17 Trendy Kids Hairstyles You Have to Try-Out on Your Kids

There are so many trendy kids hairstyles that could support your kids’ look. You need to choose the haircut that suits your kids’ style but it must be a pretty challenging job to do.

Dealing with hairstyles, it has now become one of the most crucial parts of their cute appearance that their parents need to consider.

Choosing a hairstyle for your kids is not only about the parent’s opinion.

You also need to consider your kids’ opinion because kids these days tend to have their own opinion regarding the hairstyles that can make them look fabulous. Of course, the final decision has to be made by the parents.

You might be wondering what’s the best hairstyles for your kids. It depends on some features that your kids have.

That’s why in Harp Times, we provide you with some ideas of trendy hairstyles which suit your kids.

1. Kids Hairstyle Braids

1. Kids Hairstyle Braid - Harptimes.com
1. Kids Hairstyle Braid

A braided hairstyle is one of the most simple and effective ways to style your kids’ hair, especially African American kids.

It’s like the main requirement of the hair to reach the perfect braid style. This kind of kids hairstyle would help seal in moistures and support the less breakage.

Here’re some things you should consider when applying the kids’ hairstyle braid:

  • Pay attention to the thickness. Do not make the hair too thin.
  • Make sure you don’t make the hair too tight
  • Depending on the activity of your kids, do not keep the hair braided for over two weeks.
Quote: It’s recommended to hire a hair stylist that have experiences in hair braiding. Finding the best hair stylist to do the braiding for kids might be a bit hard but it’s not impossible. You can find a recommendation from salons nearby. Some best hair braiders don’t exist in a salon.

Having fashionable braids for kids is so important for them as well as for adults.

Braids can be considered the best hairstyle for kids, boys or girls because it’s extremely comfortable. Kids hairstyle braid would make the kids feel comfy and look stunning.

Simple Braid For Kids

2. Simple Kids Hairstyles Braid For Kids - harptimes.com
Simple Braid For Kids

If you think braid hairstyle for kids is always gonna be complicated, you are totally wrong.

You don’t have to always rely on hair stylist to apply braid to your kids, especially girls. Some simple braid hairstyles are very easy to do.

You can follow some simple steps to reach a nice comfy looking of your kids’ hair.

Quote: this simple braid hairstyle for kids look sensational. It’s a magnificent style for a cute look for you kids who wants to attend a wedding party.

Cute Braids for Kids is One of The Most Simple Yet Effective Hairstyles

Cute Braids for Kids is One of The Most Simple Yet Effective Kids Hairstyles
Cute Braids for Kids is One of The Most Simple Yet Effective Hairstyles

2. Black Kids Hairstyles Boy

3. Black Kids Hairstyles Boy - Harptimes.com
2. Black Kids Hairstyles Boy

Some people would definitely need a special treatment when dealing with grooming and hair-styling.

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Some trendy black kids hairstyles would turn your kids to be cuter and cuter. The hair type of black kids is not similar to the other kids, that’s why it’s special.

Quote: A lot of people might recommend braid hairstyle for your kids because it’s the most suited hairstyle for black kids.

It’s like their hair was grown to be braided, especially girls, and afro is for boys. But, for you who are brave enough to shave the head of your kids, you can go with the fade hairstyle.

Dreadlocks Hairstyle For kids

4. Dreadlocks Kids Hairstyles for go to school -Harptimes.com

Dreadlocks can be a good solution for kids who don’t want to waste a lot of time feeling worried about their hair every time because this kind of hairstyle is really easy to maintain.

This hairstyle is very common among adults or teenagers. For kids, it can be styled to suit the cute face of the kids.

Dreadlocks are quite similar to braids but it’s thicker. It looks great for girls and for boys. You could even style the hair after the hair is already dreadlocked.

As you can see, that dreadlock hair has to turn into a fantastic hairstyle. Your kids would look cuter and cuter.

Mills Hairstyles Kids braided hairstyles Black

Mills Hairstyles Kids braided hairstyles Black
Mills Hairstyles Kids braided hairstyles Black

Recommended Black Kids Hairstyles

So, here’s the list of recommended black kids hairstyles:

1. The Fade
A hairstyle which is shaved close to the head’s skin.
2. Afro
A hairstyle that displays the beauty of African American hair.
3. Dreadlocks
A hairstyle that looks like a bunch of ropes.
4. Braids or Braided
A braided hairstyle which is originated from ancient traditional Africa.
5. Recommended Black Kids Hairstyles - Harptimes.com
Recommended Black Kids Hairstyles

Choose wisely. Which hairstyle that suits your children. My recommendation, just do whatever makes your black kids cute.

3. Kids Hairstyle Girls

6. Kids Hairstyle Girls to go school - Harptimes.com
3. Kids Hairstyle Girls

Hairstyle for girls is like their majestic crown. It’s become the reflection of their personality.

It’s not just for personal, it’s for public too because it sets a touch for the whole appearance. Styling your little girls’ hair might be exciting for you because girls tend to have a long hair.

Quote: The key to having a comfortable kids hairstyle girls are simplicity and fun. You might want something trendy, and fun to make. It should also be quick and easy to set together.

Double Bun Girls Hairstyle

7. Kids Hairstyle Double Bun Girls Hairstyle - Harptimes.com
Double Bun Girls Hairstyle

This a simple but fun hairstyle for girls that you must try for your little girls. With simple steps and tutorial, everyone can do this.

It’s quick and easy that’s perfect for any shape of the face. It can be supported with casual products like hairspray to get it neater.

Quote: According to the expert hairstylist, this double bun hairstyle for girls don’t need to be perfectly done. It looks fabulous when it’s not really neat. A little bit messy should be nice.

Same Side Lace Braid Hairstyle

8. Same Side Lace Braid Kids Hairstyles - Harptimes.com
3b Same Side Lace Braid Hairstyle

One of the simplest braid hairstyle that would beautify the hair of your daughter. It simply hangs down with loose hair.

It gives an impression of a lace-like and waterfall look. Apparently, it’s only gonna be perfect for diamond, oval, and heart-shaped faces.

You’ll need:

  • Hair straightener
  • Elastic Band
  • Tail Comb

This simple hairstyle would suit for any occasion that makes your little girls looks absolutely elegant.

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This way of styling hair would keep the bangs out of her face which would make the beautiful face shines the brightest.

4. Kids Hairstyles Boys

9. Military Kids Haircuts Boys - Harptimes.com
4. Kids Hairstyles Boys

For adults, take care of the hair is one of the most important parts of the body to pay attention to. It’s very much the same for the kids.

If they understand how to respond, they might feel worried when they are having a bad hair day.

In an extreme way, your kids could respond like the haircut could ruin their life because of the bad haircut.

Well, it won’t happen again if you know how to choose the best kids hairstyles, boys.

Before cutting or shaving the boy’s hair, you need to consider the thickness and the type of their hair. Make sure it suits their style and preferences.

You can consider on give your boy a military haircut. But first, ask your son for his approval. Don’t make him feel pressured on having a haircut that not suit to his favor.

Quote: The nature of boys hair is short. Styling short hair of little boys is an easy peasy. You probably think that the collection of hairstyles for boys are not that much. Actually, there are so many kinds of styles that would match the short hair of your kids.

Brushed Up Hairstyle

10. Brushed Up Kids Hairstyle Boys - Harptimes.com
4a Brushed Up Hairstyle

This is an ideal style to perfection the small hair of your little boys.

That amount of hair tends to be hard to behold. I guess it would be an easy way to get it steady and firm. Your kids can have this hairstyle for the casual and everyday style.

You’ll need to apply pomade or gel to the hair. Brush up the hair upwards using the fingers that start from the scalp. For the side-locks, brush them to the sides.

Make sure it’s only hair in the center that’s got brushed up. This style also commonly known as Asian hairstyles men because of its popularity among guys in Asia.

Textured Hair Boys Hairstyle With Fringe

11. Textured Hair Boys Kids Hairstyle With Fringe - Harptimes.com
Textured Hair Boys Hairstyle With Fringe

I believe your boys won’t love to have fringes on their head. Just tell them, this time it’s different, it would definitely make them look good. It’s an ideal style for a medium and long hair too. But, it’s also nice for short hair.

Quote: To prevent the hair from obstructing the vision of your kids, you need to combe the hair sideways of the forehead.

5. Little Kids Hairstyles

12. Little Kids Hairstyles go to school - Harptimes.com
5. Little Kids Hairstyles

For me, the key to being a success in choosing the little kids hairstyles is being cute.

You’ll be a successful hair stylist for your kids when the result is cute. In this section, we’d like to show you some tips for choose hairstyles for little kids.

Quote: Finding the perfect hairstyle for girls would be an easy thing to do. So, we can leave it behind. Let’s focus on finding the best hairstyles for the little toddler boy of yours. Cause, it’s gonna be a less easy job to do.

Cute Faux Hawk

13. Cute Faux Hawk Kids Hairstyles - Harptimes.com
Cute Faux Hawk

As said before, being cute in styling the hair for your little boys is the right thing to do. That is the purpose of being a little boy.

This cute style of your kid’s hair would give you a chance to form a very own mohawk version for your kids.

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To get this look, you need to get the hair to be neatly parted on the top of the head. Then, it will be combed out to the front. Ask the stylist to trim the remaining hair short.

Cut short the hair on the top and make it’s not too short. After that, the hair needs to be spiked up to form a kiddie mohawk hair.

Classic Long Bangs For Kids

14. Classic Long Bangs For Kids Haircuts - Harptimes.com
Classic Long Bangs For Kids

One of the simplest hairstyle for toddlers is this one. At the same time, it also becomes the cutest hairstyles, especially for toddler boys.

In order to perform a neat cutting, you need to go to the barbershop to let the stylist cut hair.

For this hairstyle, the stylist will comb out all of the hair to the front. It will be cut in order to even it out. The combed hair should be reaching the above area of the kid’s eyes.

Ideally, it would touch the eyebrows. After then cutting, it should be combed out and leave it as the way it. This hairstyle usually is called Asian hairstyles men.

6. The Mushroom Cut Kids Hairstyles

15. The Mushroom Cut Kids Hairstyles - Harptimes.com
The Mushroom Cut Kids Hairstyles

If you think, the short haircut like military cut brushed up cut, and spiky style is not cute enough for your little boys.

Try having a hairstyle for medium hair like this one. It will surely make your kids look more endearing and adorable.

This pretty hairstyle looks adorable on both boys and girls. Moms would love to try this on their kids because it seems very comfortable for the kids.

Even though this style was so popular in the past, this classic haircut is still fashionable.

Quote: In the past, this mushroom cut was cut in a straight line. Nowadays, it focuses on shaded ends for all of the area to look artificial. The hair is also slightly graduated to get a more natural look.

Bowl Cut For Kids

16. Bowl Cut For Kids Hairstyles Boy go school -Harptimes.com
6a Bowl Cut For Kids

Take a look at this cute haircut, it looks neat even without combing it. A mushroom cut is sometimes also called as a bowl cut.

I guess it can be the most adorable cut for little boys. It’s the ideal style for blonde or golden hair.

Quote: A mushroom or bowl cut is not recommended for coarse hair. The short, slightly wavy, or straight hair that this cut is made for. It also good for any shapes of the face except round faces.

In the old days, The Beatles who made this haircut popular until now. You can also see that this hair is pretty similar with classic Jim Carrey’s hair and Mr Spock’s hair from Star trek.

It’s both comfy and stylish for your little boys. In the previous section, I mentioned the classic long bangs for kids which is pretty much similar with mushroom or bowl cut.

7. Faded Kids Hairstyle With Side-Part

Faded Kids Hairstyle With Side-Part - Harptimes.com
Faded Kids Hairstyle With Side-Part


Kids hairstyles would be an interesting topic to talk about between moms. Moms really love to try out something new for their kids to get them to look fresh and fabulous.

Changing the hairstyle is one way to keep them always look fresh. As a mother, you have to pay attention to a characteristic of your kids, hair type, and face shapes when choosing the hairstyle.

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