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Best Small Laundry Room Ideas You Can Try

Laundry room is one of the rooms that tend to be small because many people think this is not the room in which their family usually gathers. They even think it’s dispensable. But, have you ever thought that your laundry room deserves to be pretty? This is the reason why people are longing for small laundry room ideas.

There are many things that you can do to accentuate your compact laundry room and make it feel less cramped. You can go with storage ideas, new colors, or even merge it with another room to make it bigger. Well, it is all up to you.

But, choosing the idea that suits your style and your home’s interior is somewhat challenging. Therefore, you need to keep reading this article to find 15 mind-blowing ideas for your small bathroom.

Why Do We Need to Decorate The Small Laundry Room?

Video Best Small Laundry Room Ideas Makeover Under $300

Laundry is one of boring and tiring household chores. You wash the clothes using the washing machine and wait for them to get cleaned.

You even have to wash certain clothes by hands which may take a lot of time. Not to mention ironing the clothes that can be a mundane chore. What makes it worse is the messy laundry room.

To make the laundry less boring and tiring, you need to rearrange the washing machine and laundry baskets as appealing as possible. The laundry room has to be not only functional, but also comfortable and visually appealing.

1. Stack Them Up for Very Small Laundry Room Ideas

1. Stack Them Up for Very Simple Laundry Room Ideas

Is your laundry room too small and cramped to store the detergent and hang the clothes? I know that cramped room doesn’t enable you to move through and it is really uncomfortable. You can make it less cramped by stacking the racks up.

Hanging the racks above the washing machines gives you more space to move through or even dance – if you want to do it. Besides, stacking the racks up makes the laundry room looks tidier and cleaner. Say ‘good bye’ to the clutter that you usually have in a small laundry room.

To make the laundry room less dank, you can install some lights and open the windows so that the natural light can pass through.

2. Go with Neutral Schemes for Simple Small Laundry Room Ideas

2. Go with Neutral Schemes for Simple Very Small Laundry Room Ideas

Picking the right colors for a laundry room can make you get rattled. you may want to paint it your favorite color. Unfortunately, your husband thinks it is too exaggerated. Well, there is only one option left – go with neutral schemes.

Quote: Sometimes what is actually needed by a room to be wonderful and inviting is just simplicity because less is more.

What could go wrong with black, gray, and white? They suit any style very well. Besides, simplicity is not bad. You want your laundry room seems appealing and inviting so that you can spend hours to get the clothes cleaned, don’t you? So, keep being simple yet attractive with neutral schemes.

3. Keep Them All in Cabinets For Very Small Laundry Room Ideas

3. Keep Them All in Cabinets for Simple Small Laundry Room Ideas

These white cabinets are all the things that you need to do the laundry. Instead of putting the washing machines in a row which is impossible due to the limited space, you can stack them up and put them all together in a cabinet.

I like the smart ironing board. It can be pulled out from the cabinet when you are ironing the clothes and push it back to its initial position so that you have more room to move through.

You can use the other cabinets to store detergent and some other things so that your small laundry room will stay clean and tidy.

  • You can save a lot of space if you stack the washing machines in the cabinets.


  • Since these cabinets are not sold in stores, you might need to make them yourself which may require carpentry savvy.

4. Cover the Wall with Pegboard for Best Small Laundry Room Ideas

4. Cover the Wall with Pegboard for Best Small Laundry Room Ideas

One of the best accent wall ideas is a pegboard. People usually use pegboard to store some keys. But, why don’t you take it to the next level by using it to make multi-functional storage racks?

This wide pegboard holds many things that you usually use to do the laundry. You can find four white laundry baskets hanging on the pegboard. With these four baskets, you can separate the clothes of each of your family members.

A foldable drying rack also hangs on the pegboard. Since it is foldable, you can stretch it and fold it back when you are not using it so that you can save some space.

5. Merge the Laundry Room with the Utility Room

5. Merge the Small Laundry Room with the Utility Room

If you only have a very limited space in your house, merging two rooms into one room can always be your greatest bet, just like this room.

Merging a laundry room with a utility room is not a new thing as you don’t need much space to store brooms and any other cleaning equipment. By doing it, you will get more space to do the laundry. Yet, you still need to work on the storage racks.

Instead of investing on some cabinets, you can build mounted storage racks on the wall and behind the door. They will keep the clutter at bay.

6. Plastic Containers are always Great

6. Picture of Small Laundry Room Ideas with Plastic Containers are always Great

This laundry room looks eminently tidy and clean. You can’t find any clutter in it because everything has been stored and organized well. Thanks to the plastic cabinets that do not only help you to keep the room neat, but also make it look more appealing.

All the things of the same types are classified and stored in the same container. It is such a brilliant idea because you can find what you look for in a blink.

You will not have to mess the rack when you are trying to find something. It will be better if you attach a label on each container to show what is inside.

7. Small Laundry Room Ideas: Make It White

7. Make Small Laundry Room White

If your laundry room is too small and it feels so cramped, you can invest on white furniture to make it look bigger.

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White colors always give the idea of cleanliness. It also makes the room become less cramped. When combining with sufficient natural light, the small laundry room will look airier and comfortable.

If you think that an all-white laundry room is a bit tedious, you can add more colors by painting the wall the color of your choice. It will create a nice harmony to your laundry room.

8. Merge The Laundry Room with Bathroom

8. Pictures of Small Laundry Room Ideas Merge with Bathroom

One of the best places to merge a laundry room with is the bathroom. Bathroom is prone to moisture. And so is a laundry room. Therefore, they can make a perfect duo while giving you more space in your home.

If your bathroom is also too small to keep the laundry room, you don’t need to fret. You can always use some quick tricks to make it look larger such as applying bathroom mirror ideas.

Hanging a huge mirror in the bathroom is really a hack that will make your bathroom and laundry room looks wider. It is all about optical illusion.

  • Merging the bathroom and laundry room enables you to save some space.


  • You might not feel comfortable when you are doing the laundry. Besides, you have to get out from the bathroom when your family is going to use it even though the laundry isn’t done yet.

9. Add The Touch of Art

9. Add The Touch of Art for Small Laundry Room Ideas

Doing the laundry can be stressful. Why don’t you make it a bit cheerful by adding a piece of art?

This small laundry room adopts vintage style with soft aquamarine cabinets and tongue-and-groove wall paneling. It is so small that it does not have enough space to accommodate two washing machines. Therefore, the washing machines are stacked together so that a sink and some cabinets can be installed.

Just imagine if you have to spend your weekend doing the laundry in this cramped room, you will find it boring. Therefore, a painting in green and cyan shades hang on the wall over the top rack. This colorful painting suits the cabinets very well and will definitely make your day.

10. Labeled Plastic Containers for A More Organized Small Laundry Room

10. Labeled Plastic Containers for A More Organized Small Laundry Room Ideas

Your kids are always bickering over their mixed clothes and I am pretty much sure you agree that it is annoying. You don’t have enough space to put different laundry baskets so that their clothes and pants will not be mixed. To overcome this problem, you can lift the laundry machines a little bit and place them on shelves.

Putting the laundry machines on shelves give you more space to store three different plastic containers beneath them. You will be able to keep things tidy and get over your kids’ arguments. Just make sure you put a label with their name on each of the containers so that their clothes won’t be mixed anymore.

11. Put Your Laundry Machines in A Closet

11. Put Your Laundry Machines in A Closet for Small Laundry Room Ideas

If you think that you don’t have enough room for a laundry room, don’t build one. You don’t need a room that keep you stay in a confined place for long time. You need a bigger room to do the laundry such as your bedroom.

Placing the washer and dryer in a bedroom may sound insane, but it really works well. You will not literally put them at the corner of your bedroom and ruin its look. You can put them in the closet so that you can hide them if you are not using them.

Placing the washer and dryer in the closet enables you to do the laundry and relax. While waiting for the clothes to get cleaned, you can lounge on the couch or bed.

12. Basement Small Laundry Room Ideas

12. Picture of Basement Small Laundry Room Ideas

Finished bathrooms can be very versatile. You can build a game room, family room, or even a laundry room here. Before building a laundry room in a basement, you need to consider several things.

Basement is prone to moist, and thus you are going to need to install exhaust fans as a part of basement ceiling ideas. In addition to exhaust fans, you might also need to install a dryer vent as moisture occurs as the result of the drying wet clothes.

One thing for sure, basement is not only dank, but also dark. Make sure you install sufficient lighting in your laundry room in the window cannot give the sufficient natural light.

13. Patterns Do Better

13. Patterns Do Better for Best Small Laundry Room Ideas

Plain tiles are somewhat tedious for a small laundry room. And thus, adding more patterns can be a great idea.

This laundry room is accentuated with patterned tiles that add the touch of classic look to it. In addition to unique tiles, it also features white glossy subway tiles that complement the classic look of the tiles. To kick it up a notch, some posters hang on the wall.

14. Pull Out Rack

14. Pictures of Small Laundry Room Ideas Pull Out Rack

One of the biggest problems that you have to deal with limited space is the storage. You might find it hard to store things tidily as wherever you put them, they will just end up being a total mess. And to cope with this problem, you can hide them for a while between the washing machines.

When I said “hide them”, I don’t suggest you to just put them carelessly and tidily. You can try to make this DIY pull-out rack.

This rack is fascinating. It can hold all the things that you want to hide tidily and fit perfectly between the two washing machines. This rack features small wheels that enable you to pull it out in a breeze. Now, since the clutter is all gone, you can do your laundry comfortably.

15. Small Laundry Room Ideas in The Mud Room

15. Pictures of Small Laundry Room Ideas in The Mud Room

Mud rooms are prone to wet and mess, and thus many people think that merging laundry room with mud room is their safe bet. Besides, you will have more rooms for your family.

Putting the washing machines in the mud room is not enough. You want to have a comfortable room to do your household chores, don’t you?

Quote: People will do anything including chores better if they feel comfortable.

Investing on a couch in the mud room might be a nice idea. It can be a great hideaway for you in which you can enjoy reading your favorite book or gossiping with your besties through social media while getting your clothes cleaned.

Being in a small and cramped room won’t hinder you from doing the laundry. You only need to turn it into a comfortable place that suits your style well. With these small laundry room ideas, household chores will be less hectic.

16. Best Small Laundry Room Ideas Organization

Pictures of Best Small Laundry Room Ideas Organization
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