Living Room Decor Ideas

Best Inviting Living Room Decor Ideas

These living room decor ideas allow you to make a fantastic living space inside your house.

People spend a lot of their time inside the house is in the living room. It’s the only room of the house that guests will see the most of.

Check out these fantastic living room design ideas that are completed with some suitable decor ideas that help you improve the scheme.

Decor items can be the things that make the living room more inviting and inspiring.

There are more than twenty ideas recommended by to inspire you about what to add to the mix of your living room’s design scheme.

1. Modern Living Room Decor Ideas with Eclectic Feel

Modern Living Room Decor Ideas with Eclectic Feel

Updating the scheme of your living room doesn’t have to be a wasting-time activity.

Also, it doesn’t have to be something that cost a lot of money. It can be a fun thing to do to make the room more beautiful.

You don’t even have to involve a major change to the furniture and the overhaul of color.

Mixing some different materials and textures in one room can create an appealing look to your living space.

You can achieve the modern eclectic feel with this decor idea.

2. Grey Living Room Decor Ideas

Grey Living Room Ideas

Using the color of grey in a living room can give a soothing and calming atmosphere.

This color is often associated with sadness and darkness. An expert says that it can evoke a lack of confidence, hiding, and fear of exposure.

Well, if you know how to use the color of grey effectively, you can turn this color into a beautiful option for your interior design.

As you can see, this living room looks timeless and classic surrounded by grey color.

3. Fall Decor for Living Room

Fall Living Room Decor Ideas Clean

This room is full of decor that’s related to one theme. It looks like this living room is ready to celebrate the season of fall.

The first thing you need to pay attention is the pumpkin centerpiece on the coffee table.

The pumpkin decoration is created from scratch with that rustic wooden tray. The image of pumpkin seems to be related to the fall season in many ways.

On the toss pillows, there’s an image of pumpkins too. There are some other fall decor items on the corner space and above the fireplace mantle.

4. White Living Room Design with Pastel Decor

White Living Room Design with Pastel Decor

Choosing white as the main color of a room is a great thing for some home designers because it becomes the blank canvas that needs to be filled with colors. In this kind of living room, the decor items are the key features.

Whatever decor items you add in this white living room, it will define the style of the space.

Pastel colors seem to be dominating the decoration aspect of this room. You can play with the pillows, centerpieces, table lamps, and many more.

5. Chic Living Room Decor Ideas

Chic Living Room Decor Ideas

This living room is being decorated by perking up the bare wall. As you can see, the wall is in crisp white which will be plain without any wall decor.

On one wall side, there’s a big glass wall that allows outside light to flow into the room.


Decorating the wall is one thing you should do to avoid the room for being too bright because of the reflection of a white scheme.

As you can see, this white living room uses the element of the outside world as its decoration.

Above the mantle, there’s a big picture that takes you to the beach. The picture reflects some far-flung beach locale.

6. Living Room with Curved Sofa

Living Room Decor Idea with Curved Sofa

It’s a stunning way to divide a room in your big open space.

You can separate the living room with a dining room with a traditional room divider. With this curved sofa, you can stylishly separate each room.

The curvy shape has a unique charm in this open room.

In the middle of the living room, there’s an interesting accent table used as a coffee table which is packed with Entertainment unit. The open glass wall has completed the open concept of this room.

The curved sofa is great additional architecture to the living roomIt would be more expensive than the sofa with ordinary shape
It’s a unique way to separate the roomIt can look weird in some room design

7. Symmetrical Furniture Setting for Living Room

Symmetrical Furniture Setting for Living Room Decor Ideas

For the ideal design of a living room, make sure everything is symmetrical. Take a look at this example.

This living room looks so well-arranged and it’s designed by Emilie Munroe. It’s not only symmetrical but also well-balanced.

It features two oversized lounge chairs that flank the fireplace. This setting can support your togetherness in the living room.

You can be comfortable having a chit chat or some quality time with loved ones while enjoying the warmth of the fireplace.

That decorative mirror above the fireplace mantle can steal everybody’s attention nearby. It’s a small Excalibur mirror that uses walnut wood with cyan design. If possible, it could also be the corner fireplace ideas.

8. Pink Decor and Large Classic Furniture

Pink Decor and Large Classic Furniture Living Room

Large pieces of furniture are only recommended for large living room space.

The furniture can also make you stick to the tradition of living room design. You can decorate the furniture with some trendy pieces of decor.

All of the decor items are quite powerful here. But, the most dominant ones in the pink-colored items such as those classic swivel chairs, pillows, and the sofa table decor.

Those are the pieces that can always be changed out or a whole fresh look.

9. Modern Small Living Room

Modern Small Living Room Decor Ideas

It’s one of the modern living room ideas that maintain its proportions. It’s a great idea for a living room with a small size. It’s even more challenging to design a small space than the large one.


The goal is to make the most of the space. The limitation of the space shouldn’t be the obstacle of your creativity.

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As you can see, this living room has a minimalist design scheme. The two sconces on each side of the soft-colored sofa are in ideal proportion.

The framed artwork that’s hanging on the wall doesn’t aim to look standout in this scheme. It balances the decor on each side of the sofa.

10. Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

For a farmhouse style, this living room arrangement is the right selection to have.

This living space is full of farmhouse decor elements that look lovely. This room features galvanized tin hanging buckets which stay on each side of that rustic mirror.


The wall decor is already looking complete. But, that’s not enough. The side table beside the sofa is made out of rustic wood pallets. That element strengthens the farmhouse style of this living room.

Along with other rustic elements, the centerpiece on the wooden coffee table and the farmhouse woven rug offer a complete arrangement of farmhouse living room ideas.

11. Living Room with Fresh Accent Wall

Living Room Decor Ideas with Fresh Accent Wall

The wall decor is an essential piece of an interior. This fresh living room has an accent wall that stands in the middle of the scheme.

It becomes the only wall with different color among other white walls. It’s the way to perk up your living room without wasting a lot of money.

Check out the greenery elements in this living room. All of their presence is to power up the fresh green-colored wall.

The wooden furniture set makes this living room more inviting.

12. Floor Furniture Set for Living Room

Floor Furniture Set for Living Room Decor Ideas

This living room has a design scheme that’s a little bit different from others. As you can see, it’s packed with low furniture set.

Some people feel more comfortable sitting on the floor while in a living room. This low sofa set seems to be the right furniture design for them.

The white furniture set has some neutral accents to minimize the brightness.

The coffee table has a slightly different shade to the sofa and rug. That offers a seamless gradation to the color scheme.

To add more interest to the scheme, you can add a couple of floor pillows.

It will make space feel laid-back and layered. It’s an easy way to add more texture to the living room scheme.

These Moroccan kilim floors pillows do give more texture but it’s still in the same tone with the rest of the room.

13. Additional Antique Element to Living Room

Additional Antique Element to Living Room Decor Ideas

Adding one antique element into the mix will give a little character to your living room. You can have more antique elements to get a more emphasized character to the room

This living room is filled with outstanding furniture design which has its charm to impress.

You can choose to have a piece with a little age and patina to make the living space more elegant and collected.

For example, that wooden antique side table offers a charming accent with natural beauty.

14. Old Sofa with New Covering

Old Sofa with New Covering for Living Room Decor Ideas

You don’t need to spend a lot more money to change your sofa to have a new fresh look for the living room.

You can try draping a blanket on the sofa to give an instant new life to the furniture. It’s an applicable trick you can try to refresh the entire look of the living room.

So, giving your living room a new look doesn’t waste you any money. You just have to be creative in designing it.

Furthermore, changing the carpet can make even bigger refreshment to the room.

But, it might cost more money because you need to buy a new one. The right design of a carpet can even change the entire design scheme of this living room.

It’s an easy way to have a fresh new lookIt seems too old for modern style
It won’t cost you a fortuneThe covering would distract the design of the sofa
You can use any kinds of colorful blanket

15. Rustic Living Room Ideas

Rustic Living Room Decor Ideas

If you plan to design a living room of your cottage or luxurious log cabin, you can go with rustic living room decor ideas.

That would match the main character of the architectural home. The rustic structure design of that fireplace becomes the focal point of this living room.

There’re also some other rustic elements around the room that’s yet to be pointed out.

Above the coffee table, you can see that unique light pendant that could only work in such a cozy living room.

If you can look closely, this open space features a warm and cozy yellow accents lights surrounding the ceiling.

It creates more depth and coziness to the design scheme.

16. Living Room Ideas with Lovely Decor

Living Room Ideas with Lovely Decor

Everybody would love the way this living room pairs the Lucite coffee table with a couple of pink stools.

That’s straight to become the focal point of the room because of its bright tone. The stools get matched with the table lamp beside the sofa.

It’s very important to support the standout color of the room in order to balance the scheme.

The side table has a gold trimmed structure. It adds a glam touch that amps up the value of the entire design scheme.

17. Sheer Curtains for More Natural Light

Sheer Curtains for More Natural Light Living Room Decor Ideas

One of the curtains living room ideas you can choose to make the room more airy and bright is the sheer curtains.

You have to hang the curtains correctly in order to get the best result for your living room scheme.

Hang the curtains higher than the window frame to the ceiling heights.

The pole you use needs to be extended wide enough to make the sheer curtain cover on the space outside the frame. You won’t feel dark any more even with the small windows.


Designing a living room is a pretty challenging job. You have to make sure everything is comfortable for a lot of people.

It’s the most visited space by guests in the house. Having nice decor is a must for space. With those living room decor ideas, you will welcome your guests in style.

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