Grey Living Room Ideas

Are you in search of some grey living room ideas that will provide you with a soothing atmosphere?

Then take a seat and explore all of them here. Grey is the color you can’t go wrong with when it comes to a living room scheme.

You’re about to incorporate your living room with the sophisticated aesthetic and laid-back vibe of grey. This color has an amazing versatility which makes it so popular. It can create a warm scheme as easily as creating a cool one.

Besides the soothing atmosphere, you can also set your grey living room to be vivid, lively, and energetic.

1. Minimalist Touch

Grey Living Room Ideas with Minimalist Touch

Light or dark, warm or cool, you can have it all when having a grey scheme in your living room. It suits any taste you’d like to have.

It’s so easy to style any room with this neutral color. You can choose between deep and dramatic or light and airy for your grey living room ideas.

As you can see, this grey living room feels light and airy. It’s good for supporting your minimalist lifestyle.

The coffee table is replaced with that small aluminum tray table which offers a lot more space on the floor.

The gray carpet below the table will give extra comfort to space. The backdrop wall is in gray but it doesn’t go over with the sofa because the sofa is in a different gray tone.

To make the background wall-less plain, put some framed artwork that makes a great living room decor ideas.

2. Boho Grey Living Room Ideas

Boho Grey Living Room Ideas

If you’re dreaming of the bohemian, you might find it here.

This boho chic living room has an ideal eclectic look that will make you smile every time you enter the living room. This living room is filled with grey elements that complement the soft texture of this style.

The soothing grey palette becomes the perfect color to set the ideal atmosphere for this living room.

This whole design is a fabulous example of a boho-chic style. The key element of this living room is that hammock chair. It’s a must for any bohemian space.

3. Scandinavian Grey Living Room

Scandinavian Grey Living Room Ideas

It’s a soothing Scandinavian space you need to have in your house. It’s perfect for small-sized living room.

All the elements of Nordic style become parts of this interior. A beautiful soft grey on the whole wall that’s nearly white when hit by the sunlight.

The grey sofa from IKEA and a vintage teak armchair goes in line with the grey color scheme.

The only contrast you can get in this living room is that light pendant. It’s planned to be the center of attention since it is uniquely traditional and a match with your Scandinavian style.

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Why choosing Scandinavian?

  • It’s accessible for everyone since it’s a great style on a budget.
  • All the furniture in this style is space-saving. It will give you more space.
  • It’s made out of organic or natural materials.
  • Grey is always great with Scandinavian style.

4. Grey and Gold Combo

Grey and Gold Combo in Living Room Ideas

In this lovely living room, the dark grey color punctuates the built-ins and the fireplace mantel. You can leave the rest of the scheme neutral. The brass accents work well with grey color in this living room.

Quote: Instead of white, you can have the wall has a soft grey hue. It will offer a lot better scheme for this living room interior.

That brick wall around the fireplace area is one way to incorporate traditional vibe into the room.

5. Grey Living Room with Orange Accent

Grey Living Room Ideas with Orange Accent

If you think the grey scheme in your living room looks too tame, you can add a juicy jolt color to jazz it up.

In this case, the grey scheme gets accented by orange colors. The orange color is on the important elements of the room decor.

The orange accents are also strategically placed. The orange color is on the pillow, table, and floor lamp. It makes the living room feel exciting.

But, the real focal point of this grey living room is that sofa. It’s got a watercolor-like fabric that makes the scheme more fun.

6. Coastal Style

Coastal Style Grey Living Room Ideas

Check out that large grey sectional sofa that looks divine. The living room is already filled with light grey walls which decide the color scheme.

The sectional sofa just gives it a character to live on. The choice of flooring should also be something to take a look at.

Quote: The floor gives a seaside, cottage vibe that defines this stylish space. That’s the point of having that woven coffee table. It encourages the coastal taste that this living room should have.

It’s such an inviting space where you can gather your family and friends and have a quality time.

7. Pink Accents in Grey Living Room

Pink Accents in Grey Living Room Ideas

The need for accents is what the living room is all about. Without the right accent, there’s no way you can make your room stylish and impressive. This grey living room has many pink accents in the form of darling decor.

Just by seeing the decor items of this living room, you will recognize the feminine taste of it. It looks fantastic and unforgettable.

The grey tone is not only on the settee and rugs. The brick also has a few grayish tones. It’s perfect paint to go against the pink accents.

8. Grey and White Living Room Ideas

Grey and White Living Room Ideas

This living room has a striking wood wall that becomes the element that divides the window seat beyond.

The grey elements are on the main furniture of this living room. The fireplace is surrounded by the grey color that goes in contrast with the brown wood wall.


In this living room, the grey color is not the main attraction but it’s pretty impactful to control the atmosphere.

9. Mellow Grey Living Room

Mellow Grey Living Room Ideas

If you want to incorporate mellow feels in your living room, it’s a great idea to apply. It features tufted detail on the sofa and armchair.

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It spices up the impression of the entire furniture. Over the fireplace, the millwork is filled with mustard accents that are supported by the pillows.

This living room design scheme is perfect for you who’re looking for a lightweight and soft scene to calm you down. That big window brings in all the outside light to make the space even brighter.

10. Black and Grey Living Room

Black and Grey Living Room Ideas
black and grey living room ideas picture pinteerest

Dealing with a neutral color is not as challenging as other colors but it has its issue. It can be plain and boring when there are no attractive additions in the mix. You have to know how to decorate your neutral living room.

Take a look at this one. The living room wall is well decorated with some framed artworks. All the wall decor items have a matching color with the scheme. This grey living room has some black accents.

The black-colored pieces have successfully made this bathroom more attractive. On the sofa, you can also find some pillows with contrast colored pattern which give instant interest to the scheme. This combo won’t go out of style.

11. Grey with Modern Farmhouse White in Living Room

Grey with Modern Farmhouse White in Living Room Ideas

Another white and grey collaboration, you can never go wrong with this one. It’s the safest option for your living room’s color scheme.

To make it more alive, you can splash some bright details. It gets characterize with some colorful decors, orange and yellow.

Even though the splashes of color are minimal, the impact it gives to the living room is maximal. One more thing, it’s a great thing to have such rustic touch on the wall with that painting. Don’t leave the wall plain empty.

12. Grey and Blue Living Room Ideas

Grey and Blue Living Room Ideas
pictures navy blue and grey living room ideas ikea

If you plan to have a combination of blue and grey, you need white color to be a companion. The color of white here acts as the blank canvas or background for blue and grey.

The white walls give the grey furnishings and some blue details a great chance to impress.

This living is occupied by a Nordic style which is favored everywhere. You can copy and recreate this style in your interior design. It’s one of the great modern living room ideas you should come up with.

13. Living Room Ideas for Grey Sofa

Living Room Ideas for Grey Sofa
grey living room chairs

Some homeowners decide to bring the furniture first before planning for the design. If you have a grey sofa, this living room idea could be a nice idea to try.

The grey sofa in this living room complements the ocean color. The whole scheme is elegantly subdued and it comes with a touch of drama that you can’t deny. It feels refreshing spending your time in this living space.

You can see that the grey sofa is the only one in this living room. Compared to other sofas, the gray one is closer to the color of the wood pallet coffee table. That’s why it doesn’t seem to be out of place.

14. Grey and Yellow Living Room Ideas

Grey and Yellow Living Room Ideas
orange and grey living room

If you think grey and yellow color don’t seem to go well together. This living room has proved you wrong.

Both grey and yellow look good together in this living room. It looks so stylishly elegant, although it’s not easy to incorporate such perky hue into the formal space.

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However, it’s still possible to do and It also offers a dazzling result. As you can see, grey and yellow are not the only colors.

The room is also packed with black and light brown decor. Those additional colors fill the entire scene to make balance and increase the attractiveness.

15. Grey Living Room Furniture Ideas

Grey Living Room Furniture Ideas
grey living room furniture ideas

Be brave to play with patterns in designing your living room. This one is probably one of the interesting furniture ideas for your living space.

This country living room is full of patterns. There’s no way you can prevent your eyes from looking at this attractive patterns.

It dominates the whole atmosphere. The leaf-print wallpaper and sofa covering has successfully infused such interesting persona to the living room.

Although you can still see the grey scheme in between the colorful floral patterns, it doesn’t wipe out the main color and making it unseen.

16. Grey Sectional Living Room Ideas

Grey Sectional Living Room Ideas
teal and grey living room ideas

Sectional is a great furniture option that’ll automatically become the focal point of the room.

It’s because of the large size that can spend most of the living room’s space. Choose the right color for your sectional because it really defines the entire feeling in the living room.

The sectional sofa in this living room has muted pink and purple accents. All accents pair beautifully with grey color.

There are also some touches of glam that’s incorporated in the living room. Besides, the white color is there to blends well with the carpet.

When should you opt for sectional sofa over the conventional one?

  1. You should have a sectional sofa when the living room space is large enough.
  2. It’s according to the family members.
  3. You need to get a sectional sofa if the living room is in an open space.
  4. Or you may need sofa table decor.

17. Grey Living Room Paint Ideas

Grey Living Room Paint Ideas
grey living room sets

This grey living room has got accented with a bold green wall. It becomes a great backdrop to showcase your grayish decor items. It’s a simple and inexpensive finishing touch that goes really well with any neutral colors.

Choose the vibrant accent colors to juxtapose the foundation of the main color scheme in order to succeed. To make the accent wall doesn’t feel out of place, you can incorporate green color on the carpet pattern.

18. Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Grey Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
grey living room furniture

Grey is the color that can blend well with any kinds of farmhouse styles. As you see, this room is not entirely grey but it’s entirely farmhouse.

Even though the number of grey elements is minimal, you can see that it’s pretty impactful in this living room.

The one that immediately catches people’s attention is that chevron rug. It’s a combination of grey and white that dominates the floor space.

The shiplap wall is entirely white but it’s got a nice curtain living room decor with the color of grey.

Those two elements are enough to give a grayish impression to this farmhouse living room. This room is possible to be incorporated with corner fireplace ideas.


After all of those grey living room ideas, you must have already decided why one deserves to be in your favorite room. Make sure the one you choose meets your personal style.

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