17 Amazing Fireplace Mantel Ideas to Bring Style to Your Fireplace

Having a fireplace mantel is one thing. Making it look stylish is another. More likely than not, you will need fireplace mantel ideas for that. Well, there is no need to worry. We will help you with that.

Below, we listed 17 amazing ideas you can use as inspiration in building a stylish fireplace. Most of these ideas are simple so you can just emulate them easily. Let’s start now.

‘Classic’ and Vintage Fireplace Mantel

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Let’s start our fireplace mantel ideas with something ‘classic’: a fireplace mantel with vintage design. Many things often become less attractive over time. Yet, some things are timeless and look attractive all the time. Vintage design is one of them.

If you want your fireplace that has a timeless style, consider creating a fireplace mantel with vintage design. Why should you go for something old? Well, the design may be old, but it certainly is gold.

Simple Wood Fireplace Mantels

img src : lovecreatecelebrate

There are lots of ways we can welcome fall. One of them is by putting fall decorations on top of a simple wood fireplace mantel just like in the picture above. The combination of wood mantel and stone surround gives it a warm and comfortable vibe. It is good preparation for the coming cold air.

To make the room more enjoyable, you can put a TV above the fireplace. In case you want to do this, be sure that the heat from the fireplace does not reach the TV.

Grey Fireplace Mantel

img src : thriftydecorchick

If you want a fireplace that is

  • attractive
  • cozy
  • the center of attention in the room

Consider emulating the grey fireplace mantel like in the picture above. The first two fireplace mantel ideas are a bit simple. This one, however, is more elaborate. Notice there are two beautiful lightings on either side and greeneries on the mantel. These make the fireplace stylish and pleasing to the eyes.

Not to mention the fireplace surround also helps in putting the focus on the fireplace. Speaking of fireplace surround, we also have fireplace surround ideas that can help you design yours. So, be sure to check them out!

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Black and White Fireplace Mantel

img src : thriftydecorchick

The next in our fireplace mantel ideas list is for homeowners who like to combine black and white. White is often seen as a simple color. That’s true. But simple does not mean unattractive. On the contrary, if properly placed, a white surface can look amazing. The fireplace mantel above is an example of this.

If you like white and black, you can use both colors to decorate your fireplace mantel. For example, you can paint the mantel white while getting the black from the TV, the lighting stands, and even the fireplace itself.

Fireplace Mantel with Unique Shapes

img src : Heather Jobe

No one says that you should always go for a flat fireplace mantel. If you want, you can use a mantel with unique shapes, too. In the picture, you can see that the mantle consisted of rectangular shapes. These shapes add depth to the fireplace, making it look more appealing.

The stacked stone tiles also help to highlight the fireplace. They are especially effective since the mantel is colored white.

Fireplace tiles are no doubt important parts of a fireplace. If you haven’t decided what kind of tiles you will use, you should check out our fireplace tile ideas.

Rustic Fireplace Mantel

img src : shopstyle

Rustic design certainly has its own unique charm. This, of course, applies to rustic fireplace mantel as well. The unique appearance of rustic fireplace mantel will help you to escape your daily routine. After all, rustic fireplace mantels tend to look very different from what you see throughout the day.

It is also a good alternative if you want a simple yet still very attractive mantle, too. Better yet, rustic fireplace mantel can blend well with many other designs, so it is certainly worth considering when creating a fireplace mantel.

Fireplace Mantel with Basket

img src : thriftydecorchick

Greeneries can be used in various places in the house. The fireplace mantel is no exception. In fact, greeneries can provide a refreshing look for the fireplace. This is particularly true if the fireplace is dominated with neutral colors.

You can also decorate the mantel further by adding a basket on it. For the best effect, add items with bright colors inside the basket.

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White and Brown Fireplace Mantel

img src : Bloglovin

Our previous fireplace mantel ideas mostly use only one color. Yet, using more than one color can be great, too. Just take a look at the picture above. The contrast between the dominant white surface and brown mantel brings attention to the fireplace.

The mantel is also decorated with various accessories. In case you love to put accessories on your fireplace, this idea is a good option.

Simplistic Wood Fireplace Mantel

img src : RusticMantels

You don’t have to go for complex fireplace mantel to make your fireplace looks good. Among our fireplace mantel ideas in this list, this one is among the simplest. All you need is to install a wood mantel above the fireplace and that’s it. You got a nice fireplace.

Accessories are always welcome. You can add, for example, candle lights, mirror, painting, or unique arts. Accessories will certainly make the fireplace even more appealing.

Rustic with Stone

img src : melissa feldmann

There are many variations of rustic design. For a fireplace mantel, this can include the use of stacked stone and a wood platform as the mantel. Simple? Very. But does it look good? That depends. If you like rustic design in general, the answer is likely to be yes. If you don’t, probably not.

If it is not rustic enough, you can add antique rustic accessories like pots, candlelight, and even a chalkboard with your favorite quote written on it.

Unfinished Wood Mantel

img src : diyaffair

Do you like the look of unfinished wood? If you do, why not create a mantel for your fireplace with it? Don’t worry about the look. Despite not being finished, it looks good. This is especially true if you play with contrast and add accessories to it.

In case you want to leave it as is, that is a good idea, too. It will more or less look like the example above.

Modern Shiplap Mantel

img src : loveofhomes

Shiplap looks nice on the wall. But does it look nice as a mantel, too? The answer is yes. To create a modern look, you can combine a shiplap mantel above with a herringbone surround below.

If you haven’t built your fireplace yet, building it in a corner is a good idea if you want a modern-looking one. Fireplace corner looks awesome. In case you need insight, we have fireplace corner ideas that will inspire you.

Bright and Elegant Fireplace Mantle

img src : pinterest

Our previous fireplace mantel ideas do not include natural lighting. What if you have good natural lighting in your living room? You can build a fireplace mantel just like the above. The natural lighting highlights the fireplace. With the mantel providing contrast, the fireplace certainly grabs attention.

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A mirror, pots, lighting, and greeneries are good additions for this kind of fireplace mantle. The mirror makes the room appear larger, while the pots, lighting, and greeneries provide a fresh vibe.

Rustic Glam Fireplace Mantel

img src : pinterest

This is another example of a rustic mantel. However, unlike the previous rustic examples, this one does not look too rustic. It looks more glamour than rustic. It is a good combination if what you are looking for is a glamorous look without using bright colors.

Also, just like many examples in our list, the presence of accessories is always welcome. After all, accessories do complete and complement the overall theme of the fireplace.

Wood Beam Mantel

img src : julacoledesign

Not every homeowner like a complex design for their fireplace mantel. Some homeowners prefer simple design. There are good reasons why. One of them is that sometimes, less is more.

That means, even if you use fewer materials, you can have an amazing result. The above mantel is an example of this.

As you can see, the mantel is made of a single wood beam. The beam is quite thick and, which gives enough room to place jars, a pot, and a mirror on it.

Farmhouse Mantel

img src : 33decor

With the increasing popularity of farmhouse designs, it is normal to want to have a farmhouse fireplace mantel. If you do want a farmhouse mantel, building one like the example above is a good idea. The farmhouse design is simple but it succeeds in turning the fireplace into the focal point of the room.

Notice the shiplap above the fireplace. It is certainly a nice addition. The shiplap parts complete the farmhouse look of the whole fireplace.

Stone Fireplace Mantel

img src : StoneMountainCasting

Last but certainly not least in our fireplace mantel ideas is a stone fireplace mantel. This one is different from most examples we listed. The mantel is made entirely of stone. Since the mantel has a light and neutral color, it allows the fireplace to stand out.

This kind of fireplace mantel is worth considering if you want a modern and clean-looking fireplace. If you want, you can put accessories on either side of the fireplace though it isn’t a must.

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