Recliner Vs Bed: Which is Better?

Recliner Vs Bed – Let’s face it: we all love a good night’s sleep. True, it is, in fact, a basic necessity of human life. Whether sleeping on a cozy bed or a recliner, there are a ton of benefits in enjoying a comfortable slumber.

Even so, between sleeping on a bed and on a recliner, which is better? Are there any health benefits of spending the night on a recliner?

Read on to find the answers in this blog. Besides, we will also provide you with an insight on some of the different types of recliners, the importance of choosing the right place of place for sleeping, useful information for budget recliners for your money and many more.

What is A Recliner?

Recliner Vs Bed Which is Better
Pict 1 Recliner vs bed

Before we get to evaluate which is better, let’s first find out the meaning of a recliner. It is only a sofa or armchair that reclines when the occupant raises its front or lowers its back.

It is specially designed with a footrest and a backrest that can be tilted using a lever on its sides. Consequently, some designs extend automatically when its back is tilted.

Why You will Sleep Better on A Recliner then Bed

Why You will Sleep Better on A Recliner then Bed
Picture 1 Recliner vs Bed

So, why is the recliner better? There are a couple of reasons why you might find it comfortable to sleep on a recliner. Firstly, they come in different sizes and shapes. The majority of recliner sofas can be customized to fit an individual’s preference.

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Secondly, the recliner allows its occupants to sleep on a comfy angle. If you have ever used a recliner sofa, you will agree with me that they can be quite comfortable.

Their exquisite nature is because they are made of quality materials. What’s more, some recliners are capable of reclining to a fully flat position. It gives you an option to sleep better horizontally and at a comfortable angle.

Why You will Sleep Better on the Bed then Recliner

Why You will Sleep Better on the Bed then Recliner
Picture 3 Bed vs recliner

The majority of beds come in all sizes, textures, and shapes. Depending on your preference, you can purchase a mattress that suits your budget and comfort.

Whether you want to sleep on your right or left side, on your back, or facing upwards, the best thing about sleeping on a bed is that it allows you the flexibility to sleep in any position you desire.

Realistically, it is possible to sleep on either of the sides and, of course, on your back. However, it is not possible to sleep on your stomach, mainly because of the elevated angle.

Studies reveal that individuals with medical conditions find great relief sleeping on the recliner as compared to sleeping on beds where they couldn’t get sleep. Below are some of these medical conditions:

Medical Conditions

  • Hip and back pains

Individuals suffering from hip and back pains find it to be painful lying horizontally. Technically, sleeping while inclined releases stress on your spine, thereby relieving any tensions that might be causing strain on parts connected to the spine.

  • Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a breathing condition where people stop breathing at some point during their sleep. It happens when the soft tissues at the back of the throat are blocked, thereby preventing the passage of enough oxygen to the brain.

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The elevated angle integrated into recliners significantly works on helping an individual breathe better and, therefore, you are more likely to stop breathing if you have sleep apnea.

  • People with disability, recovering for injuries and the elderly

Power recliners are specially designed for comfort. The elderly, individuals recovering from injuries and people with disabilities find it easier to rest on sleep recliners as compared to sleeping on beds.

  • Acid reflux

This is perhaps one f the most common medical condition that doctors recommended sleeping on recliners. It is a condition where acids in the stomach travel up the oesophagus and can cause discomfort or even affect your voice. Many people suffering from this condition have experienced elevated pain, especially while lying flat.

Different Types of Mattresses for Beds

Different Types of Mattresses for Beds
Picture 4 Bed vs recliner

Now that you know the difference and advantages of sleeping on both beds and recliners, perhaps you might want to check out the best types of mattresses in the market today. Below is a highlight on some of these types:

  • Memory foam
  • Hybrid
  • Gel
  • Organic
  • Airbeds
  • Waterbeds
  • Polyfoam
  • Latex
  • Hybrid

Note that it is imperative to choose a type of bed, depending on your needs. Some brands will work best on cold conditions, while others might not be suited for warm areas.

For instance, memory foam is notorious for its ability to retain heat for a long time. It keeps heat trapped in the mattress throughout, which might be uncomfortable in hot areas.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Place to Sleep

The Importance of Choosing the Right Place to Sleep
Picture 5 Recliner vs bed

So, why is it essential to choose the right mattress or bed to spend the night? The answer is quite apparent. Sleeping is an art of healthy living and should, therefore, be prioritized. According to statistics, the average person spends at least 36 years of their lifetime in bed.

  • Health benefits
  • You get better sleep
  • A better sleeping environment with less noise
  • Hygiene benefits
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Studies reveal that better healthy sleep can be attained if you can manage to complete all stages of sleep. That means that you need to choose the right place to be comfortable.

Conclusion: Recliner vs Bed

There are a couple of things that come into our minds where we think of choosing the place to spend the night. Hopefully, the above comparison on beds and recliners will help you make the right decision to improve your sleep.

Additionally, if knowing all the tip/useful info we’ve provided you with, and you’re still puzzled what to look for when shopping, here’s helpful information on budget recliners for your money.

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