Where to Put Mirror in Your Bedroom According to Feng Shui

Where to put mirror in bedroom feng shui – Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of arranging your environment to maximise the harmony between you and the space around it.

It works on the principle that there can be different types of energies, consisting of both positive and negative energy and that the way you arrange the items in your home can affect the flow of both.

Mirrors serve an important purpose in feng shui because they can multiply the energy that is reflected in them.

When it comes to mirrors in the bedroom, in particular, different schools of feng shui have very different things to say.

One feng shui practitioner might say that you should never have a mirror in the bedroom, whereas another might say that a bedroom mirror can be a very good idea.

Where to Put A Mirror In the Bedroom

Where to Put A Mirror In the Bedroom Feng Shui
Where to Put A Mirror In the Bedroom Feng Shui

Command position

The first thing you should consider to place mirrors in the bedroom, according to feng shui, is the idea of a command position.

Good feng shui states that in your bedroom, your bed should always be in a commanding position. This means that you should be able to see the bedroom door from the bed, without it being directly in line with it.

Where mirror placement can really help is that it can allow you to create a commanding position for your bed, even in situations where you can’t place it in the right spot.

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Maybe your bedroom is in an unusual shape or your bed will only fit in one configuration. Either way, sometimes it just isn’t realistic to place your bed in a commanding position.

Remember that what the mirror reflects is important to the energy it creates in the room, according to feng shui.

If you can get your mirror placement in just the right spot that you can see the door in it when you are lying in bed, then this will give you that commanding position you have been searching for.

This is often easier to achieve with a large mirror or a full-length mirror (e.g. on a closet door) but if you are very clever, you may still be able to do it with a smaller mirror.

So a mirror reflecting the door that you can see when you are lying in bed is a clever way of creating a command position even if you can’t manage it through bed placement.

When Bedroom Mirror Placement Can Go Wrong

When Bedroom Mirror Placement Can Go Wrong
When Bedroom Mirror Placement Can Go Wrong

The reason why many feng shui principles suggest not to hang a mirror in your bedroom is that there is a potential that it can create excess negative energy under the wrong circumstances.

Again, remember that what a mirror reflects determines the energy that it gives to the room, according to feng shui. In this situation, a bad feng shui mirror placement would have it reflecting something that promotes negative qi.

So if you have a full-length mirror that is reflecting a messy part of your bedroom, electronic devices, or a bathroom mirror on your door, this could promote the flow of negative energy in the room.

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Many feng shui experts will also argue that you should avoid mirrors that reflect an image of your bed like a vanity mirror on your dressing table. If you hang a mirror facing your bed, this could cause you to have bad dreams.

Some even argue that a mirror opposite the bed is inviting a third person into the relationship and could promote infidelity. Instead, a mirror that is on a wall perpendicular to the bed is the best feng shui mirror placement.

If you can’t avoid hanging a mirror opposite your bed, you can still negate the potential negative qi. You could drape a shawl over the mirror when you aren’t using it or even place a frosted film on top of the mirror.

Finally, you shouldn’t hang mirrors directly over your bed. Feng shui is all about making you feel safe and secure in your environment and having a heavy mirror hanging directly over you has a high potential to interfere with that.

The focus should always be on what makes you feel comfortable. If you feel as though where you place a mirror is giving you trouble sleeping then covering it up or finding a different place to hang it could do wonders for your sleep health.

General Feng Shui Mirror Principles

General Feng Shui Mirror Principles
General Feng Shui Mirror Principles

We’ve covered some of the feng shui mirror principles that apply specifically to the bedroom, but you also shouldn’t neglect the mirror hanging principles that apply throughout your house.

For example, feng shui practitioners argue that the best place to hang a mirror is in the dining room, but you can hang mirrors in the living room as long as you’re careful, and you should never hang a mirror facing the front door.

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You also shouldn’t hang a mirror on opposite walls to a window. This is because external energies flow in from outside, and they can be both positive and negative.

A wall mirror opposite a window could therefore multiply any negative energies that come in from outside.

With that being said, as with many feng shui tips, there are different schools of thought. Some feng shui experts would argue that a mirror on the opposite wall to a window is completely fine, as long as it is reflecting nature.

A mirror that reflects nature can bring good energy into the home and make it peaceful, which is of course important for a bedroom.

The Bottom Line

where to put mirror in bedroom feng shui the bottom line
where to put mirror in bedroom feng shui the bottom line

When it comes down to it, where you place mirrors is all about what makes you feel comfortable. A lot of feng shui really boils down to common sense.

For example, if you place a mirror that reflects back an image of you in bed, then it is perfectly natural to feel uncomfortable.

Whereas if you place a mirror that reflects the door leading to the room, you are likely to feel more secure.

Following feng shui mirror principles that suit you and your personality can help you to create a more comfortable and relaxing bedroom space, and no more restless nights.

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