21+ Mid century Modern Living Room Ideas to Try at Home

There is a saying that entails home sweet home! That means the home is the most beautiful place in the world that gives us plenty of pleasure. Living in a beautiful room is the dream of every person, but luck supports only a few.

Most of the people lack in the case of insight details of decorating their houses as a mid century modern living room; because lots of technical knowledge, as well as plenty of picturesque views, is required to make a house look like a modern living room.

On the other hand lack of explicit services that provide real support in the construction of stylish and modern living room leads a person to have an ordinary looking house.

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Whatever the reason is, in most of the cases you end up with an average house that lures neither you nor amazes your friends. The 21st century is the era of personalization.

With a distinct vision and creative idea and meshing these with resin, fiber glass, plastic and other elements you can make a stunning house that attracts everyone.

Well, if you are not sure about the designs of your room, then below is the list of some beautiful ideas to make a modern mid century living room.

Mid Century Modern Floor

img src : Flavin Architects

If you are looking for a modern living room that let you connect yourself with nature, then try out this Gropius’ modern living room. This one was built in 1940’s and still stands high among the other competitor of mid century living rooms.

The house was constructed with a great artistic view. It has two walls made out of big windows, and other two were made out of concrete. Thus it enables you to see lots of scenic beauty through its glass windows.

On the other hand glasses war-toughened enough to withstand any potential dangers. The inward posture of this house rejects the traditional design of England that makes it more eyes soothing.

Chair Sectional Mid Century Modern Living Room

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Though this house was built back in 1958 but still today it holds its uniqueness and amazes everyone. Beautiful roof supported by high beams and the graphic design of the walls make it ideal one in the present day for a living.

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The colour scheme of this house is abstract, and this uniqueness gives it much required attention. Danish rosewood and organic teak inspire the design theme of this house that gives it beautiful look as well as strong built quality too.

Mid Century Living room by Black and Milk

img src : Black and Milk

Natural tone is required in your loving home! Well, then go with this one because throughout the house you will see lots of inspirational motifs. And the interesting part is that all of these are influenced by nature.

Earthy colour, earthy pattern all over the house make you feel like you are staying in a house which is somewhere in the middle of a forest.

But don’t be afraid it looks like this but actually isn’t. Modern equipment is installed in this house, which is always ready to provide their service whenever you want.

Tuxedo Sofa Mid Century Modern Living Room

img src : Ryan

It seems like the designer of this house was profoundly influenced by the importance of nature. Thus this house is designed in such a way that it can represent 4 seasons with the bright colour options.

Moreover, all the furniture are made out of recycled materials that make it nature friendly and saves a lot of money for the user.

Cool Skylight Living Room

img src : whyskylights

An idle place to live with your family because it is spacious as well as beautiful enough that be it a child or an older adult; everyone will get amazed seeing it.

Lots of windows and glasses can be seen here and there in this mid century living room that gives an opportunity to connect you with nature. With new lights and equipment. This house is always ready to support the busy lifestyle of San Francisco.

Mid century Modern Home Addition

img src : Normandy Remodeling

If you love hardwood flooring along with the big windows in your house to let yourself connect with nature, then try this mid century modern living room for an outstanding experience.

Hardwood flooring gives it a stylish look, and along with vivid colours, this house is always ready to amaze everyone.

Mid Century Living Room Chairs

img src : Trademark Renovations Ltd.

If you are a bit sceptical about yourself and your family, then Calgary is the best option for you. With enclosed structure and alesser number of windows as well as doors, this house is always ready to provide you with a lot of security. The fireplace is standard, and the beige flooring offers a lot of good look to the home.

Ranch Mid century Living Room

img src : rowlandbroughton

If you don’t want to decorate your home right after shifting into it or even you are reluctant few years later about decorating the house after moving, it will amaze you every time.

With excellent flooring combination and vivid colour on the wall will certainly make you fall in love with the modern living room. The fire place is located in the centre of the main hall, and the historical era structure gives it a unique look.

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Mid century Living Room with Tan Sofa

img src : delightfull

Sofas and the beds are an essential part of a house. These are the perfect place to stretch your back after a long day of the hustle and bustle.

With the mid century living room meshed with tan sofa coloured in yellow, with a coffee table at the centre of the hall, a large basket holding lots of books and a water colour round will certainly let you fall in love with this.

Living Room with Pink Walls

img src : indieandco

If you have a small house and you are bashing your head because you have no idea how to make it over, then try out this mid century modern living room.

This will let you accommodate your dining table as well as sofas in the same room. Moreover, decoration with beautiful curtains, vivid colours will make you amazed.

Cottage Mid century Modern Living Room

img src : darrenbradleyphotography

Love to live in a home where everything looks like a big cottage! Then try out this modern mid century living room. With a wood roofing and hardwood flooring, this house possesses incredible beauty.

If you can decorate it with a big centre table and modern chairs all around it, then believe it or not; everyone will die to visit your home again and again.

South Austin Home Mid Century Modern Living Room

img src : Kristen James, AIA

South Asia is considered as one of the most vivid places in the whole world regarding culture, harmony and modern technology.

This beautiful house has a false wood ceiling, which is supported by a timber beam. Semi-glossy colour and south Asian designs on the walls make this South Austin home a stunning one.

Modern Retro Mid century Living Room

img src : Crown Paints Modern Retro

History repeats itself! This is true and the retro mid century rooms are a perfect example of that. With a simple centre table, matt-finished colours, and few sofas, this house is damn gorgeous.

Vintage Modern Living Room

img src : 937 Vintage Mod

This is a perfect example of Scandinavian modern mid century living room. With lots of toughened glass walls and straight line design format promotes great harmony, peace and beautiful appearance.

Mid century Modern Living Room with a Masculine Color Scheme

img src : Kenneth Brown Design

Oh! This one is another stunning living room design. This form of houses is designed in such a way that it has a glass wall on its one hand and the remaining three walls possess white colour to reflect the outer scenic beauty. If you love nature, then this design is the ideal one for you.

Rustic Mid Century Modern Living Room

img src : zillow

Old is new again, and history is repeating itself. Carpeting the whole roof was not in fashion for few years, but in present days, it is making a comeback.

People love to watch their hard floors covered by the carpet. With some comfy chairs, along with a stylish fireplace, you can make your house a gorgeous place to live.

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Mid Century Modern White Living Room

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If you already have a mid century living room and want to repair it, then this task is a bit daunting. However, it is good to try out various other models with whom you are accustomed because it will ensure that you won’tlose your money without gaining anything.

Make your new house in such a way that it have all the essential equipment as well as have the necessary items like a corner fireplace, dining hall at the right place.

Gloomy Mid Century Living Room

img src : dwell

Are you a moody person and faces mood swing frequently! Then you must try out the dark living room design. It will ensure that you don’t have to meet lots of sun heats and more over fall in love with this place. Coloured in vivid bases like red, brown, etc. this is always ready to amaze you.

Boston Mid-century Remodel

img src : bostonmagazine

Boston is one of the most modern places in the whole world, and thus it requires some beautifully designed houses that lure everyone. If you want to have a great house in Boston that provides a good external view as well as let you place your sofas and dining table at a separate site, then try out this option.

Carmel Residence mid Century Living Room

img src : dirkdenisonarchitects

Big! Massive is your place of living? Then remodel with the carmel mid century living room. Made out of vertical wooden pillars, this place looks more like a library than a house.

With some leather chairs and well-cushioned sofas, you can make it seem like a living room. Utilise its space for organize a party, and your friends will love a visit over again to your place.

Santa Monica Mid Century

img src : Natalie Epstein Design

Lots of modern and old mid century living room were mentioned above. What about some formal living room that provides the good look, good safety and best in kind quality.

Though this is not made in such a way that can amaze you utterly, but this is certainly able to provide you lots of pleasure.

Light mid Century Living Room

img src : blog.froy

If you want 50’s look in your 21’st century house, then try out this one because they are modern in built quality but provides some stunning 50’s look. Hardwood flooring and mindfully designed geometry all over the walls and floors make it the most vivid one.

img src : amberinteriordesign

mid century modern living room with tv

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mid century modern living room

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Well, these are some of the best in kind modern mid century living room designs. The seare made in such a way that it can provide you lots of pomp and joy during your stay. Vivid colours, beautiful patterns and gorgeous flooring makes the overall aesthetic of the house stunning that everyone will love to spend time at your place.

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