21 Creative Toddlers Room Ideas Will Make You Want to Be a Kid Again

Looking for some toddlers room ideas? How we handle a room for a toddler is certainly different from that of an adult. A room for a toddler needs to be bright, playful, and most importantly, fun. It should be the favorite room where a toddler loves to spend their time in.

We are here to help you. Here, we have collected 21 creative ideas that you can apply to your kid’s room. Our main focus is to bring the fun to the space so a toddler will like the room. Ready? Let’s check the ideas now.

Cute and Fluffy

toddler room ideas for girl
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Toddlers love cute and fluffy stuff. Why not decorate their room with such stuff? As for the bed frame, going for an open frame like this will make the room more spacious. Your toddler can also see the cute and fluffy stuff that they love every time they go to bed and wake up, too.

Decorate the room with cute dolls, pillows, baskets, and rugs. To brighten the mood, hang lighting above the bed frame. Be sure to organize these decorations properly to prevent the room from looking cramped.

Handmade Play Tent

ideas for toddler room decor
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Is there an empty corner in your toddler’s room? Here is one of many creative toddlers room ideas you can try: create a side ‘tent’. A makeshift tent like this uses what is otherwise empty space and turn it into an extra playing space for your toddler.

It doesn’t take much to make. Prepare small curtains and corresponding rods, a rug, a cushion, and several pillows. Arrange them so these items fully occupy the space and voila! Now your toddler has a side tent in their room.

Black and White

toddler room ideas for boy
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There are many kid room decorating ideas on the internet but none is as foolproof as black and white. In just about any room, playing with black and white makes said a whole lot more interesting. Of course, this includes a toddler’s room as well.

Notice how the room is mostly covered in white. A few jet black surfaces, particularly from the small tee pee, bring points of interest in the mostly white room. The result? An amazing toddler room. The side floating shelves make the room perfect for drawing and bedtime stories.

Little Girl Decor

nursery and toddler room ideas

toddlers room ideas girl
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Perhaps black and white are not among your most preferred toddler room color ideas you want to try? In that case, consider neutral colors for the room. Neutral colors can do wonder to a toddler room. Just look how warm, comfortable, and relaxing this room looks.

In the room, no decoration stands out too much from the rest. The rug, the cushion, the pillows, and even the teepee work in harmony, hence the comfort and relaxing vibe.

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So if your toddler already has a separate playroom, creating a comfortable and relaxing room like this is among the best toddlers room ideas you can try.

It can be a bit difficult to design a kid playroom. Especially if it is the first time around doing so. Well, we got you covered. Check out our kids playroom ideas here and get inspired.

Easily Accessible

kid room organization ideas
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While there are many toddler room organization ideas, the most important ones include making the bed easily accessible. That is, designing the bed in a way that a toddler can access it without any difficulty. Sometimes, that includes a floor bed with a fence.

This bedroom is the epitome of accessibility. Notice how easy a toddler can get in and out of the bed by themselves. Not only the bed is functional, but it also looks good too.

The contrast between the white fence and gray bed makes the room more attractive. Hanging photos on the wall is a nice touch, too.

Comfy Corner

kid room ideas girl
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The next in our toddlers room ideas list is another idea for the corner. This time, it is a comfortable reading nook in the corner. So if your toddler loves to read, draw, or listen to the story, this idea is perfect for you.

The green and soft rug on the floor creates the base. The pillows make the nook more comfortable. And above, an enclosing white curtain completes the look.

When your toddler needs to concentrate, just close the curtain and let them enjoy their activity in the comfy corner. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Toddlers Room Ideas for Boy

toddlers room ideas boy
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Because you are designing a toddler’s room, doesn’t mean you can’t make it stylish. The opposite is true. You can make a toddler’s room stylish. Of course, you still need to include the playful bits into the room.

For example, an easy way to make it both stylish and playful is to use black and white surfaces. Since it is a toddler we are designing here, choose white as the main color while black as the complementary one. Then, add kids-friendly patterns, cute and bright chairs, and a table, and decorations like a teddy bear doll.

Go with Pink

kid room decorating ideas
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Does your little girl like pink? If she does, why not just go with pink? Pink is the most common color choices for girls. Not surprisingly, many toddler room ideas for girl, including this one, use pink as the main color.

Look how simple the room is. It has a house bed frame with pink curtains, a floor bed with pink bed cover, and several pink cushions. The gray wall and ceiling serve as the ideal background, allowing the pink surfaces to be highlighted.

Bunk Bed

childrens bedroom ideas
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Nothing looks as good and pleasing to the eyes as a clean and organized room. Especially if it is a toddler room. Do you like minimalist décor? If you do, this one is among the ideal kid room design ideas for you.

The bed and the playing spot are separated, making cleaning and organizing easier. Also, the flying shelves and comfy playing spot on the left side introduce a playful side on this minimalist bedroom. If you are a minimalist, creating a tidy and minimalist bedroom is among the best toddlers room ideas to try.

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Play with Colors

toddler room decorating ideas
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As we have shown here, there many kinds of toddlers room ideas. Playing with colors is among them. When it comes to designing a toddler room, you have myriads of options.

What you must keep in mind is to include playful elements in the design. And that you can achieve easily with multiple colors.

This room incorporates lots of colors. Yet, it doesn’t feel obnoxious or overwhelming. The key here is to use neutral colors as the background and then use bright colors to accentuate and bring balance to the room. Notice how the floor and walls are neutral, while the rest stands out.

Toddlers Room Ideas for Girl

kid room decorating ideas girl
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Toddlers are adorable. And they surely love adorable things. Make an adorable room for your toddler by using soft and bright colors, cute cushions, and dolls.

Want to those adorable decorations stand out more? Paint the room in white and let those decorations be the focal points.

Floating bookshelves above the bed is a nice addition, too. Especially if your toddler loves to hear a bedtime story. With such bookshelves, you can just grab a book and read it to your toddler. So yes, creating floating bookshelves is certainly among the best toddler room bookshelf ideas you can try.

As Colorful

kid room paint ideas
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Does your toddler love the rainbow? If they do, paint their room like the rainbow. There is nothing wrong with using multiple bright colors in a room.

That being said, you need to know how much is too much. Just like other toddlers room ideas here, moderation is the key.

This room is a good example of balance. On one hand, there are lots of white surfaces. On the other, there are also various bright colors. The rainbow rug and hanging banners give a bright and energetic vibe while the white surfaces tone it down.

Simply Playful

toddlers room ideas
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Playfulness matters a lot in designing a toddler’s room. A playful room will ignite their imagination and brighten their mood. Who wouldn’t want that?

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to create a playful room. One of them is to use bright and vibrant colors in the room. Adding decorations and items with bright and vibrant colors can turn a boring room into a playful one. Want to make it livelier? Add a pot of living plant.

Toddlers have toys. If not organized properly or if there is no enough storage, things can get messy real quick. No need to worry, though. Our toy storage ideas should help you handle that.

Warm and Welcoming

boy room ideas small spaces
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Wallpaper is certainly among the ideal toddlers room ideas if you like to change the room now and then. Why? Because wallpaper can change the vibe of the room but it can be changed easily, unlike paint.

This room incorporates lots of wooden surfaces which gives off a warm vibe. The cloud wallpaper enhances that even further.

The gray and yellow bed cover completes the room’s décor and make it more presentable. You can just feel how warm and welcoming this toddler’s room is.

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Room for Two

childrens room decoration ideas
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Blessed with two little girls? Well, why not create a toddler’s room for two? Toddlers don’t need that much space to sleep so two small beds should be enough. As for the décor, go with the décor that most girls like: use pink as the main color.

Notice how the rug is bright pink while the wall is lighter and paler pink. Both bring a cheerful mood to the room, fitting for your toddlers.

As for the bed frame, you can write their name on their bed and hang their photos above the bed to show which bed is theirs.

Looking Fresh

toddler room ideas for daycare
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A room with refreshing décor is ever the mood booster. The whole design of this room is rather simple. The walls and ceiling are white, with an accent from small decorations on them.

The floor is covered by a large carpet. This gives the room warmth. The beds are also white, with colorful pillows and covers.

If you are looking for a simple but amazing idea for your toddler’s room, this simple and refreshing décor is without a doubt among the best toddlers room ideas that you should try.

Kid Room Designs Ideas

kid room designs ideas
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Despite their very young age, toddlers usually have things that they like. Does your toddler like exploring? Or perhaps they love the sky?

If they do, consider creating a toddler’s room with exploration as its theme. For example, hang the world’s map on the wall or hang a planetarium on the ceiling.

Make the room even more comfortable by including dark color like brown or patterns. Darker color and patterns make the room more appealing and add warmth, as this room has shown you.

Less Is More

children's room organization ideas
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Less is more is the core of many kid room ideas for small spaces. Indeed. In some cases, a room with fewer decorations can look more appealing than if it has more. This room is simplicity at its finest.

The white bed frame is filled with a light blue bed and a pillow. Above it, there is a transparent enclosing curtain. The yellow blanket adds accent, creating a focal point in the room. The dolls on the table bring a playful vibe.

Amazing Contrast

baby and toddler room ideas
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If you like playing with contrast, don’t go halfway. Go all out. Be bold. This toddler room is mostly in white. In and of itself, it looks boring.

Thankfully, there are several black surfaces in the room. These black surfaces not only accentuate the white but also make the interior looks amazing.

Bright and Roomy

toddler room organization ideas
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Last but not least in our toddlers room ideas list: a bright and roomy toddler room. Toddlers often move and play around. As such, you need a décor that allows your toddler to move around comfortably. This means creating enough space in-between pieces of furniture.

To make the room feels roomier, allow as much natural light to enter the room as possible. Use earth-tone or neutral colors in the room. Don’t forget to include storage in the room and place some fluffy and cute dolls on the bed.

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