37 Amazing Privacy Fence Ideas and Design for Outdoor Space

Are you a homeowner in need of privacy in your backyard? It is indeed a good idea to have a desired privacy in your backyard for one reason or the other. Whether you are constructing your fence by yourself or someone else is doing the installation, there are privacy fence ideas that you could consider.

There is a wide range of styles and materials to use for fencing right from vinyl to wooden lattice.If short of ideas, you can as well opt to use a combination of ideas to come up with a unique alternative.

There’s no reason for combining privacy and elegance using backyard privacy fencing for the sake of weight loss.You have a variety of ideas on how to have privacy without going for the typical stockade type of fence.

Just have a look at these 37 fantastic privacy fence ideas that can help you keep the world out of your garden. By the time you are through with the list, you will be in a position  to come up with the best style for fencing

Tips on How to Find The Best Privacy Fence

fence installation ideas
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  • Online search-Get to see the various options you have for choosing any privacy fence.At times you might not be sure of exactly what you want, but you need to have at least an idea of what it is that you want so that you do not feel left out during the entire process.
  • What materials and style of fencing do you want? Get to know the pros and cons of the fencing material and fence style that you will go for.Once you see them, it will be easier for you to know what you are looking for rather than be confused with the many available options.
  • You can get an expert on the job- To avoid any form of DIY mistake during the entire installation process, hire the services of an experienced installation expert.

Some of the Privacy fence ideas include the following.

Horizontal Fence Planks

horizontal privacy fence ideas
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Parallel plank fence is a type of privacy fence having a sleek, current look. You can either use planks with a varied thickness to improve the appearance and add variety. If you need total privacy, you can as well go for closely spaced planks. If you love climbing flowers, you may use this privacy fence as a trellis.

Consider the color of your home and the color theme of your backyard when selecting the materials for your privacy fence.

Metal Panels’ Privacy Fence Ideas

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A corrugated metal fence that stairs steps down are best for a sloppy lawn. The style brings out a modern and fascinating look.

To make trellis and ledges in this type of fence, you can use wood to hold the plants and candles in place. If you don’t like the manner in which cycle link fence looks like, you can make use of several screens to hide the boundary.

Wisteria Trellis

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Despite being good looking, Lattice fence alone cannot offer total seclusion. You can go for a vinyl privacy lattice with fencing done with vinyl which is one great material. The wood is extraordinary and long-lasting as well.

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At the lower parts of the boundary, you can then plant some vines such as Ivy which is fast growing. The nonliving vines can form a natural privacy barrier during the cold season. In the mid-Atlantic area, Clematis is also well known but to avoid injuries; you have to select the type that has no thorns.

White Horizontal

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You can select any idea for any size of your area of land. The traditional white fence is good for offering screen to an outdoor pool. Just screen the terrace leaving the other parts of the garden open.

Pallet Fence

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Vertical pallet garden is an ideal fencing idea for the lovers of city life but who at times long for some lone moments. The fence makes use of pallets and plants come up with a privacy screen that is live.

The not so expensive wall is good for a condo balcony as well as rags to riches answer for screening small spaces. You can use a combination of screens for areas that are large

It’s easy to get wood pallets at low costs from various companies and industries. Select the ones those in generally good conditions. Some pallets may be discolored or colored and filled with beautiful flowers. Plant the beds, turn it upwards towards the garden and leave it to grow and provide a screen.

Fence Natural Plants

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A mixture of vegetative plants brings out a fascinating live wall. Instead of the usual hedges, use a combination of plants that supplement each other to make a beautiful backyard.

Let the trees or bushes which are tall be at the back. The next strip could comprise of bright ornamental. The third strip should have a variety of potted plants and the perennials.

The plants that you use should have different flowering periods for there to be color throughout the year. If well incorporated, this type of fence idea is beautiful and attracts wildlife to your backyard.

Temporary Privacy fence Screen

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The movable fence made from polyvinyl chloride and synthetic is easy and cheap to make.  It is best used in the yard or the beach on a sunny day.

It only requires approximately 1 to 2 hrs to make. The fence is portable because the PVC pipes are lightweight but sturdy at the same time. The framework comprises of the pipes which support it if it gets stuck in the soil.

Hardieboard Backyard

privacy fence ideas for backyard
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You can improve your old concrete fence to a stylish and a complex wall design. Hide the old looking parts using a new coat of cement and then for an elegant finish, just add the geometric lines

Vertical Timber Fence

modern front fence designs
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Plump, distinctive and stylish! If in need of some old ideas, this rough timber fence is the best option. And more so if you don’t want to screen your front yard but at the same time don’t want intruders.

Brick and Metal

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If you already have in place a concrete fence, this is the best design in case you want to upgrade your wall. Demolish alternating sections replacing it with strips of steel which looks trendy. If at as present you have a concrete fence, just carve in some beautiful neutral hues.

Colored Chain Linked Fence

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Chain linked fence is typical because it is low and widely available. It is ideal for increased value of your backyard. Renewable, black, brown and white colors are the best to help improve the appearance of your garden. One can also say that this fence is better than the standard grey metal finish fence.

Privacy Vinyl Fence Panels

vinyl fence panel
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Vinyl is a durable material that can comfortably replace wood. It can be styled with several textures and painted to match the color of your home. Rusting or rotting shouldn’t worry you either.

Backyard Wooden Fence

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Wooden plank screen protects a beautiful cabin resort’s   backyard. You can make a unique appearance from the uneven wooden planks which look both natural and old. Total privacy is secured as the boards lie on each other making it an attractive and natural looking design just for you.

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Bamboo Privacy Fence Ideas

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Natural and amazing! The attractive bamboo fence looks elegant in whatever setting and landscape design. It is simple to install and offers enough privacy.

Low Synthetic Privacy Fence Ideas

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If looking for a fence which is not so long, you can go for the small artificial wall. The white vinyl fence gives the backyard sanctuary the desired privacy. The home has been beautified with red and black, giving it a chic look against the foundation of the wall which is pure white.

Metal and Wood Fencing

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If you are among those who cannot be able to decide on the type of fencing materials you like, this privacy fence is ideal for you.

A combination of vertical wood and sheet metal makes a great design of a private fence. The fence balances between a unique and contemporary look. It can be customized to suit the needs of the homeowner.

Example; this screen is found at the back of beautiful garden and rock wall, bringing together everything in the backyard. At the boundary, you may add light or a lattice top as per the specifications of the designer.

 Classic White Privacy Fence Ideas

image source : dakotaunlimited

The vintage white vinyl or wooden fence surrounded by the green vegetation looks stunning! The choice of material depends on your budget and the preferred material.

The traditional look is attractive, easy to maintain and offers enough privacy. The fence could be your ideal fence if you are looking for something simple.

Modern Non See Through

image source : hardyacresequine

If you have not made up a decision on the type of privacy fence idea to go for, this design will work best for you. It also has some contemporary treatment.

The fence somehow appears different and offers some privacy to those people who don’t want to hide anything from the neighbors. The fancy fence is versatile, classic and unique.

Patio Privacy Fence Ideas

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The fence offers the minimal amount of space to be able to see through. It is good in the sense that it can be used for fencing as well as let in air and visibility through the thin narrow horizontal strips.

It can be used to protect the entire terrace or to fence the whole yard. Whichever way you want it, the slated wood fence gives privacy and still looks fab!

Corner Fence Landscaping

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You could be the idea of not wholly fencing your lawn, but still need some bit of screening. Partial privacy fence will be your ideal option. Almost similar to a bersort in performance, it gives the best screening that you need in a small section of your yard.

Concrete Wall Fence

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People may say that sound walls are not attractive. But at times, you just want that sensible fence to secure a portion of your possessions.

Though not the best option for homeowners; sound fencing provides a lot of privacy. They are usually dull and not pleasing to the eyes. But if designed well, they can end up enhancing the appearance of your garden.

Garden Fence Decoration

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If you like the appearance of a not so complicated fence or already have an uncomplicated fence in your yard but want to enhance its look or how it appears, why not beautify it?

The dark wood fence would spring back to life by adding the red butterflies life adding the best splash of hue and not necessarily being astonishing.

Wooden Planks

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To make a living fence, the side rail which looks old are held in place using live vines. Though it may last for a short period, perennials like brass, vines, grapes, and wisteria which are fast growing are directed to grow to any desired form.

Rustic Wood Fencing

Rustic Wood Fencing
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The old designed wooden strips gives a clean backdrop, and a decent privacy .You can select the wooden slats the way you want them to be. You can add color to the timber or add whatever it is that you’ve been longing for, or even plant some climbing flowers.

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Wooden Privacy Fence Ideas

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Fencing materials which are close to each other make clear lines as well as excellent privacy from sight and sound whenever necessary. It still offers a provincial view despite being current and thus ideal for many homes.

Cedar Privacy Fence Ideas

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Is cedar the same as solid wood? Oke, not really. If you want a long-lasting wooden fence, then cedar is the best. It is resistant to rot and attacks by the insects. Cedar also is available in different colors such as reddish brown and solid red for a classy look on your fence.

Bamboo Fence Screen

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Bamboo is loved especially when strength and durability are required but not durable for mounting. It is not expensive, readily available and light-good for private monitors and boundary ideas.

Balcony Privacy Screen

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Heavy canvass designed for keeping away sun and wind can be used to upgrade the existing screens or decking rails. The decorative design is fastened using heavy, metallic lined eyelets to prevent the fabric from the harsh, stormy weather. Never store your materials for the cold season as they can wear out the fabrics faster.

Black Steel Fence Ideas

Black Steel Fence Ideas
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In this cubic take of landscaping privacy, burnished materials give clean and current styles. Perfectly fit the green hedges, the right angles melt in the vegetative curves at the back

Privacy Fence Rose Yellow

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Anything brick is lovable, right from the red brick wall, paths, boundaries, etc.and its one of the ideas to add in your backyard. All greens appear full of life on bricks, and flowers to give a whole new life to the brick wall.

White Picket Fence

White Picket Fence Ideas
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Transform the look with materials choices, placement, and even decoration throughout the year. A white picket fence paints a picture of home-sweet-home.

Not only to those living in the suburbs but also for those living in the countryside to try and experience some sense of luxury. Upgrade the appearance by selecting the required materials, installation and for the entire year just beautifying it.

Japanese Privacy Fence

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The landscape design combines simple portions of plant life, rock, and water with clear straight lines for an eye-catching atmosphere which balances to its environs.

Combining all of these in your safe privacy fence ideas brings about an exciting as well as classic look for your livable space outdoors.

Privacy Fence Ideas For Backyard

Image Source : bamboohabitat

Using materials put aside for real property projects such as material sheets and profile plank, you can make distinctive and contemporary look at the edge of the lawn.

Be creative and get materials of different varieties from any contractors’ shop to create a great looking yard.

Black Chain Link Fence

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The link chain screen is suitable for use in towns and rural areas at homes or in public places. It is also a good idea to go for, though on its own may not provide the privacy required. For a privacy screen that suits anywhere, you can use strips of vinyl to weave it.

Wood And Stone Fence Designs

image source : dreamstime

The wood and concrete fence has a low but rich rustic appearance. It comprises of planks of wood which are natural and large boulder. The attractive look comes from the lighter large field stone and the wooden gate.

Corrugated Metal Fence

image source : Pinterest

For a complete privacy as well as security, a metallic privacy fence is the best option. They give a modern look, are long lasting with low maintenance. To add color, you can paint using the color of your choice.

For a stylish and comfy look, you can frame the corrugated metal using wood that is light colored. The lively foliage brings about a different idea altogether making it not appear coarse.

Creative Fence Wall

image source : paysagesrodier

Make use of your fence in case you are short of some garden space. The creativity in this fence wall comes from a combination of greens, steel, and wood for the eye-catching and marvelous fence.

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