7+ Inspiring Basement Ceiling Ideas

Basement ceiling ideas are always difficult challenge to solve. Since it starts with the unused basement room, we never put lots of attention to decorate it well. There are some parts of the basement area that we can make over and will get satisfied by only looking at the result later.

The next challenge besides to redecorate the basement, is that you should make the basement atmosphere will not be boring later on. So, it means that you need to work harder to get more inspiring basement ceiling ideas also.

For general ideas, you can remake your basement area to be a second kitchen room, your gym, your office, your bedroom or guest room, your children’s playground, your bar area and many more ideas.

For your information, we already know that most of us who own a basement, most of us have low ceiling elevation. We do not have high ceiling because basement is just an obligatory foundation of a house. Most of people will use it only as a warehouse. So, how to change it into more valuable and usable area? Here are some basements ceiling ideas.


White Basement Ceiling Ideas

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If we are tight on budget, we do not have many options to redecorate the ceiling. So, to make it less effort and money, what you need is just painting all the ceiling with white color. And to give little decoration, you can add some dim light bulbs to give a highlight on the ceiling.

For those who do not want a white color ceiling, you can go painting it with grey color. Grey gives meaning more on simplicity but not too ordinary. So, it is a win – win solution if you want to make more elegant and chic basement but cannot afford high quality decoration products.

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If you are asking whether it is possible or not to paint the ceiling with other bright colors, the answer is up to you. But you have to remember that you must consider also how to mix and match the ceiling color with the furniture’s colors in the basement.

Wooden Ceiling Exposure Column

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If you want something more than ordinary white ceiling for your low height ceiling, maybe this kind of ceiling design will fit to you. By looking at the wooden stripes shown ceiling, you can see that it has semi – open type ceiling. It gives more height look in the room.

If you have done finishing the ceiling, now move to the placement of the furniture. It also plays important role to support the ceiling to look prettier. The only tips are just doing not pick and buy big or tall sized furniture.

Besides the distance between your tallest furniture is much closer to the ceiling, which is very low, it will make your basement looks narrower, small and uncomfortable.

With the wooden concepts, you can have advantage to have more natural feeling there. It will make you more comfortable to stay longer there.

Basement Ceiling Ideas For Laundry Room

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If you have a concept to remake the basement into a laundry room and storage, so you know that you must redecorate and refurnished all the furniture.

You need a sink, a cabinet, a hanging storage, a long chair to rest, bigger spots for your washing and drying machines. Decor Tips for Basement Laundry Rooms

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So to make it more interesting to be there for such long time, you need to have an open space windows and add a door to get out of there to get some fresher air coming in.

And for the ceiling, because it is an important place, it means that you need more lighting to be there. You can have lots of small bulbs in a symmetric order position. It surely gives light but not too exaggerative and too hot if you stay there most of the times.

A Basement Ceiling Bar Ideas

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Back to the theme of your basement ideas, it will determine how the ceiling decoration will be. If you want to make your basement to be your bar space where you can throw parties with your family or friends, so it means you have to prepare lots of lights.

To support the lights, the high ceiling is suggested. First, it is because the higher the ceiling, the wider the light will cover. It means that you can calculate how many bulbs or other decorative artificial lights should be there.

Second, if you have higher height of the ceiling in your basement, it means that you can have more air there and it will give you pre – image whether you need air humidifier, air conditioner or just having more windows circulation only.

By those considerations, you can ask your architecture to remake or make your basement area to have bigger and higher ceiling.

But if you already have lower ceiling, what you need is putting mirror on the ceiling. You can put it all over the ceiling or just in some parts of the ceiling. It will give a wider and taller ceiling height.

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Dark Low Basement Ceiling Ideas

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If you have low ceiling, long narrow basement and dark stone wall concept, you need many artificial lights there. The ceiling cannot be changed much. What you can only do is to put tumbler lights around the column ceilings.

And, what you have to do to make it livelier is to add extra little bulbs in some corners of your floor. It gives more romantic yet lighter room atmosphere.

If you want to add more decorative accent for your ceiling, you can buy wider lamp. If you buy longer height lamp, it will make your basement look smaller and smaller.

If you want something unique, rather than to make your basement to be your second living or family room, why don’t you change it to be your master bedroom? It will cozier and more privacy you will get.

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Another idea for those who have low ceiling is by changing the basement to be your gym or yoga area with lots of mirrors on the wall. It will make the basement looks a way better and bigger.

Pallet Wood

basement pallet wood ceiling ideas

Stone Ceiling

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Black Ceiling

Black Basement Ceiling Ideas

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Corrugated Metal


Corrugated Metal Ceiling Ideas

Unfinished Basement Ceiling

unfinished basement ceiling

White Ceiling

Wood White Ceiling Ideas


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