21 Beautiful Front Door Ideas to Make Great First Impressions

We all know how important first impressions are. One of the first things that a guest sees is the front door. If you want to make a great first impression, you will need a beautiful front door. Do you know what kind of door you should use? If you don’t know yet, our front door ideas here can help.

Front doors come in different size, shape, and style. Choosing one that really fits you can be difficult, especially if this is your first time. Below, we listed 17 ideas that you can use to decide what kind of front door fits your house best. Let’s get to them now.

Front Door with Dark Finish

front door ideas photos
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You don’t need to have a grandiose front door to make a great first impression. Something simple can do that too. The wooded front door with dark finish above is a good example of beautiful simplicity.

Notice how the door doesn’t work alone to make a nice entrance. Rather, it works together with the other elements. You can see that the door, two pots at the front, the side and upper glazes, complement each other and work together, creating a welcoming entrance.

Arched Elegant Front Door

front door decorating ideas for christmas

front door ideas for christmas
img src : potterybarn

Next on our front door ideas list is arched elegant front doors. We all know how elegant French doors can be. But with an arch? That only makes them even more elegant. The arch adds a dramatic vibe as well.

Here, the arched front doors become the main point of interest in the entrance. The greeneries in front of the doors bring a livelier look while the wall highlights the doors. The two black windows on the sides complete the elegant entrance look.

Rustic Front Door

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What kind of door completes a rustic-style entrance? That’s right. A rustic front door. A rustic front door can work well with other styles, but it works best with an entrance with rustic style.

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Take a look at the area surrounding the rustic front door. There are stone décor on each side, the rustic pot on the right corner and the vintage lighting above. All of them, with the front door at the center, bring a warm and inviting vibe, making everyone who sees it wants to enter.

Front Door Wreath

front door entryway ideas
img src : sublime-decor

This front door is very simple. It is painted jet-black and has glass panes on its upper part. On its own, the door looks simplistic. Don’t be mistaken, though. Despite its simplicity, it looks great, especially since the other elements complement the look of the door.

Notice how the front door is contrasted with the door frame and the glaze frames on both sides. The wall, the hanging décor, and even the flowers have contrasting colors, too. The homeowner played with contrast to highlight the jet-black door. The result? A simple yet very interesting entrance.

Speaking of doors, how does your closet door look like? If it looks dull and boring, consider changing it. Our closet door ideas here can help you make your closet more interesting. Make sure you check them out.

Spring Front Porch

front door porch ideas
img src : Melita Moss

In terms of looks, glass and wood make an excellent combination. In terms of functions, more glass in your house entrance means more natural light. If you want both, then a glass and wood front door among the best front door ideas for you.

A glass and door wood door, like the above, brings warmth and a sense of welcoming. Due to the vibes it brings, glass and wood door makes a great front door. To make the entrance more beautiful, the homeowner added a hanging wreath on the door and placed several pots with plants and flowers.

Black Double Entry Doors

front door wreath ideas
img src : willscasa

French doors come in various styles. Of course, the rustic style is among one of these styles. The rustic style is known for its classic looks and warm vibe. If you want both, consider installing rustic French doors at your entrance.

In and on their own, a pair of French doors is warm enough. However, if you want to make the entrance even warmer for your guests, you can add a thick welcome rug or mat in front of the doors. A warm entrance is certainly an excellent way to greet your guests.

Grey and White Front Door

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Our previous front door ideas involve front doors that have only one color. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a front door with more color.

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A front door with more colors can be very beautiful and attractive, too. Just take a look at the dual-colored front door in the picture.

Wood Front Door

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img src : ebay

There are simple yet beautiful doors out there. The above “craftsman” front door is a good example of this. Notice how it is far from delicate, complex or grandiose.

It is quite simplistic. That’s not to say that it isn’t beautiful, though. It is beautiful and the surrounding elements only make it even more beautiful.

Front Door with Side Glazes

front door planter ideas
img src : Rebecca Malin

How can you make a front door more appealing? There are many ways to do so. One of them is to add glazes on both sides of the door.

Want to make it even more appealing? Paint the glazes with a color contrasts to the door’s color. For example, if the door is painted gray, the glazes should be painted white.

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Farmhouse Front Door Ideas

front door awning ideas
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Is fall coming? There is no better way to welcome fall season than hanging a wreath of yellowing leaves at your front door.

A hanging wreath is always a nice decoration, whether is in or out the season. In the above picture, the wreath is attached to a country style front door.

The doors inside your house also matter. If you want something flexible and versatile, barn doors are your best option. Interested in barn doors? Check out our barn door ideas here.

Finished French Doors

front door plant ideas
img src : kirklands’s

Next idea in our front door ideas list is another pair of French doors. Even without other decorations, a pair of French doors can stand out and make themselves noticeable.

This is especially true when the doors have a glossy finish like the doors in the picture. We can see there that the homeowner didn’t allow the French doors to be the only element in the entrance. The homeowner added

  1. two pots with green plants
  2. two wreaths hanging on the doors, and
  3. a welcome rug

All of the above create an attention-grabbing entrance with the glossy French doors as the focal point.

Modern Front door

front door trim ideas
img src : deavita

Not being delicate or complex doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad. As we have pointed earlier, even simple front doors can make an entrance beautiful too.

Notice how the door above looks very, very simple. It consists of two parts: a wooden part and a black frame. It has no finish, patterns or even painted in bright colors. There are no decorations, either. And yet, the modern door succeeded in creating an inviting vibe.

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Stylish Front Door

front door overhang ideas
img src : workroom

A slick and stylish front door is always a good choice, regardless of your interior. The door only has one color and limited texture but it certainly grabs the attention of anyone who sees it.

If you want to greet your guests with a slick and stylish vibe, a front door like the above is the perfect option for you.

Concrete Entrance

front door entrances ideas
img src : kaadesigngroup

If you are a minimalist, this door is certainly among the best front door ideas for you. Albeit the door is mostly practical, its sleek and clean look makes the entrance a lot more interesting. Not to mention the huge handle it has. No one can just ignore that.

Modern Wooden Door

front door steps ideas
img src : pinterest

There are many people who love modern décor. Do you love it too? If you do, you surely want a modern door as your front door. In and of itself, a modern door, like one in the picture, tends to look simplistic.

If you want to highlight and make it stand out more, you need to do something. For example, surround the door with transparent glass glazes with a thin frame.

Gorgeous Teal Front Door

front door covering ideas
img src : Spencer Means

Have you ever seen a front door that looks like the above? This door is quite unique. Albeit it certainly grabs the attention of people who move past it, it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Thanks to its color, it provides a calm vibe. It makes you want to see what’s inside.

If you want such a door, try painting your door with a calm yet noticeable color like teal. To make it even more noticeable, contrast the color of the door and the surrounding wall.

Black Glass Door

front door molding ideas
img src : edenwindow

The last idea on our front door ideas list is a glass front door. Glass, regardless of where it is placed, always makes a statement. Of course, this includes glass in the front door as well.

Look at the front door above. The glass door simply reveals what’s inside. With its black frame, what’s inside appears as if they are put on a frame. It is simply beautiful.

More Front Door Ideas

Turquoise Front Doors

front door garden ideas
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Yellow Front Door

front door halloween ideas
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Sunny Disposition

front door ideas for spring
img src : Bob Vila

Rustic Wood Front Door

front door decorating ideas for winter
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Glass Front Door

front door lighting ideas
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Behr Color

front door ideas
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Double Front Door Ideas

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