17 Most Favorite Asian Hairstyle Men Yet You Known

When we’re dealing with Asian hairstyles men we’re actually dealing with men all over Asia, especially men with an oriental look.

Without ruling out the whole countries in Asia continent, there are three major countries that represent the word “Asian”. They are Korea, Japan, and China.

In this case, we will be dealing with the fashion of hairstyle. Those three countries are the front line of brand new hairstyles and fashion from Asia to the world.

As you may know, Asian men are well-known for their thick hairstyle. Not every nation is blessed with that feature of hair.

Quote: A thick hair characteristic would be an exciting space for hair experiments. So, it’s not really surprising that the men’s hairstyle in Asia is the cutting-edge, no doubt about that.

There are so many Asian hairstyles for men available out there on the street, from the buzz cut to the flowy long hair. In this page, we already compiled the most favorite hairstyle for Asian which covers the hairstyle for teenagers to adults.

1. Asian Hairstyles Men, Medium Length Messy

Asian Hairstyles Men, Medium Length Messy - Harptimes.com
1. Asian Hairstyles Men, Medium Length Messy

This is the undergraduate look of traditional men from Korea or Japan. The clean messy hair still looks stylish.

There’s a lot of jazz all over the hair which creates an attractive messy look. In order to maintain the messy look, you need to apply some hair wax on the hair.

Quote: In the past years, this messy medium haircut was very popular because there were many celebrities wear this hairstyle. But nowadays, probably all of those celebrities already clipped the hair short which makes the trend seems outdated.

2. Asian Hairstyles Men In Cropped Quiff

Asian Hairstyles Men In Cropped Quiff - Harptimes.com
2. Asian Hairstyles Men In Cropped Quiff

Unlike the first hairstyle, this cropped quiff is low in maintenance. It doesn’t require a lot of caring with so many hair care products or you don’t even have to apply gel or wax on it every day.

Wearing this hair to a formal occasion would give you a sense of maturity.

Quote: The sense of maturity that is brought by this hairstyle could be a lot better if you balance it with fine clothes and some hair on your chin.

3. Asian Hairstyles Men Using Informal Spiky

Asian Hairstyles Men Using Informal Spiky - Harptimes.com
3. Asian Hairstyles Men Using Informal Spiky

Having a spiky hairstyle for Asian men is the way to look prominent. This kind of spiky hair is not designed to be very prominent.

You can have it to get a more tame look like this. You know the risk that this hairstyle won’t give you a lot of attention but you can still look attractive with it.

Quote: You probably wanna prove to everyone that you can impress people with your whole look without even having a stand-out hairstyle.

4. Asian Hairstyles Men with Funky Spike

Asian Hairstyles Men with Funky Spike - Harptimes.com
4. Asian Hairstyles Men with Funky Spike

If you want to go with the extreme spiky look, this one you should go with. Talking about a stand-out hairstyle, there are no other words to say besides “stand-out”. The color and the spikes really play an important role in this spiky hairstyle.

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Quote: For most Asian men, a funky spike hairstyle is not complete without adding a little more personality to it.

So, some colorful streaks would do the trick. Adding colors like blue, pink, red, purple, and green on the hair is like their best bet on being stand-out.

5. Asian Hairstyle Men with Long Layers

Asian Hairstyle Men with Long Layers - Harptimes.com
5. Asian Hairstyle Men with Long Layers

If you are an Asian man with long thick hair, you can wear this hairstyle on you. It’s specially designed for long hair. Men might have a lot of issues in maintaining long hairstyles for men because such har could be hard to maintain.

Quote: The maintenance issue with long hair could be set aside when you know that this messy hair could give you much attention. So, it’ll be well worth maintaining.

6. Platinum Blonde Asian Hairstyle Men

Platinum Blonde Asian Hairstyle Men - Harptimes.com
6. Platinum Blonde Asian Hairstyle Men

Fairly speaking, I think this hairstyle is a little more focusing on the color, not the cut. The color of this hair is platinum blonde. Choosing this bright color for the hair is definitely having a statement to make.

Even though this hair is really uniquely bright, it has become so popular among Asian men, especially Korean artists.

I guess, this hairstyle is designed for men who have white complexion too. It would look a bit weird to have a brown-skin or black-skin guy having this platinum blonde hair.

Quote: The thing you should keep in mind is the natural darker hair. Once the hair begins to grow back in, you may need to dye that part to maintain the all bright.

But, you can also just leave it like that for an interesting contrast that it would make.

7. Asian Hairstyles Men: Pretty Boy Style

Asian Hairstyles Men Pretty Boy Style - Harptimes.com
7. Asian Hairstyles Men Pretty Boy Style

In Korea, this style of men is quite popular because of the super existence of K-pop idols. The terms pretty boy pretty much represents the popularity.

Quote:People from other countries might think that it kills the masculinity of men. But in my opinion, it’s a freedom of style in Korea.

If you are in a process of having a pretty boy style, there are things you may need to know about. You need to know:

  • How to do makeup for men.
  • How to style the hair.
  • How to maintain the thin and sexy body.
  • How to apply for plastic surgery if needed (optional).

Quote: All of those things you need to consider when you want to be the real pretty boy. One new haircut won’t make you a pretty boy. But, changing the hair to be in a pretty boy hairstyle could be a good start.

8. Fringe Parting Asian Hairstyle Men

Asian Hairstyle Men Fringe Parting - Harptimes.com
8. Fringe Parting Asian Hairstyle Men

This a nice hairstyle that’s probably made for you who are confused about what to do to your natural wavy or curly hair with medium length. You can try it out by using straighteners.

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The curtain fringes you have, need to be controlled with the heat of an iron from straighteners. Some hairspray might be very helpful to maintain the style of the day.

Quote:There will be a lot of inspirations for this types of hairstyle. Find one style that meets your requirements such as face shape and hair length.

9. The Asian Hairstyles Men in Modern Crew Cut

The Asian Hairstyles Men in Modern Crew Cut - Harptimes.com
9. The Asian Hairstyles Men in Modern Crew Cut

You don’t have to be confused again about which hairstyle you’re gonna pick. If you want to look handsome and neat, you can just go with a standard crew. The stylish simple look of a man would be your trademark.

A standard crew with a little bit of modification would need to get the sides really short and slightly tapered. The extra length should be left on top. Blending is a key to make Asian men’s hair looks fantastic.

Quote: Everything has to be perfectly blended. If you don’t pay attention to the blending, the hair could poke out and show off the imperfection of the cut.

10. The Asian Hairstyles Men in Contemporary Don

The Asian Hairstyles Men in Contemporary Don - Harptimes.com
10. The Asian Hairstyles Men in Contemporary Don

Another simple option of Asian hairstyle men you can choose. It’s called a contemporary don because this hairstyle is originally made famous by an actor named Don Draper.

The sides are kept faded and it leaves enough hair on top to get slicked back.

Quote: Among stylish in LA, this look is very popular. It’s a moderately disconnected cut. You can style it by slicking it back with some pomade. Then, it has to be comb back straight or to the side a bit.

11. Asian Hairstyles Men: The Chinese Fade

Asian Hairstyles Men The Chinese Fade - Harptimes.com
11. Asian Hairstyles Men The Chinese Fade

A self-confidence is a key to have a unique or stand-out hair on your head. For example, this Asian mohawk Asian hairstyle could be a great choice to start with.

It’s not just about the two lines on the sides, it’s a how the sides could change up the whole face look. The hairstyle has a strong or powerful impression. It also can be a cute kids hairstyles.

Quote: This simple haircut could also be called as a rockstar hairstyle. I mean, the hairstyle won’t be so much interesting if it’s not used by many celebrities. As you can see, one eyebrow of this man’s heart is also line clipped.

12. Simple Medium Asian Hairstyles Men

Simple Medium Hairstyle for Asian Men - Harptimes.com
12. Simple Medium Hairstyle for Asian Men

This is one of the most used hairstyles in Asia which is specially designed for medium-length hair. It’s easy to achieve and maintain.

It would give you a chance to be creative when styling it. This look would definitely steal women’s attention.

Quote: Being a cool and calm guy is not that hard. Wearing this haircut is one way, to begin with, it. In order to strengthen the innocent look on your face, you may add reading glasses with a bigger frame to support.

13. Asian Hairstyle Men with Bun

Asian Hairstyles Men with Bun - Harptimes.com
13. Asian Hairstyle Men with Bun

The tiny man bun could be a sexy addition to the top of the hair for Asian men. The haircut has two lines of side skins which creates a powerful accent to the whole appearance.

Quote: It seems complicated but it’s actually very easy to achieve.

You can just pull the top section of the hair up into a ponytail. Then, the sides need to be clipped with the guard number 1 or 2.

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After that, draw the side skins right below the top hair. You could balance the hair with a nice well-groomed beard for a more dashing look.

14. Joyful Pink Front Brush Asian Hairstyles Men

Asian Hairstyles Men Joyful Pink Front Brush - Harptimes.com
14. Joyful Pink Front Brush

Brush your hair to the front. Then, make a mess a little bit with some gel or hairspray to hold the look. You’ll have the look of a Korean idol. The pink color of this hairstyle is chosen to show off a young and joyful look.

Quote: The color of pink is very popular among men in Korea, especially the K-pop Idols. They have their own style of pink hair.

You can search their picture by their name. Here are some Korean artists that once or currently have pink hair:

  • EXO’s Baek Hyun
  • BTS’s V
  • SHINee’s Jonghyun
  • Seventeen’s S.Coups and Hoshi
  • WINNER’s JinWoo
  • BIG BANG’s G-Dragon
  • and many more.

15. Razor Style Shag Like Rain

Asian Hairstyles Men Razor Style Shag Like Rain - Harptimes.com
15. Razor Style Shag Like Rain

This shaggy hairstyle is made famous by the famous singer, Rain. The hairstyle is obviously aimed to be bold intentional edge style. The look is not relaxed at all which would require a stylist to make it perfect.

A razor style shag is a good choice instead of having shears on the hair for a texture. Slicing through the ends with edge razor is a better option.

That would result in a clean, deconstructed texture that can give movement all over the hair.

Quote: Some men’s hair may have a problem to naturally lay stick-straight. So, that’s time to use a flat iron to perfect the sleek finish that this haircut supposed to carry.

16. Asian Hairstyles Men in Full-Bodied

Asian Hairstyles Men in Full-Bodied - Harptimes.com
16. Asian Hairstyles Men in Full-Bodied

This hairstyle was once used by Japenese actor named Takeshi Kaneshiro. It’s called as full-bodied hairstyle which has a very simple and unique look.

It’s a nice option for medium length hair of yours. It’s got a windy look that would add a little flair in your fashion.

Quote: Basically, it’s just an all-over layered cut which seems to make an optimal volume.

In order to get the volume, you may need to use a large curling iron. To ease the step, you could just ask your hairstylist to do a body wave using large barrel rods to get the right volume.

17. Mini Mohawk with Lines Hairstyles

Asian Hairstyles Men Mini Mohawk with Lines Hairstyles - Harptimes.com
17. Mini Mohawk with Lines Hairstyles

If you want some stand-out hairstyle that’s perfect for your naturally straight hair, this haircut is simple but powerful enough for you.

No need to try styling it into submission, you don’t need to buy a lot of products to do the caring to achieve a hair to stand up like this one. You can just do regular trimming to maintain the look.

Quote: Adding some line details would give more interest to the hairstyle. Or, do not add line details on the sides in order to achieve a more mature style.


All of that hairstyle above are specially designed to meet the characteristic of Asian men’s hair. It’s very important to decide the hairstyle based on the characteristic of the hair.

Actually, there are still a lot of Asian hairstyles men out there if you think that the list is not enough. But don’t worry, I think those styles are enough covered.

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