Most Stylish Basement Ideas for Your House

Are you looking for some stylish basement ideas? You have come to the right page.

Whether your basement only takes a small space of the floor, or take up the entire floor of the house, there are a lot of options to design your basement stylishly.

Lucky for you, we have compiled 21 most stylish ideas to get you inspired in designing your own basement space.

Whether it’s going to be a bedroom, a living room, a recreational room, or even a laundry room, you will make your basement stylish.

1. Sea-Inspired Basement Interior

Sea Inspired Basement Interior Ideas

This basement space has a multifunctional floor plan that consists of a kitchen, a bedroom, and a media area or living room.

It’s an ideal floor plan for any basement with a large area. The light blue and brown color gives such a soothing feeling underground.

It incorporates some decor pieces that add a beach feel into the room. The cozy sectional sofa completes the space and makes it more enjoyable.

A lot of recessed lights are needed to keep it bright and feel like it’s located nearby the beach.

2. Elegant Basement Design Scheme

Elegant Basement Design Scheme Ideas

If you’re looking for an interior that has some dark elements, this elegant design scheme belongs to you.

This basement room provides you with the mood-lifting ambiance to keep you comfortable. The black sofa set looks so comfy. You’ll enjoy spending time with your friends here.

In this basement space, you don’t need a lot of recessed lights to make it brighter. Just install enough lighting and some dimmers to create a perfect mood.

3. Basement Ideas with Urban Chic Style

Basement Ideas with Urban Chic Style

It’s a great idea you can apply in your basement area when space is limited. You need to decide what you want your basement to be used.

In this case, it’s designed as a home theater or media room. It’s a private studio to watch movies in a supportive ambiance.

This room is quite multifunctional; you can use it to get together with family and friends, watching sports, doing karaoke, and so on.

It’s got an industrial feel all over the space especially the exposed ceiling design. This room features a nice spiral staircase and illuminating wall to emphasize the industrial vibe.

4. Billiard Lounge Basement Ideas

Billiard Lounge Basement Ideas
Billiard Lounge Basement Ideas

Another favorite idea to design a basement is to make it as a billiard lounge.

Every man will have a great time with friends in this basement. It’s like a game room for men to have fun. All manly things are featured in this basement.


It would be a great idea to have your men’s cave underground. The floor plan of this basement lounge features dining set, games, mini bar, and watching area (an area to watch sports event). Ask your friend to join and experience the ultimate basement hangout.

5. Basement Open Space for Family

Basement Open Space Ideas for Family

Every family needs family time to get them closer as a happy family. You will probably need a special space to focus on the family gathering.

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Having open space for the family right in the basement is probably a good idea.

Design the space as comfortable as possible for everyone. In the picture, you see the second living room which is just as comfy as the main one.

It provides enough seating for the entire member of the family. Involve some artworks to spice things up would be very nice.

6. Modern Home Office with Bright Atmosphere

Basement Ideas Modern Home Office with Bright Atmosphere

This basement room is undeniably bright. You may be able to see stains from this picture. The lighting design is the highlight of this basement idea.

It looks like what’s under a spacecraft. This pavement-style roof arrangement is designed by Luxcrete.

Those wood grain walls prevent the room from being too bright. That red carpet above the white basement floor paint seems to be the effort to define a seating area for this modern office.

7. Basement Space with Kid’s Creative Station

Basement Space Ideas with Kids Creative Station
Basement Space with Kids Creative Station

If you are currently designing a basement space for your house, you need to include a special space for your kids as part of the plan.

So, your kids would also have a great time being in the basement with all the family members.

Check out those three booths. It’s like the creative station for children.

Each of the children will have their special booth to keep their belongings. Each booth can have different colors to specialize in the space.

It looks fantastic beside the white wall with reclaimed wood flooring. The booths are like the stars of this basement.

8. Basement Space Like a Dungeon

Basement Space Ideas Like a Dungeon
Basement Space Ideas Like a Dungeon

Going inside this basement looks like a real dungeon. If you want your basement looks creepy but glamour, you can try to apply this traditional cellar. I guess if you put a lot of lights, it would less creepy and more textural beauty.

The curved brick design defines the traditionalism of this basement space.


This basement is part of Georgian-style new build property. So, it’s not a dungeon from years ago. It’s just designed to be that way as part of architectural art.

9. Basement Studio for Paintings

Basement Studio Ideas for Paintings

This basement space is designed for painters, designers, or any creative people who need a special space to create a masterpiece.

There’s a lot of space to showcase your artworks. It can make the basement wall ideas more colorful than ever.

This basement features a double-height void to the living room above it.

This basement studio is filled with a lot of lights that are not only provided by the lamps in the basement but also from the room above the ground. That’s because of the glass ceiling.

10. Ideal Basement Design with Complete Room

Ideal Basement Design with Complete Room Ideas
Ideal Basement Ideas with Complete Room

A large space in the basement can be designed just like the ground floor.

Filled with a complete set of rooms: living room, bedroom, kitchen, and basement bathroom ideas, it can be the most comfortable and private space of the house.

This sofa set can accommodate all of the family members. Some colorful pillows would add some decorative elements into this neutral scheme.

11. Small Window Opening for Basement

Small Window Opening for Basement Ideas
Basement Ideas Small Window Opening

As we know, the basement can get dark so easily day and night because mostly it has no window to allow outside light during the day.

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If you plan to build a basement room in your house, you need to have a well-designed floor plan. Make sure you include a small window opening in your design.

You can achieve a window for basement by digging some extra space outside the house to allow lights to get inside through a small window.

It will provide ample lights to the seating area of the basement. Place a grey sectional sofa for comfortable seating.

12. A Mini Bar in a Basement

A Mini Bar Ideas in a Basement
A Mini Bar Ideas in a Basement

This mini bar right in the corner beside the stairs is only a small part of a basement room.

It gives such a welcoming scene to the visitors. The design of the mini bar successfully catches attention with its stained wood finish.

It’s a great way to greet everyone who comes down through the carpeted stairs.

That metal stools go in line with the industrial style light pendants above them. You can add some basement finishing ideas to complete the design.

13. Vintage Living Room with Ghost Table

Basement Ideas Vintage Living Room with Ghost Table
Basement Ideas Vintage Living Room with Ghost Table

The glass coffee table is a nice piece of furniture that you can place in the middle of your second living room.

You can clearly see what’s under the table. Some designers call it a ghost table; it looks like there’s no table at all.

Apparently, it’s a great way to complement what’s under the table. In this case, that colorful carpet has more chance to spread its charm in this basement room.

The vintage-style design scheme gets a lot of support from decor pieces in this living room.

14. Plain Grey Basement Design

Plain Grey Basement Design Ideas
Plain Grey Basement Design Ideas

This basement wall is painted completely plain with grey color. A lot of characters are infused in this basement to make it more alive and comfortable.

This basement features a ping-pong table, a reclaimed wood open cabinet, and a living room set.

Instead of keeping the wall plain, it gets accented with the light fixture. It gives such a dramatic effect to make the wall more interesting, not boring.

This basement space is created for family or friends gathering. They can have a fun time playing ping-pong and watching movies together.

15. Decorative Patterns in Neutral Scheme

Basement Ideas Decorative Patterns in Neutral Scheme
Decorative Patterns in Neutral Scheme Basement Ideas

If you’re comfortable enough with a neutral scheme in the basement, try adding some patterns into the mix.

It will give splashes of color to the room which makes the room more fun. This basement is filled with the various patterns on some of the elements.


The patterns feature on pillows, carpet, ottomans, and gallery wall. It really gives some positive impact on the entire atmosphere.

16. Basement Laundry Room Ideas

Basement Laundry Room Ideas
Basement Laundry Room Ideas

Finished or unfinished, basements are perfect for laundry room. This laundry nook idea looks so lovely for your basement.

That exposed ceiling makes this space perfect for doing your laundry. Instead of being plain white, this laundry room has some features you notice.

As you can see, that well-patterned carpet on the floor draws a lot of attention. It suddenly becomes the focal point of this room.

Some wall shelves are needed in this room since there’s not enough cabinet for basement storage ideas.

17. Basement Ideas Small

Small Basement Decor Ideas

Designing a small-sized basement could be a pretty challenging job to do. Having a small space doesn’t need to be cramped.

It can be designed to be cozy and feel bigger. A small basement needs to be designed effectively.

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If you want to make a small space feels bigger, you need to avoid using strong and bold colors.

The bold colors on the ceiling will make it seems lower. White is the right color you can rely on when it comes to a small room.

You can play with colors on the lower part of the rooms such as flooring and the furniture. This basement living room features some nice decor items to fulfill the character.

Tips on designing a small basement:

  1. Choose a bright color scheme
  2. Stick to a limited color palette
  3. Add enough ventilation to make it airy
  4. Install many lightings to make it seems a lot bigger
  5. Don’t add a lot of furniture pieces and decor items
  6. Add more storages if needed

18. Basement Lighting Ideas

Basement Lighting Ideas

If you have a coffered ceiling in your basement space, you should use this lighting concept. The lights on this ceiling are placed at the intersections.

It’s designed to be the highlighter of the architectural basement ceiling ideas. It emphasizes more on the texture of the ceiling beam.

You can install the lights in every intersection to make sure it’s bright enough to let you enjoy your time with your friends watching the game.

19. Glossy White Cabinet All Over the Wall

Glossy White Cabinet All Over the Wall Basement Ideas

More storage means more space to keeps clutter out of sight. So, you can get a clean basement aesthetic.

From this view, almost all of the space on the wall is well-occupied. It has very limited space so the kitchen and living are close to each other.

The glossy feature offers an extraordinary effect on the underground space of your house. If it gets enough lighting, the basement would be as bright as the main room during the day.

20. Basement Ideas Bedroom

Basement Ideas Bedroom

Even though it’s placed underground, you still need to make your bedroom comfortable and airy.

So, make sure you have some small window up near the ceiling as ventilation that connects directly to the outside. So, you don’t need air conditioning to give you air.

You should avoid dark colors that can make the bedroom feels gloomy. Besides incorporating light and bright color, you can rely on the brightness entirely on artificial lighting fixtures.

You will need some focused lighting as much as a family room or playroom. Add a bedside sconce on each side of the bed.

Tips for designing basement bedrooms:

  • Get the right insulation to keep the noise down in the bedroom.
  • Select the basement bedroom ideas and style well in advance.
  • Create as much visual space as possible.
  • Choose warm and cozy colors as the scheme.
  • Add the right amount of ventilation.

21. Basement Ideas Home Gym

Basement Ideas Home Gym
Basement Ideas Home Gym

Many homeowners decide to have their basement room as a recreational room.

It’s designed to provide an entertaining space to get away from stressful activity. Some people might agree that going to the gym is something to get rid of the stress.

For those people, it’s great to have a gym nearby. A home gym in the basement would be perfect. Equip your basement with treadmill, dumbbells, boxing bags, and more.


After exploring all of those basement ideas, you definitely get inspired already.

You need to have a well plan for the floor plan of your basement. Make sure everything is well-designed before building the basement.

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