21 Terrific Backyard Patio Ideas To Bring A Relaxing Feeling

Sometimes, we all need to escape the limitations and constrictions of our house. And what is the better place to escape than the backyard? To get a relaxing and comfortable escape, you will need to create an extraordinary backyard. Here we have collected 21 backyard patio ideas to help you create one.

Backyard decks come in various sizes, shapes, and of course, style. We include so many ideas here that you will find one, two, or maybe even more to your liking. Are you ready to get inspired? Let’s get to the ideas now and get inspired.

Backyard Patio Ideas with Pool

backyard patio design ideas
source : thespruceofficial

Look how cozy this patio is. It is the perfect place to spend time with your family and guests as there is enough room for everyone.

The small, circular pool in the middle only makes it cozier, especially during summer. Indeed, this is a great example of backyard patio ideas for summer.

While the pieces of furniture used here may look simple, their placement is not. Just notice how there is enough space for movement, allowing for easy flow of movement. At the same time, the placement makes the backyard looks amazing.

Comfy Backyard Lounge

outdoor patio ideas pictures
source : emilykayrichardson

Even if you have a rather small backyard, doesn’t mean you should stop looking for outdoor patio decor ideas altogether.

It is true that with less space available you have fewer decor options. But, with ingenuity and creativity, even a small backyard can look very appealing.

This is one of the simplest backyard patio ideas. It has only one focal point: the bonfire pit in the middle. The furniture revolves around it.

The stone tiles on the ground accentuate the natural look. The wooden furniture finishes the look and brings warmth.

Small Backyard Patio

outdoor patio decor ideas
source : gardendiyideas

Want to build something pretty in your backyard? Involve unfinished wood surfaces and fabrics. The combination of unfinished wooden surfaces and white fabrics create a simple yet beautiful look. Even more so if the texture of the fabrics is visible.

The gray sofa and black table in the middle provides a comfortable and warm relaxing spot. The zigzag rug underneath makes a statement and bring focus to the center of the patio.

If outdoor patio ideas small spaces are what you looking for, this one is among the best you should consider.

Bonfire Spot

outdoor patio tile ideas
source : pinterest

Who wouldn’t like to have an amazing bonfire spot like this? It is warm, cozy, and perfect to enjoy the evening with friends and family. It serves as a great escape spot from the constrictions of the house, too.

All backyard patio ideas have a focus point. In this one, the focus point is the fire pit. Notice how everything else is directed toward the fire pit. The abundance of stones in this backyard deck gives off a natural, welcoming, and warm vibe.

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Planning to build your own patio using stone as the main material? We got you covered. Our stone patio ideas will give you examples of how beautiful a stone patio can be.

Backyard Seating Area

outdoor patio lights ideas
source : kindredvintage

There are just so many backyard patio landscaping ideas out there. What kinds of ideas should you look for? Well, that depends on how you want your patio to look. For example, if you want your patio to look and feel natural, consider turning it into a garden.

This one is an excellent example of a garden patio. But it is not just an ordinary garden. It is a stylish garden. While there are greeneries and trees, there are also stylish pieces of furniture and fire pit. The large candles, wooden cover, and bright lighting above complete the stylish look.

Modern Patio Design

backyard patio ideas cheap
source : roomfortuesday

Among so many backyard patio ideas DIY out there, which one should you try if you want a sleek and sophisticated look? Here’s an idea: add modern touches to your backyard patio. Modern decor is the ideal mixture of simplicity and style. This modern patio is proof of this.

To add modern touches, include monochromatic colors like gray, white, and black into the patio. Combined with rectangular shapes, these colors bring the sleek and sophisticated look you wanted.

Other colors, such as brown and green, can be used as accentuating colors to make the patio even more pleasing to the eyes.

Backyard Patio with Pavers

backyard patio ideas with pavers
source : nextluxury

If you have lots of incoming guests and often find your house is inadequate to accommodate them, creating a warm backyard patio is certainly one of the best backyard patio ideas you should try.

Rustic decor is known to bring warmth to the space. And this patio is very rustic in design. Notice how the wooden beams look very natural.

The other parts of the patio have earth-tone and neutral colors with a slight white to gives shape to the patio. You can just feel the warmth coming from this patio

Cheap Outdoor Patio Ideas

backyard patio ideas on a budget
source : jennasuedesign

Next in our backyard patio ideas list is a retreat spot. A retreat from our routines is important once in a while. Yes, that includes doing activities inside the house.

The house is constricted in size and shape while the backyard is more open, precisely why it makes a great retreat spot.

A retreat spot needs to be comfortable or cozy to spend hours and hours in. This one has both. It has enough seating for everyone with a fire pit in its middle.

Since this patio is very minimalist, there is less distraction. Thus, making it the perfect spot to retreat and converse with your friends and family.

Backyard Patio Room

backyard patio ideas
source : roomfortuesday

Create a lasting first impression on your guests by welcoming them in a beautiful garden living room. While you can greet your guests in your living room, it doesn’t have to be that way each and every time.

Sometimes, greeting your guests in the backyard patio is the better alternative. The backyard patio is less constricted, more open, and just more comfortable.

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Especially, if the patio is surrounded by greeneries. It feels more natural and familiar. Want to make it more interesting? Try including furniture with contrasting colors.

Backyard Living Room

backyard patio cover ideas
source : brooklynblonde

Some people are blessed with a large family and lots of friends. If you are among these people, you need to create a backyard patio that can accommodate your family members and friends. Indeed, your backyard patio should have enough room for everyone.

Notice how large this patio is. But size is not the only thing nice about it. The decor, with its simplicity, gives off an open-air vibe.

The black and white rug underneath bring the attention to the middle, giving the proper background for conversing and enjoying time with family and friends. The pergola finishes the look.

Patio on the Deck

ideas for backyard patio designs
source : Deck Remodelers

Want to create a patio on the deck? This one is among the most fitting backyard patio ideas for you. Rather than leaving the deck empty, create a cozy patio to relax and enjoy your leisure time on the deck.

An elevated deck allows you to enjoy the scenery in front of and below you. Not only that, it is the perfect spot to enjoy the breeze too.

White Patio With Lights

backyard patio ideas diy
source : undecorated home

Although there are various outdoor patio garden ideas, not many can beat an all-natural outdoor patio like this. This patio makes you feel like as if you are in the middle of a garden. The breeze, the surrounding greeneries, the fresh air, the scenery, you get the idea.

The white and light brown surfaces blend nicely with the greens. If you want to feel closer to nature, creating an all-natural outdoor patio is without a doubt among the best backyard patio ideas to try.

Backyard Patio with Fire Pit

backyard patio ideas with fire pit
source : yellowpages

When it comes to designing the deck, there is no absolute rule. That is, you are free to design your deck the way you want it.

So if you want an extraordinary look, just go for it. For example, you can go for a unique, sleek and contemporary design like in this patio.

The seating is made of wood. But, rather than looking like the usual seating, it has a shape that resembles the question mark. In the middle, there is a white fire pit which becomes the main focus. It just looks terrific.

Small Outdoor Patio

backyard patio ideas concrete
source : jennasuedesign

The more friends and family you can accommodate in your backyard patio, the better. The problem is, a single spot may not be enough. So, what do you do? Here’s a good idea: separate your backyard deck into two parts.

Notice how different the two parts are. One is mostly white with lots of cushions on them, one is black and with a few cushions and a fire pit in the middle.

These contrasting features make it as if the two parts are separate spots, which make the backyard patio all the more amazing.

Backyard Patio with Fireplace

backyard patio ideas stone
source : Wheeler Project

Many other backyard patio ideas put the fire pit in the middle to be the focal point. But, it doesn’t need to be like that.

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For example, if you want to create an extra relaxing spot in the backyard, installing a fire pit on the side is a good idea too.

A fireplace is always a nice addition, indoor or outdoor. Here, we listed some outdoor fireplace ideas to help you make a statement with your fireplace.

Modern Backyard Patio

small backyard patio ideas
source : Pinterest

If a refreshing and stylish backyard deck is what you want, this green and modern deck is among the most fitting backyard patio ideas for you.

Notice how this deck incorporates both nature and modern design. The result? A sleek and stylish deck that has a refreshing vibe.

The deck is divided into two: green and white. The two colors balance each other. On one hand, it makes the space appears fresh and lively. On the other, it puts focus on the deck.

Outdoor Patio Ideas

diy outdoor patio ideas
source : my purposed place

Do you have a rustic or farmhouse house? If you do, perhaps one of the ideal backyard patio ideas stone for you to try is this ‘old-school’ look.

While the deck looks aged, it makes you feel at ease and home. With such a rustic decor, the deck feels so welcoming, too.

Backyard Patio Gazebo Ideas

backyard patio ideas with grill
source : Alderwood Landscape

A gazebo-style is perfect for you if you want to try backyard patio ideas stone. This deck feels as if it is part of the landscape, especially with those rocky stairs and fire pit. The wooden beams are unfinished, making them look natural as well.

This deck is separated into two. One is a patio, one is a bonfire spot. The separation is a good idea as it prevents the deck from looking crowded and constricted. The flow of movement is put into focus too. You can just imagine how easy you can move around this deck.

Backyard Transformation

backyard enclosed patio ideas
source : Outdoor Dreams

Next in our backyard patio ideas is a two-leveled deck. This is more than just a separation since one part of the deck is a bit elevated above the other part.

The above part can be used during the day, while the lower part can be used during the night. Two separate feels, two separate vibes but in a single spot.

Leawood Deck with Patio

backyard design ideas on a budget
source : Artistic Concrete

No one can deny how inviting and welcoming this deck is. Yet, it manages to give off such a vibe while having simple and rather minimalist decor. Notice how sleek the pieces of furniture are. Even the fire pit looks simple and minimalist, too.

Lighting is important in each and every part of the house. And that includes the deck as well. Check out our deck lighting ideas for inspiration.

Back Patio and Landscape

backyard patio landscaping ideas
source : Arch Studio

Last but certainly not least in our backyard patio ideas is a very unique deck. This deck is both indoor and outdoor. The indoor part is larger, with a soft sofa, a round table, a TV on the wall and a fireplace. The outdoor part is smaller. It is more like a very simple patio.

Creating a separated deck like this allows you to enjoy every season of the year. Is it summer? Sit and relax on the outdoor part. Winter? Warm yourself near the fireplace.

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