20+ Creative Firewood Storage Ideas To Keep Your Firewood Safe

You can’t have a fireplace if you don’t have proper firewood storage. The thing with firewood is that it has to be stored properly. Put it on the ground they will get moisturized, placed outside they will be ruined, and store them inside the house only makes the house dirty.

So what can you do? Well, you need designated storage. Don’t worry. You won’t have to figure out how to create storage alone. We got you covered. Here we have collected 20 creative ideas for storage that will inspire you. Ready to get inspired? Let’s get to them now.

Iron Curved Wood Rack

firewood storage indoor
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If you have lots of firewood to store, you will need a large and strong firewood storage rack. This is because firewood can be heavy real quick.

If the storage rack is not large and strong, it will either get full quickly, crushed under the weight of the firewood, or worse case, both.

To accommodate your storage needs, choose large storage made of steel like this. Such storage has a good amount of carrying capacity. And since it is made of steel, it is sturdy enough to handle the weight of the firewood even in large quantities.

Under the Stairs

firewood storage rack
source : welt

This one is a very clever firewood storage. Rather than preparing a designated firewood storage box or rack, the space under the stairs and floor is used as the storage for firewood.

This has double benefits. First, there is no need to spend money on a box or rack. Second, the firewood is easily accessible.

Perhaps the only downsides are how it affects the look of the interior and hygiene issues. The first downside would depend on your interior.

If chopped woods make the interior more attractive, then it is not a problem. The second issue only occurs if you don’t clean up and take care of the firewood.

‘Hidden’ Storage

firewood storage inside
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Some homeowners like their fireplace but don’t like how the firewood looks like. This is particularly true for homeowners who have mostly white interior. The solution? Create ‘hidden’ vertical firewood storage like this one.

As seen here, the firewood is stored just behind the fireplace. There is a nook behind the fireplace in which the firewood is stored for later use.

With such storage, no one will know where you get the firewood. The firewood can be picked up any time and it doesn’t affect the interior. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Storage is a crucial part of a house. We all need that having extra storage won’t hurt. Check out our storage ideas here and make everything has its place in the house.

Stacked Wood

firewood storage box indoor
source : carlaaston

If you don’t mind having indoor firewood storage and display them, then just go ahead. Make a cabinet to store the firewood beside the fireplace. Since the storage is on the side of the fireplace, you can always refuel the fireplace anytime you like.

As seen here, the firewood is put on display as if they are decorations. This is a clever way to not only store firewood but also add beauty to the room. This can work in the various interior, particularly if the cabinet and the walls are white.

Simply Beautiful

firewood storage outdoor
source : magazinfuerholz

Next is firewood storage outdoor. Unlike indoor storage, with outdoor storage, there is no need to worry about cleaning the firewood. That is, at least until you are going to use them. As they are outside, they don’t make any difference in the interior, too.

The problems with firewood storage outdoor are that they are vulnerable to elements and termites and it takes time to pick up and refuel the fireplace.

Other than that, it’s good. And if you want to make them stand out in the backyard, just make a simple yet beautiful shape like the storage seen here.

Firewood Shed

firewood storage shed plans
source : Cedarcraft construction

Planning to make firewood storage outside? The first and foremost thing you must keep in mind is protection. Make sure that the firewood storage that you make can protect the firewood from the weather and animals.

Compared to the other firewood storage ideas, this will take a bit of work. But the result is rewarding. With firewood storage shed, you will have a peace of mind and free from the worry of thinking about your firewood stock getting damaged by weather and animals. Not to mention it doesn’t eat up any space inside the house, too.

Woodshed Pallet

firewood storage pallets
source : pinterest

When it comes to firewood storage design, there is no limit to what and how you make the storage. For example, a pallet firewood storage cabinet like this will be more than enough to store your firewood need.

If you are going the DIY-way, be sure that the palette is strong enough to hold the firewood stock. Also, be mindful of where you are placing the firewood storage. Make sure that you can get the firewood with ease every time you need them.

Cool Firewood Storage

firewood storage ideas indoor
source : homedit

Turning firewood into a decoration is not that difficult. This wall mounted firewood storage just proves how easy it is. All that is needed is to stack your firewood stock inside a vertical rack and voila! Firewood for days.

You don’t have to choose between function and aesthetic. As seen here, you can have them both. Rather being a bad addition, the tidily stacked firewood becomes a focal point in the room, second only to the fireplace next to it.

Speaking of a fireplace, how does your fireplace mantel look? Does it look appealing and attention-stealing? If your current fireplace mantel doesn’t look that attractive, our fireplace mantel ideas here can help you make an attractive one.

A Pair of Boxes

firewood storage box
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This firewood storage is similar to the previous one. The differences are that this one is not wall-mounted and placed outside of the house.

What makes this firewood storage box so good is that it is identical to the fireplace itself. You can’t just ignore two large, good-looking wooden boxes, can you?

As these boxes look good, they make a great pair of decorations for the outdoor areas like the patio, the deck, the garden, or the backyard. You can take them inside, too. Just be sure to empty them first so they can be carried easily.

Under the Shelves

firewood storage ideas
source : studio mcgee

Sometimes, we already have enough storage to store the firewood. We just don’t realize it. This shelving is a good example of that. While most parts of the shelves are occupied with various decorations, the bottom shelve is used as storage for firewood stock.

You can try this at your house. Look around and see if there is an empty bottom shelve you can use as storage. The only catch is that such storage may be small, unlike designated storage which you can customize according to your needs.

Portable Storage

firewood storage diy
source : countryliving

If you don’t need as much firewood, you won’t need as large firewood storage. In that case, your best option will be portable storage. You can use a large wooden container like this, for example.

The perks of having a wooden container are that they are portable and won’t eat up space. When you need it, just carry it and place it in the same room as the fireplace. When you are done with it, you can just move it to another place. Pretty neat.

Firewood Storage Bench

Firewood Storage Bench
source : 3x3custom

You don’t have to buy or make your firewood storage box from scratch. Do you have an unused bench? If you do, you can repurpose it into storage for your firewood stock.

All that is required is to add shelving, which many benches have already. To make it more appealing to the eyes, you can paint the storage with a more attractive color like blue. If you are on a budget, this is certainly one of the best firewood storage ideas you’d want to try.


firewood storage plans
source : lonnymag

Some of us just have to stock lots of firewood for our needs. Are you like that too? If you are, you will need larger and practical storage for your firewood stock. And what’s more practical than storage on both sides of the fireplace?

Having one firewood storage box on each side allows you to store lots of firewood, thus fulfilling your needs. Such capacity should meet the needs of most people. Not only that, the proximity of both storages makes it a lot easier and quicker to refuel the fireplace.

In the Wall

firewood storage rack plans
source : lonnymag

What if you want visually appealing storage but there is no more space left inside and outside of the house? Here’s a clever solution: create built-in firewood storage boxes in the wall. These pair of storage I an excellent example of built-in storage.

The benefits of making such storage are that you essentially don’t use any space as storage, the room looks more appealing thanks to the built-in storage, and refueling the fireplace will be a lot easier.

Firewood Stand

firewood storage outside
source : georgiabushcraft

This one is also one of the best firewood storage ideas if you are on a budget. It is very, very easy to make. What you need are two concrete bricks and four long wooden boards that are thick enough to enter the holes on the bricks and strong enough to hold the firewood.

To make the storage, just put the tip of each wooden board inside the hole in the brick. Then, place your firewood stock inside the space in-between the boards. There you have it. Very simple storage for your firewood. Inexpensive? Absolutely. Effective? Of course.

Special Shed

firewood storage shed
source : architecturaldigest

If you have the means to make designated firewood storage shed, then just go ahead. A designated shed makes everything easier, from preparing the firewood, cleaning them, arranging them, to taking them out when needed. Not to mention you just have to look for one place to get your firewood needs.

The shed needs not to be intricate. As long as it can store enough firewood, can be reached quickly by foot, and can protect the stock from elements and animals alike, that will be more than enough.

Rustic Storage

firewood storage cabinet
source : rustndruffles

Just because it is firewood storage, doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish about it. The fact is, it can even be used to make a statement as well. Isn’t that amazing?

Just look at this rustic storage. The rustic elements here, rather than downgraded by the firewood, get an additional rustic touch from the firewood. If anything, the firewood here enhances the rustic mood of the room. Now that’s practical and aesthetical!

Fireplace Wood Holder

firewood storage design ideas
source : ruralgirl

There is absolutely no need to go overboard for storage. The most important thing is always functionality. Just want to store your firewood stock and can’t be bothered with anything else? In that case, the best option is to make simple storage like this one.

Notice how simple this storage is. It is made of concrete and is placed just beside the fireplace. It is as far as simplicity goes. While this surely keeps things down to the minimum, it still looks good visually.

Firewood Shelving

firewood storage wooden box
source : conklinhouse

Perhaps there is vacant space in your cabinet? In that case, why not fill it with your firewood stock? Albeit designated storage is always welcome, not everyone has the luxury to make one. Some of us have to be ingenious with what we have. For example, using the vacant space in the cabinet.

Before you store any firewood, be sure that they are clean from dirt, soil, dust, and other impurities. Remember, you place them inside the house, so hygiene is a must. Also, make sure that the cabinet is not humid to prevent fungus growing on the firewood.

In a Roll

firewood storage ideas outside
source : Fig Landscapes

The last example of firewood storage is a DIY project. This amazing storage is created from several thin layers of metal. The largest layer forms the circle, while the smaller ones create the separator and shelf. Yes, it is that simple.

The best things about this storage are that it is easy to make, looks appealing, and can hold lots of firewood inside. These make it among the best firewood storage ideas if you are on a budget, have little room to spare for the storage, or both.

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