Hog Wire Fence : 3 Smart Ways to Use It

Hog wire fence is frequently found in farmland to prevent livestock from escaping; however, with the right design, hog wire fence can actually be a versatile structure that can be applied to all kinds of building project.

Here we will explore the reasons why you should use this fence instead of others and some smart ways to use it in your building project.

What Is Hog Wire Fence

Hog Wire Fence
source : Sarah Ray Landscape Design

It has similar appearance to that of woven wire fence, except that the former uses larger and sturdier steel wire (at least 0.25 inches in diameter) and is woven to form large squares using welding technique. This fence is available as rigid panel instead of roll due to its sturdy and solid wire.

This panel is very effective in keeping hogs, pigs and smaller animals inside, but can be easily warped by horses, cows and other large animals. In farmland, this fence is usually installed in the outermost perimeters that are rarely approached by large animals.

When installed in inner perimeters, additional supporting components, including additional layer of wire mesh and sturdy rail and post, are usually needed to improve its strength and flexibility.

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Reasons to Use Hog Wire Fence

There are several reasons why using hog wire fence is considered a good idea.

  • Looks and Feels Sturdy

Although smaller wire mesh is more flexible, hog wire fence appears much sturdier than wire mesh. The large diameter of the hog wire makes it look like a real fence that is more aesthetically pleasing than barbed wire and sheep fencing. Don’t be deceived by its look, though, because as mentioned above, large animals can easily warp or bend the panel.

  • Hog wire fence is stable

Hog wire fence is considered one of the most stable fence structures that you can install in your farm or include in your building project. When you buy the fence materials, you will get solid panels instead of wire mesh rolls. The panel looks stable even before you build a fence from it.

If you use wire mesh roll, the finished structure will not look as stable as hog wire fence because the mesh still looks wobbly and wavy.

  • Hog wire fence is made from weather-resistant material

The metal wire is weather-resistant and rust-proof, making it a perfect fencing material for outdoor use. The fence will still be reliable even after you use it for years or even decades. The large and sturdy wires that make up the panel are strong enough to withstand the damaging effects of the elements.

  • Hog wire fence is hard to break

Although large animals and humans can bend and warp it, the panel itself is very hard to break. You will even find a hard time cutting the wire using wire cutter due to its large diameter and sturdy design. If you use hog wire panel as a fence for your farm and house, you don’t have to worry about escape or intrusion because the panel can do its job as an impenetrable fence excellently.

  • Looks beautiful

This is a special feature that makes hog wire fence a great choice not only for farm fencing, but also for residential fencing. If you pair hog wire panel with fancy wooden rails and posts—plus some additional decorations—your hog wire fence will look great to be installed around your modern house. If you are contemplating about residential fencing option that is both nice-looking and affordable, choosing hog wire fence is always a good idea.

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Smart Ways to Use Hog Wire Fence

Reasons to Use Hog Wire Fence
source : aandjfencing.com

The most rudimentary way to use hog wire fence is by attaching hog wire panel to wooden posts and top and bottom rails. This basic fence structure is enough to prevent your livestock from wandering away. However, with better and smarter designs, you can actually make the fence more reliable and eliminate its weakness. Here are several ways to use hog wire fence smartly.

  • Try to add kickboard

Hog wire fence is sturdy and durable, but it can be bent by large animals like horses and cows. By adding kickboard at the bottom of your fence, it will become less prone to damage caused by large animals’ vandalism. The kickboard is usually two feet high and made from strong and durable wood. Because large animals tend to kick the lower part of the fence, your hog wire panel will be safer from harm whenever horses, cows or deer approach it.

  • Add a layer of wire mesh

Hog wire panel can be combined with a layer of wire mesh to improve its strength and flexibility. The wire mesh may actually become necessary if the openings of the panel are considered too large. Adding a layer of wire mesh with smaller openings will prevent animals’ leg or neck from being trapped in hog wire panel’s openings.

  • Grow vining plants on the fence

Hog wire fence can function as a trellis for growing vining plants. Vining flowers, such as jasmine and hardenbergia, will make the fence appear more visually appealing. You can also let vining edible plants, such as passion fruit and grapevine, grow on it. Growing vines on your hog wire fence will make the fence an eco-friendly fence that will add many benefits that you can enjoy.

  • Combine it with other fence types

You can always combine hog wire fence with other fence types. There are many reasons why combining hog wire fence with other fence types might be necessary. Hog wire fence might be reliable in farmland, but if used in residential area, it may not sufficiently provide privacy. You can alternate it with solid wood fence in such case.

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There are many ways to incorporate hog wire fence in your building or remodeling project. Although it is originally used in farmland, it can always find its place around your home, both to improve the safety and security of your home and to make it more beautiful.

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