20 Awe-Inspiring DIY Blanket Ladder Designs (Beginners Friendly)

When the temperature drops, snuggling in a cozy couch and covering your body with a thick blanket gives you a perfect life. Everything is just fine, until you have to find the right place to keep the blanket for the next use. If you haven’t found a proper storage, how about making a DIY blanket ladder?

Ladders have been known as a good organizer. The sturdy storage enables you to hold a lot of stuff, including blankets.

Don’t waste your time and money to search for the right ladder in the wholesale as you can make a personalized DIY blanket ladder. The following ideas should inspire you.

Angled Blanket Ladder

diy wood blanket ladder
source : nickandalicia

Angled ladder, aside from its ease-of-use features, provides a unique look to enhance your interior.

As seen in the picture, the tall ladder is able to keep your thick and large blanket, allowing you to easily find it for the next use. Its slim design works just great even for narrow interior.

If you need to add a visual interest, this blanket ladder could be it. The mixture of basic design and unfinished wood material creates an attractive look to redefine your style.

This ladder fits best any room including master bedroom ideas and modern living room.

Half Painted Blanket Ladder

diy wooden blanket ladder
source : fallfordiy

A personalized organizer for blankets is here. This half-painted DIY blanket ladder plans borrow the simplicity of a basic ladder, combining lean wood materials and a pinch of creativity.

It comes just in the right size to keep your blankets in place without making the room look cramped.

An improvement can also be made. If you want to evoke a fairytale effect, grab some string lights and put them on one or both sides of the ladder.

Not only can it keep your blankets, but it can also serve as a wall ornament.

Wood and Copper

diy blanket ladder cheap
source : darleenmeier

Material choices take a major contribution to the function as well as beauty of a blanket ladder. Take a look at this wood and copper ladder that offers a unique and distinct look with the best function.

The mixture of wood and copper ensures its sturdiness and durability, at the same time offers a visual attraction.

Coppers help secure the joints and give an accent to this DIY blanket ladder.

The mid-height ladder just fits any room as it does not take much space on the floor. Thanks to white color choice that makes it blend well with a white wall.

Reclaimed Wooden Blanket Ladder

diy rustic blanket ladder
source : urbanoutfitters

If you love to benefit from the simplicity of a basic ladder, this DIY blanket ladder 2×4 should meet your need.

This wooden ladder presents a simple design, providing your interior with an adorable center point. The tall feature gives extra space to organize more blankets.

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This DIY ladder shelf does not take much of your time and effort. For the new DIY-ers, this basic concept is what you need to start from.

Be careful when measuring and cutting the wood as it requires high precision to make it lean nicely on the wall. Leave the wood unfinished to evoke a natural accent.

Angled Corner Ladder

diy blanket ladder shelf
source : shanty 2 chic

Occupy your living room corner with a proper blanket organizer.

This angled corner ladder helps use every inch of the space, which is a clever method to optimize your narrow room. The DIY wood blanket ladder looks sturdy but attractive to complement your living room.

The angled ladder is made of hardwood material secured with special nails to ensure its sturdiness.

Its unfinished wood surface looks nice to farmhouse or country interior but modern homeowners can also have this blanket ladder with a little adjustment.

Rustic Blanket Ladder

how to make a diy blanket ladder
source : shanty 2 chic

Rustic style evokes warmth and friendly atmosphere to the interior. Thanks to the mixture of warm color and old furniture pieces that create an inviting look.

This rustic DIY blanket ladder can accentuate the rustic style you bring into the room.

The wooden ladder looks bold and sturdy, providing a secure organizer to your family blankets.

You don’t need to make a tall ladder as medium height will be sufficient to accommodate up to four medium blankets.

Position the ladder by the corner fireplace to make it easy to grab when the temperature drops.

DIY Copper Ladder

how to make a blanket ladder diy
source : bobvila

When a bulky cabinet cannot fit your room, a lean ladder offers a solution.

This DIY blanket ladder with pipe helps you get rid of messy blankets scattering around the room. Organizing your room is as simple as hanging your blankets and grab it anytime you need.

This lean ladder is the mixture of pipes and copper materials. The pipe rods are secured with copper, allowing you to enjoy its sturdiness and beauty at the same time.

Even if you have a small space issue, this leaning blanket ladder is a suitable selection.

Decorative Touch

diy blanket ladder pinterest
source : sofiaclara

This DIY farmhouse blanket ladder shows you how a blanket ladder can be transformed into a unique wall ornament.

The angled ladder that is made of reclaimed wood is adorned with round bulbs that add a decorative touch to the furniture piece. If you want to add a visual interest, this ladder is worth a thought.

This tall DIY blanket ladder gives you more racks to keep more blankets. Interestingly, this organizer idea can be a perfect place to hang your clothes or even towels.

This piece suits best the living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Chic and Easy

diy plans for blanket ladder
source : shanty 2 chic

Who says your wooden ladder can never fit the living room? Take a look at this and you will make up your mind right away.

A DIY wooden blanket ladder with metal rods look adorable to furnish the living room. As seen in the picture, the leaning ladder sits nicely and does it job very well.

For beginners, this DIY blanket ladder idea is simple and easy to make. It may take a few hours but the result is worth the effort.

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The wooden legs ensure its sturdiness while metal rods keep your blankets clean and organized. The short ladder fits best to your medium blankets.

Embrace the Nature

diy decorative blanket ladder
source : kleinworthco

Inspired by nature, this bamboo blanket ladder evokes peaceful atmosphere.

You can bring in the sensation of a simple life by creating a natural DIY ladder for the upcoming project. Unlike wooden ladders, bamboos deliver a decorative touch through its unique look.

Bamboo is a sturdy material with a natural shiny surface. It offers you a decorative benefit to perfect the room.

This leaning ladder fits best to a room corner, allowing you to move freely without distraction. Place a plant near the ladder to emphasize its natural nuance.

Upcycled Trunks

diy farmhouse blanket ladder
source : domesticimperfection

When you took a stroll around the neighborhood and accidentally found small trunks, bring it home and give it a second life.

You can transform the trunks into a useful DIY ladder blanket holder. As seen in the picture, the upcycled trunk ladders do a great job to hold your blankets.

Collecting materials from your environment can be a nice way to begin your DIY project.

You can find unwanted items—just like these trunks and twigs—and upcycle them to be something worthwhile. For your rustic or country interior, this idea is worth your effort.

Kids Friendly

diy freestanding blanket ladder
source : bitterrootdiy

Keeping the nursery room tidy and organized is not an easy task. This DIY blanket ladder idea comes to offer a solution.

The ladder can be a perfect place to hang your blankets, neck pillows, and even toy storage baskets. You can easily turn the ladder into a versatile organizer.

Wooden ladder is a space-saver. It measures about a few inches deep and wide, giving you a lot of options to place the piece.

If your baby starts to crawl, make sure the ladder is placed out of reach such as room corner or behind the door.

Tiny and Rustic

diy small blanket ladder
source : lizmarieblog

Follow your heart and you will be surprised where it leads you. If your heart says to adopt a farmhouse living room style, this blanket storage idea can be a complement.

In the picture, you can spot a tiny ladder with a strong rustic touch improve your rustic interior.

Small trunks are considered the best material to build this natural ladder. Besides its sturdiness, dry trunks evoke a shabby look to match the interior.

Because of its tiny size, this DIY rustic blanket ladder fits well on your table top. Now you have a storage and tabletop ornament at once.

Modern Basic

diy angled blanket ladder
source : joyinourhome

A basic ladder has its own charm to invite your attention. Borrowing the simplicity of minimalist style, the full-height ladder is painted white to match the elements around it.

You can give an accent to this DIY blanket ladder, such as a leaves wreath as seen in the picture.

Building this basic feature does not take much of your time and effort. Thanks to its simple cut and design that make this DIY blanket ladder suitable for beginners.

If you are looking for the right organizer to fit the corner space, this modern and minimalist ladder is surely for you.

Baby Blanket Ladder

Baby Blanket Ladder
source : makingmanzanita

If you are having a kid or baby, trying to keep your place tidy is a hard work.

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While many parents are complaining about baby blankets scattered all over the house, this DIY blanket ladder shelf is the one to save your life.

The leaning ladder helps organize the blankets without bringing in a new cabinet to the house.

This DIY blanket ladder offers a striking bold design. The reclaimed wood material is painted black, a neutral shade to fit any room concept.

The ladder is designed a bit wider, allowing you to keep more blankets, clothes, and others. Say goodbye to a cluttered home!

Reach the Ceiling

diy blanket ladder
source : 2thesunnyside

A ladder that works not only to keep your blanket but also decorate your room is well presented by this piece.

The long-legged ladder is made of well-crafted reclaimed wood to ensure its sturdiness and durability. More importantly, it looks nice to your eyesight.

What makes this blanket ladder worthier? It is surely the carved rods that give a decorative touch to the ladder as a whole.

The tall piece that goes to the ceiling has a leaves wreath that adorns this versatile blanket organizer.

Space Saver

simple diy angled blanket ladder
source : worthingcourtblog

Most blanket ladders are great space savers, but this one gives you more.

This storage idea is built from varnished wood pallets, giving you additional room decoration aside from organizer purpose.

The leaning ladder is only a few inches wide so that it does not consume your floor space.

To improve its appearance, you can count on hanging wicker decoration. It is also good to grab a leaves wreath and hand on its top.

This DIY pallet blanket ladder fits any room, including your country living room or bathroom.

Love Rustic

diy dollar tree blanket ladder
source : deeplysouthernhome

Another creative idea to transform the abandoned tree trunks into a beautiful and versatile blanket organizer.

This DIY blanket ladder inspiration helps save the nature as you don’t need to purchase wood planks to build the feature. Simply find some trunks and you are ready to go.

The trunks offer a natural rustic style that gives an artistic touch to the room.

You can also adorn the ladder with additional decoration such as Christmas bells, wicker accessories, or leaves wreaths.

Fit the Corner

diy blanket ladder easy
source : joyfullygrowingblog

Leaning ladders are typically easy to locate. But if you are looking for the right piece to furnish the corner, this ladder gives you a good answer.

The basic wooden ladder sits nicely in the corner, helping you with an easy room arrangement.

For your small living room, this space saver is a great option. The full height ladder is suitable for large blankets so you can keep them clean and tidy.

To build it the right way, follow the DIY blanket ladder instructions.

Floor to Ceiling

diy leaning blanket ladder
source : seekinglavenderlane

Among all, this is the best idea to redefine your personality. The wooden ladder that goes to the ceiling works well as an additional room decoration.

Made of unfinished hardwood, this blanket ladder matches your rustic living room.

This DIY blanket ladder borrows the stylish design of angled ladder. Now you can have a proper storage for the blankets, at the same time improve your interior with the right furnishing.

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