20 Adorable DIY Roman Shades Ideas (Spruce Up Your Room)

There are plenty of selections when it comes to window treatment. One of the most popular is Roman shades that can adorn your interior with their semi-formal, sweet, or chic look depending on the fabric selection. While purchasing Roman shades can cost you a lot, DIY roman shades offer a solution.

Making your own window treatment challenges your sewing skills. Not to mention it also requires your decoration taste to get the right choice of fabric and shade type.

But after all, the result is worth the effort. Here are 20 creative roman shades ideas that you can make at home. Happy sewing!

Flat is the easiest

windows roman shade
source : made2style

Let’s get started! The first DIY Roman shades idea comes from these flat shades, the most basic type of Roman shade to treat your windows.

If you need to add some colors to the bathroom, shades with red pattern are a good bet. The contrast color looks nice when installed on white windows.

Being a flat shade, it gives you an advantage when raising the treatment. All you have to do is fold up the fabric and it gives you a nice, structured look.

Thankfully, this kind of shade has a good fold memory so you can raise the treatment in a few second.

Floral and Relaxed

diy roman shades mini blinds
source : diydecormom

Only looking at this window treatment makes you relaxed. Yes, this budget-friendly roman shade can be a good selection if you want to revamp the interior without too much effort.

As a bonus, the relaxed roman shade gives you a ‘smile’ when you fold it.

The DIY Roman shades no sew hang down lower in the middle, so it looks like the window treatment is smiling back at you.

When you plan to make DIY roman shades of this type, choose the right material that can create a nice curve.

Formal Look

DIY Roman Shade
source : dwellingcents

If you need a window treatment can gives you a formal look, you can count on this Roman shade idea.

The fabric has a formal pattern, combining gold background and white pattern that looks adorable in your room. This Roman shade can be a perfect choice for office or living room.

The DIY Roman shades cordless allow you to raise and lower the treatment in a few second.

The right fabric selection makes it easier to create a tailored look when the shade is folded.

Not only can it filter the light, but it can also set the mood when you are inside the room.

Fold Memory

roman shade outside mount
source : diynetwork

Among other DIY Roman shades idea, this is a nice pick if you want to bring in a formal look to the home office.

The Roman shade is made of such material with excellent fold memory so it creates a kinky look that adds a texture.

More importantly, the kinks enable you to fold the shade much faster.

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The DIY Roman shades from blinds are basically a flat shade with a simple design.

The plain fabric choice accentuates a formal look but it does not make the atmosphere feel stiff. All in all, you can enjoy this uniquely made Roman shade.

Neutral Shade

diy roman shades tutorial
source : cherrystreetcottage

Some people don’t want to add a window treatment with a striking look. If you belong to this type of people, a Roman shade with neutral color is a good bet.

This treatment is what you need to keep your privacy without sacrificing the beauty of your bathroom interior.

Neutral DIY roman shades come with flat shade type that gives you practicality to access the treatment.

Choose the right material that can filter the light without making your room too dark.

This is what you need to complement most of the rooms including bathroom, bedroom, and living room.

Beachy Blue

tie dye roman shades
source : honestlywtf

This roman shade is what you need to bring in the beach atmosphere to your room.

This uniquely designed flat shade comes with an abstract pattern of blue and white color schemes.

The flat shade offers a tailored look with numerous folds that create a unique accordion style.

Beachy blue window treatment is an excellent choice for your free personality. The shade matches most of rooms and styles.

Whether you need a visual interest in a minimalist living room or a farmhouse kitchen, this shade is going to be a good choice.

Greek Shade

Greek Key Roman Shades
source : selenagomestattoo

A Greek-inspired window treatment is going to elevate the beauty of your space.

Recently, Greek shade is among the most popular shade styles and you can find endless options of it. The shade has a unique and modern trim that offers a visual appeal to the interior.

The Greek DIY Roman shades are made of solid linen fabric that gives you a beautiful and smooth folds when you raise it.

If you have a modern, minimalist, or contemporary room, this window treatment is going to be a wonderful addition you shouldn’t miss.

Faux Treatment

make faux roman shades
source : hamiltonbeach

Let’s admit that some of you want to borrow the elegance of Roman shade but don’t want to raise and lower it each and every day.

Here is a clever solution to makeover your interior without giving you additional homework. Get a faux Roman shade and problem resolved!

This faux window treatment comes with fixed stitches so you don’t need to raise and lower the shade.

In other words, the Roman shade is much like a room decoration and less like a light filter. This kind of treatment is suitable for places and it can also be DIY Roman shades for wide windows.

Simple with Stripes

roman shade for kitchen
source : thediyplaybook

A simple window treatment speaks louder and works better. If you agree with this quote, a basic Roman shade with stripes is going to be a great selection.

You will not find any striking patterns but simple monochrome stripes to catch attention.

This window treatment borrows the uniqueness of hobbled shades. You may spend more time to dress the shade in order that it stacks neatly for a perfect look.

But the final result gives you final look that resembles a flat Roman shade. You can also make improvement by making DIY Roman shades with blinds.

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Old School

diy roman shades from blinds
source : sincerelymariedesigns

This old school window treatment is what you need to bring back the childhood memory.

The small checkered pattern that comes with subtle colors reminds you of Roman shade in granny’s kitchen. You can also use it as DIY Roman shades for French doors.

This window treatment can be made of light linen fabric. You can easily find them at affordable price.

The Roman shade DIY projects are going to be a perfect solution to makeover your interior, filter the light, and keep privacy without spending a lot of money.

Checkered Monochrome

no sew diy roman shades
source : thediymommy

If you believe that one of DIY Roman shades works well to revamp your cottage kitchen effortlessly, this checkered monochrome shade could be it.

This window treatment looks bold and yet it does not make your kitchen look too much. Thanks to the black and white color choice it uses.

This Roman shade makes sure cooking and washing activity is well-lighted. The shade can be easily folded as it is made of linen that develops a fold memory quite quickly.

After the first use, you can fold it up in a few seconds. Making Roman shades using ring tape

Bright and Wild

diy faux roman shades
source : thegatheredhome

The hobbled Roman shade is going to make a statement in your bedroom. Take a look at this picture and you will find the reason.

Yes, the window treatment looks bold and wild, thanks to the vibrant color choice and furious tiger pattern it has.

Supposing that you need a unique and peculiar idea for window treatment, you have found it.

The DIY Roman shades for large windows offer a distinct look with its waterfall-like folds and soft fabric selection. But it may take more time to dress.

Minimalist Touch

diy roman blackout shades
source : wecanmakeanything

DIY Roman shades with minimalist touch is a nice bet to complement your modern space.

This window treatment helps you find a new definition of a minimalist and modern look. Thanks to the right fabric choice that presents an adorable pattern to make your room livelier.

The DIY Roman shades easy are what you need to block the light. You can easily dress the fabric into a neat waterfall folds.

The window treatment fits most of rooms including the kitchen and bathroom.

Easy No Sew Roman Shade

Easy No Sew Roman Shade
source : mom4real

Are you making Roman shades using ring tape? If you cannot manage to finish it, this flat shade can be a great alternative.

It delivers a refreshing look that fits to most of bathroom styles. The sea blue background combined with white patterns evokes a fresh and soothing sense that you need.

When it comes to fabric selection, linen works well to filter the light but gives sufficient illumination to the bathroom.

This kind of fabric also gives you a flat and nice appearance to suit your organized bathroom. Be sure to measure the width and height before cutting the fabric.

Double Treatment

diy roman shades cordless
source : abutterflyhouse

DIY roman shades are not the only feature to makeover your windows. You can also get curtain, blinds, and many others.

Supposing that one is not enough, you can install double window treatments just like this. The window comes with a floral Roman shade and high curtain at the same time.

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The DIY faux relaxed Roman Shade valance come with fixed stitches so you cannot expect more functionalities other than decorating the room.

But if you concern about privacy, window curtain comes to offer a solution. Installing double treatments is a unique way to revamp your room.

Traditional Look

diy roman shades no sew
source : BHG

How to enhance a country interior without spending a lot of time and money? You can opt to make a roman shade with traditional look.

This picture should inspire you to choose a fabric with traditional floral pattern. Earth-tone basic color also becomes the key aspect to evoke a country look.

Accomplishing this project gives you all the excitement. And once it is installed on your window, it works well with other elements to make a statement from window treatment.

This flat Roman shade is recommended for beginners. Simply follow the DIY Roman shades tutorial.

Banded Beauty

No Sew Roman Shades Using Blinds
source : hearthandholm

Banded shades are a hot trend today. If you want to join the mainstream, this banded shade can be a nice pick.

A basic flat shade with attractive fabric pattern is all you need to make a statement in any room including bathroom and kitchen. And the green bands become the focal point of this treatment.

Solid linen can give perfect folds when you raise the shade. It can also develop fold memory quite quickly so dressing the treatment won’t take much of your time.

The band looks cute when you raise the shade. You can also make it DIY motorized Roman shades for an easier job.

Fresh Green

fakesies roman shade
source : tenjuneblog

If you love to see some greens but don’t want to change any color on the walls, a green window shade is a clever alternative.

Hobbled DIY Roman shades come with nice folds that redefines your neat and organized personality.

But most of the attention is addressed to the fascinating maze pattern in green and white. The color combination delivers a refreshing look to your kitchen.

Black & White

No Sew Fixed Roman Shade
source : bystephanielynn

Whenever kid’s room already has too many colors but you need to install a window treatment, choosing a neutral shade is a wise decision.

While it is impossible to add more colors, you can opt white to decorate the room stealthily.

This interior feature looks harmonious with elements around it. The black trims adds a visual attraction in a nice way.

A solid and plain fabric is the perfect material to make this Roman shade. It can create a neat waterfall accent and filter light at the same time.

Formal London Shade

DIY Formal Shade
source : marthastewart

The last idea of Roman shade is going to complement your home office. Delivering a strong formal sense, this window treatment is what you need to makeover the office interior.

Aside from its decorative function, Roman shade ensures your privacy. You can add DIY Roman shade valance for a better look.

The design of London DIY Roman shades becomes an added value to this window treatment.

The shade comes with pleats that make a fascinating tail on each side, evoking a flair of casual look. But you should note that dressing this kind of shade may be time consuming.

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