesting thing about it, of course. The elaborate styling, the vibrant colors all around, the dramatic front door, and pots with colorful flowers are also interesting as well.

For the night, you can add lighting on either or both sides of the wall. Want to make it a bit fancier? Add string lights on the staircase and let flow from above to below. Pick dim lighting, not a bright one.

Rustic Outdoor Fall Decor

Minimalist Outdoor Fall Decor

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