Living Room Decor Ideas

Sofa Table Decor Ideas

In some spaces at home, especially the living room, sofa tables always become an addition to the sofa and related furniture.

This explains why many sofa table decor products are available on the market. The prime benefit is that it blends well with the room.

Well, here are some references sofa table decor ideas to use by Harp Times.

1. Modern Table

modern sofa table decor ideas

All modern furniture, including contemporary sofa tables, can bring a better appearance to the living room. It focuses on comfort and also efficacy.

Not to mention the design looks simpler than rustic or old-style products. The best thing is that they come in many styles and varieties.

2. Black Half-Rounded

A black sofa table always attracts everyone, as it brings elegance to the room. As for this sofa table, the design comes with a half-rounded surface, supported by 4 legs.

The size suits both small and big sofa, as well. Modern living room ideas should include this item!

3. Kit Sofa Table

For those who look for a functional modern sofa table, this one is a perfect choice.

The brown color looks mesmerizing and the table comes with a spacious furniture tunnel located below it. The size is long, though, which suits long sofas.

4. Corner Sofa Table Decor Ideas

In the market, the furniture comes with various shapes including curved and corner sofa tables. It is not easy to find the product, though, so buyers must go online sometimes. As for the function, it suits curved sofas and corner living rooms.

5. Bookshelf Corner Sofa Table

A bookshelf corner sofa table looks both stylish and functional. It can store several items like books, papers, and other decorations. It usually comes with a neutral dark color, too.

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6. Semi-circular Corner Sofa Table

behind sofa table decor

Another recommended choice is a semi-circular corner sofa table. It has a similar function, which is to store books and display some objects. The product is made of oak solids that fit the ambiance of the room.

7. Minimalist Sofa Table Decor Ideas

pottery barn sofa table decor

Recently, minimalism has become more popular among households. The purpose is to reduce unnecessary elements and retain both the beauty and function. Not to mention it is made of sophisticated materials.

8. Glamorous Minimalist Sofa Table

Just because the furniture is simple, doesn’t mean it looks boring.

On the other hand, this sofa table looks glamorous, combined with several modern ornaments, sofa, drapes, lamps, and chairs. Curtains living room ideas also work well with this, somehow.

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9. Double Minimalist Sofa Table

This sofa table looks both simple and functional, doesn’t it? The only difference is that it comes with another table having a smaller size and different surface color.


When choosing a sofa table, buyers should consider many things including the shade or color, material, patterns, style, and price. Lots of combinations can be found, as well, so the option is wide. As for the market, it can be either local furniture stores or online market.

10. Rustic Sofa Table Decor Ideas

Rustic furniture suits all types of room, including a living room. Therefore, a rustic sofa table would be a great addition to the room as it brings a historic ambiance to space.

The common materials used are iron, wood, pewter, and brass.

11. Teak Wood Sofa Table

Featuring teak wood table legs and glass surface, this sofa table looks unique and amusing. It resemblances rustic aspect, either. Superb home decor doesn’t have to be pricey, no?

12. Rustic Root

Unlike teak sofa tables, this one is cheaper and has a simpler design. There is no glass material at all, as it consists of cut trunks. The sturdiness is satisfying, therefore.

13. Cheap Sofa Table Decor Ideas

Providing a sofa table to the living room doesn’t have to be expensive. It only requires some good ideas to cut the expenses!

These include combining DIY items and buy discounted furniture on the market (especially at online stores).

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14. Estate Style

modern farmhouse sofa table decor

This sofa table is made of a common wood but has excellent finishing. It also comes with a set of table lamps to spice up the appearance.

The next important feature to provide is none other than wooden flooring, which gives a soothing atmosphere to the room.

15. Beachfront Sofa Table

farmhouse sofa table decor

Even though the appearance looks old, this sofa table offers many benefits including sturdiness, spacious storage, and generous price. Grey living room ideas match this product, for sure.


Each person has distinct preferences when choosing a sofa table decor for their living room or other spaces in the house.

The most important aspect is the compatibility of the sofa. That means an antique sofa and modern table won’t match, both in the appearance and ambiance.

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