Stunning Kids Bedroom Ideas

As a parent, you definitely have your own sleep space. But your lovely ones probably not. In fact, the personal sanctuary for kids is really crucial. That is why you have to search for amazing kids bedroom ideas.

There are some benefits of designing children bedroom. First, they can handle the responsibility to keep theirs clean.

Second, playing games, daydreaming, and doing school homework will be more interesting. Third, they’ll get mature faster. Kids sleeping zones must be colorful, stylish, and vibrant.

So, you need to follow this basic rule. Luckily, you are able to transform their room with a low budget and small space. And your creativity is the ultimate key.

Before decorating your child’s sleeping area, plan everything very well. If you are out of ideas, do not worry.

We [Harp Times] have gathered up these kids bedroom ideas special for you. They help your kids get better night’s sleep. Let’s have a read!

1. Sporty Escape

Kids Bedroom Ideas Pinterest Sporty Escape

A little girl certainly wants to have bedchamber that serves at least two functions. In this room, a tunnel-shaped relaxing spot is filled with her favorite animal plush toys. They look uber cute, right?

Then, the homeowner builds plastic rock climbing wall for her sweetheart. There is also special space to get her schoolwork done.

The indoor plant in the pot truly adds some life to space. While polished wood floor pampers her feet.

2. Simple Pleasure

Kids Bedroom Ideas Simple Pleasure

Instead of using a regular bed, you can opt for a daybed with trundle. Like the picture above, the daybed, floor, and walls come in a white shade. They make the sleeping oasis bright, sunny, airy, and visually bigger.

The hanging artworks give your daughter’s room an artsy feel. While the duck-egg polka dot blanket soothes the whole area. Plus, the area rug and throw pillows introduce rich textures to it. Let her playthings scatter on the floor.

3. Striking Pom Poms

Kids Bedroom Ideas Striking Pom Poms

This toddler’s chamber features a black name sign and star wall decor. They match gorgeously with the monochrome theme. A crib itself is dressed in polka dot fabric. Cat and mouse plush toys create a playful atmosphere.

The pentagon built-in storages are the homes to the toy, miniature baby dolls, and Russian nesting dolls. Swapping bed rattle toy for hanging pom poms is such a genius idea. They emanate cheerful vibes throughout the room.

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4. Extraordinary Ladder

Kids Bedroom Ideas Extraordinary Ladder

A girl bedroom is not always bold. As you can see, the grey concrete floor blends well with the rectangular chalkboard headboard. They offer the rustic hints to the young woman’s bedchamber.

The vaulted ceiling and walls are coated in white paint. Furthermore, the white armless kid chair pairs with pastel green wooden stool which doubles as a bedside table.

Striped bed cover and pillow seriously grab the attention here. The animal craft and plush toy remind her of zoo trip. It is so unique to see her climbing the wooden ladder. Maybe, she stores the playthings in the hidden place.

5. Fantastic Lego World

Kids Bedroom Ideas Fantastic Lego World

Are your little guys wedded to Lego? If yes, this is one of the best boys bedroom ideas for you. From the ceiling to the floor, everything is all about Lego. We guarantee your young men will appreciate your work. Here are our steps.

  • Install the giant window as it allows the morning sunlight to naturally illuminate the room.
  • Paint the ceiling in Lego colors such as blue, yellow, green, or red.
  • Build the Lego wall. It must be fabulous when you choose one tone as the background.
  • Attach the Legos to the Lego wall. They are fun, unique and quirky.
  • Place Lego-themed area rug and stool on the corner of the room.

6. Small Kids Bedroom Ideas

Kids Bedroom Ideas Epic Woodland

In this bedroom, there are rustic wooden cylinder pendant light, wooden loft bed, and wooden floor. They provide nice contrasting texture against the white ceiling and upper wall.

Highlight: “Your little ones undoubtedly want to lie in a cozy sleeping space. We are so sure that French country decor scheme will entice them in no time. Of course, the natural materials are its significant elements.”

Moreover, the birch forest wallpaper is so lively. The area under the loft bed works as the playroom. While the hedgehog statue, stuffed animal plush, and deer wall decor welcome them to the jungle.

7. Kids Bedroom Ideas Double Bunk Beds

Kids Bedroom Ideas Double Bunk Beds

For you who live with four little ones, it is a perfect way to go. The two bunk beds are not only functional but also fancy.

The olive green foundation exudes the mature feel. On the other hand, orange beddings give the youthful accents.

To keep the room from looking gloomy, coat the ceiling in white paint, install downlight, and extra large window.

Then, each of the bunk beds has one staircase for easy access to the upper beds. The slide makes them energetic and happy.

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8. Being Responsible

Kids Bedroom Ideas Being Responsible

The homeowner involves wooden floor and door to emanate the stylishly unrefined style in teenage girl bedchamber. Additionally, the chalkboard-inspired dresser lets her learn about responsibility.

Light grey walls infuse the room with a peaceful atmosphere. The hanging artworks create the pleasantly artsy personal retreat.

Two plush dolls are displayed on the dresser and bookshelf. The others are put into canvas toy storage baskets.

9. Multipurpose Space

Kids Bedroom Ideas Multipurpose Space

There is nothing more marvelous than having a multifunctional sleeping oasis. It features plastic rock climbing wall, study station, indoor playground, and mini home library. They are right in your lovely kid’s room.

The white space scheme produces open, airy and fresh sleeping zone. A turquoise floating work desk and colorful climbing rock exhibit the playful air. And wood floor radiates the warm and inviting ambiance.

10. Whimsical Forest Kids Bedroom Ideas

Whimsical Forest

11. Unusual Dreamscape

Kids Bedroom Ideas Unusual Dreamscape

Normally the bed comes in the rectangular shape, but not for this girl’s sleeping area. Her black and grey bed resembles a slice of watermelon. The yellow pillows add a splash of colors to the room.

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Furthermore, the red round and green half-round daybeds look so chic, trendy and perky. They are secured to the built-in bookshelf. The rock climbing wall is great for an active girl. It keeps her fit and happy.

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12. Attic Bunk Room

Kids Bedroom Ideas Attic Bunk Room

Highlight: “Short on space? No worries. Because you can alter your unused attic into a cool bunk room for your children.”

If you think its slanted walls make your kids feel uncomfortable, you are wrong. Follow these tips to create a cozy escape.

  • Paint the wooden beam ceiling and walls in white. The sleepy space is visually more spacious than it is.
  • Install a large window and wooden floor.
  • Place the nightstand, table, and stools beside the bed.
  • Throw the white rug into the floor.
  • Embellish the room with pennant flags, indoor potted plants, and stuffed animal.

13. The Story of Plush Toys

Kids Bedroom Ideas The Story of Plush Toys

The homeowner showcases loads of animal plush toys in little girl’s attic bedchamber. They are positioned on the wooden bookshelf. Your daughter will have such a spectacular zoo trip at home for sure.

Moreover, there are many favorite books as well. The signed letter absolutely encourages her hobby. White tailored area rug invites the plush setting to the room. And red knit bean bag chair provides maximum comfort to her room.

The entire space is coated in white paint color in order to produce the visual effect. Thanks to this neutral shade, her bedroom looks sunny, clean, and airy.

14. Explorer’s Zone Kids Bedroom Ideas

Explorer’s Zone

15. Kids Bedroom Ideas Superhero Fantasy

Superhero Fantasy

If your boys love superheroes, go for this idea. We promise your little men will be super excited when they step into the room. Because you turn their dream into reality. Want to apply it? We have these simple steps.

  • Stencil the walls in bold herringbone motif.
  • Install a polished wooden wall.
  • Hang framed superhero artworks on the wall. Arrange them orderly.
  • Place the shelving units in the corner of the room.
  • Put the bean bag chair next to the bunk bed and geometric throw pillow on the bean bag.

16. Daydreaming of Panda

Kids Bedroom Ideas Daydreaming of Panda

Your child cannot resist the panda cuteness. Why not give this idea a try? The panda wall decal offers the cheerful atmosphere to the room. And the throw pillows and stuffed animals on the daybed extend the joyous scene.

The floating cabinets and shelving units are homes for her playthings. They keep the clutters at the bay. Plus, the hanging artworks add visual interest. Red mushroom rug livens up space.

The barrel-like bedside table completes the girly white bedchamber. The black industrial lamp exudes its sophistication. Cork Board Ideas.

17. 3D Wooden Tree Wall Art

Kids Bedroom Ideas 3D Wooden Tree Wall Art

18. Full of Clouds Kids Bedroom Ideas

Full of Clouds

This sleepy space might be simple. But it looks eye-catching with the help of magnificent clouds. White cloud decals are so detailed. They beautifully balance out the vibrant navy wall.

The baby blue pillow and cloud-patterned bed sheet complement floating cubicle bed in an astonishing way. Not only that, the blue and white cloud area bring your boy to the sky.

He can do the homework comfortably too. Thanks to the long desk and stool. Musical radio toy and free-standing decorative cage steal the spotlight. What else could he ask for?

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19. Kids Bedroom Ideas Jungle House

Jungle House

It is time to think out of the box. Instead of buying a regular bed frame, you can build a house-inspired black frame like the photo above. The leaf wallpaper is such the best addition the jungle theme. It also reminds the kind of a tropical jungle.

The whitewashed wooden floor transforms the area into a woodland. This sleeping zone doubles as the playroom as well. Just display lots of plush toys on the bed and floor.

Moreover, the area rug looks so tailored and stylish. The yellow bedding and stuffed fruits add pops of colors to the kid’s sanctuary.

20. Cheerful Playground

Cheerful Playground

21. Kids Bedroom Ideas Swinging Round Bed

Swinging Round Bed

If your kids get bored with the usual bedroom, steal this decor from us. Because it is one-of-a-kind bedchamber. We believe they will feel so special and loved. Here are our steps for a mind-blowing makeover.

  • Install wooden floor, rock climbing wall and make swing ropes.
  • Apply dinosaur wall decal.
  • Suspend the round soft bed on the ceiling.
  • Place foam mattress under the swinging bed.
  • Arrange a daybed in the corner of the room.
  • Stuff the daybed with colorful throw pillows.
  • Put embossed area rug on the floor.

22. Child’s Perspective

Kids Bedroom Ideas Child’s Perspective

This kid bedchamber features the dark brown floor. It emanates the warm, intimate and welcoming feeling throughout the entire space. The white walls meet harmoniously with the floor.

Yellow cabinet has many drawers for stashing your kid’s belongings. It also adds a pop of shade to the room.

Furthermore, you can exhibit family photograph, old CD, minibus toy, and fabric woven basket on the cabinet. The presence of an oversized sunglasses wall mirror catches the eye. It is so fashionable.

23. A Room for The Future

Kids Bedroom Ideas A Room for The Future

Brown space scheme is gender-neutral. So, it will fit in any boy or girl sleeping space. Even it can be reworked into an adult’s room as well. Just remove the childhood playthings. 

In this bedchamber, brown comes in various shades from pale to the dark one. The dark walls pair well with light brown concrete floor and ceiling. There are ultra comfortable rocking chair and stool.

Tree wall decal looks so aesthetically pleasing. Do not forget to install floating open shelves on its branches. They function to store your kid’s favorite things.

24. An Unforgettable Slumber Party

Kids Bedroom Ideas An Unforgettable Slumber Party

25. Invoke the Spirit of Sportsmanship

Kids Bedroom Ideas Invoke the Spirit of Sportsmanship

Your little guys have a love for sports. Why don’t you give this brilliant idea a chance? You can take advantage of your high ceiling by making a home climbing wall. They obviously will be super delighted.

The two foam mattresses maximize the comfort and safety. While bold green check rug and bed sheets invite the jaunty vibes to the room.

Plenty of glass windows create the sunny and breezy retreat. While grey and brown colors help soothe the space.

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26. Girl Kids Bedroom Ideas

Fairy Tale Palace

Thinking of impressive master bedroom ideas? It is the right one for your little girls. When successfully designed, they will dream about being queens or princesses. If you like this theme, we give you the directions below.

  • Coat the ceiling and walls in pastel pink paint.
  • Install blooming flower pendant light.
  • Attach glitter stars on the wall.
  • Place pink bed in the corner of the room.
  • Hang sheer bed canopy from the ceiling.
  • Fill the room with pink stuff, baby dolls, stuffed unicorns, and angel wings.

27. Funky Reading Nook

Kids Bedroom Ideas Funky Reading Nook

Those are our kids bedroom ideas. Decorating a sanctuary is not as intimidating as you might have imagined. The whole process is so much fun. Are you excited for the visual adventure?

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