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21 Awesome Indoor Garden Ideas for Wannabe Gardeners in Small Spaces

There are many reasons why people create an indoor garden in their house. For instance, due to the fickle weather or lack of outdoor space. Are you planning to create an indoor garden of your own? If you are, our indoor garden ideas may inspire you.

There is no limit in designing an indoor garden. From a simple collection of pots, hanging garden, vertical garden, roped garden to a modern one.

Shelf for Plants White

img src : aaltoaalto

Let’s start with something simple. A garden needs not to be elaborate or complex. It doesn’t need to have a lot of plants, either. Indeed, even a simple collection of pots can be a garden too. The above garden is a good example of this.

If you have several pots and plants, you can arrange them on a metal ladder steps. This will be your mini garden. Despite being a mini garden, it looks calming and refreshing especially if the background color is white.

Garden on the Shelves

img src : botanyshop

Next in our indoor garden ideas list is to utilize shelves. Have a wall to spare? If you do, why not turn the wall into a beautiful indoor garden? To create such a garden, you will need shelves and stick them to a wall. Then, arrange the plants depending on their size. The larger it is, the lower its place should be.

To make things more interesting, play with the colors. Since the color of the plants is mostly green, use clay pots that have a reddish brown color. Painting the wall white will make this indoor garden stand out, making it even more interesting.

‘Standing’ Indoor Garden Ideas

img src : gardenyardgoddess

What if you want something really extraordinary? In that case, try to create a ‘standing’ garden like one in the above image. This column garden doesn’t require a lot of space. Better yet, with the proper arrangement, it looks amazing.

Notice how the pots are arranged in a zigzag manner with the shelves having two different colors. The contrast brings balance while the golden pots add points of interest. This is a great way to refresh a room, all without using too much space.

Indoor Herb Garden

img src : homegoods

As we have said in the beginning, there are many ways to create an indoor garden. That includes creating a tiny garden using glasses, coffee mugs, cups, and wall-mounted shelves. Does it look interesting? Yes, of course. It makes a great an indoor garden apartment.

So if you have a room that looks dull and boring, adding a tiny garden like this is certainly a good idea. It will make the room look fresher and at the same time, create a focal point. With a tiny garden like this, any room will look much more interesting.

Still not sure of what kind of herbs to include in an indoor garden? There are lots of herbs that you can plant in an indoor garden. Speaking of which, here we also have herb garden ideas. Be sure to check them out, especially if you are indoor garden ideas

Modern Indoor Garden Ideas

img src : gonzalezmoix

What do you think about the garden above? The general rule of an indoor garden is the larger the space is, the more options you have. If you have a large space to spare, consider creating an open space modern indoor garden like the above.

With such a large space, there are many indoor garden plants that you can include in the garden. If you want a garden like this, just be sure that the roots of the plants do not disturb the surrounding flooring.

Simply Natural Garden

img src : lobsterandswan

Most of the previous indoor garden ideas do not mix the interior of the room with the garden. Obviously, that doesn’t have to be so. You can mix the two if you want. Just look at the garden above.

This small garden blends well with the interior. The small pots are put on wooden ladder steps, the larger pots are placed on the wooden flooring and there are vines as well. It looks simply natural.

Garden on the Porch

img src : Tomaro Design

Do you

  • have a porch,
  • want to have a garden, and
  • like to have greeneries in your house?

If the answer is yes, consider adding a garden in your porch. An indoor garden porch is just stunning. That’s the looks.

What about the feel? Just as great. Relaxing on a porch while surrounded by indoor garden plants and greeneries feels really refreshing.

One of many ways to create an indoor garden porch is by arranging furniture in the middle and placing the plants close to the walls. Wants even better experience? Surround the porch with lots of glasses. You will as if you are inside a greenhouse.

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Indoor Garden Wall

img src : estiloydeco

Since there isn’t any limit on how you create an indoor garden, you can be as creative as you want. Yes, including creating a vertical garden like the above. Due to the open shelves, it is as if you have a green wall filled with plants.

This green indoor garden wall not only makes the space look even more attention-grabbing, but it can also provide you with privacy as well. So if you want both a focal point and privacy, this vertical garden is certainly among your best options.

DIY Hanging Plant Ideas

img src : The Jungle Collective

Having a small room to spare doesn’t mean you can’t have an indoor garden home. You can. You just need to be more ingenious and creative about it. One of the best indoor garden ideas for small space is to create a hanging garden.

To put it simply, you need to hang the pots on the ceiling. This doesn’t take lots of space. Nor will it crowd the room. To create a hanging garden, you can use pots with holes on the side or upside down bottles that have been cut in halves.

Kitchen Garden

img src : truexcullins

No one said you can’t create an indoor garden inside a kitchen. If you want to, just do so. It will surely make the kitchen a lot more interesting. The above is a good example of an indoor garden kitchen.

Notice how the pots are located on the side of the kitchen. This will prevent the garden from hindering activities in the kitchen and at the same time, create a separate focal point in the room. A simple yet effective way to make the kitchen fresher.

Glowing Garden

img src : awaytogarden

Our next idea is a bit different from the other garden ideas. That’s right. This garden is glowing. Highlighting the pots is a good way to make them stand out. No one will miss seeing it. It is a surefire way to grab attention.

Floating Window Plants

img src : HGTV

Previously, we only focus on one side of a room, either the top or the bottom. But what if you focus on both sides? It will certainly look stunning. If you don’t believe it, just take a look again at the above image.

Here we have pots on the ground and hanging pots at the top. Notice how the plants have a bit of space in-between each other. This makes the room feel natural without overwhelming the space.

DIY Vertical Hanging Plant

img src : iheartnaptime

You don’t need shelves to create a vertical garden. Sometimes, all you need are ropes, several wooden boards, and sticks.

Then, arrange them to create a column of pots hanging from the ceiling. Looks very nice, doesn’t eat a lot of space and of course, feels refreshing.

To make these indoor garden plants more interesting, you can paint the pots and the boards in contrasting colors. For example, if the pots are white, the boards should have a darker color like dark brown or black.

Tabletop Garden

img src : makeit loveit

Our previous indoor garden ideas have shown you that you don’t need a lot of space to have an interesting indoor garden. If you need only a tiny garden, then this idea is perfect for you.

This tabletop garden only requires a few glass bottles and a container. Despite its small size, it is a good addition to any room. Small? Yes. Effective? Also yes.

Garden on the Wall

img src : vintagerevivals

Vertical gardening can be done by sticking the pots on the wall, too. If you have an empty wall in your house, you can try this vertical gardening.

It doesn’t take much to create. You just need to install some pots on the wall, and voila! You got yourself nice and refreshing wall decorations.

To make the vertical garden even more unique, you can arrange them in unusual manners. For example, arrange the pots to create diamond patterns on the wall.

Minimalist DIY Garden

img src : Design Hunter LA

The last in our indoor garden ideas is a minimalist indoor garden DIY. As the name suggests, it looks very minimal and has both aesthetical and functional purposes. As you may have noticed in the image above, the garden is created by hanging flower pots on wall-mounted curtain rods.

Notice how the pots have the same color as the wall. This allows not just the rods but also the green plants to stand out. Add a hanging watering pot with bright and bold color and you get a very interesting minimalist DIY garden.

More Indoor Garden Ideas

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img src : firstthymemom
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